April 1st, 2012

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Dal★Shabet to form project sub-unit: Orange Caramel ripoff

Dal★Shabet to form project sub-unit ‘Pink SUGAR!

Happy Face Entertainment has just revealed that they’ll be launching a special project sub-unit called ‘Pink SUGAR’.

The agency confirmed the news through Dal★Shabet’s official Daum fan-café, along with the news that Pink SUGAR will be composed of members Serri, Ah Young and Subin.

The concept will feature the three members in a ‘magical wonderland’ that is guaranteed to melt the hearts of all fans, regardless of gender. Expectations are quickly growing as their producer, E-Tribe, has written countless bubblegum-pop smash hits.

Their first digital single, ‘Fantastic Love’ will be a catchy dance track.

The sub-unit will reveal their teaser photos on April 5th through their official website, and will debut their single on April 7th.

source: fydalshabet, dalshabet's fancafe

my babbies r trendsetters!! im so excited!! qt groups > ur favs!
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B1A4 Mega Post!

“We’re young men now, not boys. But we’re still not complete men yet.” PART 1

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hyejin @ b1a4trans, tv daily

“Unstoppable five ‘Chatterbox men’ B1A4 “Completely absorbed in chatting until the break of dawn for 9 hours” PART 2

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susan & hyejin @ b1a4trans, tv daily

B1A4 “April Fool’s Day Joke? Made an Initiation Ceremony for Sandeul Through a Hidden Camera Event of ‘Jinyoung Fainting’”

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hyejin @ b1a4trans, economy today
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[ENG SUB] WGM MEGA POST #240312 #310312

WGM Dimples Couple episode 21 [ENG SUB]

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credit: KSNsubs ; dm parts
gif: yesungesque@tumblr

WGM Woojung Couple episode 43 [ENG SUB]

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credit: KSNsubs ; dm and fb links
gif: omonajungyonghwa@tumblr

WGM Woojung Couple episode 44 [ENG SUB]

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credit: KSNsubs ; dm links
gif: woojungislove.com

Note that someone else has posted Dimples Couple's episode 20 here.

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T.O.P spotted shooting for "We Got Married" in Japan?

A photo of Big Bang's T.O.P in Japan was recently uploaded to a Korean community site with the caption, "T.O.P got married in Japan?"

In the photo, T.O.P was carrying a lady on his back with MBC's filming crew around them. Because of the photo, netizens are speculating that T.O.P is the latest idol that will be added to We Got Married's roster.

Many are also wondering who is the lucky celebrity that got paired with T.O.P.

Netizens commented, "That girl must have saved the country in her previous life to be paired up with T.O.P", "Among the BIGBANG members, I was hoping it was Taeyang who will be on WGM", "Thank goodness it's not Seungri", "Doesn't that lady look like Jiyong?"

Neither MBC nor YG Entertainment has released an official announcement about T.O.P's participation in "We Got Married".

Source: BBupdate
Translated by SARA @ bigbangupdates.com
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DSP Boys Reveal Teaser For MBC Making The Star

News regarding DSP Media‘s new boy group has been circulating since last year, and it looks like these young men are finally gearing up for their official debut!

A viewer was able to capture a recent commercial that aired on MBC, featuring “DSP Boys“, the current stand-in name for the group, as the latest artists to be showcased on their show, ‘Making the Star‘. We get our first glimpse of the group’s seven members, who still remain elusive with cloth masks over their faces.

The episode is set to air on Tuesday, April 24th at 8:30PM.

DSP Media is known to as the agency behind KARA and Rainbow, also previously creating groups like SS501, Sechskies and Fin.K.L.

Rumors suggest that the members will include Hyeongkon, Jaehyung and Yunyoung, but DSP Media has yet to officially announce the individuals of this group. Are you excited to see what they have to offer?

Source: sunnyaddict1 and allkpop

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North Korea 'welcomes' foreign tourists

North Korea attempted on Sunday to lure foreign tourists to the hermit country to help celebrate a major anniversary, pledging to make "every possible sincere efforts" to show visitors a good time.

Preparations are under way at the scenic Mount Kumgang to arrange transport and lodging for foreigners who have apparently showed "keen interest" in visiting the communist nuclear-armed nation.

There are no official figures on how many foreign tourists visit North Korea each year, but their cash -- the North charges exorbitant prices for everything from beer to accommodation -- is a major boon to the moribund economy.

The resort at Mount Kumgang, where a South Korean tourist was shot dead by a soldier in July 2008 after allegedly straying from the area, was developed by the South Korean giant Hyundai Asan and opened in 1998.
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Source: channelnewsasia
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Stop crackdown on N. Korean refugees

Western media attention on North Korea has recently been dominated by the U.S.-DPRK “Leap Day Deal” of food aid for nuclear concessions, and by Pyongyang’s subsequent announcement of a “satellite” launch to mark the centenary of Kim Il-sung’s birth, which would be a deal-breaker for the U.S. However, as usual, beneath all the high politics and focus on security concerns, there is quite a different story involving the North Korean people.

Away from the back and forth in U.S.-DPRK negotiations on security concerns, South Korea has been battling with the Chinese government over its forced repatriations of North Korean refugees. China is hemorrhaging soft-power on this issue, alienating the South Korean people and government and damaging its reputation before the international community. In the long run this is a strategic mistake.

Every year thousands of North Koreans risk their lives to escape their country. Even in China they live in fear, because the Chinese government’s official policy is to send back North Koreans that have left the country without state permission. The North Korean regime takes the issue of defection very seriously and countless refugee testimonies confirm that repatriated refugees are at risk of imprisonment, forced labor, torture and even execution.
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Source: koreatimes
Big Bang <3
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Big Bang to Release “Special Edition II” Album on Apr. 8th

Just when you thought Big Bang was about to wrap up their last album promotions in Korea, they surprise us with a new album release. According to their agency YG Entertainment today, Big Bang will release a "Special Edition II" album on Apr. 8th with Korean versions of "Feeling" and "Ego" that were previously released on their Japanese Alive album.  This new album will also feature six (title) tracks from their Korean Alive EP, brand new intro track, and a bonus track "Just Another Boy", which is a previously unreleased song by GD&TOP.

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Source: Soompi

Fuck yeah! You can now throw away all your rusty Alive albums!

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Super Junior's Leeteuk reveals real phone number on Twitter, Heechul and SHINee's Jonghyun change id

SM Entertainment artists have been going crazy on April Fools' Day!

Earlier today Super Junior's Leeteuk tried to fool his fans by declaring that he was quitting Twitter. Later, he decided to upload his actual phone number, much to the delight of his followers.

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Source: @realjonghyun90, @special1004, @heedictator & koreaboo