March 22nd, 2012

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Eric let go of a hefty offer to stay with Shinhwa

Shinhwa‘s leader Eric recently featured on the March 20th episode of KBS‘s ‘Win Win‘ and revealed his undying loyalty for his group.

Fellow member Kim Dong Wan was asked, “Was there really not one moment where Shinhwa was on the brink of disbandment?” to which he replied, “Idol groups are often put at such risks when they switch contracts and move labels.”

Andy continued, “All of the members came together and revealed the contract offers they had received and discussed the matter with one another. In the end, we followed Eric’s decision to contract with other agencies.”

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T-ara twitter updates

March 12
@taraeunjung1212: The quietness, the breeze, and the air that can only be felt at dawn... it's such a loss. Ah, what to do.

@taraeunjung1212: Since coconuts are one of the natural delicacies and considered to be the pride and joy of that country~^^ I think they prepared it for us because they thought it'd be good to mention it* The times they've shown us written directions on a sketchbook don't even amount to as much as 3 times, although there is a planned outline of things there's no script, they always tell us 'today you're going to do this and play', that's all..ㅋㅋ (she was addressing the news about how their Indonesia trip for WGM was scripted)

@taraeunjung1212: The same for 'Hug me♪♩♪'..... I heard the song once and fell in love with the lyrics.. so I thought about how I wanted to sing it out loud in the open, it suddenly came to mind then ㅋㅋㅋ 10cm oppas, I hope.. you'll enjoy it while watching We Got Married..eukyakyakyakyakya ♥ (Suddenly the topic has been shifted towards this direction......?ㅋㅋ

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omg did i do this right TT___TT Happy birthday Boram! Soyeon didn't tweet tho
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TRAX's Jay to enlist in the military next week

TRAX's Jay will be the first of the group to enlist in the military to fulfill his 2-year mandatory services next week.

SM Entertainment revealed this sudden news on March 22nd and added that Jay will receive a 4-week basic training at a training camp located in Busan. He will then serve as a public service worker for 23-months.

It was reported that Jay will continue his singing activities up until the day of his enlistment on March 26th.

TRAX last released their 3rd mini-album last November and promoted the song, "Blind."

Source: 10Asiae & koreaboo


As reported last year, SM Entertainment will be producing a new  drama titled “To the Beautiful You,” a Korean adaptation to the mega-popular Japanese manga “Hana Kimi,” which sold over 17 million copies. After a short pause, the drama has resumed its production.

SM has partnered up with the director of “Boys over Flowers,” Jeon Ki Sang, for “To the Beautiful You.” A representative of SM Entertainment announced, “We have resumed productions and plan on broadcasting this year. We will start filming as soon as we
complete auditions for the roles.”

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Andy regrets giving Teen Top permission to date publicly

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Shinhwa‘s Andy confessed that he truly regrets giving TEEN TOP members permission to date publicly if they wish to.

On the most recent episode of MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star,” the members of Shinhwa guested and shared all kinds of funny and touching stories.

Andy helped produce the idol group TEEN TOP; Eric did the same for girl group Stellar. With the members having experienced first hand the life of an idol, the MCs asked whether or not they are allowing their idols to date publicly. Andy said, “I told them they can do whatever they’d like after winning #1. Because I said that, I feel like my head is going to explode,” causing laughter on the set.

Eric said, “I don’t oppose them dating publicly, but since they are all still very young, I want to do as their parents say.”

Source: allkpop and Star News via Naver