April 17th, 2012

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Police investigating 2 idol group members and another singer from OWE

As investigations into the case of Open World Entertainment‘s CEO continue, police have revealed that more stars are being suspected of having participated in the sexual abuse of over 10 trainees.

The CEO was arrested on April 13th for the sexual harassment and assault of his trainees, and since then, police have confirmed that male idol group members were indeed commanded to take part in the abuse. Surprisingly, police were able to discover that another adult singer being referred to as ‘A‘ allegedly willingly participated in the abuse as well.

Police will be working to issue arrest warrants for two idol group members in Open World Entertainment in addition to expanding their investigations on another idol member and an idol management executive who used to be a singer.

According to the police, the CEO had been suspected of abusing his trainees since 2008. More than 10 have been confirmed thus far, with some of them being in their teens as well as a rookie actress.

The CEO is allegedly reported to have taken his trainees and idol members out for drinks to get them to naturally mingle with one another. He would then mix aphrodisiac substances into the trainees’ beers and abuse them afterwards, and had the male idol members assault them as well.

Source: Naver via AKP

Well fuck. Brb going to cry. Whoever participated deserves whatever shit happens to them but, RIP my favourite groups. Also I did a little research and there's only been that one solo singer from OWE? They could've just said his name... Fuck that CEO.

Rivaille - SNK
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NU'EST celebrate their 1 month anniversary~

(jealous of his handwriting tbh)

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JR’s Message: 

To. Our Lovely Fans.

Hello! This is NU’EST’s leader,JR! It’s been a month since our debut!! You will be always together with us right? To those fans who’s working hard for us! Please look after us well, and I love you! We’ll be the NU’EST that keeps developing~!

Baek Ho’s Message:

To. Our lovely fans

Hello! This is NU’EST Baekho. Wow! It’s been a month since our debut! Hm..I can’t believe it’s been a month..!! Thanks for always coming to broadcasting station and support us through messages on fancafe, i read it well!! Always support us and don’t cheat behind us!! I’ll show up more cool vibe in the future! Bbyong

Minhyun’s Message: 

Hello! This is NU’EST Minhyun! You know that today is exactly a month after our debut right? To those fans who has been giving us an interest even before our debut and giving us a lot of love until now!! Thank you. I’ll be a singer that only showing up a cool vibe in the future

Ren’s Message: 

Hello! This is NU’EST Ren! It’s been a month since our debut. Thank you so much to our fans. Everyone, you know my heart right? The weather has become more good, I hope we can go picnicㅋ Let’s go picnic~ Where should we go to? To my heart..Thanks to those fans who give us a lot of love

Source: pledis-elites @ tumblr
translation credit: @thenuest 2, 3, 4, 5

Fixed the source~

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Yunyoung is the second DSP BOYZ member to be revealed. He plays guitar, and was born February 15th 1992 (I might have the year wrong). He can also play the guitar.

Rumors say that the boy group will be named "Big Dipper", due to the seven stars that make up the big dipper, and the fact that there are seven boys in the group.

MAKINGTHESTAR0424+my own research

Wow, first the illuminati, now robots. What's next DSP, mythological creatures?

Also, I rly hope they aren't going to be called Big Dipper, but that name's been floating around since DSP first revealed they were making a boy group.
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Display of Big Bang's heights…"What's the truth?" vs "It's ok if they're short"

Netizens are once again suspicious of Big Bang's heights as recorded on their profiles.

Recently on an online community, this was posted as "Closure to Big Bang's Heights." In this post, one can see Big Bang standing next to other stars, followed with a comparison with those stars' profiles.

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Source: BBupdate
 Sports News
Translated by: @kristinekwak

More T-ara in Japan news, get ready to facepalm once again

Korean idol group T-ara has announced they will release a Japanese version of their hit Korean single "Lovey-Dovey". The single will come in two editions, a Limited with bonus DVD and Regular CD-only edition. The single is set for release on May 23rd. For the single, bonuses listed are a photo card (1 of 7) and a lottery ticket for a special limited CD from the Tour. (Full tracklisting and possible other bonuses to be announced later.)

T-ara's previously announced first Japanese album is now titled "Jewelry Box" and is confirmed for release on June 6th (more details to follow). T-ara will also begin their first Japanese Tour "T-ARA JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012" on June 19th at the Great Hall in Aichi and the tour ends with a pair of performances on July 25th & 26th at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.  

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Comtrya (The text was a little incoherent so I re-wrote some bits), T-araworld.net & lovet-ara@tumblr

Apparently, this was already announced on April 3rd? Guess it got lost in the news about the new members. Also,

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KARA's "Speed Up/Girls Power" receives Gold certification from the RIAJ

KARA received their 11th "Gold Status" in Japan for their latest Japanese single, "Speed Up/Girls Power." According to the Japanese Recording Industry Association (RIAJ), KARA's new single sold more than 120,000 copies since its release on March 21st.

The RIAJ awards the "Gold Status" to a record after it manages to achieve 100,000 or more in sales. So far, KARA has managed to earn such status for all of their albums and DVDs in Japan, and they are the first artists to make such an achievement since BoA and TVXQ.

KARA's title tracks, "Speed Up" and "Girls Power," also fared well in Oricon's daily and weekly charts after it ranked within the top three.

KARA are currently in Japan for their ongoing tour, "KARASIA," and will hold concerts in Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo.

Source: 10Asiae & koreaboo
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core contents media to establish online shopping mall

Core Contents Media will open their first online shopping mall, ‘C Sharp(C#)’, on April 16th.

Core Contents Media reveals the meaning behind their malls name saying, “The C represents Core, Contents, Challenge, and Creative, while the # represents improvement. The sharp means rise in pitch which in music terminology means to raise the note a step higher.

C Sharp(C#) will offer a variety of clothing apparel and cosmetics to consumers which includes shoes, clothes, handbags, cosmetics, and more.

The online shopping mall will include brand name items from famous Korean designers like Shin Hye Young, Yoon Jung Min, and Jeon Joo Hyeon. They will also include items from over 50 up-and-coming designers.
Core Contents Media plans on using their own artists, including T-ARA, Davichi, Hong Jin young, and others, to model for C Sharp(C#).

Source: naver & kpopseven
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Soldier beaten to death by students for “staring”

Just before finishing his service, a conscript was beaten to death by some university students for ‘staring’ at them.

The two university students were arrested for beating the soldier on his final leave of absence before finishing his military service, to death for staring at them while walking.

The Jeollanam Mokpo police, arrested Mr. Jo and his accomplice who are currently enrolled at a university in the area. Police announced that the two had been charged with manslaughter and held for 10 days.

Mr. Jo and his accomplice, are accused of tackling, violently assaulting and killing active service member Mr. Kim (21) who was walking through the back alley of a pub in Sangdong, Mokpo at around 3:30am on April 7th, for ‘staring’ at them.

The police investigation found that the victim, Mr. Kim on his last break before finishing military service was killed.

The police said that after the autopsy the cause of death could be accurately determined.

Source: koreabang

What the world has become nowedays. If a young person scolds at you and you say something back there is already a change you will get stabbed
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Vocal Cords a non-factor in actor Joo Ji Hoon's May Film Festival

A special two-week screening of actor Joo Ji-hoon's movies will take place at the "Joo Ji-hoon Festival 2012" in Japan for two weeks from May 5 until May 18. The two-week festival will include screenings of "Antique" (2008) and "The Naked Kitchen" (2009) - blockbuster hits throughout Asia.

The event, hosted by Japanese film-production and distribution company SPO, will coincide with Joo's May 16 birthday. The popular actor and model turns 30. Earlier this year, Joo was the center of controversy when he dropped out of the musical "Dr. Zhivago" just days before the opening.

The actor's agency Keyeast Entertainment announced on Jan. 10 that the star would be unable to participate in the musical after he injured his vocal cords. "Since fulfilling his military service in November, Joo has been busy working, which led to the singer damaging his vocal cords", a representative of the star said at the time.

By Carla Sunwoo[carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

Source & Credits : KoreaJoongangdaily , Hancinema

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Some Korean Media supporting multiculturalism

Beware of xenophobia

One of the most welcome bits of news from the April 11 legislative election was the election of a naturalized foreigner as a member of our National Assembly. Jasmine Lee, who comes from the Philippines, became a proportional representative for the ruling Saenuri Party. Multiethnic families have increased as a result of the many marriages between Korean males in rural areas with foreign spouses, beginning in the late 1980s. The number of foreign brides marrying Korean males is over 210,000, with the number of children from mixed marriages more than 150,000. As they now form one of the biggest minority groups in this country, the election of a foreign-born citizen as a lawmaker is welcome, if not a little belated.

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Editorial by koreajoongangdaily

Did Taeyeon Get Plastic Surgery?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Following Hyoyeon, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon has fallen victim to plastic surgery rumors.

The rumors surfaced after the April 14th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Music Core‘ showed the singer appearing somewhat different than before. Netizens have been claiming that her nose bridge seemed to be taller and her jaw line seemed to be more sleek. They immediately captured screen shots of the singer and uploaded them onto online community sites with captions that read, “Past photos of Taeyeon to the present”.

However, SM Entertainment has stepped forward and slammed all plastic surgery rumors regarding the Girls’ Generation member. On April 16th, a representative of their agency spoke with Star News stating, “We find it absurd that these rumors have surfaced when they are currently busy with their schedules.”

Taeyeon was unable to emcee the April 7th episode of ‘Music Core’ due to her participation in the recording of MBC’s ‘2012 Thailand Hallyu Concert‘ at the Rachamankha stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

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'No country for young (wo)men'

People in their 20s, 30s bear brunt of downturn
Kim Ji-yeong has never had a permanent job. After graduating from college in Busan in 2003, she took a contract job as a secretary for a steel company in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province.

But she was laid off a few years later due to a revision in the Labor Law. The law enforced a company to upgrade a contract worker’s job status to permanent if he or she had worked at the workplace for more than two years. Her employer decided to lay off her as the two-year deadline was approaching instead of giving her a permanent job.

Since then, she has studied English in Canada and the United States while working temporary and illegal jobs. Kim came back to Korea one month ago, but is without permanent employment.

Kim’s story is nothing new among young jobseekers, but the government seems to have no interest in them. Instead, the finance and labor ministries are busy praising themselves for improving employment data.
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Source: koreatimes
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Good days over for old gang bosses

The leaders of the two biggest organized crime rings here are being pushed out amid the police’s toughening crackdown on gangsters and the growing need for a generational change in the underworld.

Cho Yang-eun, who founded the Yangeuni Family in 1978 and once made it the biggest gang in the country, publicly announced his “retirement” in 2009, but has remained the de-facto leader of the ring.

He is now hiding overseas as the police are investigating his involvement in a financial scam and an arrest warrant has been issued for the 61-year-old.

another ring called the Beomseobang Family and long-time rival of Cho, has been hospitalized since he collapsed while being questioned by detectives for abetting in violence. Kim’s health condition is reportedly deteriorating.
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Source: koreatimes
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FTC issues warning to bounty-hunting 'paparazzi' citizens

In a small office in Gangnam, southern Seoul, were about a dozen of people attending a lecture. They were learning how to choose a target and then to secretly take pictures to collect evidence.

The students in this class are not secret agents or private detectives but regular people who want to catch illegal or unfair activities on camera to receive financial rewards from the government.

Called by the Konglish misuse of the term ``paparazzi'' here, professional reward hunters earn a living by uncovering law violations and reporting them to the authorities. There are hundreds of private institutes that run special courses to train people who seek to make substantial earnings simply by becoming reward hunters.
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Source: koreatimes

Onew playing cameo in Sunday's sitcom, "Oh! My Godx2"

Following fellow member Minho's venture into the world of sitcoms, SHINee's Onew will be giving his own hand at acting with a sitcom debut through SBS Plus's Oh My God x2!

Onew will be acting alongside SM Entertainment labelmate CSJH's Sunday. Interestingly enough, he'll be playing himself as an actual SHINee member named Onew who hits on Sunday's character, Bora.

Since the two are already close with each other as labelmates, staff on set revealed that they were seen fooling around and catching up on news during down time.

Onew commented after the filming, "Sunday nuna and I have known each other since our trainee days so we're like siblings. I was able to easily agree to take on the role thanks to her. I've always had fun watching 'Oh My God x2' and I think it's a lot more fun actually being here on set with everyone."

Onew’s episode will air on April 23rd.

Source: video - trinaorange, article - naverallkpop

Edited since I forgot to include article. ^^' She's been looking so weird in this sitcom aish

Prepix - What I See (teaser)

Performance dance team Prepix has released the promotional video teaser Magic Glasses for their new song, What I See.

The Magic Glasses video was shared via Prepix's official YouTube channel, and it featured two of Koreas top dancers in Haw, and Shorty Force.

In the clip, every time Shorty Force puts on his magic glasses, his mom would showcase some crazy break dance moves.

The promotional video is for Prepix's new song What I See, a track that's drawing major attention as B2ST's Yong Junhyung has made a feature in the new project.

"So looking forward to the full MV", fans commented after seeing the teaser, as well as "Funny and impressive", and "Can't wait for the release!"

In related news, both the audio and the MV for What I See will be released on April 24th.

Source: video - prepixhaw, article - nateallkpop
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Korea to turn hallyu into industry

Culture Ministry plans to create fair  business environment for artists, large concert hall and support content developers

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on Wednesday a set of comprehensive plans for hallyu, such as building infrastructure for better content development, facilitating a support system for less popular Korean cultural genres, and promoting cultural exchanges to prevent anti-Korean sentiment.

“Concerns are rising that the Korean Wave will fade away in just four or five years. We will implement a variety of projects to continue hallyu and further promote Korean culture in general,” said Culture Minister Choe Kwang-shik at a press conference held at a small underground bar and concert hall in Hongdae, a district known as the center of the country’s indie music scene.

“Korea has long been a role model for economic success by developing hardware industries such as electronics, shipbuilding and automobiles. However, the country will be empowered by hallyu as a new industrial force and become a role model of soft power in the future,” he added.

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Source: Cho Chung-un @ The Korea Herald

Well, for once they actually have some concrete steps planned instead of just lofty words.
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Phantom’s MV for “ICE” with Kim Yuna released

Kiggen, Sanchez, and Hanhae of rookie group Phantom have teamed up with the Queen of the Ice, Kim Yuna.

South Korean brewery company Hite commissioned Phantom to create a track for a promotional campaign. Phantom obliged and released the track “ICE” nearly two weeks ago. Now, the official music video for “ICE” has been revealed. The music video features Kim Yuna and she shows that she also has some sweet moves off the ice skating rink by showcasing her dance moves.

Check out the music video below!

Source: Allkpop
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JYP Entertainment files lawsuit against netizen behind malicious Twitter account

Earlier, we reported that JYP Entertainment had threatened legal action against a malicious Twitter account that had been sexually harassing Wonder Girls‘ Sohee through tweets.

It seems JYP Entertainment has followed up on their previous warning for they have indeed filed a lawsuit against the netizen.

The agency revealed on April 17th, “We have determined that the netizen’s words are not to be taken lightly, and thus on April 16th, we filed a lawsuit for contempt and the violation of the law on telecom networks and information protection against ‘A’. On April 17th, we proceeded on with the investigation.”

As mentioned previously, the netizen had left countless mentions on Twitter sexually harassing Sohee. JYP Entertainment had requested for the deletion of his tweets, and had threatened legal action earlier this month.

Source: Allkpop
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Kara to hit Singapore on 10 July

Sexy K-pop lasses Kara are set to hit Singapore on 10 July for a one-night showcase as part of their campaign to launch their own line of perfume.

Not content with just selling over 1.8 million albums in Japan alone, the group known for their long legs and sexy dance routines recently launched a fragrance called K5J, short for Kara 5 Jewel.

The perfume will debut at selected retail stores and outlets from 14th April in Japan and will be distributed in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore this summer.

The five-member all-girl group -- Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole and Jiyoung -- are behind chart-topper hits such as "Super Girl" and "Step".

Details of their one-night showcase will be released at a later date.

source: yahoo

LOL at the comments on the article page - "Their dancing sucks.... X-box games dance better then them....", "2nd & 3rd from left, hot!!!", "Well if they let me smell Nicole up close n personal,then i will buy their perfume.keke."

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U-Kiss to perform in Colombia

Boy band U-Kiss has been asked to perform at the 2012 "Evento 40," an annual pop festival in Colombia on May 11 -12, becoming the first-ever Asian artist to be invited to the South American event.

The group will be performing alongside the likes of Colombian starlet Shakira.

"Evento 40" organizers said they are expecting an audience of over 50,000 at the festival.

There will be 15 acts performing at the two-day event and it will be broadcast throughout South America through Colombia's private broadcaster CaracolTV Principales.

The seven-member Korean boy band said it was thrilled to be invited to the event as a "K-pop representative."

"We heard that K-pop is sweeping across South America at the moment," the band said in a statement. "It's also our first time visiting Colombia and as representatives of K-pop and Asian artists, we will try our best to infect the nation with K-pop fever."

source: JoongAng Daily

loling at the source for using an old pic
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Fans crash "Dream Concert" ticket reservation website

Tickets for the Dream Concert next month opened on April 17th at 8 o'clock, and the massive traffic of fans who have rushed to reserve their tickets to the annual concert resulted in the website crashing.

The Dream Concert held its first concert in May 1995 to give a sense of hope and dreams to the youth. Since then, the concert has been held every year.

This year, popular Korean artists TVXQ, Girls' Generation, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, 4minute, Davichi, KARA, K.Will, SISTAR, Secret, BEAST, IU, miss A, Infinite, Teen Top, T-ara, and ZE:A.

The "2012 Dream Concert" will be held on May 12th at 6PM KST at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Source: E-Today & koreaboo