April 2nd, 2012

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Big Bang's Interview with Oricon Style Japan (Part 1+photoshoot)

BIGBANG 『Pressured!? Opening up about their mindset and thoughts on their new album!』
A turning point album for BIGBANG

Q: Before this interview, you were on the Telephone Shocking corner of ‘Waratte Iitomo’ (Fuji TV). Weren’t you nervous?
V.I: We’ve been on the show ‘Waratte Iitomo!’ before, so we were not that nervous.

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Source: BBupdate1, 2
Translation by MIMI (@marthapido) / ameblo.jp/heavenlady
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Indonesian VIPs might be lucky

JAKARTA - Boy band BIG BANG is currently planning for their "BIG BANG Alive Tour 2012". They will be traveling in 16 countries all over the world. Will Indonesia be one of the stops?

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Source: BBupdate
Translations: @mthasia

NOTE: There is NO OFFICIAL confirmation or announcement from YG or LiveNation, so please take this news with a grain of salt. Thanks!
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SHINee to release Japanese version of Sherlock in three editions

SHINee's long-awaited new single, Sherlock, will be released on May 16th!

There will be three versions -- Limited Edition, Regular Edition (First Press), and Regular Edition.

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Source: shinee.jp
Translated by: Annie @ SHINee Forums International (shineee.net)
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edit: DL link for 17s preview

Those outfits with the glitters ;~; lol at Onew holding his crotch wtf
The regular first press edition is the least tragic of all three covers imho, brb weeping for my wallet
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KHJ releases song for 'The Wedding Scheme' OST

SS501 star Kim Hyun Joong has just released a new solo track titled, "If You’re Like Me"!

Released as a song off of the OST for the upcoming tvN drama 'The Wedding Scheme', "If You’re Like Me", the piano ballad is both soft and romantic. The music video is a montage of scenes from 'The Wedding Scheme', which stars Kang Hye Jung and Lee Kyu Han, tells the story of a mother who tries to get her four daughters married. With its top-notch cast list and a series of intriguing teasers, many are looking forward to the show’s first episode, which is set to air next Monday.

Check out the music video below!

Sources: AKP + CJ E&M
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EXO mobbed by fans at the airport + successfully completes second showcase in China

Ahead of their actual debut in South Korea and China, SM Entertainment's new idol group EXO felt the extent of their popularity after being mobbed by fans upon arrival in Beijing, China. A day after their debut showcase in South Korea, EXO flew to Beijing, China for their second showcase.

Upon their arrival, the group was greeted by a number of their fans and was escorted by security throughout the terminal. The fans came prepared as they greeted the members complete with fan signs and logos.

Despite not having officially started their promotions yet, expectations for the group rose after the warm response from their fans.

EXO held their second showcase at the Grande Theater Hall in Beijing Trade and Foreign Economic University and was joined by a number of their local fans. Local media representatives such as CCTV, Sina, Sohu and others were also present to cover the event.

After completing their debut showcases in South Korea and China, the group will be making their official debut simultaneously this April 9th with their mini-album, "MAMA."
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Source: newsen & koreaboo
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Big Bang's T.O.P causes stir with his hot pink eyebrows

Big Bang's T.O.P has become a conversation topic, thanks to his eyebrows. Big Bang performed "Bad Boy" and "Fantastic Baby" on Inkigayo on April 1st.

T.O.P made his appearance in a suit topped with mint green hair and hot pink eyebrows. In particular, the way he adapted so easily to such unnatural colors captured many peoples' attention.

Netizens who caught the broadcast commented, "Awesome," "It looks good, not strange," and "Anything looks good with his handsome face."

Meanwhile, B1A4, Ailee, K.Will, SHINee and other singers also made appearances on Inkigayo.
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Source: XSports News & koreaboo
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slaystar to comeback in april

STAR1 (SISTAR's fans) be prepared! Starship Entertainment has announced on April 2nd that popular girl group SISTAR will be making their return this month.

While there isn't a set date that has been released yet, SISTAR is scheduled to release a new album. The official said, "Yes, SISTAR is dropping their new album this month but the format of the album and the exact date of their comeback cannot be revealed yet."

SISTAR released their 1st studio album last year, "So Cool," and made waves with their title track of the same name, winning several awards. In addition, SISTAR became the first artist to top the newly created Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 Charts with "So Cool."

Source: 10asiae & koreaboo
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Shinhwa Post~! :D

Shinhwa Perfects The Art of Body Spelling

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A comedic photo of the legendary idol group, Shinhwa, has been revealed through their twitter, @SHINHWACOMPANY. On March 31st, the Shinhwa Company twitter posted, "[Minwoo] We are Shinhwa!" and revealed a photo along with the text.

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Shinhwa To Release The Return "Thanks Edition"

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Shinhwa Amazed While In The Waiting Room (Or Only Minwoo Knows How To Network)

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Pose: Koreaboo, Sports Chosun, Shinhwa Company, and Tumblr
10th Album: Osen + Shinhwa Nation
Waiting Room: Shinhwa Nation

Mods I can't seem to find the ENews article on the waiting room on their website, so I linked Shinhwa Nation as the source.
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Male group to debut on April 12th

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Another boy group is set to join the ranks of 2012 debuts as Contents Storage Company is preparing the debut of four member group "". Their group name is most likely pronounced as "Chilgusai", following the Korean pronunciation of the numbers as well as the "CGSE" used under the logo.

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Sources: Koreaboo, official.group7942 (Official Facebook), @haenghun0724, group7942 and Unsungbyul

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TVXQ’s Tokyo Dome concert tickets sell out within 30 seconds

TVXQ has once again evidenced their immense popularity in Japan.

The group is planning to hold performances for their Japanese fans at the Tokyo Dome from April 14th to the 16th. The tickets went on sale for the public on April 1st at 10 a.m. (local time) and within 30 seconds, all the seats had completely sold out. Additionally the tickets for their Osaka Kyocera Dome concerts, which will be held from April 21st through the 23rd, also sold out in a mere two minutes.

The Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome seat 55,000, and 36,477 respectively. With the three concert dates at each location, the total seats at each location amount to 165,000 and 109,431, respectively.

In addition, the ticket reservations over the phone also sold out, leading to a ticket war between the fans. The tickets that originally sold for 8,500 to 9,500 Yen, has been marked up to 10 times the amount, and is being bought by fans at 80,000 Yen.

Although the group has already added additional dates to their concerts, fans are still desperately requesting for even more dates.

Source + Photo: Sports Chosun

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Girl Group Pandora's debut single “Open Pandora’s Box”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pandora is one of Korea’s latest girl groups and is signed under TS Family Entertainment. The group consists of five members Karyn, Bowon, Miri, Jinyu and Sua and on the 6th of March they released their first single “Open Pandora’s Box”. The single consists of two tracks, the title track Shupa Shupa and Bad Boy.

There is not much else known about the members and the group at the moment, however, take a listen to the songs below and let me know what you think!

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Sources: Unsungbyul and tommyboysound12@YouTube

LOL I didn't realize how old this was until now. XD

4minute's new album tracklist unleashed, revealing a hotbed of in-demand producers

After one year, 4minute is finally set to return to the KPOP scene. 'Volume Up' will be the group's third mini album and their first domestic release since '4minutes left' in 2011. To say the least, fans are excited for new music - especially when it was announced seven new tracks were slated for the April 9th release.

The tracklist for the new mini album leaked as well, amping up the fans' anticipation for the new music set to drop in only a week. Unsurprisingly, 4minute nabbed the hottest music producers of today for their hot new tracks. Perhaps the most notable contribution comes from David Kim, also known as Day Day, from the up and coming indie boy band Dalmatian.

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erik @ 4-minutes Forum, KOMCA (cannot be directly sourced but you can search 4minute in the singer line to find all the new songs)