March 24th, 2012

Stereogum's 20 Best K-Pop Videos

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Ever since an October 2011 New York Times account of an absolutley ridiculous-sounding sold-out K-pop showcase at Madison Square Garden, I’ve been spending altogether too much time chasing the feeling that I got watching my first K-pop video. SHINee’s “RingDingDong.” I’ve been able to get that feeling pretty often. South Korea, see, has figured out pop music pretty much perfectly over the last couple of years. Throughout Asia, and in pockets of the West as well, the music coming out of a few different management companies in Seoul has become absurdly popular, and it’s done it by taking the musical and visual vocabularies of late-’90s American teenpop and amping them up into Blade Runner pleasure-bombs, looking and sounding like an optimist’s idea of the future. The clothes and hairstyles and camera-angles and cheesed-out CGI effects are all cranked up way past 10, and so are the songs’ hooks. If you have any love in your heart for willfully weightless, blissed-out, shame-free pop music, there is a whole lot to love in the 20 videos below.

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{ OMONA EXCLUSIVE: Tips On How You Can Use KPOP CD Cases.

As a college student and a KPOP fan, I can certainly sympathize and empathize those who struggling in these tough times. It’s hard for everyone. However, it’s even harder to be a KPOP stan - even more so if you’re part of these fangroups (but you wouldn’t admit to that naturally).

It doesn’t help matter that SNSD, Big Bang, and maybe if you’re a fan of BEAST are releasing albums, mini-albums, a cologne set, and maybe a diaper set (just for those special fans who know when these idols are going to take a shit, what color the pee and poop is, etc) all in one week. That’s too much!

But you are a fan. You are loyal. Who cares if you give up a month’s worth of food? And who needs new shoes anyway? All you need to do is just duct tape that sole together and it’s like it’s fresh from the Nike factory. However, after you blow your savings on that album (be it repackaged or otherwise), you’re stuck with a useless CD and extra goods you can’t really use (because, let’s be real, how good is a photobook after you’ve flipped through it 100 times after you opened your package).

Oh, woe! What ever should we do?

This is where I come in - here are some tips for the poor and downtroughted on how to use your KPOP cd cases as a way to preserve your lifestyle until you’re able to get some money or just ways to save money for that trip to Korea to see Shindong spout out more racist jokes.

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Thank you for reading these hopefully helpful tips! I guarantee you will be able to deal with these hard times easier than JPOP fans whose own CDs are so very dull and normal and square. (source: me & google)

Note: Don’t actually do these tips. No. Really, please don’t.
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Escape From a North Korean Prison

Born in a forced labor camp, he knew nothing of the outside world. Then he breached the barbed wire

Shin Dong-hyuk was born into captivity and lived in a labor camp until just a few years ago. Now, having fled North Korea, he now lives in Seoul, broadcasting a weekly web show featuring other North Korean defectors. WSJ's Evan Ramstad reports

On Jan. 2, 2005, 23-year-old Shin Dong-hyuk squirmed through an electric fence and escaped from Camp 14, a political prison camp in North Korea. Between 150,000 and 200,000 people are estimated to be held in the country's political camps, and Mr. Shin is the only person known to have been born in a camp who has made his way to the West. (His father, Mr. Shin eventually learned, was a prisoner because two of his brothers had defected to the south during the Korean War. Mr. Shin's crime was being his father's son.) In this excerpt from "Escape From Camp 14," Blaine Harden details his unlikely escape.

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Source: Wall Street Journal
From "Escape From Camp 14" by Blaine Harden, to be published Thursday by Viking, a member of the Penguin Group (USA). Amazon

The Star - Korean all-girl sensation group, rocks KL

Image source: Ohbulan! <---- You can find 67 more photos here

KUALA LUMPUR: The Korean wave hit the nation’s capital hard as K-Pop princesses Girls’ Generation rocked the Twin Towers @Live 2012 concert.

The South Korean pop group entertained thousands of fans on a specially constructed stage at KLCC, with the majestic Petronas Twin Towers as the stunning backdrop.

The crowd went wild for Girls’ Generation as they performed some of their biggest hits such as Run Devil Run, The Boys and Hoot.

Die-hard K-Pop fans sang along to the mostly Korean songs, enlivening the city centre with their loud vocals.

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Source: The Star & Newskaki@YT & zy89@YT & lilpwincess9406@YT 

I didn't realized that Sooyoung said, "thank you", in Malay lol. I thought it was Korean, at first.
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Jo Kwon likes his boys young, asks Dongjun on a date!

2AM’s Jo Kwon created a stir by suddenly making a confession to ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun.

According to KBS on march 23, Jo Kwon reveal his hidden feelings towards ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun on the recording of KBS 2TV’s Let’s Go Dream Team 2, which will air on the morning of March 25.

When the contestants had to choose partners for upcoming games, Jo Kwon showed interest in Kim whom he pointed out as his rival. They are both acknowledged with their swift movements in Entertainment Industry. Therefore, they are big rivals when it comes down to speed.

To Jo Kwon’s interest, Kim said, “I like the tall guy, Jung Jin Woon.” However, after twists and turns, Jo Kwon and Kim ended up as a couple.

After becoming a couple, Jo Kwon revealed, “Kim Dong Joon’s so pretty. I’m going to drive him around because
Dong Joon doesn’t have a car.
” The guests burst out laughing when Jo Kwon suddenly asked Kim out for a date.

In this episode of Dream Team 2, Dream Team competed with 2AM, who came back after one year and six months of hiatus.

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Park Hyoshin post

Park Hyoshin releases MV for "Blue Pine"
While still partaking in his military service, Korea's beloved ballard star Park Hyoshin has released a new music video as part of publicity campaign for the Korean Military.

On the 22nd of March, the Ministry of Defense made a presentation of the music video done by the military publicity group consisting of Park Hyoshin, Lee Donggun and others. The video is for a touching remake of the military song "Blue Pine."
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Source: AsianDream2018

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Source: AsianDream2018
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Feeling cranky and bloated? Have some Mydol

Earlier teaser:
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"‘Mydol’ is a show which will give the viewers the power to select the idols they want to see debut, thus making it ‘Viewers created idols’. The show is scheduled to premier on April 12th."

"Mydol, Mnet's new program means My Idol.
Fans can give several missions & advice for 10 boy trainees."

Sources: Mnet's youtube 1, 2 and Kpopfever
[BgBg] GD&#39;s sexy hair

Here's the T About Twitter as a Source

Okay everybody, a selca was posted today of someone going back to their Final Fantasy roots and then this happened:


Yes, this is not his personal twitter and no, this was not really supposed to be made public.

Yes, the mod that approved this should have done better due diligence when checking the source and approving the post. An honest mistake was made.

Going forward when submitting something that is sourced from twitter, if it is not coming from the idol/kceleb's known, established twitter feed please think twice about just slapping it in a post. If you aren't finding any other sites talking about selca, etc., chances are it could be fishy.

Yes, mods need to do better but you can do your part to prevent forest fires too.

Happy Saturday! Feel free to FFA in this, all regular rules apply. Anyone else see the Peeta ShowTM aka The Hunger Games? Too much shaky cam but just enough forever alone Gale imo.
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Beast unleashes in Yokohama Arena during Japanese leg of world tour

More than 23,000 Japanese fans flocked to see boy band Beast perform on Thursday and Friday at Yokohama Arena in Japan.

The boy band kicked off the Japanese leg of its "Beautiful Show" world tour there, with each concert lasting two hours.

The band performed an assortment of its hit songs including "Shock," "Fiction" and "Beautiful" to a crowd that chose to stay standing and sing along during the entire show.

Member Son Dong-woon sang his rendition of the song "Hitomi wo Tojite" by the popular Japanese singer Ken Hirai, much to the delight of the audience.

Beast's agency said that the band's popularity and the Japanese fans' reception at concerts have changed over the years - in a good way.

"Japanese fans are a lot more enthusiastic at concerts than they used to be," a representative from the agency said. The concert marks the band's first national tour since its debut in Japan early last year.

source: JoongAnd Daily
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Kang Min-kyung eats only half a sweet potato a day

Celebrities are no strangers to dieting, and some develop bizarre eating habits to prep for their acting roles. Kang Min-kyung from the girl duo Davichi has proven that she is no exception, especially when it comes to crash dieting.

Kang revealed that by eating just half a sweet potato a day, she lost six kilograms (13 pounds) in just two weeks before shooting advertisements for the vitamin drink Miero Fiber.

"I love chocolates and cookies, but instead of snacking, I would have a bite of an uncooked sweet potato instead," Kang said on SBS' "Night of TV Entertainment" on March 21.

Her second secret to weight loss: "black food." The singer said that she saw actress Lee Mi-sook have a concoction of black sesame, black beans and black rice blended with milk, and decided to try the concoction for herself. The two co-starred in the drama "Smile, Mum" in 2010.

sauce: JoongAng Daily