April 22nd, 2012


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# exo's album sales - hanteo → hangingover@lj | fy-exo@tumblr | codeexo 
# exo-k's 'mama' takes #1 spot in domestic album charts → Nate |  xiaoxi.@codeexo {transl}
# exo-k's mini-album 'mama' debuts at #8 on Billboard World Album Chart codeexo | sment_exo@twitter
# luhan's weibo update → exo-m weibo | reen.@codeexo {transl} | nadadella@codeexo {photo reupload} | codeexo
# exo-m receives 3 single crown awards within 5 days of debut → exokm@wordpress | faru20@tumblr | mystoxuan@exom-trans | codeexo
# official photos from exo-k's fan signing event at coex in seoul smtown@facebook

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BTOB: "We Didn't Want to Debut as Idols"

After 4Minute and B2st's success, the market once manipulated by SM JYP and YG, the Big 3, was shaken up, leaving Cube Entertainment's rookie group, BToB incredible interest.Here in BToB,these kids didn't have the basis of (what is needed for) creating idol teams, and were still uncertain but the possibility of their growth makes us anticipate them even more. Honestly, BToB was originally planned as a dance group,it's no wonder that these members have different dreams from the others as "idol stars".

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Lee Byung Hun on a Poster

Gearing up for its summer release, ‘G.I. Joe 2′ has unveiled individual posters for the main characters of the movie. One of those posters features Korea’s star actor, Lee Byung Hun, as the character Storm Shadow.

The poster was revealed through the official movie homepage, and is sure to captivate fans with Lee Byung Hun’s intense gaze and built body.

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Bullied Student’s Last SMS “If You Dare Come to My Funeral…”

The topic of school violence continues to draw major attention from Korean media. There have been countless cases of serious school violence with many ending in suicide. Just last year in December a student in Deagu committed suicide after being bullied, this being followed by another two suicides in Deajon in December last year and January this year. According to statistics, one child commits suicide in South Korea everyday, with bullying being one of the causes. School violence in Korea has been increasing drastically and the problem reached such a scale that the government has decided to make it compulsory to record all such cases on the permanent school records of those students who participate in school violence. The following is a news report about another unfortunate suicide incident which happened on 18th of April and has received a lot of netizens’ attention.
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Adele (IpleHouse Tania)

French/Colombian rapper who plagiarized TOP accuses VIPs of being hateful and racist

Alabama, the French/Colombian rapper who plagiarized TOP's turn it up finally changed the title of his youtube clip as a "Remix" and updated the description. 

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tl, dr version: I didn't say it was a tribute or cover because the entire world knows who TOP is and everyone knows this song. TOP would agree with me. VIPs are hateful and racist.

My reaction:
lame excuse is lame, even some seasoned Omonians didn't know the song. It's not like TOP is some international megastar.
lol @ his clip going from a few hundred views to 134,000 in a few days, the power of angry VIPs XD

TOP was unavailable for comment.

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royal pirates at music&men's fashion week in singapore!

Royal Pirates was invited to Music&Men's Fashion Week 2012 held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, making this their first overseas performance - before debut. They performed originals Supernatural and I Don't Want Nobody and covers This Love, Sorry Sorry and DJ Got Us Falling In Love.

Other Korean artists were invited such as Se7en, 8eight, Jung Sungha, Megan Lee, Lee Soohyuk(dude in 2ne1's MV) and model Lee Sunghoon.

Royal Pirate's videos (and other pics) under cut:

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Credits: Carbonatestars@YT, FideFashionWeek
lawddd james is so tall and cute and everything his legs are endless *w*
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Oh Wonbin to release 1st Japanese full length album "Time to..." in May

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FNC Entertainment's solo artist Oh Wonbin is set to reveal his first solo album as soon as next month.

Next to the title track "Don't Cry", the album features songs such as "to the Star", "Mignight Blue" and "My Way" from Wonbin's first Japanese single "to the Star"; as well as "2go", "Good for You", "Ready to be my...", "Love Song" and "Always" from his 2nd mini album "Good for You". The title track of the singer's first mini album "C'mon Girl", was also included.

The album, titled "Time to...", will be released in Japan on May 21st and includes 12 tracks. More info surrounding the release is set to be revealed closer to the release date.

Will you be anticipating this singer's next release?

01. C'mon Girl
02. Don’t cry
03. 2go
04. good for you
05. Ready to be my...
06. Love song
07. Wherever
08. Say goodbye
09. to the star
10. Midnight Blue
11. my way
12. Always

Sources: ohwonbin and Koreaboo

Yay Wonbin is doing things! XD

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tzuyu heart shaker


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TaeTiSeo 'Twinkle' is a work by American Composers the Jam Factory members; Brandon Fraley, Jamelle Fraley and Javier Solis. It is a rearranged of 70's, 80 's style - a reminiscent of Stevie Wonder Music. It consist of Funky Soul Harmony medium tempo dance
source: wooritaetae

【 Girls' Generation 】TaeTiSeo :: All songs of『Twinkle』to worldwide release on iTunes on April 29, 0am. It will include an online booklet, which is different from offline one. http://goo.gl/WQZb4
source: yurui912
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S. Korea Christians protest over Lady Gaga concert

Scores of conservative South Korean Christians will pray together on Sunday against Lady Gaga's Seoul concert, organisers said, accusing the US pop star of advocating homosexuality and pornography.

The pop diva arrived in South Korea on Friday, a week before her Seoul performance which kicks off her "Born This Way Ball Global Tour."

About 300 Protestant church members will gather in downtown Seoul Sunday night to hold a group prayer against the concert in the capital, Kang Ju-Hyun, a prayer organiser told AFP.

"We will pray to God that the concert will not be realised so that homosexuality and pornography will not spread around the country," he said.
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Kpop in Vietnam

'Crazy fans' from viewpoint of S. Korean expert
Young people today have been going crazy over South Korean showbiz stars. I’m sure the above story does not only happen in Vietnam. For years, people’s huge interests in South Korean showbiz industry have created what some call Hallyu [the Korean cultural wave that’s making its way around the world].
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Did Vietnamese teen concert-goers overreact?
Why do a large number of Vietnamese teen fans dream about meeting South Korean showbiz stars, listen to their songs all the time, hang their pictures on their walls, follow their stories and news, and attend their concerts no matter how much it costs?
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What adults have to say about teens and their idols

Dam Thi Xuan Uyen
Young people these days are more fanatic than us

In the old days, I followed some friends and idolized some artists. I would collect their photos and articles about them. I would sing along to their songs. But that was all I could do for my idols. I did not receive much pocket money from my parents and could not go to school with an empty stomach. I felt it was not wrong for my friends to idolize some celebrities, for they dressed nicely, sang well and earned billions due to their gifted voices. Besides their endowed talent, they also spent a lot of time on vocal and dance training.
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Fans go wild, faint out of excitement at Soundfest

Several ecstatic Vietnamese fans fainted during the 9-hour-long concert Soundfest held at Phu Tho stadium based in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday, that featured performances by South Korea's popular boy group Big Bang and other well-known foreign artists.
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