April 6th, 2012

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Here/Queer: Two Years as a Lesbian Expat in South Korea

You might think that the gayest moment of my life would have been going to Pride in New York City or watching the L Word with a bunch of rugby players, but actually it was the night I stepped out of an elevator on the top floor of a nondescript building in Seoul, South Korea, and emerged into a sea of lesbians. It was my first week in Seoul, where I had moved to teach English at an elementary school, and mostly what I was conscious of before getting out of that elevator was how jet-lagged I was and how the entire city seemed to consist of an undifferentiated mass of neon.

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‘Infinity Challenge’ to broadcast a 15 minute ‘special strike episode’

‘Infinity Challenge‘ has revealed that they will broadcasting a ‘special strike episode’ on April 5th to make up for the string of cancelled broadcasts these past three months.

It has been revealed that the entire cast members have given up their pay to participate in the episode, which will focus on updating viewers on their whereabouts as well as Jung Jun Ha’s wedding news.

PD Kim Tae Ho stated, “It’s about a 15-minute broadcast complete with captions. It’ll be out by April 5th. The footage is from when the members got together for Jung Jun Ha’s wedding announcement*. Everyone was visibly excited since it was their first meeting in quite a while.”
 [*edited AKP's inaccurate translation]

He continued, “The episode was also created as a way of telling our viewers that we have not forgotten about them, so to please not to forget about us as well. We’ll return to our viewers soon with plenty of laughs we have been preparing.”

In related news, the show is almost on its 11th week of re-runs due to the ongoing strike in MBC.

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AKP | Nate | mbcunion2012@yt

Uee Continues To Show Pledis Family Love

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After School‘s UEE has once again shown her support to rookie group, NU’EST, as their senior and labelmate.

NU’EST’s Baekho recently wrote on his Me2day, “This is the white tiger jacket UEE noona picked out for me! She says it was made by designer Park Yoon Soo~! UEE nuna even personally picks out our outfits for us! I really like the jacket. I think white tigers are pretty awesome!” and attached a photo of himself wearing the jacket.

Their agency stated, “UEE gave Baekho the jacket, which she received as a present, saying that it matches his name and his visuals, in addition to saying that it would look good on him during the performance.”

Back in February, it was also revealed that UEE gave Baekho his stage name which became a hot topic amongst fans.

Baekho's Me2Day

I smell a baekho, ren & uee threesome, imo!
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Big Bang’s ‘Alive’ goes Double Platinum in Taiwan

Top Hallyu group Big Bang has once again demonstrated their international star status by hitting Double Platinum in Taiwan with their recent album, ‘Alive‘.

On April 6th, Warner Music Taiwan revealed, “Big Bang’s album ‘Alive’ has achieved Double Platinum status“. This achievement is especially notable when it is taken into account that Big Bang has never visited Taiwan before.

Taiwan’s major album sales site G-Music reported that ‘Alive’ was the highest selling K-pop album of the week on ‘Five Music’. Furthermore, it also reported that the sales for ‘Alive’ made up 22.28% of all album sales in Taiwan for that week, making their record all the more impressive.

The success continued in the online world, as ‘Alive’ topped Taiwan’s eZPeer K-pop Digital Album Chart, while their song “Blue” hit number one on the Taiwan Mobile single’s chart. Additionally, Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” recently hit number one on MTV Taiwan‘s K-pop weekly chart.

A representative of Warner Music Taiwan commented, “Currently, Big Bang’s popularity in Taiwan is such that we are printing additional copies of the album to keep up with the high volume sales.”

In related news, Big Bang will be making their long awaited visit to Taiwan on April 9th and 10th.

Source : allkpop
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CNBLUE to release a limited edition of their mini album ‘EAR FUN’

Rock band CNBLUE will be releasing a special limited edition of their 3rd mini album ‘EAR FUN‘.

According to FNC Music, the limited edition version will include the same tracks on the mini album but will also include pictorial shots that were taken in the U.S., as well as the members’ individual photos.

There will be 140 pages of pictorial photos and a DVD containing a 20-minute clip of the members shooting in the U.S. In addition, the special limited edition will also include four supplemental sections for each of the members. The limited edition of the mini album will be sold starting on April 6th.

CNBLUE is currently actively promoting “Hey You” from their 3rd mini album ‘EAR FUN’, and other tracks on the album are also receiving positive response from the public.

Source : allkpop
Sports Seoul via Nate

Thanks to cnbjonghyun for the photo!
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Core Contents Media sued by Namoo Entertainment over cancelled American concert with Yangpa, T-ara,

Namoo Entertainment, the company behind the American concert of Core Contents Media (CCM) artists Davichi, T-ara, and Yangpa, has revealed that it filed a compensation lawsuit of 390 million won against the agency.

After the cancellation of the event earlier this year, Namoo Entertainment has filed a lawsuit to the Seoul Central District court, stating that they've suffered damage from the cancellation. The artists were scheduled to partake in a family concert in San Francisco, on January 13th. The event was canceled due to visa problems, which, Namoo Entertainment stated, could have been prevented as the concert was planned more than three months ahead. CCM was said to have waited until five days before the concert to apply for visas, which they didn't get.

A representative from CCM responded, saying that the hosting company usually takes care of visa problems and they failed to do so this time. The representative reacted, saying that instead of CCM being sued, they should sue Namoo Entertainment.

CCM is planning to respond soon, as most of its company officials will be returning from overseas schedules on April 9th.

Koreaboo has reached out to the parties involved for a comment.

Source: mnet global & koreaboo
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VOLUME UP Concept Photos + Information on genres, themes and styles in the album

4minute’s standard style tactics which stirs our expectations

3rd mini album ‘Volume Up’

Hot issue maker ‘4minute’, who always causes a great commotion with each album release in South Korea, will soon be back. Their new mini album 'Volume Up' is a rare case as it contains seven tracks making 4minute's strong will for their comeback stage apparent.

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Leesmusic, kkwonsso. @ 4-minutes Forum, yinyuetai

Talking about love is difficult for SHINee’s Jonghyun?

SHINee‘s Jonghyun broke out in cold sweat when asked about his first love.

The recent episode of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘ featured singer Park Gi Young and SHINee as guests.

On this episode, MC Kim Tae Won asked SHINee, “Honestly, is there anyone who had a heart aching first love?

The SHINee members were silent for a second, and Jonghyun answered “Talking about love is a touchy subject. It’s really hard for me to talk about it. I’m sweating,” with a troubled look.

Upon seeing Jonghyun’s reaction, MC Shindong asked Kim Tae Won, “You know about Jonghyun’s story right?” Kim Tae Won answered, “I know. They are a global group.” Then Shindong asked again, “No, not that. What about his relationships?” and Kim Tae Won answered, “Ah, relationships? I don’t know. How would I know?

Jonghyun ended the awkward moment with, “It’s absolutely right to not know about other people’s dating life. Other’s love lives are…

For those of you guys who may not know, Jonghyun dated the actress Shin Se Kyung, after being spotted out on a date in October, 2010, which lead them to confirm that they were dating. Unfortunately, the couple was reported to be no longer together last year.

Source and picture credit: Star News via Nate; allkpop.


KBS bans MC Sniper’s “Push It” music video for rebellious content


MC Sniper‘s official music video for his sixth album title track, “Push It“, has been reported to be labeled unfit for public broadcast.

The music video and song is a criticism against the current state of the K-Pop market, and it incorporates the use of direct and heavy language in the lyrics, and expresses it in a rough manner in the actual music video. KBS‘s review board deemed it unfit for broadcast due to the overall ‘rebellious’ theme of the music video.

The music video uses a run down building as its backdrop and criticizes the MOGEF and other review boards for their unfair methods of banning songs, as well as companies for their unethical methods of auditions. A part of the lyrics state, “Start with music that’s edible, but take out all of the nutrients. Just make it fun with an impact – but wait, that’s still weak. Mix in a plagiarized melody and throw in some meaningless alien words.”

Sniper Sound officials commented, “The music video was banned for its overall content so we won’t be able to make any changes. Since the song itself has been passed, we will continue promoting it on air.”

source: allkpop, nateponycanyonkr
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2NE1 looks fashionable on the set of Nikon photo shoot

2NE1 recently completed a photo shoot for a camera advertisement, and a few photos of the girls on set have been shared online.

The photos above surfaced on an online community site with the title, ‘2NE1 looks cute during filming break‘.

It appears the photo shoot was for Nikon, a brand the girls have been endorsing since last year. The members were snapped during a break, and each member drew attention for the way they displayed their individual and stylish appeals.

Netizens who came across the photos remarked, “They’re all so cute“, “Dara is taking a selca, daebak“, “Bom looks like a doll“, and more.

In related news, 2NE1 along with their label mates Big Bang were selected as the French fans’ favorite K-Pop idol star.

I like Bom's dress

Source : Allkpop
KoreaTimes via Nate

More about Beast's "bodyART" DVD

will be releasing their bodyART™ DVD.

Recently, it was announced that these boys would promote this European fitness program, and to follow up, it has been revealed that their DVD, “B2ST bodyART™“, will be released this Summer.

The DVD will include all kinds of tips and ways to get a body that is firm and slim. The members of B2ST will be the ones showing the movements and teaching the exercise.

Han Jung Seok, the president of “bodyART™”, said, “bodyART™ is slow, but fast and smooth, but strong. It is very dynamic; it is like a dance, but also an exercise. The members of B2ST won’t be the ones fans see on stage, but the boys who will connect with nature through the exercise.”

The boys will start filming for the DVD later this month.

source: allkpop, Nate

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J.Kyun's New Single Features Zico from Block B

"Hip Hop Prince" J.Kyun is unleashing a new single "Hot MC" prior to release his first mini album on April 5 through various online music sites. "Hot MC" is already garner much attention from Hip Hop and other music fans, when the news about idol group Block B's leader Zico's participation was announced.

Although J.Kyun did not have any previous relationship with Zico or Block B, he highly valued Zico's rapping skill. He personally contacted Zico and asked him to come and feature in his upcoming single. Zico was greatly honored by the offer, as he has always admired J.Kyun. With no conditions or contracts, Zico gladly recorded "Hot MC" with J.Kyun.

J.Kyun has been garner attention with his unique online activities such as Korea's first SNS radio, "I am the Prince," his cover song of "Fantastic Baby" dedicated to Girls Generations' Sunny with the title, "Fantastic Soon Kyu," and mimicking the voices of drama "Deep Rooted Tree" in his teaser video. The upcoming mini album "Just Nowadays" is the first album in two years since his first regular album "Re:birthday" in 2010.

Upon hearing about Zico's featuring in J.Kyun's upcoming album, netizens commented, "Oh my god, I can't believe it! J.Kyun and Zico together!" "What an unexpected combination," and "I must buy this album!" J.Kyun's first mini album "Just Nowadays" will be released on April 12.

sauce: Soompi, tvdaily, AsianDreamMusic
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mblaq releases men in black themed photobook

MBLAQ has just released a ‘Men in Black‘ themed photobook.

The photobook featured all 5 members of MBLAQ in sunglasses and chic, black suits.

The photobook is a special gift for all of their fans that were upset that MBLAQ’s Men In Black concert was only held once. The photobook features behind-the-scenes shots of the concert, as well as shots of the members of MBLAQ practicing their difficult choreography.

MBLAQ hopes that this will satisfy their fans, or at least hold them over until their next concert.

MBLAQ will be holding an Asian tour which is set to kick off on June 30th in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Source: nate & kpopseven
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NK steps up propaganda to try to sway upcoming S. Korean polls

North Korea has stepped up propaganda criticizing South Korea's conservative ruling party and its leader Park Geun-hye in what seems its latest attempt to sway upcoming South Korean polls.

In recent weeks, the North's state media have repeatedly called on South Koreans to vote against the conservative party, which has pursued a hard-line policy toward the North.

South Koreans are set to elect 300 lawmakers next Wednesday. Park is running as a proportional representation candidate for the ruling Saenuri Party. She is also widely seen as the party's leading presidential hopeful for the December vote.

On Friday, a North Korean propaganda committee lashed out at Park over her recent comments critical of the North's planned rocket launch, and her alleged confrontational stance toward the North.
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Source: koreatimes