April 21st, 2012

Changmin Pron

Changminnie for Dazed & Confused

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And then, after five teasers of the exact same thing, DSP drops this bomb. Born in 1988, Hyeongkon was the guy in Rainbow's To Me mv, the dude Nicole performed her duet with at KARASIA, and auditioned for Super Star K with 2PM's Again and Again. He's rumored to be the leader of the group and is also rumored to have completed all of his mandatory service for the army.

Jang Nara loves the cherry blossoms

On April 19, Jang Nara revealed several pictures on her official blog, narajjang.com. Along with the photos, she wrote, "I'm starting to feel better. It looks like it's snowing. Cherry blossoms in the sky, and cherry blossoms on the ground. Hurry and check them out before it′s too late! I feel like I'm in another world."

Jang Nara's visit to see the cherry blossoms took place suddenly. Even though she is very busy with her comeback, the singer/actor took the time to travel spontaneously with her makeup artist.

Netizens replied to the photo, "Jang Nara is prettier than the flowers" and "You're so beautiful."

Meanwhile, Jang Nara will be flying off to China on April 21 to attend various events and film festivals.

Source: official site (can't find direct link to the blog entry...), enews

The members of SISTAR become the next advertising queens

Popular girl group SISTAR has risen to be the next blue chip of advertisements. In the midst of their newest hit single Alone being top of music charts along with their brilliant comeback, SISTAR is receiving continuous love calls from companies for advertisement.

According to their agency, Starship Entertainment, SISTAR is scheduled to model for Solar-C, Pelicana Chicken, CLRIDEn, Plastic Island, Hyundai Veloster Turbo and more. They have been offered numerous food and car advertisements, as well as offers for clothes brands.

A representative of SISTAR's agency thanked fans for the love and interest they are giving to SISTAR with their new song Alone hence bringing many advertisement offers.

Source: osenkoreaboo
{film}: prelude to death

BtoB's squirrel, Lee Minhyuk, wants to be as greasy as Infinite's Woohyun

BtoB's Lee Minhyuk: "Infinite's Nam Woohyun, I want to have a sexy stare like him."


Infinite’s Nam Woohyun? BEAST’s Son Dongwoon? Or B1A4’s Gongchan? 2012’s new pretty boys who are looking like these handsome male idols are taking over women’s hearts. BTOB a boygroup with 7 members has these pretty boys’ star Lee Minhyuk.

“Truthfully I like Infinite seniors and among them I thought that Nam Woohyun senior was really handsome. Actually, before debuting I heard that I looked like seniors such as Hyunwoo, B1A4’s Gongchan, Yoon Siyoon and Lee Seunggi but after debuting I got to hear that I looked like Infinite’s Nam Woohyun and BEAST’s Son Dongwoon seniors. I’m really honored to hear that I look like handsome people, it also makes me think that I got handsome (laughs)”

While we were at it we asked to Lee Minhyuk ‘Who is Nam Woohyun to you?’. “I admire him…? Someone who is really charming as a man? I also want to be charming like Nam Woohyun senior to possess women’s hearts. His stare is vivid but quite sexy. I don’t think my eyes are like this…”

Sources: DKPop News, The Star
trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | take out with full credits

the gang

Block B to return with a repackaged album?

After going through the entire Thailand controversy, it seems like Block B might be making a comeback very soon! Rumor has it that the group will be releasing a repackaged version of their mini-album ‘Welcome to the Block‘ on May 2nd.

Brand New Stardom hasn’t announced officially announced anything as of now, but fans were quick to notice that were two new Block B songs that had been registered into the Korean Copyright Association. The final tracklist is unknown yet but is said to have two new tracks. The first one being titled ‘Close My Eyes‘ with the lyrics being penned by Zico and Kyung. There will also be a remix version of ‘Action‘.

If a repackaged album really is released then I’m a super happy BBC right now! It’ll be a great thing to see Block B standing up on stage again.

source: ningin + blockbintl

Yes please, and apparently their comeback song was supposed to be Did You or Did You Not before they decided to end promotions? If this is true then :'(

J.Y. Park releases MV for duet song “Someone Else” with Ga-In

After 2 long years, J.Y.Park will be releasing his album calledSpring. Five Songs I’m Sending to a New Love. Ahead of this release, he has revealed the track Someone Else as promised at midnight on April 22nd (KST).

It seems the owner of that soulful voice that J.Y. Park hinted on his previous tweet belongs to none other than the talented Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-In!

Check out the MV below!

source: allkpop | jypark@youtube

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OP lost faith in k-pop. CCM's new girl group called Gang Kids

Previously, it was announced that that members of T-ara were asking their fans to help Core Contents Media name their new girl group. After taking suggestions from over 37,000 fans, they decided to call the seven member group “Gang Kids,” which apparently represents their image of “cute bad girls.” The new group is composed of Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, Esther, Lee Haein, Kim Hyeji, Somin, and Jo Eunbyul.

T-ara thanked all the the fans who sent in their ideas and stated, “Thank you to all the people who participated in the contest.” Gang Kids also expressed their gratitude and added, “We will work hard to repay everyone for the love they have given us.” T-ara chose ten ideas from all the submissions and awarded the submitters an autographed photobook titled “Best of the Best.”
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Source: Sports Chosun & koreaboo
I'm sure the members aren't kids anymore
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Metalcore band Vassline to release new full length "Black Silence"

Korean metalcore band Vassline is set to release a new full length album soon. The band revealed this news through their official Twitter account, showing a cover picture along with the album title and a "coming soon" message.

"Black Silence" is the first album by Vassline since the release of "Permanence" in 2007. They have been performing since 1996, and won the Best Rock prize at the Korean Music Awards for their 2004 release, "Blood of Immortality" in 2005. Their discography includes a demo, an EP, three full lengths, and a split-album.

The album is set for a release later this year.

Source: @vasslineband & koreaboo
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ze:a gets to chill in dubai (in jackets!), magically doesn't get sunburned

They came, they sang, they conquered. Popular Korean group ZE:A left their screaming fans asking for more at the weekend

Fainting fans, delirious teenagers and hundreds of screaming girls. You'd think a major pop star was in town in Dubai on Friday. But to the young fans, who turned up from all over the UAE and assembled at the Boracay Club in Asiana Hotel three hours ahead of their scheduled appearance, ZE:A (pronounced je-a), are as big as they come.Collapse )

source, photos: gulf news

fancams of both the showcase and fanmeet are aplenty, but i can't bother with all of them tbh. while i couldn't make it, my friend assures me no fainting occurred lol. everyone assisted to the boys being a bundle of sweetness and good manners. being the first korean act to visit the country (nine muses' thing wasn't quite official...), the fanmeet/showcase went perfectly well and the boys left such a good impression, even on non-fans. and basically everyone fell in love with kevin.
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North Korea gets $15 website redesign, online souvenir store

North Korea has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its ill-fated rocket program, but when it came time to give its website a facelift, the country decided to go the thrifty route.

It turns out that North Korea's revamped website is based on a design template created by a California Web designer that sells on themeforest.com for a mere $15.

But just because it was cheap doesn't mean it's not pretty.

In fact, we'd say the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) more than got its money's worth.

The communist country's cheapskate ways were uncovered by Michael DiTanna, a junior at Fordham University, who was researching North Korean official media for a Korean history and political science class, reports Wired.
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Source: latimes
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Bakery charity feeds North Korean children

Love North Korean Children has built four community bakeries with the humble intention of providing 5,000-plus youngsters with one steamed bun per day.

North Korean orphans are dressed up as a foreign delegation visits their orphanage last September. The World Food Programme estimates that 6 million North Koreans need food aid and a third of children are chronically malnourished or stunted.

The specter of a North Korean rocket launch may have suspended the promise of food aid, but away from the bluff and the bluster of North Korea’s relations with the outside world one British-based charity has set about trying to resolve a mini food crisis of its own inside the reclusive northeast Asian country.

Manna Mission of Europe Ltd/Love North Korean Children, based in London, has so far built four community bakeries with the humble intention of providing 5,000-plus youngsters with one steamed bun per day. Three are said to be fully operational and meeting their targets.
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Source: csmonitor
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N.Korea starts anti-SK propaganda campaign via all channels

North Korea has begun a far-reaching propaganda campaign against South Korea by mobilizing all channels, including its military, South Korea affairs agency and external promotional media.

Pyongyang has also expanded the targets of its threats to news reports by South Korean media and activities by civic organizations.

The North on Thursday issued a joint statement of its government, ruling Workers` Party and organizations saying, “The alien betraying faction should immediately apologize for the grave crime of slandering the events on the Day of the Sun (birthday of North Korea founder Kim Il Sung),” adding, “Otherwise, we will launch a sacred war of vengeance and completely wipe out the alien betraying faction from this land.”

By blasting South Korean President Lee Myung-bak’s radio address delivered Monday, Pyongyang said, “The traitor Lee Myung-bak has shouted how much we spent on launching the missile when events for the Day of the Sun were proceeding, and how much corn the money would have bought,” adding, “This constitutes intolerable slander against our Dear Leader, regime and people.”
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North Korea's 'Young General' grows up

His grandfather made his name in the 1930s as a teenage guerrilla, battling the Japanese soldiers who then occupied Korea. His father spent decades solidifying the family's hold over the country, building up the military, extending the intelligence apparatus and driving its nuclear ambitions.

And Kim Jong Un himself? He apparently cut his teeth on the basketball courts of a Swiss middle school, a fiercely competitive player who posed as the son of a North Korean Embassy employee. Until, one day in 2000, he disappeared.

He wasn't seen again publicly until 10 years later, when he stood near his ailing father, Kim Jong Il, at a Pyongyang military parade. Cheering crowds greeted the baby-faced "Young General" as North Korea's ruler-in-waiting.

Now, with an outwardly seamless transition to the third generation of Kim family rulers, he appears to have been well-served by his competitive instincts.
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Source: foxnews
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120421 JYJ Lotte Fanmeeting

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  • Jae said that cooking for someone you love is a very happy/fortunate thing.
  • First lie detector question: “I think I am the most handsome member in JYJ”. Jaejung answered “No” and got shocked by the detector. LOL

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Credit:alovelikewar, hellyryther of JYJ, Min of PrinceJJ, sweetiexiah of JYJ3
Picture: @myuchun6006 + ayu
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Shinhwa Broadcast episode 7 preview

Source: 01luvsh

...I couldn't resist, it's definitely worth sharing ;)
So far only 2 first episodes were posted on Omona. Here is episode 3, episode 4 and episode 5 with subs. 3 and 4 are not allowed to embed and 5 isn't fully subbed but there's enough translated stuff to understand. Today is generally the Shinhwa Day (even Minwoo called it this way), all Invincible Youth 2 guest episode, Guerilla Date, episode 6 of Shinhwa Broadcast have been aired on April 21st :)

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