April 4th, 2012

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Miss A’s Suzy says, “I requested the phone number of a male idol — first”

On the latest recording of SBS‘s ‘Come to Play‘, Miss A‘s Suzy revealed a shocking story of a time when she requested the phone number of a particular male idol — first!

On the next episode of ‘Come to Play’, the show will be featuring a special, ‘Suzy vs Suzy’ which will be showcasing a female diva from the 90s and Suzy who seems to have become a diva herself starting in 2010.

During the recording, Suzy was asked questions involving the dating atmosphere between idols; a very mysterious subject to many. Suzy surprised netizens with her daring answer when she revealed that she took the lead and went up to a specific male idol, asking for his phone number. Of course, the hosts asked who that male idol was, but you’ll have to find the answer when the episode broadcasts.

It has also been reported that Suzy showed tears during the recording when her seniors gave a heart-warming advice about her insanely, busy schedule. (other than her 'normal' busy idol shedule, filming and etc, she's going to 5 to 7 movie theaters per day to promote her movie)

Aside from Suzy, other guests will be present including 4minute‘s maknae, Sohyun, Sistar‘s Hyorin, and 1990′s diva singer, Jo Gab Kyung.

So who could this male idol be? He must be something if he made Suzy make the first move!

OP is pressed over hate that suzy is getting from the international fandom because of this, people are calling her a bitch, conceited, show off, arrogant, cheap, untalented, slut, saying she doesn't care about her unnies and etc, it's not her fault that people can't handle an honest, straightforward and flaw free person who simply can’t be tamed.
» allkpop » Review Star via Naver
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DSP Boyz Release 2nd Teaser For Making The Star

allkpop previously reported on DSP Boyz first teaser for MBC’s ‘Making the Star- DSP Boyz‘, and a second shorter teaser has now been released!

The DSP Boyz will be making their official on-screen debut through the upcoming reality program, which will air its first episode on April 24th at 8:30PM KST.

Check out the teaser from DSP‘s official Youtube channel, and stay tuned to allkpop for their third teaser to be released next week.

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Sources: allkpop (1) (2) and DSP@YouTube
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Butterflies up on iTunes

Oneway's subunit D2O (Detour) officially released there new single 'Butterflies' on iTunes yesterday. The single includes two songs, 'Butterflies' and 'Secret - Can't Stop part 2' as well as instrumentals of both songs and an English version of 'Butterflies'. The tracks are very different in style to their previous releases 'Amanda' and 'Woo woo woo', with a smoother R&B feel.

Since last night, it's steadily becoming available around the world. Oneway's Peter is currently shouting out all the places it's available. Sounds like it's up pretty much everywhere now. Just search for D2O.

Source: @onewaypeter 

TH: you look like a real babe today

Dara being adorably short next to Shinee members

Girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park, looking cutely small next to the SHINee members, is becoming hot topic between netizens.

On the 4th of April, an online community board uploaded a picture under the title, "Sandara Park is really small." In the photo, Sandara Park and the SHINee members were standing side-by-side, in what appears to be a commercial photoshoot for a cosmetics brand they are all endorsing. All of them wore matching costumes with pink jackets, which looked like uniforms. It showed their idol charms to the utmost.

But people are not talking about this photo just because of their charms. If you look closely, you can see that Sandara Park is standing on a platform, in order to reduce the height difference between herself and SHINee's Key, who is standing beside her. In reality, Sandara Park is about 6 years older than the average ages of all the SHINee members, so she's really a "noona" but because of her small stature, cute face, and fresh image, she seems much younger than her age. Her small face and beauty stood out even at a distance. In the photo, it even seems that she is the youngest among them.

Currently the keywords "Key humilation (T/N: Because Dara is standing right beside Key)" and "Sandara heigh humiliation" are one of the most searched. Netizens who saw the pictures, commented with, "The best in the music industry," "Her appearance and beauty along more than makes up for her short height," "The SHINee oppas are really tall," "Sandara Park is cutely small next to Key," "There's just a feeling that the boys are so tall," "Her small face matches with her height," "She's small, but she's cute," "SHINee are just giants," "Their faces are really small," showing their hot reaction.

Source: Nate (1 , 2 , 3) | Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara           
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4minute will be the new twilight

4minute has released a new photo teaser for their upcoming mini album, "Volume Up", which will be available on April 9th. Cube Entertainment excited fans yesterday with the announcement and first teaser photo, as the group's comeback has been delayed for months.

The new photo is a complete turn from 4minute's previous teaser, which featured them in light, pastel dresses. Cube's official Facebook page described them as "fairy tale 4minute", and has labeled the new photo "vampire 4minute". The girls are wearing long black capes with darkwash jeans, and each member has jet black hair to match the darker concept.
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Source: & koreaboo
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Tiger JK tops K-Pop Music Chart in Brazil

Hiphop artist Tiger JK is reported to have topped the K-Pop music chart on one of Brazil's music distribution websites. According to Jungle Entertainment, Tiger JK's track "Monster" from his album "Feel gHoodMuzik: The 8th Wonder" took the top spot on BAH's K-Pop Music Chart last week.

Tiger JK's eight album, which was released in South Korea back in 2009, continues to receive much attention in Brazil and was even introduced as a record breaking hip-hop album in one of the country's evening news program.

Currently, Tiger JK is busy preparing for M.I.B's comeback and is reported to have collaborated for a track with the group.

Source: 10Asiae & koreaboo

Beast chosen to promote 'bodyART'

Idol group B2ST has been selected amongst all the male K-pop artists to promote ‘bodyART™‘.

bodyART™ was established in 1999 by Robert Steinbacher and Alexa Lê, and it is a differentiated European style of fitness that combines the key points of Yoga, Pilates, stretching, and more, receiving spotlight all over the world.

It offers the benefits of being able to take care of both physical and emotional health, and not only is bodyART™ a huge hit between everyone from children to adults in Europe, it is quickly spreading to other parts of the world. In 2010, the hype hit NYC and Miami, and now is making it’s breakthrough across Asia after hitting Korea.

The B2ST members who are notorious for working out consistently and taking care of their own health have succeeded in creating toner, leaner physiques through bodyART™.

A representative from their agency remarked, “B2ST’s World Tour covering 14 countries and 21 cities is in full swing, but the boys are glad that they are able to take care of themselves and get a workout through bodyART™ even in the midst of their busy schedule.”

An insider from bodyART™ explained, “The B2ST members perfectly coincide with our aim of promoting the beauty of health, and we have selected them to be our newest models.”

In related news, the members of B2ST recently wrapped up a successful ‘Beautiful Show‘ performance in Taiwan showcasing the essence of K-Pop.

source: allkpop, OSEN

can't wait to see Junhyung flab in HD :3

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Lady Gaga Responds to South Korea Show Ban

When Lady Gaga comes roaring into South Korea for the first date of her Born This Way Ball world tour on April 27, she will not be connecting with any little monsters under the age of 18, at least while on stage. That age group has been banned from attending by higher authorities. The Mother Monster, of course, took to Twitter to comment about the age restriction on her show, since the social networking site is her preferred mode of communiqué with little monsters of all ages, shapes, sizes and nationalities. Rather than lash out, Gaga was classy in her address of the situation.

Mother Monster sent a message of appreciation to those adults who are being the voice of the voiceless in this matter and acknowledged that parents of lil’ monsters under 18 should be able to exercise their right and their discretion about who or what their children do for entertainment.

Gaga isn’t getting all fire and brimstone or fighting fire with fire. We predict that she’ll certainly mention the ban on the 18-and-under set attending, a move which was enacted by a government enacted media watchdog group, while on stage. We’re sure she’ll be met with a chorus of cheers from South Korean monsters at that time, too. There’s no way she can ignore it!

Source: @ladygaga & popcrush
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S. Korea set to elect first defector lawmaker

Less than a year after becoming the first North Korean defector to take a senior government post in South Korea, Cho Myung-Chul is set to win office as the country's first defector lawmaker.

Cho, who is standing for the ruling conservative New Frontier Party (NFP) in the April 11 parliamentary poll, says his victory would send a message both to his former homeland and to fellow refugees struggling to adapt in the South.

"If I win, it will not only give hope but also practical help to the defectors going through difficult times ... and most significantly, it will have great influence on the elite in the North," he told AFP in a phone interview.

Cho, a one-time member of that elite who grew disillusioned with the regime, seems almost certain to be elected after being ranked fourth in the NFP's list of proportional representation candidates.
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Source: AFP
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 will speak at the “Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity,” the world’s biggest event for advertising and communication professionals. They will give a seminar titled, “Korean Wave Through Digital Wave,” in partnership with Cheil Worldwide, Korea’s top advertising agency. The seminar will take place on June 18, during the seven day event where more than 9,000 people from 90 countries will come to attend workshops exhibitions, and various seminars.

“It’s our first time going in front of people, not as a singer, but as a speaker. We will do our best to make sure we promote K-Pop’s appeal to all the people from around the world. Next time we’d like to go on stage not as a speaker but as a singer,” 2NE1 said.

Launched in 1954, the “Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity” is one of the most prestigious international festivals in the advertising and communication industry. This year’s festival will take place from June 17 to 23 in Cannes, France.

Learn more about the seminar here!

Source: Soompi + Cannes Lions Website

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The Full Version of ‘EXO SHOWCASE’ Video will be Released on April 5th!

The full version of EXO-K and EXO-M showcase video will be released on April 5th.

The video will be released through the official website (http://exo-k.smtown.com, http://exo-m.smtown.com), YouTube channels (www.youtube.com/exok, www.youtube.com/exom), facebook pages (www.facebook.com/exok, www.facebook.com/exom), NAVER and China’s WEIBO, SINA, SOHU and YOUKU and it will feature the EXO SHOWCASE held at Olympic Hall in Seoul on March 31st.

Especially, EXO had released various teaser videos, images and music video through the internet for the last 100 days and the teaser videos received 30,000,000 views in total on YouTube and YOUKU. The showcase video will be the last video for EXO Pre-Promotion.

Moreover, EXO-K and EXO-M ended the showcase at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China with great success on April 1st. The China’s three portal websites, ‘SINA,’ ‘SOHU’ and ‘NET EASE’ posted articles, photos and video of showcase on the entertainment and music sections’ main pages.

Meanwhile, EXO-K and EXO-M’s first mini album ‘MAMA’ will be released on the 9th and EXO-K and EXO-M will present the first performance on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ and ‘yin yue feng yun bang’ awards on the 8th respectively.

Source: SMTOWN Facebook
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Rock band opens school in Burkina Faso

By Kwaak Je-yup, Kim Bo-eun

CNBLUE, the K-pop and rock band, are starting a goodwill project in the West African nation Burkina Faso, their agency FNC Entertainment announced Wednesday.

The group will donate part of their records and concert proceeds on a regular basis, the statement said, to a school based in Niamadougou, a small village about 350 kilometers southwest of the capital Ouagadougou.

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source: The Korea Times
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Lee Hyori would like to see a Fin.K.L reunion in the near future

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pop icon Lee Hyori recently stated that she hopes to see the name of Fin.K.L in the spotlight as a group once more.

The singer who is currently an MC for SBS program ‘You & I‘ welcomed guests Shinhwa on the most recent recording. “I’m envious, seeing Shinhwa come back like this,” she said, “I would like to see Fin.K.L. comeback as a team too.”

On the show, Hyori was reunited with Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan whom she attended high school with. Reminiscing of the past, Dongwan remarked, “During high school, Hyori was well known for her beauty. Even the male students from the other schools carried pictures of her around.”

Legendary group Shinhwa who made their return to the music scene after a long 4 year hiatus performed their past hits “Eusha Eusha” and “T.O.P” on the show, while also introducing their new song “Venus” to the audience.

The ‘Shinhwa’ episode of ‘You & I’ is scheduled to air on April 15th at 12:00AM.

Sources & Image: OSEN News and allkpop
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Haters get ur life! 4minute's VOLUME UP will be the female anthem of the century!

On April 4th, at 4:44PM, the popular girl group 4minute released their impressive - to say the least - second teaser picture.

In the released picture, the 4minute members are clothed in black and are looking magnificent. This is an absolute 180° transformation from the girlish concept they sported in their "white image" released on April 3rd.

This image is expected to be more similar to the concept for their comeback performances. 4minute wishes to be praised not only for their new title song, 'Volume Up', that will be released on the 9th. They also aim to gain more recognition for their stage performances during which they are said to clamorously portray freedom. During their last promotion activities, 4minute was plagued with a huge controversy sparked by their so-called sexually explicit "spread leg dance". This time, the lyrics of 'Volume Up' may be seen as very eloquent.

A CUBE representative communicated, "This song contains saxophone sounds. The unconventional lyrics depict the fanatic craze over girl groups and the prejudice it can cause against them".

The title track 'Volume Up' was composed by the hit-makers Shinsadong Tiger and Rado. The indie band The KOXX also took part in the producing of the album adding a different flavor to the masterpiece.

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Big Bang's Interview with Oricon Style Japan (Part 2)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

part 1 here

Starting from "love at first sight" then becoming lovers…

Q: The album includes songs in various types/genres. Please describe them.

V.I: FANTASTIC BABY is the most energetic song in the album. You won't only see it in our outfits. We filmed the music video with a fantastic feeling too.

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Translation by MIMI (@marthapido) / ameblo.jp/heavenlady

bigbangupdates + oricon style japan
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Se7en thanks his fans and shows off ‘Strong Heart’ trophy

Se7en uploaded a shot of his ’Strong Heart‘ trophy, along with a thank you message to his fans.

Early in the morning on April 4th, Se7en thanked his fans, tweeting, “Despite the hard times in the past, because of the LUCKY SE7ENs who cheered me on just for being me I am happy today, ^^“, referencing the lyrics in his song “When I Can’t Sing.” He continued, “Now I’m a completely honest Se7en!! I’ll come back with a more confident and cool image!!! Love yall~.”

The tweet, which he posted online after the broadcast of SBS’ ‘Strong Heart,’ was accompanied by a photo of a proud-looking Se7en with his ‘Strong Heart’ trophy. He captured everyone’s attention by revealing the story of how he and Park Han Byul almost broke up, but had their relationship saved by a hacker who publicized his pictures with Park Han Byul, thereby revealing their secret relationship.

Fans who visited Se7en’s Twitter returned his sentiments, leaving comments such as, “I am so happy because you are Se7en, the singer that I love,” and “Even if you say you can’t sing, I will cheer you on as a fan.

Source: Allkpop
Se7en’s Twitter

IS Entermedia continues to toy with Dalmates, while dropping SG Wannabe & MayBee

It is being reported that singer Maybee‘s contract with music label, IS Entertainment, has expired.

On April 4th, a representative of the singer revealed, “MayBee’s exclusive contract with IS Entertainment has ended. MayBee has decided to continue her activities without an agency for the moment. If she gets an offer from a good label, she will consider establishing a new contract to sign.”

IS Entertainment who has ended contracts with MayBee and SG Wannabe is planning to stick with their existing artists and give them full support, rather than scouting new artists under their label.

MayBee, who debuted as a signer back in 2006, also started her acting career by appearing in the drama, ‘Pink Lipstick‘ back in 2010. She also starred in ‘Noriko Goes to Seoul‘ and will be appearing in a new movie called, ‘Statute of Limitations‘ in April.

Meanwhile, IS Entertainment is preparing for Dalmatian‘s comeback which will be held in May. Actress Seo Hye Rim, who is also under IS Entertainment, is currently starring as Song Eun Joo in KBS’s ‘Bok-hee‘.

Source: AKP & TV Report

ISE has lied about a Dalmatian comeback so many times now...
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taeyeon reported to be wearing her moms shoes at fashion show

In what is being reported as ‘mom’s shoes,’ SNSD member Taeyeon is catching eyes with her appearance at a fashion show wearing shoes that look just a bit too big for her feet.

On April 4th, Taeyeon attended the ‘2012-2013 F/W Seoul Fashion Week‘ featuring designers Jang Hyuk Seo and Bae Seung Yeon (Steve J & Yoni P) that was held at the Olympic Park Peace Plaza in Seoul.
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Source: MK Sports & kpopseven
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MBLAQ’s G.O. Close to Joining So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee for New Drama "Ghost"

MBLAQ’s G.O. is close to joining the cast of new SBS drama “Ghost,” it was reported by local media on April 4.

According to OSEN, an SBS official said earlier today, “G.O. received the casting offer about a month ago. He passed the audition and even participated in a recent script reading session. He’s planning to start filming in late April.”

But MBLAQ’s agency declined to confirm the casting, as they only said, “It’s true that we received the offer for ‘Ghost,’ but nothing has been finalized. Since the contract is not completed, it’s difficult for us to comment on the situation.”

“Ghost” is a TV series produced by Kim Hyun Shik, whose previous works include SBS dramas “Sign” and“Cain and Abel.” Other cast members confirmed so far include So Ji Sub, Lee Yeon Hee, Um Ki Joon, and Choi Daniel. “Ghost” will air in May following the end of “Rooftop Prince.”

source: soompi

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G.O and Mir to form a unit group

MBLAQ members G.O and Mir will be forming a new unit group and will make their debut next month.

An official from their agency, J.Tune Camp announced, “Members G.O and Mir will be forming a duo unit. They are currently preparing to meet their fans next month and show them a different kind of charm with their vocals.”

G.O and Mir have been receiving much love and support from the fans with their vocal talents. The two idols will be showing a different image as duo unit.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ recently concluded their promotional activities for their album “100% Ver” and is currently preparing for their upcoming first Asian tour in June.

source: dkpopnews via obsnews

I liked their last collaboration so I hope they release good music this time as well
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M!Countdown To Be A Mini Shinhwa Special

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shinhwa‘s Minwoo and Jun Jin will be MCs for a day on the upcoming broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

The two will be emceeing alongside fellow original idol group member, H.O.T‘s Tony An, for the April 5th broadcast of ‘M! Countdown’. In addition to this week’s usual performances, Tony An’s group, SMASH, will be performing their rendition of Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes“, and girl group SPICA will also be holding a special stage performance of Shinhwa’s “TOP“.

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be releasing a ‘Thanks Edition‘ of their 10th full-length album due to the demand for the reprint of their special edition, which has sold out. The legendary idol group has been receiving much popularity and even topped the album pre-order sales chart.

Don’t miss today’s Mnet ‘M! Countdown’!

Sources: Osen via Nate and allkpop
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M.I.B.'s Dorm Catches Fire: 2 stylists dead, 1 seriously injured

M.I.B postponed their comeback after a fire broke out in their home today, killing two of their stylists. On the 5th of April, Jungle Entertainment broke the news by saying that a fire broke out in M.I.B's residence in Apgujong, Seoul this morning.

The representative went on to reveal that the members weren't harmed but two of their stylists were killed in the incident and another stylist still in serious condition. 

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Thanks for making sure I have my ducks in a row Mods :) Fires are truly frightening, humbling things. It's so upsetting that lives were lost.
Source: koreaboo and nate 1 & 2

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ZE:A's Kwang-hee proudly admits to having his entire face 'retouched'

Kwang-hee of the boy band ZE:A has admitted to having gone under the knife for extensive plastic surgery and said he would get more, but can't because of his fame.

"Basically, everything you can see on my face has been retouched. I had my nose done, work done on my forehead, and oh, my eyes, too," said the 23-year-old star of the rising boy group on an episode of KBS 2TV's "1 vs. 100" on Tuesday.

"I thought that my eyes needed to be subtle in relations to other features. Wouldn't it have been too much if my eyes looked super enhanced? I'm a man who knows moderation," joked the idol singer.

In a candid manner, Kwang-hee spoke to the host of the show about the taboo topic that many other celebrities simply try to avoid. When asked if he wanted to retouch his face further, he said he simply couldn't.

"Of course I could think of problem areas. But firstly, I don't have the time. Secondly, everyone would be able to tell. It's about time I stopped with surgery."

source: JoongAng Daily

Have you had plastic surgery or is there something you'd like to get fixed?