April 10th, 2012

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Seungri and Daesung to Guest Host as Inkigayo MCs

Big Bang
’s Daesung and Seungri are returning as MCs of a major broadcast program - albeit, for only one day.

According to YG Entertainment, the two will stand as special MCs for the upcoming April 15 episode of SBS’ Inkigayo alongside IU.  Inkigayo’s Nicole and Goo Hara from Kara will be absent from their duties on that day due to Kara’s Japan concert series.
This will mark Daesung and Seungri’s return as MCs in two years since helming MBC’s Music Core in 2010.

Source :BBupdate

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an EXO and SHINee post - the more the merrier

EXO-M ranks #1 on Chinese music and video charts

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EXO-M‘s first mini album’s title track, “MAMA“, has been sweeping the music charts in China!

With it’s release on the 8th, “MAMA” placed first on Sina Music in addition to other various popular online music charts.

In addition, the Korean version of “MAMA” sung by EXO-K also ranked in the top three, evidencing the high interest in EXO from Chinese music fans.

Additionally, EXO-M’s music video of “MAMA” also rose to the number one spot on the daily chart of a Chinese video sharing website, further confirming the local interest in the group.

In related news, EXO-M made their successful debut on China’s “12th Music Billboard” on April 8th, where hundreds of fans gathered to show their support despite the rookie-status of the group.

Source+Picture: Star News via Nate | (via akp)

120410 Key Me2day update

짜안~'ㅂ' !! EXO-K 친구들이랑! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 위화감 없죠?
Tada~'ㅂ' !! With EXO-K friends! kekekekeke I don't look out of place, right?

Cr. kimchi hana @ shineee.net (translation source | me2day.net/shineeshinee)

congrats to EXO-M! :D and yass finally, a proof of SHINee-EXO interaction

T-ara and da new girl group are off to Europe~

GM Contents/Kim Kwang Soo's new girl group left for Europe today with the members of T-ara for the shooting of their debut music video.

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Source: Newsen

fyi, Somin and Eunbyul might be mislabeled since the last pic I have of them is from August and people can't seem to decide who's who (oops). They're supposed to debut in May.

Block B being precious on cyworld, the sky is blue, grass is green

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Source: Tattooist Kou's Hi There + @jubalzzang
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com
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Source: Jaehyo's Cyworld
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Source: Taeil's Cyworld
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Source: B-Bomb's Cyworld
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Source: Taeil's Cyworld
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Source: Kyung's Cyworld
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Source: B-Bomb's Cyworld
Translated By: kroongho @ blockbintl.com

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Happy belated birthday to U-Kwon!
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YG Entertainment Reveals Third Girl Group Member?

On April 10, YG Entertainment unveiled a picture of an unknown girl on their official blog, sparking the curiosity of many eager fans. The photo was posted under the title, “Who’s that girl?” without any other description, making fans wonder if she’s the newest YG girl group member.

The girl in the picture has a mysterious aura, with her big eyes, long hair, and blank facial expression. Her outfit is rather too modest, pulling a girl-next-door look, which is not too common for YG artists.

Following the release of this photo, fans have been questioning if she’s the latest member of the new girl group YGE’s putting together. In fact, YGE unveiled a practice video of their two traineesKim Eunbi and Euna Kim, just last week. Could this be the third member of YGE’s new group? How do you like them so far?

Source: Soompi

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Kang Ho Dong to Donate Share Profits to Charity

TV host Kang Ho-dong, who quit due to controversy over his alleged tax evasion, has pledged to donate the entire profits from his shares in the restaurant franchise 678 to charity.

678 operates about 140 outlets across the country. Kang (42) has a 33.3 percent stake.

"Donating the shares themselves to charity is not readily possible because 678 is not listed on KOSDAQ," a 678 spokesman said. "Instead, Kang will donate the profits from his shares."

Given that 678 was valued at W30 billion (US$1=W1,138) in 2010, and the business has since expanded, the amount Kang can donate is estimated to run into the billions, the spokesman said. He added the chain's headquarters and outlets are planning to join Kang's charitable contributions. "Kang is currently discussing with company executives how and where to donate his money," he said.

A staffer of Kang's agency said, "He has long thought about doing this. We're glad to be able to prepare for long-term donations."

Earlier, Kang also donated a plot of land in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province worth W2 billion to Asan Medical Center in Seoul and started a project to build a school and other facilities for children in Sudan.

Meanwhile, Kang told reporters at the wedding of his former sidekick Woo Seung-min on Sunday that he has "not thought seriously about returning to TV yet."

source: The Chosun Ilbo
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Se7en Says He's the Seventh Member of Shinhwa

received attention for stating that he was Shinhwa's seventh member. On April 10, he introduced himself on Twitter by uploading a photo and writing, "Hi. I am Shinhwa's seventh member. This is Shinhwa's comeback commemoration party. Without their permission, I am just uploading this. It's been awhile since I took photo of myself! I am glad to see my handsome hyungs. I love you. Shinhwa fighting."

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Source: Soompi
e!ok, 이민혁 03.다람쥐ㅋ, 이민혁 01.아잉아잉~, 이민혁 04.오에오에~, minhyuk

BtoB interview with MSN

Before their debut, BTOB (Seo Eunkwang, Lee Minhyuk, Lee Changsub, Lim Hyunsik, Peniel, Jung Ilhoon, Yook Sungjae) was anticipating and worried about their debut at the same time. It was definite of the expectations of this new idol group from Cube Entertainment who houses prominent idol groups such as Beast and 4Minute. But, they were worried of their difference compared to their sunbae-groups. They have started and is currently promoting with their song ‘Insane’ and at the same time are receiving comments as being ‘Evolving 3rd Generation Idols’ and worries were changed into expectations. From their acrobatic level to their high-level performance, their ability to change into a playing band, and self-compose the songs they have revealed themselves to be ‘all-round/well-rounded’ idols.

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Source: Joins MSN
Translation: Angi @ Cubicbeatz

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MBC SMTown Live in Tokyo (Full) [12.04.09]

La Cha Ta - F(x) - 00:41
Amigo - SHINee - 03:56
Sorry Sorry Answer - Super Junior KRY - 8:09
Run Devil Run - Girls' Generation - 12:55
Kissing You - Girls' Generation - 16:20
Sorry Sorry - Super Junior - 20:04
My Child - Girls' Generation - 24:18
Ring Dong Dong - SHINee - 29:12
Juliette - SHINee - 34:15
Mr. Simple - Super Junior - 37:55
Don't Don - Super Junior (Ft. Henry + Zhoumi) - 42:11
Genie - Girls' Generation - 47:15
My Name - BoA - 51:51
Intro - TVXQ - 55:05
The Way U Are + Mirotic - TVXQ - 56:15
Why? - TVXQ - 58:10
Hurricane Venus - BoA - 01:02:58
Pinocchio - F(x) - 01:06:11
Lucifer - SHINee - 01:09:24
Gee - Girls' Generation - 01:14:48
U - Super Junior - 01:18:09
Rising Sun - TVXQ (Japanese vers.) - 01:21:49
Ending - ALL - 01:26:29

Source: dragonex4500

If the link dies/gets blocked for some reason, you can DL it here or good luck with YT!
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Ivy to return with new mini album ‘Interview’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sexy queen Ivy will be returning to the music scene after a three year hiatus.

Ivy will be releasing a mini-album titled ‘Interview‘ on April 27th and will actively participate in a promotion cycle.

This album will have a variety of songs with different styles ranging from ballads to medium tempo songs and will surely be a treat for her fans who have been missing her soulful and heartfelt style.

Ivy’s representative stated, “Ivy matured musically while she was on a break and she wanted to show her maturity so that is why the song will be filled with ballads and medium tempo songs. We feel that it will be better received compared to her dance tracks. All of her strengths will really stand out and we are all eagerly anticipating her album.”

Ivy uploaded a teaser image via her homepage (ivynus.com) on April 10th and is planning to continuously greet her fans.

Ivy debuted in July of 2005 with her first album, ‘My Sweet and Free Day‘ and received immense popularity through her hit tracks such as, ‘A-Ha‘, ‘Sonata of Temptation‘, ‘Touch Me‘, and ‘I Must be Stupid.’


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More info on the CEO of Open World Entertainment

With the actions of Open World Entertainment‘s CEO coming to light today, more details regarding his arrest have been revealed, shedding some light into his background.

As previously reported, the CEO was arrested earlier today for sexually harassing and raping his artists and trainees, with victims totaling to about 30. According to industry representatives, the CEO has been a regular of underground clubs and enjoyed a night out frequently.

One revealed, “When he got drunk, his hands were always the problem. He’d sometimes grope the bodies of female employees.” Another who requested to remain anonymous added, “The entertainment industry is already well aware of his atrocities. He’s one of the worst customers you want when drunk.”

The girl group trainees he allegedly assaulted are no longer with the agency, but when they were, the CEO had managed them himself. All of the trainees were reported to have dormed together.

Another official that knows the inner workings of the company commented, “There used to be rumors that a few of the trainees actually used to be prostitutes, but that was proven to be false… The CEO took care of everything from their debut preparations to training, and even personally drove them around in a van himself.”

Police also revealed that they have received more shocking reports of the CEO allegedly forcing male idol group members to sexually assault his female trainees. The CEO is denying the reports.

Source: E-Today and Naver via Allkpop
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Lady Gaga concert stirs debate about young fans

The biggest pop culture event of the year is bound to be Lady Gaga’s concert at Jamsil Olympic Stadium on April 27. When Hyundai Card, the sponsor of the concert, succeeded in getting the singer to kick off her “The Born This Way Ball” tour in Seoul, it was praised for putting Korea on the pop culture map.

Tickets sold out fast, with the singer’s teen fans leading the way.

Buoyant anticipation turned to disappointment and rage when the Korea Media Rating Board decided late last month that no one under the age of 18 could attend the concert - even accompanied by an adult. The board, which is responsible for setting age limits on films and performances in Korea, said Lady Gaga’s songs were too provocative, especially “Just Dance,” a song about clubbing and drinking that has an over-18 rating by the Gender Equality Ministry’s Commission on Youth Protection.
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Source: koreajoongangdaily

Kara’s “Mister” Beats AKB48 As Most Popularly Sung Tune at Karaoke

has not only taken Japan by storm, but has taken over the hearts of Japanese Karaoke lovers.

Kara made an appearance on the hit Japanese show “Hey!Hey!Hey!” and was acknowledged as the most loved singer at the Karaoke. Kara’s hit song “Mister” was chosen as the most popularly sung tune at Karaoke after 1990.

Kara’s hit song “Mister” that garnered much popularity with its butt dance not only in Korea, but also Japan, beat out AKB48 and claimed the number one spot. Among the top ten songs, there were songs by popular Japanese artists SMAP and Arashi, as well.

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Source: Soompi News

After School Causes Stir with Japanese Deodorant CF

After School
’s latest Japanese commercial for a deodorizing spray by Unilever was released in Japan today and has been causing quite a stir among the Internet community.

In the commercial, the eight ladies of After School dance to the beat of their newest Japanese single “Dilly-Dally” and endorse the product by having all the members lift their arms. The commercial used the catch phrase, “Idols don’t get sweaty.”

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Source: Soompi News + ASFVariety5@youtube