April 13th, 2012

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omg i'm dying! this is sucha big opportunity to suzy and it's so good to see jia and fei finally doing some solo activities (even when together XD) and its even better that it' sin china, because they often talked how they would like to act especially in chinese dramas. also for those who don't know, happy noodles is the drama with yoon si yoon.
laughing sehun

Finally an EXO-K awkward video

[TRANS] WE ARE ONE! Hello, we are EXO-K! (goes on greeting everyone) Please take care of us! 

Chanyeol: We're really excited and a bit nervous but we think it's gonna be so much fun.
Suho: EXO's general "feel" is a magnificent orchestra and unconventional music that makes people's hearts beat.

{caption1: but they're still shy in front of the camera}
{caption2: fully concentrated once on the stage EXO}
{caption3: receiving the most attention in the first half of 2012, rookies EXO}

Baekhyun: Sharing the same stage with our sunbaes is really exciting and interesting.
{question: Who is the sunbae that you respect the most?}
Baekhyun: SNSD--- oh no oh no (bows in embarrassment)-- We respect SHINee sunbaenims. I love you. (bows awkwardly)

{Sehun and Kai demonstrates the main point of MAMA dance while Dough sings}

Suho: One by one, we are promoting in each stage, and although we're still nervous, we will show you a good stage, a good performance and good music. (then goes on to say don't change the channel cos they're next)



Sorry I'm too lazy to download and reupload the video for the translation so I just wrote the transcript of the translation. lol

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NK rocket crashes into sea shortly after launch

North Korea defiantly fired off a long-range rocket Friday, but the three-stage craft exploded in mid-air and crashed into the sea shortly after takeoff, South Korean officials said.

The launch is expected to draw international condemnation as it violated a U.N. resolution that bans the communist nation from any ballistic missile activity that can be used to develop missiles carrying nuclear weapons.

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Source: Koreatimes
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SISTAR's Dasom reveals that she has lost 7kg

It has been revealed that the current weight of SISTAR's Dasom is 47kg. On April 12th during SISTAR's new album showcase for "Alone" held in Apgujung, Seoul, Dasom announced, "I lost 7kg up to this day. So now I weigh 47kg."

She explained, "SISTAR concentrates on exercising a lot and regulating our weight, but I don't like exercising so I just go on a diet. For our last promotions of 'So Cool' I lost 4kg and for this comeback I lost 3kg."

SISTAR's title song "Alone," is a heart-breaking song but features an addictive melody. The track was composed by hit composer Brave Brothers. The highlight of SISTAR's performances is their emphasis of their beauty line leg dance.

Source: osen & koreaboo
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We Got Married won't come back

MBC’s We Got Married is set to be cancelled completely on Saturday, April 14th due to the ongoing labor strike. It will be replaced by the new program, Music and Lyrics.

The impending cancellation of We Got Married has sparked outrage from many viewers, netizens, and even Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

Leeteuk took to Twitter about his frustrations towards the cancellation, saying,

“No, this can’t be right. We only got to see each other a few times…”

The labor strike began in February. MBC had to air a few re-run episodes of We Got Married in February, but were able to push about a few new episodes in March. However, they had to return to re-runs on April 7th. That’s when they decided that they should pull the show altogether.

Viewers stated the following,

“We are willing to wait patiently for We Got Married to come back, there’s no need to cancel!”
“Please don’t cancel this show. We are willing to watch the re-runs.”

Source: nate & kpopseven

Hallyu museum to open near Incheon Airport

A Hallyu museum is being established to help visitors experience everything about their favorite K-Pop stars and Hallyu actors/actresses.
The 85,400 sq ft museum will open in the second half of 2012 in the International Business Complex of the Incheon Airport. As the museum is near the airport, it will not only serve to spread Hallyu culture to travelers, but it will also make it easier for tourists to visit.
The Hallyu museum will track every moment of global Korean stars like Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, B2ST, and SHINee, in addition to actors/actresses like Jang Geun Suk, Hyun Bin, and Kim Tae Hee. On top of dramas and music, the museum will also showcase Korean food and fashion, allowing visitors to see, hear, and feel the contents of Hallyu.
One representative for the museum stated, “The Hallyu wave that is blowing throughout the world is raising the Korean brand, more so than the Olympics and World Cup. The museum will help contribute to economic development as it will continue to attract tourists and locals to see Hallyu in one look.”

allkpop; Sports Seoul via Nate

Lee Hyori reveals she's impatient with slow skinship

On the April 12th broadcast of Lee Hyori's OnStyle reality show, Golden 12, the singer and "social-tainer" dropped some insight into her personal dating style.

While shopping for interior items with Jang Bum Joon, the Busker Busker member gave her an impromptu performance in the car. After explaining that the song was about a man who had been too forward with his skinship, he went on to sing, "Please just wait for me a bit more."

Hyori commented on the song, "Don't you think those feelings are a bit too immature, though? Wait for what, exactly? How old am I... I'm turning 34 soon. I don't think that way at all. I get really frustrated when the man doesn't rush things."

Netizens who watched the broadcast commented, "Unni's charming so you don’t need to rush anything", "All she needs is 10 minutes", and "Hyori's really truthful about her dating style".

Source: nate → translation - allkpop

SHINee's Jonghyun on his sister's Shinhwa fandom and his admiration for Shin Hyesung

SHINee's Jonghyun revealed his admiration for Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung as well as his older sister's long years as a Shinhwa fan.

Jonghyun uploaded a photo of Shin Hyesung on his Twitter with the description, "What? The words I use! Sunbaenim, I respect you. Even your photo is sacred to me."

Shin Hyesung, who is known as the King Se Jong (creator of the written Korean language) of K-pop, spurred on the popularity of abbreviated phrases like kkapnol or surprised and simbaddul, which means "my heart almost fell out". Many young people, including Jonghyun, still use the phrases he created today.

The SHINee member continued, "My sister is a [Shinhwa fan]. Whenever she came back home, she would always have cards with words that ended in 'pa'. I thought she was involved in a gang, which made me kkapnol shimbaddul." It turns out the cards simply had names of Shinhwa members with "pa" at the end to indicate which member she was a fan of.

Jonghyun also addressed his respect and admiration for Shinhwa by stating, "Shinhwa sunbaenims are the best! I'm memorizing all the songs on Shinhwa's 6th album!"

Source: Jonghyun's Twitter, allkpop

4minute's Jihyun apologizes for weak live performance

4minute's Nam Ji Hyun apologized for her first performance after the comeback.

On April 13, Nam Ji Hyun tweeted: "My throat condition wasn't that great during the first performance so I promised myself not to show a hint of surprise or embarrassment, and just do as much as I rehearsed. But my live performance was very weak. I know this is all an excuse, I am ashamed but I promise I can do better! I'll put more effort. Keep rooting for 4minute and cheer us on."

4minute had their first comeback performance on Mnet M!Countdown the day before Nam Ji Hyun posted on her Twitter. Nam Ji Hyun's live started to get noticeably weak during her part of Volume Up.

Fans and netizens who saw Nam Ji Hyun's Twitter post commented: "Your performance was great, you are humble", "This is why you're 4minute. I'll keep rooting!", "It's understandable when you have a throat problem. Don't worry about it too much", "You can just do better for the next performance", and "That is a nice live performance for very strong dance moves".

Source: video - CapsuleHD13, article - soompi

SISTAR reveal their thoughts on competing with 4minute

Girl group SISTAR revealed their thoughts on making a comeback at the same time with 4minute.

At SISTAR's ALONE showcase that took place in Seoul on April 12th, the girls remarked, "Our hopes are that both we and 4minute are successful".

Soyu who was a Cube Entertainment trainee before debuting with SISTAR remarked, "Regardless of who wins and who doesn't, I hope both teams do really well. Our groups have very different colors, and I think the things that the fans feel from both groups are very different. We are pretty close with them, and we don't feel like we're rivals."

Fellow member Dasom remarked, "I asked Soyu unni to tell me honestly how she felt, and she told me that she would be upset if 4minute did poorly, and she would also be upset if we did poorly."

"To be honest, I'm personally a fan of 4minute", she added. "But I hope we do better."

SISTAR's showcase was aired live through Youtube and Melon in 41 different countries, and after opening the show with Lead Me, the girls performed a few more tracks including their title song ALONE. Not only did the girls showcase their explosive sexy charms, they earned the applause of the audience members with their seductive charisma.

The members of KBS Gag Concert, "Brave Rascals" (Jung Tae Ho, Park Sung Kwang, Shin Bora, Yang Sun Il) also attended as guests to congratulate the girls on their comeback.

The SISTAR members once again collaborated with producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Cheol) for title track ALONE, and Brave Brothers is receiving high praise, as he worked on a fresh new sound for the girls this time around to captive listeners everywhere.

In related news, SISTAR held their first comeback stage on Mnet's M! Countdown on April 12th to officially kick off their new promotions.

Source: nate → translation - allkpop
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S.Korean lawmaker blasts Catholic ass`n over NK defectors

“The Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice, what do you think is justice?”

Rep. Park Sun-young, a lawmaker of South Korea`s minor conservative Liberty Forward Party and an outspoken critic of North Korea`s human rights abuses, said this on Wednesday in the U.S. She went to the Washington D.C. area to urge international assistance to block China from repatriating North Korean defectors.

Park blasted the South Korean Catholic association, which has remained tightlipped on the plight of defectors. In her keynote speech to the Washington Forum to protect the Republic of Korea hosted by the Korean-American Freedom League at a restaurant on the outskirts of Washington, she said, “I am a Catholic, and I was angered to see the Catholic Priests’ Association for Justice of (South) Korea holding protest rallies at the construction site of a naval base on Jeju Island.”

"People (defectors) are ruthlessly being killed, so how can (the association) remain completely silent?” she added. “In the Republic of Korea, there is a wildfire of anti-American movement, but they never make a single critical statement against China.”
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beast attends jyj's junsu's musical

JYJ‘s Junsu has been hard at work without a moments rest while showcasing his talents on the musical stage for the play “Elizabeth.“

With Junsu exhausted, junior boy band BEAST decided to attend the musical to show their hyung some support. After the show, the groups took a picture with the musical star.

Dongwoon later tweeted:

“Have watched Junsu hyung’s musical!!^^ Wow!” Meanwhile, Doojoon himself wrote, “Came back from watching Elisabeth !! Ah ah ah ah ah !! Junsu at break !!”

It was an incredibly nice gesture by the boys to show support towards Junsu.

Source: @beastdw & kpopseven