March 23rd, 2012

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Teenager kills grades-obsessed mother; lives with dead body for 8 months

A Seoul court on Tuesday sentenced an 18-year old boy to three years and six months in prison for killing his mother, a crime he said he was driven to by the physical and mental abuse he sustained because of her obsession with his school grades.

The case came to light late last year after the boy’s father, who lived apart from his family, visited home after a year and found a bedroom door tightly sealed and his son acting suspiciously.

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Source: Korea Real Time
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

EXO debut showcases, scheduled dates.

S.M. Entertainment’s new groups EXO-K and EXO-M will be having large-scale showcases in Korea and China, and they will officially start their activities. S.M. Entertainment will reveal the video with details with regards to their showcase on Youtube, Youku, etc, on the 23rd of March. EXO will be having their showcase on the 31st March, 5pm at Olympic Park and 1st of April, 4.30pm at Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics.

Source: Nate
Translations: EXO Canada, Weibo
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i'm really happy for all the attention suzy is getting for her acting, this is so big, to think that her part in the movie - along with je hoon's - was supposed to be super small, but now she is one of the stars of the movie, makes me a proud momma. plus all the opportunities she's getting, OP cannot handle it. also how blunt and straightforward this girl is, being talking about ideal types or first kisses, never change 4D princess never change.
my bb seo in gook

Kang Ho-dong to Help Children in Sudan

A village named after TV show host Kang Ho-dong will be built in Sudan.

"Kang is planning to start a project to open a school and build other facilities for children in Sudan," the Green Umbrella Childfund Korea said on Wednesday.

According to the foundation, Kang, who is taking a break from show business that could prove permanent, has been engaging in various efforts to support children as a sponsor of the foundation since 2005.

Kang recently told the charity group that he wanted to help young children in southern Sudan, so it suggested the project.

"We expect it will cost tens of millions of won (US$1=W1,128), but the specific sum and other details have yet to be worked out," a foundation staffer said.

source: The Chosun Ilbo
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SHINee on MNET Wide

There are no subs but Mnet wide shows behind the scenes clips of the MV and also follows the boys as they prep for their comeback stage on Mnet Countdown

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Sorry mods, no direct link can be given for the pic cuz the post was deleted :(...hope y'all let it through
The boys (well Key) mentioned king MJ in the vid, I don't speak Korean but I knew I saw some MJ moves in that choreo :)

Vid source: PP2pinkyTOP89@YT 
Pic source shawolindo@tumblr
Gif source lovercops@tumblr
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t-ara/은정: she goes against the beats

Yoo SoYoung (ex After School) snaps friendly selca with Kahi

After School
‘s former member, Yoo SoYoung shared a selca with After School’s current member Kahi.

Earlier today, Yoo So Young tweeted, “With our member Kahi unnie! I was happy to be filming with unnie! You know I really really like you right? I love you~“, along with the above picture.

The picture showed the two smiling brightly and making v-signs for the camera. They showed off their on-going friendship through this picture.

Fans commented, “It’s good to see you girls so friendly~“,”You two are really goddesses… So pretty!“, and “I enjoyed watching the drama~”

Yoo So Young dropped out of After School in 2009 and became an actress. There was a lot of interest when Kahi and So Young were cast for KBS‘s drama ‘Dream High 2.’

Source: allkpop via Naver
t-ara/은정: she goes against the beats

After School’s “Funky Man” lyrics deemed not harmful for teenagers

After School
’s agency Pledis won their case to repeal the “Harmful Media for Teenagers” status on March 23. The case was for the song “Funky Man” on After School’s 1st official album “Virgin.”

Back in July 2011, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) put the “Harmful Media for Teenagers” status for “Funky Man.” The reason was for the explicit lyrics in the song, that the lyrics would be a bad influence for teenagers.

Then on October 2011, Pledis appealed the decision stating “The lyrics only expressed a cheerleader, it has nothing to do with being explicit. Currently, the decisions by MOGEF lack objectivity and are getting overturned. We hope that a standard for judging the music will be established so that justified decisions will be made in the future.”

The lawyer representing Pledis stated, “The MOGEF did not have any evidence about the lyrics being sexual. They made an arbitrary decision and we knew that our chances of winning the case were strong.”

The controversy was caused over the following lyrics from “Funky Man”:

“Oooh Ooh, a little deeper / shake me around / try and seduce me / for my chest that is pumping / O.K make me tingle like that oh oh oh”

Source: soompi


Humming Urban Stereo's Vocalist Lee Jin Hwa Passes Away

Humming Urban Stereo's member Lee Ji Rin posted on twitter about recent news regarding vocal Lee Jin Hwa's death. The first twitter post, which appeared online this morning, says, "Humming Urban Stereo's heroine, the singer of 'Hawaiian Couple,' 'Insomnia,' and my lovely sister Humming Girl Lee Jin Hwa passed away on March 22. Please pray for her so that her journey wouldn't be lonely."

"Humming Girl" Lee Jin Hwa was the guest vocalist of Humming Urban Stereo. Her sweetly flowing voice attracted many indie music fans and was much loved in the popular music scene as well. She was only 29 years old when she passed away. Many musicians, fans, and industry officials are surprised by this unexpected news and mourning the death of Lee Jin Hwa.

Major media outlets tried to figure out exactly what happened to Lee Jin Hwa. Later in the afternoon, Lee Ji Rin wrote on twitter again. The twitter post says, "Humming Girl's cause of death is heart disease. I'm sorry for not being able to respond to every phone call and inquiry. Her parents' opinions are the most important to me right now."

source: soompi, @jeereenlee (one and two), Ayoykitty
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Shinhwa's "Venus" takes over real-time charts in 1st place

Shinhwa is receiving a lot of hot reactions with their 10th studio album, having returned from a four year hiatus.

The popular idol group released their album, "The Return," on March 23rd at midnight on all the major music websites. As soon as it was released, the title track "Venus" hit 1st place on various real-time charts such as Melon, Bugs, Mnet Music, Cyworld Music, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Daum Music.

The title track, "Venus," is a song composed by Andrew Jackson, with lyrics written by Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo.

Netizens who took a listen to the song stated, "The song is so good" and "Such a nice song from Shinhwa."

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be performing a 2-day concert in Seoul at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnasium on the 24th and 25th as part of their comeback and 14th anniversary celebration.

Source: XSports news & koreaboo
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Big Bang nominated for the Italy 2012 MTV TRL for Best Fans

Popular idol group Big Bang has been revealed to have been nominated as a finalist for the Italy "2012 MTV TRL" award, "Best Fan."

On March 23rd, the official website for the "2012 MTV TRL" released the 5 finalists for "Best Fan," in which Big Bang has been proudly nominated. The MTV TRL award ceremonies started back in 2006 to award some of Italy's most popular artists and their music videos.

Big Bang will compete against artists Alessandra Amoroso, Avril Lavigne, Emma, and One Direction for the "Best Fan" award.

Last year, Big Bang made a big win at the MTV Europe Music Awards for the first time, marking them the first Korean artists to win the "Worldwide Act" award.

The winner for the "Best Fan" award at the Italy "2012 MTV TRL" awards will be revealed on May 5th local time. Meanwhile, fans can cast their votes through the official website ( or through the iTunes mobile application.

Source: Star News & koreaboo
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It's a post about successful, talented & charismatic women.

/!\ Heavy /!\

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Sources :
- Couchkimchi @ WP : 1 , 2 , 3
- Sport Chosen : 1
- Sports Khan : 1
- TV Daily : 1
- Cosmopolitan : 1

I wanted to make a great post about some successful women in the industry but looks like we can't share ENewsWorld content without asking and I don't have the time LOL. --' here is the article though.

Leeteuk expresses his hope for Super Junior to follow in Shinhwa’s footsteps

Super Junior‘s leader, Leeteuk, showed his respect for Shinhwa, and his hope to follow in their footsteps.

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Source: Star News, Leeteuk’s Twitter and Allkpop
Photo: Star News

I can't wait to see how "anti-SJ" stans here in Omona wank. Hope these boys make it, and I'm keeping some prayers for them. :)
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Spotlight falls on North Korean defectors’ treatment in China

Former North Korean defectors participate in a rally to demand release of North Korean refugees captured in China near the Chinese Embassy in Seoul on March 2. The protesters called for China not to send North Korean refugees back to their country, saying those refugees might be executed. The letters read "Oppose repatriation to North Korea."

Last month Chinese security officials, in the span of several days, staged a series of roundups along the country’s border with North Korea. They arrested between 25 and 33 North Korean defectors, aid workers say, and placed them in holding cells, a last stop before they would be shipped back to the North.

In limbo, awaiting possible labor camp sentences or death if repatriated, those several dozen became the focal point of an unusually noisy campaign in South Korea designed to pressure China to abandon its policy of sending defectors back to the authoritarian nation from which they fled.
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Source: washingtonpost
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Nine Muses don't hate each other! thank god..

The Nine Muses members explained that all is well in their group, and that the members aren’t on bad terms with each other, on a live broadcast.

The members appeared in Talk Bingo, a section in Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, on March 22, and said the rumors surrounding their group’s teamwork were all false.

The members explained, “The head of our agency believes that girl group members need to live apart for them to be closer to each other. We have eight homes. This rule has been kept since the Jewelry sunbaenims (seniors).”

The change in member composition didn’t come from member discord,” they emphasized, then put on cute expressions after saying, “After the change, the average age went down, so we’ve become more cuter.”

Member Lee Sem played a game with MC Hong Jong Hyun, and Euaerin showed off her hidden ballet skills. The members also talked about their ‘paper cup diet’, then measured the size of member Eun Ji’s waist.

Nine Muses recently released its first mini album Sweet Rendezvous, and is currently promoting its first single cut Ticket.


glad they cut those 40yr olds and got amazing tbf
panem's very own


Ever gotten into a fight with a K-Pop fan and needed a quick way to shut them up? Need help identifying groups and their fanclubs? Then I've compiled this comprehensive and unbiased list for you.

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if your favs weren't mentioned it’s because i forgot/don't know who they are/leaving them out is the greatest shade.

source: me