April 7th, 2012

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Se7en to launch overseas promotions with upcoming Japanese single “Love Again”

will be starting overseas promotion with the release of a new single in Japan.

Earlier today, YG Entertainment shared that Se7en will release a new single, “Love Again“, in Japan on the 25th.

With his goodbye stage on SBSs “Inkigayo” last month, Se7en finished promotions in Korea and will be focusing on promotions in other parts of Asia with the release of his Japanese single.

Se7en received lots of love for his recent comeback in three years in Korea with “When I Can’t Sing“, written by J.Y. Park, and and electronic dance song, “Somebody Else“.

YG Entertainment’s associate shared, “‘Love Again’ will be a new song that will be released only in Japan, and will be a dance/pop song with Se7en’s special charms added to the mix. In the coming May, Se7en will visit cities such as Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Osaka to hold the new single release showcases.”

Source: allkpop
Star News via Naver
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9 out of 10 French hallyu fans want to visit Korea

More than nine out of 10 French hallyu fans, who are interested in the Korean culture, want to travel Korea, a survey showed Tuesday.

A poll at tourism promotion Website(www.visitkorea.or.kr), conducted by the state-run Korea Tourism Organization's Paris branch, displayed that more than 90 percent of 3,775 respondents said they want to visit Korea. Of them, 75.8 percent said they will come to Korea without fail.

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Source: Koreatimes

IU is cute, sky is blue, grass is green etc.

Popular singer IU has uploaded her first selca on the Twitter account she opened last month.

On April 6th, IU uploaded the above photo with a caption that read, “I am uploading my first picture on Twitter. What kind of performance do you want to see at my concert?

The singer can be seen wearing a beautiful white lace-detailed dress. Her clear skin and wide eyes are just a part of the reason that’s making fans anticipate the photos she’ll post in the future. Fans who saw the post commented, “Like a princess in a fairytale,” and “She is cute no matter what she is doing. IU Hwaiting!

In related news, IU will be holding her first solo concert in Seoul on June 2nd.

Source & Image: IU’s Twitter and Allkpop.

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lee min ho has been crowned facebook king

Lee Min Ho was recently crowned ”Facebook King” after obtaining over 5 million friends on Facebook.

This is thanks to Lee Min Ho’s huge fan base not only in Korea, but in all other parts of Asia as well.

Lee Min Ho joined Facebook on May 2010 and has 30,000 – 150,000 Facebook visitors on a daily basis. TS Entertainment, Lee Min Ho’s agency, believes that his numbers would increase greatly once Facebook becomes uncensored in China. China is where Lee Min Ho has the largest number of fans.

Lee Min Ho said to his fans,

“I will be coming back in August with my newest drama, ‘Loyalty.’ I will try my best when filming for it.”

Lee Min Ho said that message in Korean, Mandarin, English and Japanese. Alongside his 5 million friends on Facebook, Lee Min Ho also has 3,450,000 friends on Weibo. He is dubbed the most famous Korean celebrity in China.

Source: Naver & kpopseven
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Busker Busker takes over Billboard’s K-Pop chart

Busker Busker is taking K-Pop by storm, as all five songs off of their debut album have landed in Billboard‘s ‘K-Pop Chart‘!

According to the chart on April 7th, the trio’s title track, ‘Cherry Blossom Ending‘, ranked first on their hottest 100 K-Pop songs chart. This is the first time the boys have ranked in on the ‘Top 10′, let alone top the chart.

Their other songs in the rankings include “First Love” at 4th, “Yeoseo’s Night Ocean” at 6th, “Loneliness Amplification Device” at 8th, and “Ideal Type” at 9th.

Taeyeon came in 2nd with her ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ OST while Big Bang followed in 3rd with “Fantastic Baby“, 2AM in 5th with “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me“, CNBLUE in 7th with “Hey You“, and Ailee in 10th with “Heaven“.

Source + photos: Star News via Naver | akp | billboard

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Lee Da-hae Displays Language Skills in Chinese Soap

Actress Lee Da-hae displays her excellent command of Mandarin in a video clip uploaded on YouTube recently. Her management agency said the sneak preview of a Chinese soap opera was apparently uploaded by a Chinese staffer and had been circulating in China before it hit the global video website.

"Lee has worked very hard on mastering Chinese, and her efforts are paying off," it said in a press release.

Lee is the first Korean actress to perform in Mandarin in a Chinese soap opera. Until now, Korean actors spoke their lines in Korean and were dubbed, but Lee memorized all her lines in Mandarin and spent lot of time studying the language.

Lee's management agency said, "Lee communicates well with local staff in Chinese and delivers her lines without problem because she had been studying Mandarin for seven years, looking for opportunities in China." Lee has been shooting TV drama "Love Recipe" in Shanghai since last month. It is to be aired in China nationwide in August.

source: The Chosun Ilbo, liveen1

Is her Mandarin good, Omona? I don't speak the language so I have no idea.
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Taeyang performs “Sushi Dance” on Go Hyun Jung’s new variety show, ‘Go Show’

Last week we reported that the boys of Big Bang were going to be guests on Go Hyun Jung‘s new variety show, ‘Go Show‘. Well, the recording for the show took place earlier today on April 7th and a fan who was in the audience recorded some footage and shared it with fans online.

The recorded video clip shows Taeyang performing a “Sushi Dance”. Taeyang dances as if he’s making Sushi and even caps it off by throwing it in the air and eating it.

Big Bang will appear on the April 20th edition of ‘Go Show’, in the mean time check out Taeyang’s “Sushi Dance” below!

Source: Allkpop