April 24th, 2012

{film}: prelude to death

Godwoon releases solo single, "In the Cloud"

Talented producer Shinsadong Tiger drew much attention for his first project album ‘Supermarket‘. Now, he’s set to expand on that project album with ‘Supermarket_another Half‘.

‘Supermarket_another Half’ will include tracks “Hub” by 4minute, “Stop” by G.NA, and “In the Cloud“, a solo track by B2ST member Son Dongwoon. The songs are scheduled to be released one after the other, starting with “In the Cloud” which was released at midnight on April 24th (KST).

With this new medium tempo ballad, B2ST’s maknae Dongwoon shows the fans what he can bring to the table as a soloist, singing the joys of a man that’s helplessly fallen in love. The pop-style track brings out Shinsadong Tiger’s classic electronic sound, and the repetitive trendy melody line is sure to capture the fans with just one listen. This solo track by Dongwoon serves as a sweet gift to the B2ST fans that are eagerly awaiting the boys’ comeback scheduled to take place next month.

Sources: Allkpop, b2utygirls06

{film}: prelude to death

Godwoon hijacks Hyuna's Trouble Maker spot, tweets to her about it

BEAST has completed a special 2nd fanmeeting for B2UTIES, who anxiously await their comeback, and during their 2nd fanmeeting, Hyunseung and Dongwoon had a special parody of Trouble Maker. Hyunseung, who originally teamed up with 4minute’s Hyuna for the song, danced with Dongwoon, who took Hyuna’s place.

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Sources: Ningin, hehehe105, @beastdw, younatheb2st: 1 & 2
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Fans celebrates B1A4's 1st anniversary with giant video advertisement

B1A4 has received a special gift from fans. B1A4 celebrated their 1st anniversary since their debut on April 23rd, and fans have celebrated their anniversary by posting large advertising video located downtown in Seoul.

The CGV video advertisement is 20 seconds long and is posted above the Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam and began showing on April 24th at midnight with the ad being played at an interval of 5 minutes.

B1A4 members thanked fans and said, "Thank you so much for always supporting us and giving us your love."

The group officially made their debut with "O.K" on April 23rd, and have since then released three albums, mini-albums "Let's Fly" and "It B1A4" and their studio album, "IGNITION." The group won awards at the end of the year as one of the top rookies, and have gained over 80,000 fans in the last year.

Currently, B1A4 is promoting their title track, "Baby I'm Sorry." 

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article source: koreaboo + asiatoday
video source: supermochi94

I'm always in awe of their fancafe numbers 

TVXQ to make their comeback in Korea this year!

Brace yourselves Cassiopeia because the kings of K-pop will be making their long-waited comeback in Korea!

Just before the start of the last Live Tour ~TONE~ concert in Osaka, TVXQ held an interview stating, "We are preparing for a comeback in the second half of the year."

They continued with, "We concentrated on working in Japan for the first half of the year, but we believe our Korean fans are also waiting for us. We are planning to return to Korea soon with a new image. We have not set an exact date yet, but we will comeback during a good period of time and achieve good results. We also plan to hold concerts if possible."

After holding 26 concerts for the past three months, TVXQ will go into preparing for the Korean comeback album after their break. Yunho stated with a smile, "After this, the first thing I want to do is rest, because I honestly cannot ignore the tired feeling that creeps up on me throughout the three hour concerts. Today's concert is the last one, so I'm a little worn out. However, I am also drawing strength from the thought that this is our last concert."

Changmin also stated, "First I want to relieve the stress that has built up by having a few drinks with my friends and such. We are doing our best to come back with a new album before the end of this year. In order to make the best album, we will take some time off after this last concert to rest."

Source: naverallkpop

slay-kiss releases their new mini album, haters need to fix their swag-detector

DORADORA (title track)

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AsianDreamMusic @ youtube


the mv comes out at 10AM KST btw (which is 3AM in the morning in my timezone, NH Media i hate you)

p.s. shout-out to my delusional flop-kiss stan friend xkeirafanx whos stuck in the czech republic now, you deserve it.
my bb seo in gook

Kim Jong-kook makes a comeback

Singer Kim Jong-kook is set to make a return to singing after a two-year hiatus. Kim's representative told local media on Tuesday that his new album will be released sometime in May.

"There is a possibility that it will be postponed until June, but we are aiming for May. Kim held a fan meeting on Sunday and the fans have been notified about the announcement already," said Kim's agency representative.

For the last two years, Kim has been a regular on the SBS show "Running Man." Earlier this year, he also made a cameo role in the movie "Wonderful Radio."

On Kim's preparations for his comeback and the release of his seventh album, his agency said, "Kim is currently deciding which song should be the title track."

Kim embarked on his career as a singer as part of the duo Turbo back in 1995. Kim has also found success as a solo artist, with hit songs such as "One Man" and "Lovely."

As well as carving a niche for himself in the entertainment industry as a singer and TV personality, the 37-year-old singer is best known for his buff physique.

source: JoongAng Daily
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Korean Uniform for London Olympics Unveiled

The Korean national team's official uniform for 2012 London Summer Olympics was unveiled at the National Training Center in Taeneung, Seoul on Monday.

The Olympics open in London on July 27.

The uniform was made by FILA, an official sponsor of the Korean Olympic Committee, based on the "taegeuk" (yin-yang) pattern of the national flag. It also incorporates "dancheong" (traditional multicolored paintwork on wooden buildings), a symbol of the traditional beauty of Korea.

Outfits for the opening and closing ceremonies were made by Cheil Industries. The Olympic Committee says it aims to recall the 1948 Olympics, the first in which Korea participated under its own flag after liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

Picture: Models wearing the Korean national team's official uniform for the 2012 London Olympics pose at the National Training Center in Taeneung on Monday.

source: The Chosun Ilbo

NU'EST become 21st Century Boys for May issue of 'Vogue Girl'

Last month, NU’EST debuted with the song FACE, which talked about the troubles of violence and bullying that many teenagers in South Korea face nowadays. The boys wrapped up their promotions for FACE just last week and will be returning to the stage once more with another track off their debut single, I’m Sorry.

In addition to promoting their follow-up song, the five members appeared as 21st Century Boys for the May issue of Vogue Girl. They certainly look quite chic and like your typical teenage boy for the magazine. Their look contrasts much with the look they had for ‘FACE’.

Do you prefer this look or their fierce look?

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I swear, Minhyun is so pretty (⌣́_⌣̀)

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Anti-Lee Myung-bak Rally Held in Pyongyang, Netizen Reactions

The DPRK (North Korea) has stepped up its rhetoric against South Korean president Lee Myung-bak following allegedly derogatory marks during the North’s April 15th celebrations of Kim Il-sung’s Birthday. According to the official North Korean state media outlet KCNA [The Korean Central News Agency]:

A Pyongyang city army-people rally was held at Kim Il Sung Square Friday to vow to wipe out the Lee Myung Bak group, the sworn enemy, in this land and sky.

Attending the rally were senior party, state and army officials, officials of the party, the armed forces and power bodies, social organizations, ministries and national institutions, officers and men of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces, officials in the fields of science, education, literature and arts, public health and media and working people and youth and students as well as overseas Koreans and the chief of the Pyongyang mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front.

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Source: uriminzokkiri, uriminzokkiri, koreabang

U-KISS - Standing in the Confetti of Others


Idol group U-KISS will return on the 25th with their 6th mini-album 'DORADORA'. They are immediately welcomed. While spending six months in Japan, they have had several notable accomplishments. Their first Japanese album, 'A Shared Dream', and single 'Forbidden Love' have ranked 2nd and 5th on the Oricon charts respectively.

Also, U-KISS has held 11 concerts in a total of six cities across Japan, including Osaka, Fukuoka, Tokyo. In July, they will tour again in an additional nine cities. According to AVEX, U-KISS is scheduled to perform at Tokyo Dome next March.

Their popularity in Japan has sky-rocketed. Their manager proudly stated, "When U-KISS first entered the Japanese market last year, they didn't have any bodyguards, but now they have 3-4". From Tokyo to Harajuku to Shibuya, there isn't a place without "U-KISS pastry". They have also filmed three CFs.

Just as nervous as U-KISS, their manager passionately stated, "They're still considered as rookies (in Korea). We're proud that U-KISS has found amazing opportunities in Japan, although it's harder in Korea. Rather than saying our status has changed, I would say that they are very happy to be able to sincerely feel the support from their fans."

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EDAILY: StarIn + gonenuts4strbux @ ROCKETBOXX.NET (translations)
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Seohyun’s best friend ‘Fwaney’ releases the MV to her debut single, “Secret”

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s best friend and now rookie singer ‘Fwaney (Lee Hwan Hee)‘ recently released her long-awaited debut single “Secret“, and the accompanying MV has also been unveiled.

The MV seems to parallel the lyrics to the medium-temp ballad song, telling the story of a shy girl who tries to express her feelings of love.

The delicate and soft melody will remind you of your first love, and it is the perfect song that befits the spring season!

Check out her MV!

Sources: allkpop and AsianDream2018@YouTube
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DJ Tukutz of Epik High to become a father

Epik High member DJ Tukutz has announced that his wife is pregnant!

DJ Tukutz uploaded a photo on Twitter, and wrote on the afternoon of April 24th, “I am receiving the greatest present that any person can receive. I am going to be a father. Everyone, please send me your blessing.”

The photo that he tweeted shows what must be he and his wife sitting on a bench, lovingly looking into each others’ eyes.

Seeing the tweet, Gaeko of hip hop group Dynamic Duo responded, “Congratulations and blessings. Jung Shik, you now have to sell your expensive clothes.

Fans who saw the tweet responded, “I can’t believe that Tukutz is now a father,” “I am curious if he will have a son or a daughter,” and “I hope you have a beautiful child who looks like his parents.”

DJ Tukutz got married in 2009 to his first love, a woman two years older than him, just two days before he enlisted in the army.

allkpop congratulates DJ Tukutz and his wife!

source: akp + star news via naver

So happy for them

you think

Hyoyeon Joins Cast of ‘Dancing With the Stars Season 2′

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hyoyeon will be joining MBC’s “Dancing With the Stars Season 2″, which will begin airing on April 27th. An MBC staff member stated, “After confirming her participation, Hyoyeon has been busy practicing. You will get to see a new side of Hyoyeon.”

Hyoyeon is one of the dancers in Girls’ Generation. Because of this, the producers have high expectations for her. A source stated, “As expectations are high, Hyoyeon has also been practicing a lot. It will be a chance for Hyoyeon to show off free dances unlike Girls’ Generation’s choreography.”

Other stars such as Tony An and actress Choi Yeo Jin will be joining Hyoyeon on the show. Recording for the first episode was finished on April 15th. The first episode of “Dancing With the Stars Season 2″ will air on April 27th at 9:55pm KST, and live broadcasts of the show will begin May 4th.

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Sports Hankooki
Flames of War - Mononoke Hime

Super Junior - Opera (Japanese Ver) Short PV

UNF. Hello Donghae and your CHEST. I am so taking you home with me at SM Town LAAnaheim. Get in me NAO. not biased at all lol Overall they all look scrumptious. Poor Shindong, I think he only had like 2 seconds of screen time lol Siwon looks handsome as always, Minnie looks fucking hot, Yesung and Kyu look a bit tired, not digging the eye makeup for Hyukkie's tear (suppose it's an upgrade over the clown makeup he had during Bonamana), Teukie actually looks fab, and Wookie looks AMAZHING.

flawless bb is flawless, my bb knows how to wurk it, just sayin'

oh, and mask p0rn ftw

Source: Avex Network
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The 'brand-name' stars of 'Dr.Jin': a fierce war over screen time!

The main actors of MBC's new weekend drama 'Dr.Jin' are at war of screen-time.

After 'Feast of the Gods', 'Dr.Jin' will have its first airing on May 26th. In the original Japanese manga, Song Seunghun's character leads the drama alone but in 'Dr.Jin', Kim Jaejoong and Lee Bumsoo's characters are more interesting. Kim Jaejoong will play Kim Kyungtak, a naval officer of Joseon Dynasty and Lee Bumsoo will play Lee Haeung, a soldier of fortune who is known as Heungseon Daewongun.

The drama will have more various characters than the original but the problem is that all the three male leads were even 'one-top' in other drama (one-top: actor/actress who take the leading role, who is responsible for the overall flow of the drama/movie), it's not easy to regulate the screen-time. In addition, Park Minyoung will also play a dual role, which makes the screen-time war become fiercer.

An official explained, "Normally, if a drama has four male and female leading roles, only two of them are highlighted but in 'Dr.Jin', all four roles are equally important.This is an invisible fight for the actors in order to highlight their characters. We can't focus on just one of them."

Another related person said, "Park Minyoung, Song Seunghun and Kim Jaejoong will form a triangle love. Although the love-line focuses on these three, I think Lee Bumsoo's character also has a very large proportion."

Source: Daily News via Nate | Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ
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Excited for Lee Bumsoo ♥
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This is a RaNia post!

T-ae tweeted this yesterday!

I'm pretty sure this is a COMEBACK ANNOUNCEMENT *FLAILS* but I'm not 100% (I don't speak Korean and the fandom translators are really slow). It looks like Joy's really not there anymore ;_; good luck to her wherever she is. The rest of my bbs are looking fineee~

EDIT: The video essentially says that they're preparing for their 3rd album in may and that they are doing well. Thanks boutiques!

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This post is brought to you by Jooyi's look of wtf.

Sources: sungmo4000 via T-ae's twitter, CentralSubs 1 and 2, gif from RanianSone's tumblr