April 23rd, 2012

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JY Park Struggling to Stay Relevant with New Promo Posters

On April 23rd, J.Y. Park released three new teaser images for his upcoming track, “Only You“, through JYP Entertainment‘s official Facebook.

Surrounded by beautiful models, J.Y. Park doesn’t look at all happy judging by his solemn facial expressions. He doesn’t pay any attention to the looks that the sexy models give him and is instead fixated on something or someone else off screen.

The captions on the posters state, “The spotlights around me and the beautiful girls surrounding me, they’re all nothing up close”, “Whenever I look into your eyes as you watch me, I feel happy yet scared. I’m scared, yet happy”, and “I only see you, I only hear you”.

“Only You” will be released online on April 29th.

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The legendary After School set to release new JP single; AVEX to stream concert

The single includes their three recent CM tie ins.

Release date: 13th of June 2012
First Press Limited Editions for Types A, B & C will come with a trading card selected from 8 solo designs/1 group design.

Type A (CD+DVD)
01. lady Luck
02. Dilly Dally

01. Lady Luck PV
02. Lady Luck MAKING MOVIE
03. Special Interview (Bonus Content)

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Concert streaming:
After School will kick off their first Japanese Tour on April 27th. AVEX will be live streaming the final performance here (April 30th at 5PM Japanese time).

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Judging from the previews, this is set to be another flawfree release. Pretty Japanese sound wise (especially Lady Luck). I need Dilly Dally NOW.

Sunny Hill's comeback praised for unique creativity

Sunny Hill has finally completed their first week of comeback stages for their latest hit track, Is the White Horse Coming.

Meant to be a criticism against a society that finds love in superficial numbers and treats people as investment opportunities, the song has earned the widespread support of music fans all across the board. Not only did it climb to the top just moments after its release, but the girls' unique and creative concept combined with their impeccable live skills have earned them the praise of viewers everywhere.

Upon watching their comeback stages, netizens praised, "I can't get enough of the song. All of Sunny Hill's songs are so addictive", "The members seem to have gotten prettier. The stage is so much more lively!", and "The song is so addicting!".

What do you think of Sunny Hill's comeback? Is it a hit for you as well?

Source: naverallkpop
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Speak out, Lady!

Gaga concert restricted by age, only in Korea

By Kwaak Je-yup

That parental discretion is necessary for children’s choice of entertainment is accepted worldwide, with differences in the level of enforcement. On the Korean government’s controversial restriction of Lady Gaga’s upcoming Friday concert, however, entertainment industry insiders complain that non-local acts suffer from systematic discrimination under an outdated law. The superstar arrived in Seoul last Friday, and preparations for her concert are underway under a heavy shroud of secrecy at Seoul Olympic Stadium.
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Source: Koreatimes

"LOEN Princesses" IU and Sunny Hill pose for photos together

Last night, the female members of Sunny Hill had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo, and were visited by their fellow LOEN Entertainment peer and artist, IU. Together, they posed for photos and created a powerful 5-member girl group.

An official from LOEN Entertainment wrote on the company's Twitter, "For the first time since a long time, LOEN's 5-fairies have gathered at Inkigayo... I would like to introduce to you, LOEN's Princesses", and unveiled two photos.

The photos reveal Sunny Hill and IU wearing Princess and Prince Charming t-shirts with the Asian Prince from Sunny Hill's latest music video. In one photo, the 5 females are posing cutely with peace signs, while in the second one, they are posing coolly with dark sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Sunny Hill have completed their comeback stages for Princess and Prince Charming which has been topping charts and capturing the attention of both music show's viewers and fans for its uniqueness.

Source: LOEN official Twitter, article - natekoreaboo
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North Korea threatens 'special action' against S. Korea

By Kim Young-jin

North Korea’s military announced Monday it would soon take “special actions” targeting the conservative administration of President Lee Myung-bak. In a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency, the military said the actions would last for 3 to 4 minutes and consist of “unique methods of our own style,” without elaborating further on the means.

"Special actions by our revolutionary army will soon begin to crush reckless challenges by enemy forces,” an entity called the “special operational action unit” said.
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Source: Koreatimes

Infinite on Hanryu Pia (Scans + Interview)

Hallyu Pia April 2012 Edition
‘Everyone, just be prepared to enjoy it.’
Infinite, who entered in while giving off a scent of masculinity. After debuting in Japan last November through BTD, they made a record of getting 2nd place on the Oricon Daily Charts on their first appearance! They, whose popularity is continuously increasing in Korea and Japan, are called ‘trend-dols (idols who are currently the most popular)’. They have come back more improved with their second Japanese single, ‘Be Mine’

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Sources: trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates blog.naver Scans byNamyeolah
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john park finds men's aegyo disgusting

John Park despises when men use aegyo.

On MBC’s Music and Lyrics, John Park and Park Jin Hee, his partner on the show, were working diligently towards the creation of their special song.

During the episode, Park Jin Hee asked John Park to show her some aegyo. John Park responded with,

“When a woman shows her aegyo, she looks cute, but when a man shows his aegyo, it’s digusting.”
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Source: osen & kpopseven

Hyori’s mom shed tears when she saw her daughters boyfriend Lee Sang Soon

Singer Lee Hyori revealed that her mother shed tears after seeing her current boyfriend Lee Sang Soon for the very first time.

On the April 23rd broadcast of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘, Lee Hyori began opening up about her boyfriend, Lee Sang Soon.

“When my mom saw him for the first time, she shed tears because of his unattractive appearance,” she admitted. “Meanwhile, Sangsoon’s mother also shed tears after she saw an upsetting article that remarked that he was ‘ugly’.”

“After we went public with our relationship, all people could talk about was his appearance,” the singer continued. “I was so upset.”

“If you look carefully, my boyfriend is handsome,” she added.

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DSP Boyz’ official name revealed to be ‘A-JAX’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After unveiling each of the seven members over the course of a week, DSP Media has finally unveiled the official group name of their newest boy group, referred to as DSP Boyz until recently.

DSP Boyz’ official group name has been decided on ‘A-JAX‘, in reference to the mythological Greek hero that brought victory to the Greeks during the Trojan War. Just like their mythological reference, the group has set out to “stand as the hero in the cutthroat idol competition in the music industry”.

A-JAX is composed of seven members including Hyeongkon, Jaehyung, Yunyoung, Hyojun, Sungmin, Seungyub, and Seungjin, and is a group that is said to possess the visuals as performance skills.

A-JAX will be starring in their own reality show, ‘Making the Star – DSP Boyz’ prior to debut on April 24th, before making their debut in May.

Source + Photo: allkpop and TVDaily
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Donghae and Eunhyuk to release song in Taiwan

Subunit duo Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior will release a single for their Taiwanese fans on Friday.

"Oppa, Oppa," which made its debut while the group was on their "Super Show 4" tour, became an instant hit, prompting a Korean release back in December followed by a Japanese release on April 4.

The album to be released in Taiwan consists of the title track and a song written by Donghae, "First Love."

As well as being well received in Korea, the song also reached the No. 2 spot on the Oricon daily chart in Japan on the day of its release. Due to the popularity of the retro dance song overseas, the duo decided to treat their Taiwanese fans.

The Korean boy band is immensely popular in Taiwan, with its fifth album "Mr. Simple" maintaining the No. 1 spot for 34 consecutive weeks on the Taiwanese music chart KKBOX Chart. Super Junior’s previous album, "Beauty," also did well, as it stayed in the top spot for 63 weeks.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will hold concerts in Indonesia from Friday to Sunday and then in Japan from May 12 to 13.

source: JoongAng Daily

#2 on Oricon daily is not exactly something to brag about...
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Phantom releases their own MV for “ICE”

Kiggen, Sanchez, and Hanhae of rookie group Phantom have released their own music video for “ICE”.

South Korean brewery company Hite commissioned Phantom to create a track for a promotional campaign. Phantom obliged and released the track “ICE” nearly two weeks ago. Hite released a music video featuring Korea’s ICE Queen Kim Yuna and now Phantom has released their own version of the music video.

Phantom’s music video shows various citizens dancing across various locations in the beautiful metropolis of Seoul.

Source: Allkpop
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BoA sheds tears during her judge review of Park Jimin's performance on SBS "K-Pop Star"

BoA's tears during the recent SBS "K-Pop Star" broadcast has surprised viewers. On April 22nd, one of the Top 3 contestants, Park Jimin, performed "You Raise Me Up" on the latest broadcast of "SBS K-Pop Star."

During her performance, Park Jimin seemed to be at her peak of emotions and was seen crying. After listening and watching her stage, BoA was the first judge up for commentary and said, "Park Jimin is 16 years old right? When I was 16, I went to Japan alone," and began to shed tears.

BoA continued, "It was really hard for me. And I hated hearing, 'it's because she's BoA.' 'You can do anything because you're BoA,' 'it's not a problem for you because you're BoA.' While those words were encouraging, I still hated hearing them."

She followed up with, "Jimin, I think you get it too. 'Jimin can always do it because she's Jimin.' I felt sorry when I was watching your stage, you cried emotionally. But I was so proud of you when you kept going until the end."

Netizens commented, "I can imagine she's been through a lot. I empathized with BoA when she cried," "Seeing BoA's tears warmed my heart."

Meanwhile, Baek Ahyeon was eliminated from the competition, leaving Park Jimin and Lee Hayi as the finalists of "K-POP Star."

Source: btn News, KPOPSTAR & koreaboo

TVXQ’s first Japanese Tour as 2 member duo group draws in 550,000 fans and $90 million in sales ♥

Although they may have decreased in number, their fame and popularity have not waned. 2-member group TVXQ put on a concert for 45,000 of their fans at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on April 23rd. This was their final performance of their Japanese Tour that began this past January. Their 26 performance tour covered 9 cities in Japan including Yokohama, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and more.

This tour was the very first independent concert for TVXQ in Japan, after three members left to create JYJ in 2010, leaving just Changmin and Yunho remaining.

TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment remarked, 550,000 fans in total were present at all 26 performances, which is the largest crowd drawn in by a Korean artist in both Korea and overseas for a concert tour. The sales total for the tour if you combine ticket sales, merchandise, and more is estimated to be around $90,000,000 USD.”

As soon as the performance began, the audience members began waving their glow sticks in the air. TVXQ performed 20 songs in total at the event, beginning with “Rising Sun” which they released in 2006, “B.U.T“, “Superstar“, and more. Yunho even emulated the mannerisms of a popular Japanese comedian, evoking laughter from the numerous Japanese fans in the stands.

Thousands of fans began waiting outside the Kyocera Dome before the doors opened, and one fan remarked, “They are good looking and buff… I can’t even list all the reasons why I like TVXQ.”

There were also some older female fans that were in their 50′s and 60′s. A 62-year old fan from Yamaguchi, Japan said, “TVXQ is loved by fans of all ages, not just by the young people.”

The audience members stood on their feet for the entire 3-hour performance. Whenever the intro to a ballad song began playing, fans from each corner of the venue would shout “I Love You!” in hopes to be heard by the boys, and when they performed their encore song “Somebody to Love“, all 45,000 fans seemed to sing along with the lyrics.

I’m so happy I got to see Yunho in person,” another fan remarked. “They had a Fukuoka concert in February, but I’m so glad I came to see them again.”

source: chosun | allkpop