April 16th, 2012

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Seungri pranks Hyuna during 4minute’s interview on ‘Inkigayo’

Looks like 4minute‘s HyunA suffered a little embarrassment from Big Bang‘s Seungri‘s latest prank!

On today’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, the members of 4minute introduced their new mini album ‘Volume Up‘ with the MCs before their comeback stage. During their interview, the five ladies also showed the ‘shoulder dance’ from the “Volume Up” choreography.

After seeing them dance, MC Seungri commented, “The shoulder dance is so cute,” and high fived the members one by one. But when it was HyunA’s turn, Seungri met her hand with a retracted fist instead. Without missing a beat, Seungri continued his MC duties as HyunA cracked up in the back.

After the episode, netizens commented, “HyunA and Seungri must be close friends“, “HyunA looking embarrassed is cuter,” and, “Look at Seungri’s shameless face!”

Check out 4minute’s interview below; the high-fives begin around 0:52 –

Source: allkpop + Nate

The random cleaner doing his job at the back is cracking me up.
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DSP BOYZ member Jaehyung revealed

Edit: His full name is Seo Jaehyung, and was born in 1990 making him about 21 years old (i'm not sure if his birthday has passed or not this year), and is apparently a flower boy who loves kittens. Other pictures of him include one, two, and three. He originally had a twitter (@jaehyung 90), but deleted it since the boys have started preparing for a debut.

DSPBOYZ is rumored to debut this upcoming May.

DSP+my own research

Another sign of the illuminati in K-POP
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DSPBOYZ signs a 100-million won modeling contract before debut

DSP Media’s new 7-membered boy group has signed a 100-million won contract for modeling advertisements.

DSP Media currently handles KARA and Rainbow. Now their new group has signed a 2-year contract to endorse the sports casual brand “SPRIS”. It is impressive that a group who hasn’t revealed their faces has landed a 100-million won contract.

Billboard KR

Posted by: Yaagu @DSP BOYS
Translated by: jerism@DSP BOYS
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Himchan's tweet:
BABY들 안녕? 12시가 다 되어가네요. 나 지금 어디있게요?? http://pic.twitter.com/2XmRyxzW
"Hi Babyz! Its almost 12! Where am I right now??"


The rising rookies, B.A.P, have confirmed that they will be making their comeback next week!

Also, B.A.P’s agency, TS Entertainment, stated that the group has been filming for their new MV on April 15th and 16th.

B.A.P has gained a tremendous amount of attention during their debut especially due to all members having a blonde hairstyle. Fans are looking forward to whether they will have a new change in style.

The group proved themselves as a powerful, up-and-coming rookie after they released their debut-album ‘WARRIOR‘ on January 26th. They had a showcase in front of a large crowd of 3,000 and was ranked in the Top 10 on the Billboard World Album chart. Also, with their solid live performances, many are anticipating this comeback to prove once again why they are the rising stars in K-Pop.

With no hints or teasers released regarding their new album, their agency has stated that the six ‘warriors’ will be returning with improved quality in music, performance, and visuals.

Source: Himchan's twitter, allkpop

OMG SO EXCITED! Trans by ME so they may be a little stiff?
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IU to make comeback in early May with blockbuster music video

Singer IU plans to make a comeback in early May and is currently finishing touches for her latest album.

According to reports, IU wrapped up filming for the music video of her upcoming single in Italy which started on the 9th through the 14th. The music video was filmed in several areas in the country and is said to be the most expensive music video, IU has filmed yet!

The music video is so grand that it is considered on the same level as a blockbuster film! The video will present the beautiful scenery of Italy, all the while, portraying IU’s cute and lovely image.

IU is also slated to carry out her very first solo concert tour, ‘Real Fantasy‘ in South Korea in June, covering 6 cities. Loen Entertainment shared, “After the announcement that IU would be holding her first concert tour, IU poured in all of her efforts to prepare the tour, starting from the planning stage. The tour will show IU’s passion and determination in music.”

source: naver/akp/gif
omg yesssss for a new album. although i know i'll be broke by may, i'll still buy it~

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screaming Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung dating.... OR NOT

Top star Lee Byung Hun(42) and popular actress Lee Min Jung(30) are currently dating. People part of the entertainment business have stated that the two had good feelings for each other, starting the end of last year. The two got to naturally meet at various ceremonies and official movie meetings. After spending time with each other, they quietly began dating the beginning of this year.

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omg shocking but at the same time rejoicing. GET TAT DIQ GURL.


Actors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung have denied they are dating, downplaying a report from early in the day which said the two are a couple.

On Monday, an official with Lee Byung-hun's agency BH Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone, "It is not true that the two are a couple. We believe that the rumors started when they were both seen having dinner together with other colleagues at a wedding last month."

Lee Min-jung's agency gave a similar response. "The two are not a couple and they have a junior and senior relationship and nothing more. And she is currently busy preparing for her upcoming series 'Big' opposite Gong Yoo."

Lee Byung-hun, one of Korea's most well-recognized actors and a household name in Japan as well, made his Hollywood debut in 2009 through the first “G.I. Joe" flick as character Storm Shadow.

He wrapped up filming the sequel to "G.I. Joe" and busy shooting his first historical film "I am the King of Joseon" alongside labelmate Han Hyo-joo.

Lee Min-jung is best known for playing the role of Ha Jae-kyung in SBS' hit teenage series "Boys Over Flowers" and landed her first lead role in SBS' weekend drama "Smile, You" opposite actor Choung Kyung-ho.

The actress has also appeared in films "Searching for the Elephant (2009)," "White Night (2009)" and "Cyrano Agency (2010)." She last starred in SBS' Monday and Tuesday series "Midas."

Source: 10 asia
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120416 Photos working on Junsu's new solo album + Jaejoong’s Twitter Update

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

From Jaejoong's twitter

Junsu’s album is indeed… Though the production for this album was done together and has been watching by the side from before, but that grasp of the melody and that emotions…. We agree in unison that “This kid really is talented~” 

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Source: JYJ Official
Twitter translation: sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSK-JYJ Archive [collect and save subbed videos]
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U-Kiss to make a comeback this 25th of April with a new mini album

It is confirmed! U-kiss will be making their comeback after an 8 month hiatus in the music industry with a new mini album "DORADORA" that will be revealed on the 25th of April. U-Kiss last promoted in September last year and they have concentrated on overseas promotions after.

The group will finally make a return in the Korean stage and this time they are working with famous producers Kim Hyung Seok and Brian Kim (Zigzag Note). Also, an interesting fact about the album is that Singer Jay Park took part in writing the lyrics of a song "For You" in the album and it is an exciting song with upbeat rhythms. Meanwhile, U-Kiss has been busy promoting in Japan finishing a concert tour for over 30,000 fans.

Source: Nate, blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net

Kim Gura retires temporarily after past remarks calling Comfort women "prostitutes" cause a stir

Kim Gura, the outspoken comedian known for his offensive comments, suspended all activities after the recent discovery of his joke made on comfort women 10 years ago.

The controversial comment was made during his webcast show in 2002, when he said, “Some 80 prostitutes are fighting for their rights against the police. They’re sitting on a chartered bus heading to the National Human Rights Commission to file a complaint. This is probably the first time that prostitutes got on a chartered bus since the comfort women (did during World War II). I’m sure the bus driver got an erection, too.

The audio file of his comment was posted on an online community board recently. Netizens who belatedly discovered Kim Gura’s joke on comfort women, which is one of the most sensitive issues in Korea, quickly created an online petition to kick him out of all TV activities. Public opinion rapidly turned against the comedian and asked for his step down for his thoughtless remarks—which, ironically, is the characteristic that made Kim Gura so popular on the Web, and later, landed him multiple show hosting spots on TV.

As the public dissent continued to grow, Kim Gura quickly held a TV interview – he decided to address the issue through a TV interview, instead of a live press conference – and announced that he would be stepping down from all of his TV shows. “After reading the article this morning, I thought a lot about the issue with my wife and my company’s CEO. I decided it’s just impossible to laugh and continue doing what I’ve been doing under these circumstances. I’m sorry to all the production team members and my show host mates. I’d also like to ask for forgiveness from all the people that might have been hurt by my comments. I’ll put everything down and have a time to reflect on myself,” he said on TV.

“Even if it’s a comment made in the past, it’s just an insensitive, nasty comment. It’s something I couldn’t even accept myself…I thought it would be better to sincerely ask for forgiveness and look back at myself,” he continued. “It’s long overdue but I would like to ask for forgiveness. I’ll reflect on myself for the rest of my life.”

Comfort women, also known as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War II, were raped and forced to perform sexual favors to Japanese soldiers. These young women, all coming from countries under Japanese Imperial control, were recruited by the Japanese government or military, and suffered serious physical damage for serving in the Japanese military brothels. However, the Japanese government still has not addressed the issue, declining to apologize for the war crimes they committed, making it an unsolved issue between Korean and Japanese governments.

source: soompi

ugh i've never been able to stand this asshole. i never understood how his offensive comments were passed as just 'witty and honest' remarks cause he crosses the line and i cant stand his face. i hope he stays off all tv broadcasts forever, if possible. stupid, insensitive ass.
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Xenophobia Against Newly-elected Filipina-Korean Spreads Online

With the aftershocks of the general elections last week still rumbling on, no other candidate revealed the political fault-line in South Korea like the election of Jasmine Lee, a Filipina-Korean TV host and actress-cum-Saenuri proportional candidate, winning a seat in this election.

Ms. Jamine Lee, a well-known figure for the Filipino community and an advocate of multicultural families in South Korea is expected to help advance the welfare of some 50 000 OFWs (overseas foreign workers) as well as 1.2 million immigrants in South Korea. She met her Korean husband while she was still a college student. After marriage, she moved to Korea in 1995 and acquired the Korean citizenship in 1998. Her late husband died while rescuing their daughter in a flash flood in 2010. Since then she has been featured in a number of TV programs, including “Love in Asia” and a hit-movie Punch. Saenuri was hoping to tap into the immigrants’ votes with her nomination.
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Source: koreabang

Hyori is ready to expose her body

Lee Hyori seems all but ready for the beach. On April 16, the pop diva tweeted a sexy photo of herself in a yellow tank top and boxers, with the playful message, "Oh yeah~Season of exposure~!'

In the photo, Hyori shows off her ridiculously hot body line, giving a rather naughty look at the camera. Her slightly tanned skin and perfectly toned body explain why she's been called K-Pop's top sexy queen for so many years. In particular, fans have shown amazement at the way she's been able to keep herself fit even at the age of 34.

Netizens commented, "It's already summer to Hyori", "Is this what you do in your bedroom?" and "You are forever my sexy queen".

Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode of Healing Camp Lee Hyori will talk about her relationship with her current boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon, and reveal how they fell in love with each other. Stay tuned for more news!

Source: Hyori's Twitter, soompi
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S. Korea footballer kills himself after match-fixing ban

A South Korean footballer who was banned for life over a match-fixing scandal has taken his own life, police said on Monday, the third suicide linked to the controversy that erupted last year.

Lee Kyung Hwan, 24, was on Saturday found critically injured in front of an apartment building in the city of Incheon, west of Seoul, after apparently jumping off the building, a city police official told AFP.

He was pronounced dead on his way to hospital, he said. The former midfielder played from 2009 to 2011 for Daejeon Citizen and Suwon Samsung Bluewings of the K-League until he received a life ban last year after admitting involvement in widespread match fixing.

Prosecutors in 2011 charged 57 people - 46 current and former players and 11 criminal gang members and bookmakers - for fixing the results of 15 matches in 2010.

The players were charged with fixing games after taking bribes from betting rings. All of them, including Lee, were banned for life by the country's football association. Lee received three years' probation in court.

Last October, Lee Soo Cheol, a former coach of the military football club was found dead in an apparent suicide after being sentenced to two years in prison with probation for his involvement in match fixing.

In May, Jeong Jong Kwan, a 29-year-old midfielder for a third-division professional league team, committed suicide at a hotel in Seoul while being investigated over the scandal.

Source: straits times

A bunch of B1A4 updates

Sandeul - "Haha senior, cried after my singing stage - possibly?"

Sandeul, a member from the group, B1A4, talked about the behind story after participating on Haha’s stage.

During the recent meeting with enews, B1A4’s Sandeul began to speak by saying, “I went on stage to feature for Haha senior. In order to not become trouble for him, I sang to the best of my abilities.”

Sandeul added, “I put in a lot of effort to express the sad feelings in the song. But after finishing the performance, I saw Haha senior and his eyes were wet. After monitoring it later, I saw that he actually had tears in his eyes during the broadcast as well.” He expressed what he felt at that time by saying, “I thought to myself, ‘Did he possibly cry from my singing?’.”

After hearing Sandeul’s comment, the members brought out laughter by adding, “Although (Sandeul) told us that then, the members didn’t really give any reaction, so he was embarrassed by himself.”

After recently featuring in Haha & Taw’s new song, ‘The Person By My Side’, Sandeul showed explosive singing abilities and an emotional voice, to the point where you wouldn’t believe he is an idol group member, and garnered a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, B1A4 recently revealed their first official full-length album, ‘IGNITION’, and are in the middle of receiving a large amount of love while actively promoting ‘Baby I’m Sorry’. Once it was revealed that Jinyoung participated as a producer for this album and that the members’ self-composed songs were in the album, they are quickly rising as the next skilled idols in the music industry.

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source: enews, baro + cnu + jinyoung + sandeul, ufo, hyejin & susan @ b1a4trans 1, 2, 3

I hope my sources are ok now ●︿●
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BAP Release Yongguk and HImchan Teaser Picture!


Anticipating their comeback, B.A.P starts the countdown with D-10 and their first shocking teaser photo revealed.

Their company, TS Entertainment, revealed the older, same-aged members bang Yongguk and Himchan in a teaser photo on the 16th after having announced their comeback on the 15th.

In the picture, Bang Yongguk and Himchan are covered in neon body paint all over their bodies and faces as they appear to be shouting at one another with the red background behind them. With their rough facial expressions and shocking concept, the combination of the two seems to elevate the anticipation one step higher with this photo being released.

Meanwhile, the part that’s garnering the most attention is the change in hairstyle within B.A.P. Himchan completely stripped away of his blond hair now sports a short, jet-black hairstyle which highlights his strong character while Bang Yongguk’s hair is still raising curiosity with the red background distracting his true hair color.

According to a representative of the company, they said, “There’s exactly 10 days till the release of the songs and the first broadcast, then they’ll be starting their promotions officially” and “Little by little, we’ll for sure show an evolved image of B.A.P.”

B.A.P have already proceeded in recording their MV at a filming set in Ilsan on the 15th and 16th as the songs and music video will be released simultaneously on the upcoming 27th and then start promotions officially.


Pinky ☆ {SO CUTE}
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After School‘s sister group, Hello Venus, has been revealed!

On April 17th, Pledis Entertainment updated its homepage with its new group, Hello Venus. After revealing its boy rookie group, NU’EST, in March, Hello Venus is the second rookie group to be unveiled by the agency this year.

The six members consist of Yoo Ara, Nara, Alice, Rhyme, Yoonjo, Yooyoung. With the name of Hello Venus, the group possesses the lively and friendly feeling of “Hello”, and beauty, which grants them the “Venus” name.

With a fan base growing already for Yoo Ara and Yoonjo since their trainee days, Nara receiving praise for her model pose, Alice boasting exotic visuals and a unique voice, Ra Im showing off powerful rap, and the ’95 maknae Yooyoung showing a cute image with her eye smile, the group is colorful with its unique members.

Pledis Entertainment stated, “Hello Venus will depart from the classical image as the female god Venus, as they will greet the public with their friendly appearance as the new 21st century Venus.”

Hello Venus will make its official debut in May and is in the midst of filming the music video and participating in photoshoots.

source: nate + akp
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Sunny Hill adds a new member

Sunny Hill, which used to consist of four girls and a male member, have decided to restructure the group, adding an additional female after the male member, Jang-hyun, left for the army in January. Until this most recent development, the band has been active as a quartet and promoting "The Grasshopper Song."

"Sunny Hill will kick off its new cycle as a five member girl group with a new song entitled, "Is the White Horse Coming?" The new song is described as an electro number featuring more of the band's characteristic witty and no-nonsense lyrics.

On April 15, Sunny Hill released a teaser for the new song on SBS's "Popular Songs." The tune will be released online on April 20 through various music Web sites.

source: JoongAng Daily

Popular Songs = Inkigayo
Is the White Horse Coming? = 백마는 오고 있는가
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why south korea doesnt respond

Why does North Korea seem to get away with provocations like last week's rocket test? Jennifer Lind argues that North Korea manages to deter counter-strikes through a bizarre mixture of the ‘madman theory’ (what will the loopy, hard-drinking, megalomaniacal Kim family do next?), regional fear of what would follow a North Korean implosion, and traditional nuclear deterrence.

None of that is wrong, but I think she’s missing the big factor – South Korean domestic politics. Lots of countries and other international actors do crazy stuff; the question is whether the target wants to counterstrike and risk escalation. So it is South Korea ultimately (not the U.S. or Japan) that decides whether or not to hit back. And South Korea doesn’t want to strike back for two reasons. One, South Korean population centers are extremely vulnerable to Northern aggression. Two, South Koreans just don’t care that much about North Korea anymore.

Yes, South Korea is extremely vulnerable, and this ties the Korean military’s hands. Fifty percent of South Korea’s population lives in the northwest of the country, in the extremely dense Seoul-Kyeonggi-Incheon corridor.
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Source: CNN
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In Case You Missed All Dem SHINee Posts, SM Summed it Up

SHINee Proved Their Popularity by Sweeping the Charts on Various TV Music Programs!

SHINee is wrapping up their month-long activity in Korea after they swept the charts on TV music programs.

SHINee won the 1st place on KBS ‘Music Bank’ for two consecutive weeks (4/6 and 4/13) and SBS ‘Inkigayo’ for three consecutive weeks (4/1, 4/8 and 4/15) with ‘Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note).’

Also, by selling 135,370 copies, SHINee’s 1st mini album ‘Sherlock’ ranked 1st on the album chart (March), collected and announced by Gaon chart.

Moreover, SHINee’s mini album ‘Sherlock’ ranked 8th on the iTunes album chart in the US and 9th on the world album section of Billboard chart and even the music video of ‘Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note)’ was introduced on the French TV CANAL plus’ famous talk show ‘Le Petit Journal.’

In addition, SHINee has been receiving praise and favorable comments from music fans by presenting perfect live stage with powerful and innovative performance choreographed by the world-famous Tony Testa.

Meanwhile, SHINee will perform 'Sherlock•셜록 (Clue + Note)' on KBS ‘Music Bank’ on the 20th and MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on the 21st and wrap up their 5 weeks-long activity in Korea. Starting from Fukuoka on April 25th, SHINee will hold 'THE FIRST JAPAN ARENA TOUR SHINee WORLD 2012' in Japan.
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I have no idea why this article is leaving out M!Countdown and Music Show...Last week of promotions ;A; Have fun in Japan boys...without me...
Source: SMTown@FB and SMent@YT

the gang

NELL 'The Lines' concert post (lots of videos!)

Setlist (I couldn't find the ones in bold):

In Days Gone By
그리고, 남겨진것들
Beautiful Stranger 

Good night
1분만 닥쳐줄래요

One Time Bestseller
Standing in the rain
Cliff Parade
Promise me


기억을 걷는 시간
마음을 잃다
12 Seconds

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videos: kingcoj
setlist: nellband
photos: crispeeeee via newsen

Reading about how amazing and tear-inducing the concert was makes me wish I got to attend it even more. Also, 'Cliff Parade' sounds brilliant live.