April 26th, 2012

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Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won in "Nice guy"

Hot icons Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won are going to star in a new drama by writer Lee Kyeong-hee.

According to sources on the 26th, Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won have confirmed to star in the drama "Nice Guy" which was written by Lee Kyeong-hee from "Sorry, I Love You", "A Love to Kill", "Thank You" and more.

This is a mellow drama of a man who uses a woman who lost her memories to take revenge on a woman who betrayed him. Song Joong-ki's management said, "We aim for airing in August although we haven't set things out yet".

The two actor and actress decided to star in this drama out of trust in the writer. They are currently the rising stars of the entertainment industry. Song Joong-ki has starred in "Sungkyungkwan Scandal" and "Deep-rooted Tree", earning him support from lady fans and Moon Chae-won has risen to a high place with "The Princess' Man" and "Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon".

Sources & Credits : Nate, Hancinema

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Tablo thanks fans for their support during his father’s passing

Epik High‘s Tablo recently took to his Twitter to express his feelings on the passing of his father late last month.

On April 26th, he wrote, “Today marks a month since my father passed away. I’d like to genuinely thank you for your condolences and warm hearts.”

He changed his Twitter display picture to that of him and his father, leading netizens to comment, “We hope he rests in peace”, and “Please find strength.”

As previously reported, Tablo’s father passed away on the morning of March 26th. His ceremony was attended by countless friends and celebrities, as well as several messages online.

Source : Allkpop
Tablo’s Official Twitter
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DSP BOYS Hyeongkon, gets lots of support from male fans as an 'Army Idol'

Hyeongkon, a member of the boygroup A-JAX is getting support from male fans for being an army idol.

A-JAX started their activities through MBCMUSIC’s reality show ‘Making The Star - DSP BOYZ’ on the 24th.

Hyeongkon introduced himself as a ‘sweet army idol’ and got lots of support from male fans. He was in the army from October 2008 till August 2010.

He called the army winter jacket ‘the only friend’ and showed off a unique affection towards it. He still has the jacket with him and sometimes wears it during his practice.

He is getting lots of support as a second member to join the ‘army idols’, followed by 2AM’s Changmin.

Meanwhile, A-JAX is preparing for their debut which will be in mid-May.


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Mods, if they ever recieve a tag, can we come up with some type of compromise, because i am just in refusal to call them A-Jax
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International G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation Trailer

"Welcome to hell." The newest trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation tore apart London and gave quite an introduction to the doomsday weapon that Cobra Commander and his team plan to use in their scheme for world domination. Now we get a different look at that weapon and a faux president threatening the world with it in a new international trailer that brings plenty more ninja action, more awesome action shots, and another great appearance from Bruce Willis as the original G.I. Joe.

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omg you guys I am too excited

source/full text: firstshowing
trailer: yt

B1A4 tops Tower Records’ pre-orders chart with ‘Beautiful Target’

Despite being rookies, B1A4 is quickly earning a spot in the hearts of Japanese K-Pop fans, as they’ve climbed to the top of Tower Records‘ daily pre-order chart!

According to WM Entertainment, B1A4′s first single, ‘Beautiful Target‘, ranked first on the combined daily pre-order chart of Japan’s biggest record store, Tower Records. Not only that, but following in second and third are also A and B versions of the same album.

A representative of Pony Canyon, B1A4′s Japanese management agency, commented, “They haven’t made their debut in Japan yet so we were all surprised yet glad to see the boys ranked first, second, and third on not a K-Pop chart, but a combined chart. We’re really looking forward to the boys’ future promotions.”

Previously, the boys held a ceremony for their fanclub, ‘Bana Japan‘, in Tokyo and Osaka on April 19th and 21st. They had expressed, “Our goal is to rank first on the Oricon chart and hold a concert under our own name at the Budokan.”

Upon hearing about their achievement on Tower Records, the members stated, “Thank you so much for taking such a big interest in us. We’re going to work hard to show a great image in Japan.”

B1A4 will be concluding their promotions on April 28th before returning mid-May with a repackaged version of their first album.

source: akp + star news


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Kim Soo Hyun to model for J.ESTINA with his ideal woman Kaya Scodelario

Actor Kim Soo Hyun received the opportunity to work with his ideal woman, British actress Kaya Scodelario.

The two celebrities were chosen to model as a couple for Korean jewelry brand J.ESTINA.

Kaya Scodelario is a British actress / model who is a main character in the British drama ‘Skins‘. She’s been labeled as the ‘next Emma Watson’ and holds much interest and expectations from fans. Kim Soo Hyun previously revealed that Kaya was his ideal type through a magazine interview last month on March 7th. After this revelation, the opportunity for them to model together arose.

Through various advertisements, Kim Soo Hyun has worked with beautiful, famous women and celebrities like Kim YunaPark Tae Hwan, and Shin Se Kyung. However, it is expected that his photoshoot with Kaya Scodelario could be his best yet.

A representative from J.ESTINA stated, “Because of the big impact Girls’ Generation made with our campaign several months ago, we had some concern on our next move. Because we saw Kim Soo Hyun receive a lot of positive feedback through ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘, we decided to choose him.”

Kaya Scodelario is scheduled to fly into Korea in May to participate in the photoshoot with Kim Soo Hyun.

source: akp + joongang via nate

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Son Dambi to model for water theme park

Singer Son Dambi has been chosen by Ocean World to represent the water park. A spokesperson from the theme park said on April 26 that Son was picked because her persona fits with the brand.

"Of all the female entertainers around at the moment, Son has the beauty and charisma that outshines all the others; thus, we thought she'd be perfect to represent Ocean World," said the representative.

Son is currently starring in the MBC drama "Light and Shadow." She will return to singing after she wraps up filming.

By Carla Sunwoo [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]

source: JoongAng Daily

Sherlock tragic Japanese version was out, but Omona didn't notice + album infos

As reported earlier, Korean group SHINee will be releasing their new single, “Sherlock (Japanese ver.)“, on May 16th. However, prior to its official release, the group has unveiled the PV for the song.

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So, why didn't anyone post it yesterday? Were you all mezmerized by the comeback of Lucifer's fail Japanese or what?

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K-pop festival in NZ?

Tidal wave of K-pop heads our way

Some of South Korea's top pop bands, with millions of fans and followers around the world, could be headed to New Zealand for a huge pop music festival with the aim of spreading "Hallyu" - or the Korean cultural wave.

As part of celebrations to mark 50 years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and New Zealand, the Korean Society is planning to bring the country's most popular female group, Girls' Generation, with other top pop groups such as 2PM and Kara, for a K-pop festival in the summer.

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source: NZ Herald

I was surprisingly calm when I got told about this, but it's still unbelievable. ;___; Fingers crossed that this will happen. ><

IU loses a Twitter argument with Loen Entertainment

On April 25th, Loen Entertainment said through their official Twitter, "Listen to Sunny Hill's 'Is the White Horse Coming' on radio and receive an Asia Prince [songwriter] tee-shirt! We'll pick ten people from the listeners and give away tee-shirts autographed by Sunny Hill."

IU replied to this with an unenthusiastic tweet, saying, "Who will tune in just to receive that!"

Loen Entertainment then followed up with another tweet, saying, "Dear artist, saying that puts us in a bad spot." They also accompanied their tweet with a photo of IU proudly showing off an Asia Prince tee-shirt.

With that, IU ended the short episode with a tweet, "Everyone, please tune in", causing much amusement to her fans.

Source: OSENkoreaboo
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Fantastic Baby parody contest winner

Back in March, YG Entertainment joined up with SK Communications and Nate for a ‘cover survival’ competition in Korea, titled ‘Fantastic 1‘, using Big Bang’s hit single “Fantastic Baby“.

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This. is. beautiful. *-*
If Tzechar's Neverending Geurae was admitted this one should be approved too, lol. 
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SHOCKER! Prince of Asia is best in Korea

Hallyu force of nature Jang Keun-suk has again proved his popularity by taking home the Best Male Star award at the 48th annual Paeksang Arts Awards on April 26.

Jang took the award which is presented to male actors in the film category for his role in last year’s hit movie “You Are My Pet.”
Jang secured 49.4 percent of the votes in a popularity survey, taking the No. 1 spot. He overtook Hallyu actors Gong Yoo and Shin Ha-kyun to claim the prize.

This isn’t the first time that the 24-year-old entertainer has been awarded a prestigious Paeksang award.
In 2010 he was awarded for his role in the movie “Itaewon Murder” (2009) and back in 2008 he took the prize for the Best New Male Talent for his role in the movie “Happy Life” (2007).

source: Korea Joongang Daily
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Seohyun's Twinkle teaser and some info about the mini~~~

Along with the teaser, some more information about some of the tracks on the mini-album has been revealed. “Twinkle” falls into the funky soul genre with a mid-tempo reminiscent of a 70′s-80′s Stevie Wonder style song. The straight-forward daring feel and lyrics show off the three members’ exceptional vocals. “Baby Steps” has a mid-tempo groove with a strong R&B style. “OMG” is an electronic-retro pop track with a unique sound, and “Love Sick” is about a shy girl who learns about love through her first crush. “Good-bye, Hello” is a track with a shuffle rhythm about not being able to believe that they just went through a break-up the day before.

Additionally, SM Entertainment revealed the thought process behind naming the unit “Girls’ Generation – TTS”. The name “TaeTiSeo” is made up of the first syllables of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. This name has the letters “T” and “S”, which have distinct sounds, giving a strong vibe of the team and also lets the fans recognize the members instantly. A representative of Girls’ Generation explained, “We made the unit name as simple as possible. It is easy to remember and recognize who the members are. We can add members or change members easily in the future with this name. We are planning very flexible activities, so for the long run, we made a name that is easy to remember rather than making a new name.

SM Entertainment will also be holding a special contest for the release of “Twinkle” on iTunes on April 29th. Take a picture of your purchase on iTunes and email it to gift@smtown.com along with your name, age, and address for a chance to win a special prize. Head over to the SMTOWN Facebook page for more details.

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Source: Soshified