March 12th, 2012

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Obama to visit tense border with North Korea

U.S. President Barack Obama will make his third visit to South Korea in two weeks and, according to reports, will make the pilgrimage that every U.S. president has done since Ronald Reagan – to the inter-Korean border known as the demilitarized zone, or DMZ.

Mr. Obama will be coming to Seoul for the Nuclear Security Summit on March 26-27, his first trip to South Korea since the G-20 Summit in November 2010.

As part of the visit, though details aren’t finalized, he will head to DMZ, look over at North Korea and likely make a statement about U.S. policy towards North Korea.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

JYJ Holds Successful Concert in Chile

On March 9, approximately 3,000 fans gathered at Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile to watch JYJ perform. "JYJ South America Tour 2012" started in the hype of K-pop fever and anticipations. The three members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu appeared on stage in bright red outfits. Thousands of fans screamed as loudly as they could, welcoming the Korean artists with open arms. Some fans even teared up when spot lights hit each members, revealing their excited faces.

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Source: Soompi

Se7en Talks about His 11 Year Relationship with Park Han Byul

Se7en appeared on SBS "You and I" and talked about his 11 year-long relationship with girlfriend Park Han Byul. Se7en was asked what he would do when put in a situation where the girlfriend has cappuccino on her upper lip just like Ha Ji Won did in "Secret Garden."

In the drama, Hyun Bin asked "Why do girls do that?" and wiped the foam off Ha Ji Won's face by kissing her.

Se7en answered with a joke, "If it was at the beginning of the relationship, I would just giver her a napkin. If it happened during the hype of love and romance, I would kiss her like Hyun Bin did. However right now, after 11 years, I probably wouldn't care much and just continue drinking my own cup of coffee."

Se7en was also asked what he would do if he got caught by Park Han Byul while on a blind date with someone else. Se7en nonchalantly responded, "Just thinking about it makes me shudder. I mean, it could be that I'm fluttered by the new experience, but it is probably because I'm scared."

A long relationship is only possible if the couple trusts each other wholeheartedly. On the topic of affairs, Seven commented that both an emotional and physical affair would be hurtful. He added, "In my case, I think it is worse and more hurtful if you are emotionally involved with someone else."

Source: Soompi
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Gagman Park Myungsoo rushed to the ER after filming

Famous Gagman Park Myungsoo was recently rushed to the emergency room on March 10th after having described symptoms of both high fever and a sore throat. Reports state that he was rushed there after completing the recording for KBS’s "Happy Together 3" after claiming that it was difficult for him to speak.

After being rushed the hospital, a doctor diagnosed him with the flu, and Park Myungsoo was sent home afterwards to catch up on some much needed rest.

After battling major health issues in the past, fans were relatively worried upon hearing the news. However, due to the mildness of the diagnostics, fans were put to ease.

Source: BNT News & koreaboo
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Lee Seunggi says he likes likes voluptuous women

Singer Lee Seunggi's confession regarding his ideal woman has been heating up the internet. MBC's "Section TV Entertainment" featured "The King" actors Lee Seunggi and Ha Jiwon on its March 11th episode.

In particular, during the interview with Lee Seunggi, he revealed, "I like dumb girls who are voluptuous. I think I like dumb girls better than smart ones."

In that episode, Ha Jiwon, who plays a North Korean officer in the drama, showed off her fluency in the North Korean dialect. She added, "I've learned a lot of bad words," and demonstrated it, bringing laughter to the set.

Source: TV Daily & koreaboo
TH: you look like a real babe today

JeA melts OP and fans' hearts with a recent photo update

Brown Eyed Girls‘ charismatic leader JeA has recently updated fans with a sexy photo of herself.

The singer captioned the above photo on her Me2day, “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’ve been very busy lately in the recording studio, but today, I’m recharging myself by watching DVD’s of my favorite artists. I want to quickly stand on stage again in a dignified manner.”

JeA’s black mini-dress perfectly flaunts her slim figure. Her slender arms and beautiful legs have drawn the attention of her growing cadre of admirers.

Fans commented, “Raccoon leader Jea, I’ve been mesmerized by your photo! I keep thinking about it and stuff. You’re the best!“, “You seem to become prettier everyday“, and “Jea unnie, why are you so good at singing?”

perfect as always/I hope she's recording for her solo

Source: akp

red bull wishes eli a happy birthday, cf contract next pls

As many of you know already, U-Kiss member Eli is a big fan of energy drink company Red Bull. He even went as far as giving a shout out to the “gives you wings” energy drink by writing, “I want to thank REDBULL for picking me up when I’m down” on the ‘Neverland‘ album.

As March 13th hits Korea and Eli celebrates his 21st (22 in Korea) birthday, Red Bull decided to return the favor by wishing Eli a happy birthday through twitter. Red Bull tweeted, “@u_kisseli Happy birthday from @redbullKR“.

Pretty cool that they took the time to do that, happy birthday to Eli.

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[RUMOR] The Chinese BoA to make a comeback?

Translation: Liyin's's comeback is scheduled for the month of February, but there might be a slight delay. Last week they finished album recording but they do not know when they will film for the mv. The album will be released in China and Korea at the same time and she will also be promoting in Korea. If I hear more album news I will let you know.

Translation: plum_blossoms@ Chocolyn

Keep in mind, this news is slightly dated (from Janurary), so I'm guessing the music video problem is still apparent. Apparently, they also don't know who to have star in the mv. BUT FINGERS CROSSED
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Shinhwa Post~!

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Preview of Shinhwa on Win Win + Synopsis Of The Episode

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MV Sneak Peak (Video + Short Transcript)

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MV Sneak Peak: Photos and Tweets By Shinhwa and Balinfti Estera (Venus) From The Set

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Win Win: 01luvSh@YouTube, KBS Win Win Homepage, and Absolut Shinhwa
MV Sneak Peak:  Six Senses, Absolut Shinhwa, and banbanmumaniify@YouTube
MV Tweets and Photos: @ShinhwaCompany, @BalintfiEstera, Absolut Shinhwa, and Shinhwa Nation
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And the drama never ends: Girls' Generation's Yuri accused of racism

A two-year-old video of Girls' Generation's Yuri has been belatedly making the rounds after it was used as basis of her being a disciplinarian.

The problematic clip comes from KBS 2TV's "Invincible Youth," from the time when she participated as a regular member on the program. Back then she used exaggerated gestures and the English phrase "You die" to convey a foreigner.

As the K-Pop fever goes global and gains international awareness, this short clip has incited some outrage from overseas netizens who see it as racial discrimination.

Local netizens left comments that conveyed their confusion, "I watched the video too, but I don't know what is the problem," "Why are people getting angry over this? I don't understand," "Why is such an old video becoming a problem now?" They also left comments like, "I didn't feel anything when I watched it" and "Even when I watched the actual broadcast, it didn't cross my mind that it was an imitation of black people. Do only black people use that phrase?"

Source: newsen, FestivePenguin & koreaboo
O god the youtube comments. 2 wrongs doesn't make one right

another netizen ranking, this time its about male idols weight

Warning: Possible trigger for weight issues/ED

Netizens are at it with yet another average graph for idols! This time, instead of height they have summarized the average weight of male idol groups and it has definitely caught the attention of fans.

The graph was uploaded on an online community board and sequences the average weight from lightest to the heaviest groups into five hilarious different category names: “Why am I living“, “No need for words“, “Not average“, “This is average“, and “Height and weight are proportional“.

The lightest group overall was TEEN TOP with 55.1kg and the heaviest were the ‘beast idols’ 2PM at 69.1kg.

Out of all the groups listed on the graph, the lightest overall member was TEEN TOP’s L.Joe weighing in at a flyweight-like 50kg with a height of 171cm.

After seeing the graph, fans commented, “Are they even eating?“, “I shall give you some of my fat“, and “I bet some of them will fly away when it gets windy.”

Check to see where your favorite idol group lies in the graph below after the cut!

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netizens compare the legs of 2 goddesses

As we have reported earlier, the girls of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘ enjoyed a trip to the hot springs with some of the village grandmothers. In addition to the fresh faces of the members as well as their curvy bodies, another point of interest has captured netizens’ interest.

On the March 10th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2′, Girl’s Generation‘s Hyoyeon and miss A‘s Suzy were walking together after some fun in the hot springs. Sharp-eyed viewers noticed a considerable difference in the sizes of the two ladies’ legs and as a result, there have been much discussion in the online world regarding it.

Netizens made varying comments such as, “I don’t think it is because Suzy is fat, but Hyoyeon is really skinny” , “Their legs are twice the difference in size” , “Suzy said she is the type of person who gains weight from just water… but she is pretty anyways” and, “Guys don’t like chopstick legs, but prefer legs like Suzy’s or Hyosung‘s“.

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G-DRAGON, Solo album set for this coming August.. Promotions During Birthday

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Leader of five-membered idol group, BIG BANG, will be set to release a solo album this coming August.

According to news stated by the representatives of Pop of Revenge to Star News, G-Dragon has confirmed a solo album for this coming August. Back in 2009, G-Dragon had also released his first solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ on his 22nd birthday, August 18th.

A representative stated, “During the recent gap of promotions when he was taking some time off, G-Dragon had been working very hard for Big Bang’s new album, as well as his own solo album” and that “This year, G-Dragon will, once again, start promoting around the same time as his birthday.”

G-Dragon’s 2nd solo album will also be worked on with a famous world-wide musician. They also revealed a nearing of completion for this album when news spread that the “King of Hip Hop”, Ludacris, finished featuring in two of G-Dragon’s self-produced songs.

Irrelevant information omitted.

TRANS: http://swaggalevel-1000 @ tumblr

kinda wanted Dae's album to come out first or even a full from BB but this is cool too. essited.
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on


Fantagio will be collaborating with Pledis, label of Son Dambi and After School, to showcase a seven member girl group in April. The group has already started training for its first single with a dance piece by a famous composer, and will be promoted through the combined efforts of Pledis and Fantagio.

“They’ve trained for about a year and a half. Four members are from Fantagio and three are from Pledis, and after their debut, Fantagio will be managing the acting portions of their promotion while Pledis will be taking over variety,” an official from Fantagio said.

Fantagio is another actor-packed agency, with Ha Jung Woo, Yeom Jeong Ah, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Young Ae, Jung Il Woo and Jung Gyu Woon, and has also produced the films The Crucible and Love Fiction.

poor after school will be neglected forever, nu'est already have better promos than them (i still can't get over the fact that they have a bus when AS doesn't even have a bike), then tempest will debut and now this girlgroup, i have no hope. if only this meant that uee's acting career was going to be managed by fantagio too i would be so happy, but i hardly believe it will happen.
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