March 7th, 2012

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Infinite's L fulfills your kinky school boy fantasies 

INFINITE‘s “visual”, L, has left his female fans’ hearts palpitating with the recent photos that have surfaced.

Recently revealed through an online community, the photos showcase L’s innocent and sweet side with his school uniform, giving us an insight into what he may have looked like back in his school days.

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T-ara Eunjung's chubby figure causes a stir

MBC variety show "We Got Married" with the couple Lee Jang Woo, Eunjung and their respective mothers were recently spotted recording a segment for the show in Indonesia. Photos from the shoot were posted in an online community on March 7th.

The episode shows Eunjung who is finally all healed from her leg injury. However netizens were quick to notice something in these photos, with various commenters making note of how much chubbier Eunjung appears to look in the photos.

Eunjung looked like she gained some weight in her thighs and her v-line chin was nowhere to be seen. It could perhaps also be that due to her recent ankle injury, she has gained a bit of weight because of her inability to exercise.

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SHINee has released the first image teaser for their long awaited comeback, featuring a radical transformation of the member Minho. Beyond Asia, SHINee has been reveling in popularity in places like Europe and America, growing into one of the world K-Pop idols. SHINee will be making their comeback at the end of the month after a year and 6 months hiatus.

Their 4th mini-album, titled "Sherlock," will be released on March 21st, and it has been reported that the tracks for the album has taken a long time to choose, in order to present excellent quality music. The members of SHINee takes on the concept of a French/dreamy boy for their new mini-album.

The transformation was revealed through SHINee's website, and fans are anticipating SHINee's upcoming music releases.

SHINee's agency, SM Entertainment, stated that this album will present a sophisticated sound along with the highest quality music and performance, an upgrade to SHINee's already unique colors. Their mini-album will include various genre of music as well, while still maintaining their style.

Currently, SHINee is shooting their music video to their title track.

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Fat Cat poses for ‘Maxim’

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Talented singer Fat Cat has returned with a sexy new photoshoot for ‘Maximmagazine that has heads turning everywhere!

Fat Cat is known for her dramatic transformations, such as with her “Like a Dream” and “Is Being Pretty Everything” comebacks. She doesn’t disappoint, as she’s come with a sultry new look that incorporates brunette locks and spunky blonde hair. The pictorial showcased an innocent image as well as a sexy one, which we haven’t previously seen before from the singer.

A staff on set commented, “Fat Cat is able to turn any hair style or article of clothing into something entirely her own. More than anything, her bright, innocent image is her best strength.”

Fat Cat will be making her “Like a Dream” comeback on March 9th.

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Brian Joo to end his promotions this week for mini-album "ReBorn Part 1"

Brian Joo of Fly To The Sky has received a lot of love following the release of his mini-album, "ReBorn Part 1," which featured known artists such as Tiger JK, Jay Park, Jade Valerie, Aziatix's Flowsik, Dumbfoundead and Beezino.

After approximately 6 weeks of promotions with his leading single, "Let This Die," Brian Joo has announced on both his Facebook and Twitter account that he will end his promotions for his mini-album this weekend, starting on Mnet M! Countdown.

He writes, "Sadly, this week will be my GOODBYE performances for the [ReBorn Part 1] EP~ starting with M.Countdown tonight, Music Bank tmrw, and Music Core on Saturday... Wanna thank everyone for supporting my music... God bless;)"

Despite ending his promotions this week, Brian Joo is set to make an appearance at the "Canadian Music Fest" in Toronto, Canada, on March 21st as part of the ""K-Pop Wave X Seoulsonic."

Other groups who will participate in the music festival include A Pink, G.NA, Teen Top, Crying Nut, 3rd Line Butterfly, and Yellow Monsters.

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So Ji-sub Releasing Magazine for Fans

The first issue of actor So Ji-sub's new magazine SONICe is due out on March 14. The publication will appear in the form of a photo book and will feature So's suggested dating ideas and locations, favorite food and books, and much more.

The first issue will run under the general theme of "his eyes" and will be divided into seven parts, namely, greed, arrogance, stinginess, envy, rage, lust and indolence -- all portrayed through the eyes of So Ji-sub.

Meanwhile, his film "Always" has been invited to open the 10th Florence Korea Film Fest in Italy later this month. It will also be shown at the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival.

source: The Chosun Ilbo
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Comeback of the world to be streamed live for the world to see!!

2AM’s first live performance of its new song You′re Just Like Me will be broadcast all over the world.

2AM′s upcoming showcase ′A year and a half since I left you, my letter through a song′ will be held in Ilchi Art hall on March 13 at 8:00 pm and will be broadcast live in 41 countries through its YouTube channel.

2AM′s live performance will include its title song, You′re Just Like Me and the Wheesung-penned You Were Mine. Listeners will be able to listen to the new album tracks′ main measures as well.

Singer Alex will be the MC of the showcase, and there will be talks on the production of the album through the group’s 2AM Magazine.

Meanwhile, 2AM will make its comeback with the release its mini-album Fitzgerald′s Love Story on March 12.


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their comeback is almost here guys!
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Korean Press and Netizens react to ifuaskedmeto shedding light on racism in Hallyu

A massive debate has been sparked with netizens from around the globe revealing racism against black people rooted in the influential and invasive Korean Wave.

The online entertainment community, 'Oh No They Didn't' (ONTD) featured a post on the 29th of February entitled 'K-Pop or KKK-Pop?' which made anti-black discrimination accusations about Korean pop music. Black netizen, 'IFUASKEDMETO,' (t/n: the Korean sources called her a black netizen not me!) created the post and included photos and screen captures of artists like Big Bang and Girls' Generation caricaturing black people. The photos and videos from Korean shows like 'Invincible Youth' featured Hallyu stars mocking black people and wearing makeup to impersonate blacks (t/n: SNSD's Yuri, Brian Joo, etc). It also pointed out a singer (t/n: Taeyang) using the racial slur, 'nigga,' on his Cyworld minihompy, as well as a 4-member female group whose main gimmick was dressing up like black people.

The community, which has a membership of 100,000 people, saw the post amass approximately 2,000 comments, exploding in a huge controversy. Most comments included things like, "Seeing anti-black racism and prejudice like this makes me so shocked and sick to my stomach," among other negative things, and reactions to the article spread around Twitter and other social networking sites rapidly.

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Punch talks about 2NE1 in recent interview with ‘Wide Entertainment News’

Black Eyed Peas member recently sat down for an interview with Wide Entertainment News to talk about his collaboration with K-pop girl group 2NE1.

The producer who is working with the girls for their US debut talked about 2NE1′s style of music, their potential in the States, and even mimics some of Sandara Park‘s mannerisms.

Check out the clip below!

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JYP teaches his idols how to get down dirty

miss A‘s Min and Suzy talked about the pros and cons of being under JYP Entertainment.

The girls guest-featured on the ‘K-POP Star‘ special episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on March 6th, along with singer Se7en, Girls’ Generation member Seohyun, Park Kyung Lim, and more.

Suzy talked about the upside of being with JYPE, saying, “We are extremely well trained in all areas.”

“We receive vocal training, dance training, and even sex education,” she continued, surprising the other guests.

“JYP recruits an instructor, and all the trainees gather together for class,” she said. “We also do charity work as a team. JYPE prioritizes personality and character development.”

On the other hand, Min talked about the downside of being with JYPE saying, “J.Y. Park always preferentially gives us his own songs.”

She then added, “But sometimes… his songs are...”, without finishing her sentence, which caused the entire set to explode in laughter.

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Shinhwa chosen as the #1 role model amongst junior idols

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Shinhwa, who’s currently preparing for their 14th anniversary with a 10th album comeback, has been chosen as the #1 role model by their fellow junior idol groups!

On March 5th, the group held a press conference that alerted their fans of their official return and expressed their gratitude on being chosen as a role model by so many idols. Previously, hit groups like Super Junior, Big Bang, 2PM, and TEEN TOP had named Shinhwa as a group they look up to, while SNSD‘s YoonA even stated, “Just like the longest lasting idol group, Shinhwa, I hope that our members will be together as we mature from girls into ajummas.”

Shinhwa expressed, “We’re so very thankful. We’re often told that it’s rare for a group to stay together for 14 years without any member changes in not only Korea, but the rest of the world. We’re going to work hard so that we can continue in Shinhwa’s image and repay the support everyone has given.”

Shinhwa will be making their official return on air through KBS‘s ‘Win Win‘ on March 8th.

Sources: allkpop and Sports World via Naver