April 12th, 2012

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1/2 of Teen Top covers Fantastic Baby

Big Bang‘s Global Cover Contest is well underway, and it looks like the boys of TEEN TOP took the time to also participate in the event!

A video of some of the TEEN TOP members covering Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” has been surfacing all over the internet.

NeilRicky, and Changjo put on a fierce dance performance that was so spot-on, VIP‘s couldn’t help but applause their efforts.

They did the Big Bang members proud. Tell us what you think of their cover below!

source: akp, nate, kwang22369

Jung Woo Sung Picks After School’s Uee over Girls’ Generation’s YoonA!!!

On April 4, Jung Woo Sung appeared on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” for an exclusive interview. During the interview, he was asked about his ideal type of girl group member in a new segment called, “Jung Woo Sung’s Girl Group Ideal Type World Cup.”

In the first round, he picked f(x)’s Krystal over Sulli, but in the following round, he chose After School’s Uee over Krystal. In the third round, it was Uee versus T-ara’s Jiyeon, but he went with the After School member again. The next match up was between Uee and miss A’s Suzy. But without a hesitation, Jung Woo Sung picked Uee, showing his commitment to her.

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Source: Soompi

Sorry but Yoona is still a kid compared to the idol qUEEn and goddess

Wanna One Energetic Release Debut MV Teaser For "

A new four member boy group named ‘7942‘ has alerted the industry of their debut with the music video teaser of their debut single, ‘I’ll Be Famous‘.

Produced by rookie director Lee Joong Won, the teaser emphasizes the smooth images of the members, which has led netizens to speculate, “Is this the birth of the second 2AM?” and “I’m really looking forward to them!” Their name is a unique play on the pronunciation of the phrase, ‘Friends’ (chingoo sa ee).

7942 is already a rising name in Indonesia due to having filmed their music video there, and they are already acquiring fanbases all over the world, with fan pages popping up online by fans from France and Taiwan.

The vocal group boasts an average height of 183 cm and includes Kim Eung Joo, who worked in the musical ‘Grease‘, and Im Jong Hyun of the ‘Qualifications of Men‘ choir.

Source: AsianDream2018@YouTube and allkpop
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Managers Taken Aback at Open World Entertainment Incident

Mr. Jang, head of Jun Jin’s agency Open World Entertainment, has sent shockwaves through the scene after his arrest. Everyone probably felt the shock, but those who are the most sensitive on the matter are those officials who currently work in management. Many managers are saying that the incident shows how one fish can mud the water for many.

One official said, “I’m sorry that because of the despicable acts of a few managers, those managers who work hard on foot are also getting fingers pointed at them. Everyone is especially dumbfounded that Jang, who was the senior advisor of the Young Producers’ Association, has been involved in a rape case. They’re sad and heavy at heart that managers may be treated like social evils.” Another manager also said, “My girlfriend’s family wasn’t happy with my manager job now that our marriage is coming up, and I’m at a loss how something like this could happen.”Jang didn’t have a very good reputation even before the incident among managers, as he was rumored to be the man behind Kara’s disbandment issue. This is why many say that “it was something that would happen sooner or later.” Jang has admitted to a part of his charges, but even if he receives a jail sentence, he may continue working in management after his release. CEO Kim, who was involved in the Jang Ja Yeon incident, is also still active as a manger. America and Japan have their agencies approved beforehand, but because Korean managers just need to send in applications, managers with criminal records can’t be sifted out. Another rep from the Corea Entertainment Management Association said, “The association has a point policy, but because many managers in charge of singers aren’t with the association, there’s no real way to curb them. I’m sorry that the image [of the Koran wave] has been harmed by such a sad incident.”Jang’s legal defendant, the law firm Cheongrim, has stated through press releases that it would ‘take legal measures against the libel and obstruction of work caused by the press’ false and exaggerated reports’.

Source: Global mnet
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SISTAR's Hyorin confesses her ideal man is actor Lee Jinwook

SISTAR's Hyorin pointed out her ideal man is actor Lee Jinwook on the April 10th episode of "Strong Heart." Hosted by new MCs Shin Dongyeop and Lee Dongwook, Hyorin appeared as a guest on this episode. There, Hyorin proposed, "There's someone here today that I really like" and confessed, "It's Lee Jinwook."

She continued, "I liked him since I watched his nutrition drink CF a long time ago. I really like someone whose style is manly and tough. Lee Jinwook has a gentle personality that differs from his tough image. I was his fan since my first year of middle school."

In addition, MC Lee Dongwook stated, "While filming the CF, I heard many comments saying Lee Jinwook was a foreign person," drawing laughter on the set.

This episode of "Strong Heart" featured guests including Lee Jinwook, Kim Jisuk, Jang Nara, Jung Somin, CN Blue's Jung Yonghwa, SISTAR's Hyorin, Song Eunie and Shin Soyeon.

Source: osen & koreaboo
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jyj receives explosive response from japan dispite blacklist

The idol trio JYJ, recently launched their official Japanese website for their fans in the country.

With intense responses, the website went down due to extreme traffic that was bombarding the site since it has opened.

It is well documented that JYJ is blacklisted from all major music shows and events and to still receive such loyal support is an impressive feat.

In a recent report, it tells that JYJ not only received banishment from media outlets but from product manufacturers as well.
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Source: JYJ3 & kpopseven
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mbc explores the life of hallyu star kim hyun joong in documentary

A strong leader of the K-pop wave in Japan is Kim Hyun Joong, whose in-depth documentary is soon to hit the air.

At 12:20 AM on April 15th, MBC will release their first installment of the MBC special project ‘K-POP Star Captures the World,’ titled ‘Lucky Star Kim Hyun Joong.’

From Kim Hyun Joong’s arena tour in Japan to his fan meeting in Korea, this broadcast will also include footage of his overseas activities as well as his preparations for his comeback album to be released in June.
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Source: Sports Seoul & kpopseven
drama: retarded face

Even NPR knows everybody wants to be a k-pop star

In December, Claudine Ebeid talked about the explosion in popularity of Korean pop groups in the United States. We can't stop watching Girls' Generation and 2NE1 videos on YouTube, and we're not the only ones. Reporter Doualy Xaykaothao says that K-Pop is also spreading like wildfire in China. These groups are often huge — Girls' Generation includes nine members, Nine Muses confusingly includes eight — and to stoke the flames, South Korea's suddenly in-demand pop factories are looking to the country's youth.

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Now I want NRP to go behind the scenes so we can see just how much crap trainees have to go through in order to debut.

NPR, IdolXfactor2@YT
Taec 애교

Everybody Wants To Be A K-Pop Star

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With South Korea a newly anointed pop hot spot, thousands of teenagers audition for a shot at fame.

In December, Claudine Ebeid talked about the explosion in popularity of Korean pop groups in the United States. We can't stop watching Girls' Generation and 2NE1 videos on YouTube, and we're not the only ones. Reporter Doualy Xaykaothao says that K-Pop is also spreading like wildfire in China. These groups are often huge — Girls' Generation includes nine members, Nine Muses confusingly includes eight — and to stoke the flames, South Korea's suddenly in-demand pop factories are looking to the country's youth.

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source: NPR

I'll admit I went to an audition once, but it was just for kicks. I knew I wouldn't get a call, but it was kind of interesting.
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Cube Entertainment artists celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’

Cube Entertainment has announced that they have opened the doors to a new personal studio for their artists to mark the start of a brand new adventure together!

On April 10th, CEO Hong Seung Sung and his artists, 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, and BtoB all gathered to celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’. Leaders from each respective group stood alongside their CEO to cut the tape for the grand opening. Although Cube Entertainment was established in 2008, this will be their first private studio where they will be using it as a foundation for their global marketing strategies.

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akp, nate

so qt that all the leaders help cut the ribbon :3
btob tag? imma keep fighting for one

Japanese DJ Mitomi Tokoto does a kickass remix of 2NE1's Lonely

Shorter HQ clip:

From the DJ's Youtube channel:

"Special movie where I am playing 2NE1 vs MITOMI TOKOTO "LONELY 2012",
which is a track I made for my mother who passed away so suddenly few weeks ago.
This is not a sad and tears fulled track but rather a track I made while remembering
our best memories together using the voice of 2NE1 and producing all of the melodies
and arrangements..."

Kaolimi & Mitomi Tokoto

(A more familiar track of Tokoto's is the beauty he did with Daishi Dance that would become After School's Shampoo.)
I love a good remix, this is amazing! 
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Nine Muses' Sera reveals her handsome brother!

Nine Muses member Sera revealed her handsome brother to the public.

On April 11th, Sera tweeted, “With my brother :)” and shared the above picture. The picture of Sera and her brother was taken after she participated in the general election vote near her home.

The picture showed Sera looking fresh and beautiful in her effortless look and bright smile while her brother smiled rather shyly next to her. Her brother grabbed the people’s attention for his good looks and celebrity-like aura like his sister.

After viewing the siblings, the netizens commented, “Superior genetics“, “He could become a celebrity“, and “Voting confirmation! Ideal idol.”

Meanwhile, Nine Muses recently wrapped up their promotions for “Ticket.”
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Girl's Day - Everyday II comeback info, cover and tracklist

A comeback in 8 months, Girl's Day's mini album Everyday II

A 5-member popular girl group Girl's Day will be coming back in 8 months with a hit song followed by Twinkle Twinkle, Hug Me Once.

Girl's Day's new release, after taking a long hiatus, comes with a total of 4 songs, 3 new songs of which consist of the title song Oh! My God, Two of Us, and Telepathy, including the existing song Don't Flirt. The concept of the second mini album Everyday II aims to be cutey + vivid + sexy that Girl's Day's well-known image as cute and cheerful will be added with mature to show you another charm of them.

The title song Oh! My God is composed by Kang Ji Won & Kim Ki Bum, who also composed Secret's hit song Starlight Moonlight. The song is a dance song with an electronic sound featured as the addictive melody in the chorus part, and with an addition of shuffle-paced rhythm for maximizing upbeat feel. The song's lyrics talk about accusing a boyfriend of not being extroverted and sensible in a cute manner.

One thing to give notice to the album with an interest is that both the lyrics/melody of the song Telepathy, which expresses a fluctuating mind of a girl who finds her ideal type and tries to attract him with telepathy, are composed by Sojin the oldest unnie in Girl's Day. It's worth giving a listen to the first work of Sojin who has been dreaming of becoming a singer-songwriter.


01. Two of Us
02. Oh! My God
03. Don't flirt
04. Telepathy
05. Oh! My God (Inst.)

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Source: article - YES24 → translation - Girl's Day Daily, cover - yayitsadollar, videos - girlsday5 (1 2)

SISTAR's Hyorin sent to hospital for emergency treatment

On April 12, SISTAR's Hyorin was sent to the hospital for treatment due to high fever. The decision came shortly after SISTAR's comeback album showcase, as Hyorin showed serious symptoms of high fever and sickness.

"We just sent Hyorin to the hospital. Her condition was too bad, so she's going to take full rest tonight and go back on stage tomorrow", SISTAR's agency, Starship Entertainment said.

Despite the sickness, Hyorin proceeded with her group's busy schedule, as they just released the full MV earlier today. In the morning, they performed at the recording of Mnet's M! Countdown, and in the afternoon, they held the showcase event. Hyorin showed up at both events, but her voice was already showing signs of sickness and her high fever was apparent throughout her performance.

At the showcase, Hyorin apologized, "We prepared so much for this showcase event, but I made a mistake of not taking better care of my condition. I'm so sorry for not being able to show the stage we prepared. I'm also sorry to the members who worked so hard together. I'll work harder to show a better stage next time. Sorry."

We hope for Hyorin's quick recovery!

Source: soompi.

Ballad group Noel to make their comeback this month

Last year, Noel broke their five-year hiatus by making a comeback with I Miss You.

Although they halted their activities back in 2007 because several members had to leave for the army, the group is planning to make a triumphant return as they're ready to show the power of ballads once more with a new single album.

A representative of ITM Entertainment commented, "They received a lot of love last year. The Noel members have all worked hard to repay that love. This album fits perfectly with Noel's style as well as with the feelings of spring. Please look forward to it."

The album will be released online and in stores on April 19th.

Source: nate → translation - allkpop.

A Pink to release new song on 1 year anniversary

A Pink is about to hit its one year anniversary and the group will be gifting its fans with a brand new song!

On April 12, fans visiting A Pink's homepage found the words: D-7, one year ago, one year later, appearing on the site.

It was revealed that on April 19, on the day of A Pink's one-year anniversary, A Cube Entertainment will release a new song on music portal sites, ahead of A Pink's new album.

A Cube Entertainment shared, "For A Pink's fans who have supported and loved A Pink, as a way of showing fans A Pink's gratitude, a new song will be revealed to commemorate A Pink's one-year anniversary and as a way of saying, 'Let's continue together.' The song will be filled with A Pink's love and thanks."

The agency also gave an update on the progress of A Pink's upcoming album saying, "Currently A Pink has finished production on the album as well as the album jacket photo shoot. At the earliest, we plan for them to make a comeback within April."

Click here for the official A Pink homepage!

Source: video - acubeent, article - enewsworld.
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Exo-m messages to fans on weibo

Da jia hao (Hello)! I’m EXO-M’s XIUMIN! I feel very excited as I can finally come online personally to greet everyone. Xiexie (Thanks) to all the fans that gave us concern and love for our debut stage~! Although my Chinese is not that good, the life here in China is interesting. But I will still study hard for Chinese… EXO-K that is working hard in Korea!! Boys~ Cool~~ I miss you all WE ARE ONE! We, EXO, will continue to work hard for you all and please continue to watch us in the future. (from EXO-M, XIU MIN)

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Source: Exo-m@weibo
Translation: dancingkyu@fuckyeah-exo

Happy birthday Sehun
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The Boss's 1st full length album "Shadow" release postponed until further notice

In light of the recent happenings surrounding the CEO of Open World Entertainment, it was revealed that The Boss's first full length album "Shadow" is postponed indefinitely.

After the release of two video teasers earlier this week, the company stopped uploading new videos, focussing on the situation of the company instead. It was now noted that the album has been pulled down from websites, or has had its release date changed.

Open World Entertainment is said to have decided upon delaying The Boss's Korean comeback, though a new date hasn't been confirmed yet. The album was originally planned for an April 17th release.

Source: TOWER_KPop & koreaboo
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g-dragon wants to work with jolin tsai

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon sends a love call to Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai.

On April 9th and 10th, Big Bang visited Taiwan, and their presence has received an explosive response from the press.

At their Taiwan press conference, G-Dragon caught people’s eyes when he said, “I think it’d be great to work together with Jolin Tsai.” In response to his statement, the reporters present reported, “There is a possibility of a collaboration between Big Bang and Taiwan singers,” which is already hiking up fans’ expectations.

Jolin Tsai has been called ‘Taiwan’s Lee Hyori‘ and is one of the top singers in the Great China Region, recording millions of dollars of sales a year. Previously, in 2006, Jolin Tsai became a name known in Korea after she was chosen to be the model for a beverage commercial, alongside Korean singer Rain.

Source: mk sports & kpopseven
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South Korean phone company bets expansion on K-pop

South Korea's largest telephone company is trying to capitalize on the worldwide popularity of Korean pop music, or K-pop, to increase online revenue from overseas as it seeks more control over the content on its network.

KT Corp. said Thursday it plans to launch a mobile version of its online music streaming service abroad this year and promote its video joint venture as a platform for broadcasting live concerts of K-pop stars.

The move by KT to use its iTunes-inspired music service and online broadcasting firm to attract overseas audiences is part of a broader shift in its business. South Korea phone companies have been hit by falling revenue from traditional voice calling while the popularity of downloaded applications for smartphones has dramatically increased the amount of data on their networks without increasing revenue.

KT Chairman Lee Suk-chae said Thursday that telephone companies "will not just be a provider of dumb pipes."
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Source: ctv
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South Korea is naturally beautiful

Beautiful mountains, hospitable people and a modern city. These are just a few of the things that fascinated Juliet Lukwago during a three week visit to South Korea.

Regardless of what city you visit in South Korea, one thing that is easily noticeable is the kindness and hospitality of South Koreans. You will be greeted Annyong Haseyo meaning hello in the Korean language. It doesn’t matter if you comprehend it or not. However, some South Koreans do speak English since it is taught in some schools.

Seoul Incheon International Airport is believed to be the most modern in the world. It is about 54km away from Seoul city centre. The roads are spacious and well-tarmacked.
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Source: newvision
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Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min display amazing teamwork and chemistry

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actor Park Yoochun and actress Han Ji Min‘s consideration for each other earned praise from the netizens. The behind the scene photos from the set of the SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ have been revealed on the 12th.

In the photos taken on the 7th, the two leads of the drama Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min made everyone happy with their smiles and care for one another throughout the filming.

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Source: NewsEN via Nate + Kpopfever

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flawless tia and her chocolats update

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon worried about his uncertain future as an idol

On the recent episode of KBS‘s ‘Hello‘, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon revealed his worries about his future.

On the recent broadcast, Lee Joon revealed a concern he had about the “uncertain future” of an idol. After hearing Lee Joon’s words, MC Lee Young Ja asked,“Right now, you’re a singer… and aren’t you doing well?” and Lee Joon answered, “Our lives as idols aren’t very long, so I’m not sure what I should do when I grow older…

Then, MC Shin Dong Yup asked, “What is your hope for the future?“, and Lee Joon grabbed the viewers’ attention by answering, “I want to be a dignified actor.

After hearing about Lee Joon’s worry for his future, netizens commented, “He worries about his future“, “I thought he was just funny because he made people laugh on entertainment shows, but apparently he worries about that kind of stuff too“, “Yeah, it’s understandable that he worries about the future as an idol“, and “Focus on the present first!

source: akp + starnews via naver

The person who wrote that second comment can't be serious right...