February 22nd, 2012

Beast appas dancing to Fiction

Idol group B2ST recently participated in the February 21st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Win Win‘ and the boys were accompanied by their fathers.

As previously reported, all 6 of the members’ fathers showcased their hidden dance moves by performing B2ST’s hit song “Fiction“!

The fathers performed pretty well considering their age, check out their performance of “Fiction” below.

credit: allkpop, b2utygirls06

During the show, Junhyung's Dad said Junhyung once brought Hara home and all of them soon got close.
Yong Papa is a trolololol
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9Muses' Sexy Sera for Maxim Mag!

Nine Muses‘ Sera was selected to model for MAXIM‘s latest issue.

The members of Nine Muses are known for being ‘model idols’, thanks to their slim, shapely figures and tall height. Sera alone was chosen to model for Maxim’s March issue, however, due to her charismatic gaze and explosive vocal talent on stage..

Sera took on several different concepts for this shoot, including ‘bad girl’ and ‘femme fatale’ to show off her lethal appeal.

Her full pictorial as well as her interview will be available through the March issue of MAXIM

Nine Muses have wrapped up their successful promotions for “News“, and are now preparing for their comeback next month.


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Block B's interview misleading

There are claims that Block B's interview has been misrepresented.
Looking at the situation during the interview, this is a clarification of parts of Zico's comments regarding "monetary compensation" and "7,000 won".

A post from one netizen's own twitter explains that as the interview progressed the interpreter asked about donations which led Zico and Park Kyung to talk about the contributions they normally make.
During the interview, Zico told Kyung to, "Tell us about the donations you usually make." And Park Kyung answered, "Normally, every month I take 200,000 won from my account."
In continuation Park Kyung explained his own views on donating and said, "The money goes to kids in Africa.. yes. Because donating is helping, I think making donations is something indispensable in life."
The interpreter made mention of the Thailand floods once more, saying that "This (show) is for the benefit of the victims of those damages," explaining that proceeds from the show will be donated. (They may also be pertaining to half the amount of the salary of members who planned to donate theirs.)
Hereupon Zico said, "Ei of course we do, we know it. We think that everyone must have suffered greatly due to the floods, and we hope that this monetary compensation can help them recover. We have nothing but money..." and when asked for an estimate of how much he had replied, "About 7,000 won...?"

This shows that the the staff members present understood the comment as a joke.
The netizen which posted this said that if one looked at the details of the interview, "No matter how I look at it, 'monetary compensation' seems to pertain to the donations which will be collected through the show. Even the 7,000 won comment seems to purely be a joke (a joke that may be about how their overestimation of their contributions backfired (T/N: it turned against them because it doesn't correspond to the money they actually had presently))." The netizen added that, "It feels as if people have been severely misled."

Netizens were not knowledgeable about the particular details of this matter, however, the response is that for them things make much more sense after seeing the circumstances surrounding it.
There were even comments left about how their manners with regard to donating are inimitable.
It has been of interest whether the misunderstanding regarding Block B's "7,000 won" scandal would be straightened out.

Collapse )Translator’s Notes:
This article does not serve to excuse how the boys behaved and the jokes they made, but it was translated and posted at the request of fans and to show the context in which they made the particular joke.

Source: CBCi + translated by: kroongho @ BLOCKBINTL.COM
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‘Miss Ripley’ composer Jung Haesung Interview – Yoochun’s part

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

- Yoochun’s ‘The Empty Space for You’

Frankly, I was worried in the beginning. The OST has a different chord compared to the usual songs. One person needs to have a good feel and the ability to be emotional in order to sing the song well. This is probably the reason why people prefer Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Chul. I was worried if an idol singer could show emotions in the song. However, Yoochun definitely has a good singing ability and his ability to show his emotions using his voice is excellent. I was very satisfied.

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Source: JYJ Telzone Daum
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

Please do not add to, alter or remove the credits.

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Winners from the 2012 ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’

On February 22nd, Gaon held their first ever ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards‘ at the Blue Square Hall in Seoul.

Gaon is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and the Billboard in the United States. The organization’s awards stand out by recognizing not just artists and idols, but stylists, choreographers, producers, composers, and other professionals in music industry as well.

This year, the show was hosted by Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and composer Joo Young Hoon, with appearances by B2ST, IU, Super Junior, and more.

Check out the list of winners from 2012′s Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards below!
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Source: Star News via Naver & allkpop
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Block B's agency speaks up about them performing despite interview controversy

Block B, who is currently embroiled in controversy for their behavior towards the Thai and Japanese media, has taken to the stage again within a day of releasing their formal apology. The performance in question is MBC Music's "Show Champion," which was broadcasted live on February 21st.

On that day, Block B made no reference of any sort to the furor; instead they concentrated fully on their performance. Leader Zico, who shaved his head in a show of self-reflection, chose not to wear a hat, and accordingly was the center of the reporters' attention. After their performance, Block B bowed deeply to the audience and left the stage wordlessly.

In most cases making a public appearance so soon would be considered hasty.

Brandnew Stardom, Block B's agency, spoke up on this. They stated, "We had a very deep discussion with Block B about their activities after the controversy broke out. We came to an agreement that the best Block B can do right now is to show everyone that they are working even harder than before."

They continued with, "To be honest, for a rookie group to halt all activities two weeks after their comeback is as good as the end of the road for them. The members thought that if they stop all activities now, they may never have the chance to perform again, and so they came to this decision after much difficulty."

Block B will be making further appearances on M! Countdown on February 23rd and other music programs this week

Source: enews24 & koreaboo
Forever Wonder [WG]

New MTV K Interview with the Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls returned to the states after “Be My Baby” promotions in Korea, just in time for the premiere of their self-titled TeenNick TV movie. In this exclusive interview with MTV K, the Wonder Girls talk about the busy 2012 they’ve got coming up, with their US debut album and another stateside tour on the way. Bonus: Yenny dishes on what it was like filming her first kiss scene!


Aww Yoobin. Why wouldn't fans and non-fans alike love "Wonder World"? That entire album was nearly perfect from start to finish. And another North American tour omg!!

Another Girl Group Ranking

A netizen created girl group ranking list was recently posted on an online community board and is attracting much attention.

The 2012 February edition of the photo ranking list was posted online with the title, “A girl group ranking just to look at for fun“, and the various girl groups were arranged based on their domestic and oversea activities.

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Sources: Nate, Allkpop
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SNSD's Seohyun’s friend to make her debut as a singer in March

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s close friend Lee Hwanhee (21) will be debuting as a singer next month.

Hwanhee became an SM Entertainment trainee after placing 1st at one of the company’s teen singing competitions back in 2002. She was initially selected to debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2005, but was cut during the final casting.

Hwanhee trained with the members of Girls’ Generation such as Seohyun and Yuri, eating, living, and rehearsing with the girls. But in 2009, she left SM Entertainment altogether and has since joined a different label.

“I have been preparing to debut for so long, starting at SM Entertainment,” she said. “It’s exciting that I am finally making my debut. It’s so surreal, I can’t believe it.”

Seohyun guest-featured on a previous episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Big Brothers‘ and tearfully confessed, “never once did I doubt that we would be in the same group. I was more sad for my friend who couldn’t fulfill her dreams than I was happy for myself.”

Hwanhee is busy recording her album and preparing for her debut next month.

Source: allkpop and MyDaily via Naver
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B.A.P to proceed activities with a follow-up song

TS Entertainment's new male group B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) successfully made their big debut on January 26th with the release of their hit single "Warrior," and has since then gained a lot of love from their fans (fanclub name: Baby). Since the fateful date of their debut on KBS Music Bank, B.A.P has been amusing fans with different endings during their "Warrior" performance, having different members getting "shot" by the rest.

"Warrior" sold an amazing 10,000+ copies two days after its release, an amazing feet for rookies, and proceeded to chart on the Billboard World Albums Chart a week after its release in 10th place.

The much beloved blonde-group, B.A.P, will be wrapping up activities for their track "Warrior" this weekend, according to a press release from TS Entertainment, and will return with a new track on March 1st, fitting for the coming spring season.

According to an official at the label, "B.A.P will wrap up activities for their debut song 'Warrior' at the end of this week and will return with their follow up track on March 1st along with a new look."

Each of the B.A.P members have thus far left a very strong impression on fans with their debut song "Warrior," leaving fans curious and highly anticipating the group's follow up song next week.

TS Entertainment has not emphasized whether the follow-up track will be a brand new song or a song from their debut single.

Source: Koreaboo
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Audience member injured at a taping of "The Voice of Korea"

An audience member was injured from being hit by a falling piece of the set at a taping for the new Mnet blind audition show, "The Voice of Korea."

According to the accident report, on February 21st while filming the duet missions, some structure on the set broke and fell forward hitting a member of the audience on the head. Luckily, MC Kim Jinpyo caught the falling set piece with his own hands and helped prevent an even greater injury to the audience member.

The injured person was immediately taken to the hospital and recieved a CT scan and a close examination. Thankfully, the doctor has said that there appears to be nothing wrong and the audience member was able to go home.

"The Voice of Korea" is based on the popular US blind talent show "The Voice" which stars famous musicians such as Christina Aguilera and Ceelo Green as judges. In order to make a more objective decision based purely on the auditioning person's voice, the judges can only turn to see them if they are offering them a place in the competition. The judges for the Korean version are Kangta, Shin Seunghoon, Baek Jiyoung and Gil of Leessang.

Source: Expose News & koreaboo

"The Voice of Korea" is based on the popular US blind talent show "The Voice" ? WTF You mean based on the Dutch show
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M.I.B to come back you guys

Good news, M.I.B fans. We received word that the boys of ‘Most Incredible Busters‘ will be making their return to the K-POP scene in March, and it looks like they will also be launching a reality show series in time for their comeback.

The series titled ‘W Military Academy‘ is scheduled to air around 8 episodes, and fans will get a sneak peek into the daily lives of the passionate and driven hip hop group off-camera.

The boys who showcased their polished talent and unique style of music last year with “Girls, Dreams, Money“ have been preparing for their 2012 comeback without rest and are determined not to disappoint!

Source: allkpop
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Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Park Chan-wook’s ‘Stoker’

Getting the jump on his South Korean filmmaker brethren when it comes to an English-language debut, Oldboy director Park Chan-wook entered production on his drama Stoker last summer. (I Saw the Devil‘s Kim Ji-woon has The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger coming early next year and Bong Joon-ho’s Snow Piercer is shooting this spring.) As for the drama written by Prison Break star Wentworth Miller, it has been painfully quiet on distributor Fox Searchlight’s end.

Starring Nicole Kidman, Dermot Mulroney, Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Lucas Till, Ralph Brown, Jacki Weaver, Alden Ehrenreich and Phyllis Somerville, no release date is and we hope the swirling rumors of a Cannes 2012 debut become true, but today we finally have a few tidbits. First up, Goode spoke with Digital Spy about the film, confirming it has nothing to do with Bram Stoker himself, only that this is a quasi-horror film in the vein of Shadow of a Doubt.

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Source: The Film Stage
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Will Song Hye Kyo make it to the Cannes Film Festival this year?

Will the top star Song Hye Kyo be walking down the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival this year?

As the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival is closing up in two days, all the actors around the world are now turning their eyes on the 65th Cannes International Film Festival which opens on May 16. Foreign press such as Cineuropa reports that the movie examination has already begun for this year’s competition selection.

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Source: Korea.com, Star News
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swizz beatz shouts out legends big bang, 2ne1, and some nugu group named kara

American hit maker Switzerland Beats better known by his stage name Swizz Beatz, popular for making hits for such acts as DMX, Beyonce, TI, Cassidy, Styles P, Chris Brown, Jay Z, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna has shown interest in bringing K-Pop to the United States. He has recently announced his partnership with O Media. Watch the video below!

source: world star hip hop

i never thought id post a video from world star onto omona. though i did think itd be howons sextape tbh