April 9th, 2012

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South Korea's unloved chaebol

By Jack Kim and Ju-min Park
SEOUL | Thu Apr 5, 2012 1:24am EDT

(Reuters) - If you are a South Korean you might well wake up in a Samsung-built apartment, watch the news on an LG television, drive a Hyundai car to work and make a dinner reservation at a Lotte Hotel restaurant on a Samsung phone.

If you are really lucky, you could be one of the tens of thousands of graduates hired each year by the family-run conglomerates or chaebol whose annual revenues are equivalent to the country's gross domestic product.

And if you actually own one of the chaebol in this election year, you will find yourself the target of growing popular anger.

South Korea's smartphones and cars may have won global acceptance, but back home Koreans are increasingly disturbed by the influence the chaebol have over their lives.

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Source: Reuters

And then you compare this to how chaebols are portrayed in a lot of k-dramas...
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JYPE to Take Legal Action Against Online Harassment of Sohee

JYP Entertainment
announced that the company will take necessary legal actions against an individual who has been continuously making inappropriate, derogatory, and sexual comments about Sohee from Wonder Girls on twitter.

JYPE warned this individual via twitter, "You have been spreading false information and making offensive comment regarding JYPE's artist Sohee via twitter. We have contacted you regarding this issue multiple times in the past, asking you to delete and/or edit your twitter posts. However, you failed to acknowledge the severity of your action and have been continuing to post more offensive, harassing, and defamatory comments. As of today, we are giving you the very last warning."
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Source: Soompi
you think

neitizens hating , hyoyeon getting more exposure

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What seems to be a facial change on Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon has caught the attention of netizens.

The singer appeared on the April 7th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘, as a special MC along with CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa. Hyoyeon was able to fully digest her role as an MC with her bright and cheerful personality.

However, instead of paying attention to the show, netizens were busy concentrating on Hyoyeon’s recent change in appearance, pointing out that her nose seemed rather larger than usual. They commented, “Her nose seems a bit different“, “She looks pretty though“, “I thought she was Tiffany“, and “She looks like a totally different person.”

Did you notice any difference, or are ‘netizens’ barking up the wrong tree?

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hyoyeon's larger nose approves this post lol jk
ngl laughed for 10 mins after reading this article
she was flaw free at the fashion show
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Unedited photo of Girls Generation's Yuri earns her compliments from netizens

An unedited picture of Girls' Generation's Yuri at an advertisement photoshoot has captured the hearts of her fans. The picture was recently uploaded on an online community. It shows the star in a white dress that brings out her pure beauty.

Yuri can currently be seen in the SBS drama "Fashion King," where her character's wardrobe has been showing off her sensual figure.

Netizens commented, "Yuri has the best figure in Girls' Generation," "Her waistline is the best in Korea," and "The very definition of sexy."

Source: E Today & koreaboo
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Kang Hodong makes first public statement in seven months

Kang Hodong made his first public appearance in the seven months since his temporary withdrawal from show business, by attending All Lies Band's Woo Seungmin's wedding.

He congratulated Woo Seungmin right before the ceremony, which was held on April 8th, at 2PM KST. This is the first time he has spoken in public since his withdrawal from the industry in September of last year.

Kang Hodong said, "I'm here to congratulate my dear friend Woo Seungmin on his wedding. I hope the couple will be happy and understand each other well, and that they will have many children."

Though he stood confidently in front of the press, Kang Hodong's expressions betrayed his nervousness.

When asked about his comeback, he answered, "I have nothing to say because I have not been thinking about it in detail yet. Thank you for your concern. Everyone please be happy and healthy."

Kang Hodong and Woo Seungmin met through MBC's "Golden Fishery."

Source: star news & koreaboo
TH: you look like a real babe today

Yang Hyun Suk has a deathwish

(not gonna post his face so have some cute pre-debut Park sisters instead)

On the April 3 episode of SBS "Strong Heart," YG Entertainment's 2NE1 expressed how they were upset at their CEO Yang Hyun Suk.

Park Bom stated, "He made a small practice room for 2NE1 but one day he unexpectedly asked us to move out because they needed more room for the trainees."

Park Bom continued, "It was very upsetting because it was so sudden. So I asked Yang Hyun Suk if I can have the practice room back if I lose weight and he agreed."

Sandara Park supported Park Bom by addressing the "no dating rule." Sandara Park said, "The 'no dating rule' was supposed to end this May since it was a three year agreement, but Yang Hyun Suk called it off." Sandara expressed that she was very depressed that she will not be able to date even after May 17.

During the episode, Sandara Park also confessed that she likes Won Bin.

Source: soompi

#freeBom tbh. and I don't think prolonging the ~dating ban~ changes anything but it probably means no reveals of relationships anytime soon.
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Stars lend talents to charity concert

Kim Jong-seo

Singers including Kim Jong-seo and Jang Hye-jin will participate in a charity concert next week organized by the Bread Ministries Foundation.

The singers will perform in the "Nanoom" ("Sharing") concert series from April 19 to 21 at Yongsan Art Hall's Theater Mir in central Seoul.

The first day will feature Jang, a recent guest on the hit show "Survival: I Am a Singer," popera artist Una, Seo In-guk from the reality singing show "Superstar K" and groups such as Wiretap in My Ear and Monday Kids.

Rocker Kim will feature on April 20 with groups such as MC the Max, Fix, J-Symphony and others. The concert series will wrap up with underground musicians and singer Lee Chi-hyun.

"Donating one's talents is not an option but a duty for entertainers who have received a lot of support from many people," Kim said through the organization. "As an entertainer, it's a big pleasure to give back."

The foundation said in a release yesterday that all proceeds will be donated to help children of poor, multiethnic families here and to relief efforts in Cambodia.

source: JoongAng Daily

One Ok Rock coming Korea for their first world tour

One Ok Rock presents their first world tour! With 5 locations set for now, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Korea and Singapore.

One Ok Rock is a 4 man rock band formed in 2005 with their latest album, Zankyo Reference, selling 100,000 copies to rank 2nd in the Weekly oricon charts.

They are seen as one of the most promising Japanese JRock band.

Other then the world tour, One Ok Rock also announces their newly created official Youtube Channel.

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Source: ani-culture, OOR official
They're coming to Singapore!!! Crying rn
Wanna One Energetic

DSP Boyz Reveals Third Teaser For Making The Star

After releasing their first and second video teasers, DSP Media revealed the third teaser video for their upcoming group tentatively called DSP Boyz. On the 10th of April, DSP Media released the third clip of the group promoting their upcoming reality show on MBC and was uploaded on the agency's official Youtube account. .

The third video featured the members slowly unveiling their masks in a foggy and dark setting.

The group is set to officially debut in May but will first be introduced through MBC's upcoming reality show, "Making the Star - DSP BOYZ." The show will start airing on April 28th.

What do you think of their third clip?

Sources: DSP and Koreaboo

Ailee Covers B2ST's Rainy Days On "You & I"

Singer Ailee performed her own rendition of B2ST‘s “Rainy Days“.

Ailee guest-featured on the April 8th episode of Jung Jae Hyung & Lee Hyori’s ‘You & I’ on SBS, showcasing a powerful performance and opening up about the events that led to her debut.

The rookie singer revealed that she has been a long time fan of Lee Hyori, and performed her hit song “Heaven” as well as B2ST’s “Rainy Days”.

Ailee captivated the audience members with her uniquely husky singing voice, belting out a completely transformed version of “Rainy Days”.

Though she blew away the crowds with her explosive vocal talent, it was her unexpected rap skills that earned high praise and cheers from the audience.

“There’s nothing that girl can’t do,” fans wrote after watching her performance, as well as “‘Rainy Days’ sounds so different,” and “She showcased all of her appeals on the show.”


I don't really like the song, but she's so amazing. I hope her next song has her rapping *__*
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Entertainment producer expresses thoughts on T-ara’s member change.

T-ara‘s member change became a hot topic of conversation over the weekend. The CEO of Core Contents Media (CCM), Kim Kwang Soo revealed that his 7-member girl group would soon expand to 9 members, causing the public to have mixed feelings about the change.

CCM reported through a press release on April 6th, “We have plans to switch out any prideful members who are not working to their full potential, causing the other members to suffer as a result.”

Each of the different labels have differing opinions on T-ara’s member change. Some believe that the fans make the artists whole, and therefore they must keep the current members to keep the fans, while others believe that a member change is necessary for the future of the group. But those on both sides of the argument felt that there was a limit when it came to keeping their best celebrities at the top.

Representative Kim Kwang Soo also informed StarIn, “All the celebrities I have ever debuted, after the 3 year mark they seem to think that the fans’ responses are the same, whether they put in the effort or not. I’ve seen them become indolent and prideful.”

A different girl group who recently debuted became suddenly quiet after actively promoting their music, due to a member who was causing discord among the group. They are currently discussing their next steps, and member changes are not out of the question. Hence, T-ara isn’t the only group to be considering member reorganization.

However, member swaps came not only as a surprise to the members themselves, but to the fans as well. Each member has her role in the team, and each member builds her own fan base. LOEN music producer Cho Young Chul has never been one to talk about others, but he recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Groups aren’t like toy robots, where you can snap the arm off and put it back on again… The group as a whole is the artist. They are not trinkets that can be assembled and taken apart.”

CCM’s Kim Kwang Soo also shared, “It’s harder to maintain your top status, than it is to climb your way to the summit. I believe that it will take much more effort to consistently remain on top.”

Source: AKP & Edaily via Nate


After School gets a new member, what else is new

After School‘s label Pledis recently announced via their Twitter and Facebook pages that a new member will be added to the group.

They wrote,

Hello all PLAYGIRLZ, this is Pledis.

Girl group After School debuted in 2009, and has constantly put on fierce performances, developing and growing as a group with the addition of UEE, Yiyoung, and as sub unit Orange Caramel.

With each new member, After School displayed various different appeals and did not fall short of our expectations of them.

This coming May, After School will be welcoming a new member. Detailed information will be revealed tomorrow morning at 7AM through media outlets.

But as a way to thank PLAYGIRLZ for all of your continuous love and support, we wanted to make sure we broke the news to you first before it was released in the media.

We hope that you will warmly welcome our newest member who will be attempting her newest challenge as a member of After School, and we hope that you will look forward to a new and transformed After School.

We Pledis will work hard so that the girls will be strengthened by your love, consistently showing improvement as artists.

Thank you.“

This is definitely exciting news for both the members and PLAYGIRLZ alike. Stay tuned to allkpop omona for updates!

pledis' twitter
pledis' facebook
Pinky ☆ {SO CUTE}
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Pledis has revealed the face of their newest After School member, Gaeun.

According to Pledis, 17-year-old Gaeun went through intense training with Pledis and has the most powerful vocal talent among all the Pledis trainees.

Acknowledged for her musical skills, Gaeun has been ‘admitted’ as the fifth newest ‘freshman’ of After School.

Gaeun spent her junior high school days in Japan, and her fluent Japanese skills will be a huge benefit to the group as they promote in Japan.

“I’m both nervous and excited now that I have been confirmed as the newest member,” Gaeun remarked. “I want to become a helpful and necessary member for my After School seniors.”

An insider from Pledis remarked, “After School is an ever-changing group, with the addition of UEE, Orange Caramel, and Yiyoung since their debut. We hope you look forward to yet a new After School, with the addition of newest member Gaeun.”

Gaeun will hold her very first stage performance after the drop of After School’s new album on June 21st.

In related news, After School will be embarking on their first independent Japan tour on April 27th.

source: akp + nate

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Ryu Si-won's wife asks for divorce

Actor Ryu Si-won and his wife are getting a divorce after 18 months of marriage.

"The divorce application was filed, but no date for the case has been set yet," said a source from the local channel that reported the divorce yesterday. Ryu's wife filed for divorce at the Seoul Family Court on March 22.

The reason for the divorce is yet unknown, but Ryu's agency said yesterday that the actor is determined to keep his family together.

"For the sake of his daughter, Ryu wants to talk this over with his wife, and he hopes that they can work things out," the star's agency said.

Ryu met his wife Jo Soo-in, who is nine years his junior, in 2009, and they tied the knot in October 2010. The couple had their first child in January 2011.

Ryu follows a long list of stars who have recently filed for divorce, including actor Jon No-min, basketball player Seo Jang-hoon and comedienne Cho Hae-ryun.

Meanwhile Ryu made his debut as an actor on KBS in 1994 and has since dabbled in hosting and singing. In May, he will star in Channel A's "Goodbye My Wife."

source: JoongAng Daily

I'm sorry but... "Goodbye My Wife" lol
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Se7en’s Short PV for upcoming Japanese single, “Love Again” revealed

Singer Se7en has released the short PV (music video) for his upcoming Japanese single album “Love Again“.

The PV features Se7en in a Casino playing roulette. The singer will be releasing “Love Again” on April 25th, and the album also includes a ticket to Se7en’s upcoming showcase.

In case you missed it, check out our Se7en autographed CD giveaway here and check out the short PV below!

Source: Allkpop
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Watch Out Toilet Paper, Jung Yoogeun is Gunning for Your Spot

      Jung Yoogeun, SHINee's baby for the KBS variety show "Hello Baby" is an expert when it comes to fanboying over his appas. Over the years since his time with SHINee, in early 2010, Yoogeun has been covering the group's various dances and songs. These videos show Yoogeun, now five years old, dancing and singing to songs like "Hello" and "Lucifer". Most recently, Yoogeun has made an adorable cover of SHINee's "Sherlock".       

Other Yoogeun covers under the cut:
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credit: shineemoon@tumblr
I need a 2012 reunion right now. He's pretty much forgotten you guys ;~;