April 27th, 2012

B.A.P. releases new mini album ‘POWER’!

B.A.P.‘s new mini-album ‘POWER‘ has been released.

The group’s second album features 4 tracks in all, and like the “Warriors” that they are, the titles included suggest a strong and aggressive theme. B.A.P. will be covering genres from dance to rap and hip hop.

‘POWER’ was officially released on April 27th at 12:00AM KST. Remember to support the group by purchasing the album and check out the tracks from ‘POWER’ below:

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the mini is flaw free. the lyrics are amazing, tbh.
made in asia!

miss A’s Suzy Becomes First Female to Win Rookie Awards for Music, Dramas and Movies

Call miss A’s Suzy, the ‘triple rookie crown’ winner.

At the 48th Paeksang Arts Awards held on April 26, Suzy beat out the competition to take home the best rookie actress award for her mega-hit mellow-romance movie, Architecture 101.

Her win for the award was impressive in itself but it became all the more impressive for the fact it marks her third rookie award.

In 2010 she won the best rookie artist award with her fellow miss A members at Mnet’s Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and then went on to win a best rookie actress award at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards for her role in the KBS drama, Dream High.

Suzy’s win for a best rookie actress award in a movie marked her third award win making her the first female celebrity to win three rookie awards in all three fields of music, television and movies.

Regarding her win, Park Jin Young didn’t hold back his joy as he tweeted, “Rookie award as a singer, rookie award as a drama actor and a rookie award in a movie, they say it’s a first in Korea’s history, Suzy. Truly, congratulations. You worked hard. I don’t think you’ve showed even one-tenth of all your talents yet, so let’s keep working hard like we are now.”

Park Jin Young later added, “Among males, they say Rain is the first to receive a rookie award as a singer, as a drama actor and an actor in a movie. So proud of them.”

Congratulations Suzy!

can i please get my suzy tag now? pretty please? with a cherry on a blue top?
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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Rumour of SM The Ballad, female version.

S.M. The Ballad 2nd generation - Females Only:
  • SNSD's Jessica
  • f(x)'s Luna
  • CSJH The Grace's Sunday
  • CSJH The Grace's Dana
  • Zhang Liyin
  • Unknown SM Entertainment rookie

Music styles are supposed to stay consistent of the first male generation.

Sources: Chocolyn, Baidu, Baidu 2

As a Zhang Liyin fan, not sure how I feel about this. She's a soloist, yet she's been inactive in the Korean music industry for so long...

Edit: This rumour is false! Verified through ZLY's bff, via Chocolyn.
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After Jin Wook & Ji Soek, another BFFs couple in another upcoming drama!! Same Age Chingus FTW

Kwang Soo as a college student in "Nice Guy"

Kwang Soo has been cast for the drama "Nice Guy".

Only his role and availability has been confirmed and other conditions are being tuned.

It is very likely that Kwang Soo will appear as the best friend of the main role and clumsy college student Park Jae-gul.

Writer Lee Kyeong-hee is ambitiously preparing for this drama at IHQ. The main role has been confirmed as Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won might appear as the opposing role.

Meanwhile, "Nice Guy" will be aired in August on KBS 2TV.

Sources : Nate & Hancinema

Kitty kitty


Big Bang on An An Magazine 

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'Go Show' Unaired Clip: G-Dragon Arm Wrestling

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Updated: Big Bang's Message for Fanta Idol

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Video from Fanta Idol @ youtube
Translated by ANNE @ bigbangupdates.com
Timed and uploaded by VIC @ bigbangupdates.com

Big Bang's Interview on HanBam (120425) [SUBBED]

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Translated by ANNE @ bigbangupdates.com

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Chi Chi debuts in Japan + Korean comeback announced

The 5-member girl group Chi Chi released their first Japanese single, “Karakawanaide!!” on April 25th, after revealing the MV a while earlier. To promote their new album, they held a showcase titled “Shibuya Chi Chi Festival” at Tower Records in Tokyo on the evening of the release.

Chi Chi is now making their appearance as a 5-member group, after a new member, “Shine,” recently joined the group. Their agency commented, “Chi Chi will be showing a different musical theme from the other K-pop groups in Japan. The fans’ interest is growing quickly here.”

In addition to their Japanese promotions, Chi Chi will also be releasing a new album in Korea this summer, so they will be quite busy managing performances and promotions in both Korea and Japan.

Source: Financial News & koreaboo
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Ha Jiwon is "The Queen" in HIGH CUT Magazine

Ha Jiwon appeared as “The Queen” in the style magazine HIGH CUT, released on 26th April.

The actress, who is currently busy with the shooting of the MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts,” as well as promoting the movie “As One,” took the time to show off her unique charm in this Korean movie special of HIGH CUT.

In addition, in an interview with the magazine, Ha Jiwon talks about her experiences with the North Korean dialect, listening to North Korean athletes speak during her filming for the movie “As One,” and how she managed to learn and speak the dialect so well, as required for her role as a North Korean in “The King 2 Hearts.”

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Source: Chosun Online & koreaboo

Cosmopolitan Korea: The 14-year record, Shinhwa.

A comeback after 4 years. It’s been such a long time that there are many people who ask if it’s a reunion after they split up, instead of a comeback. It has been a month since they have resumed group activities, and I’m curious about how things are coming along. It’s the 6th week since Minwoo resumed showbiz activities. The comeback is taking place after such a long time, no matter what they must be feeling a little nervous and unaccustomed. Starting from their concert, they have to cross mountains of scheduled programmes and activities. So far, there hasn’t been anything regretful about their comeback activities, except for Hyesung sustaining a knee injury during the concert, which was unfortunate.

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Source: Cosmopolitan Korea website + Absolut Shinhwa (1) (2)
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Live Dog Tied to Back of Car, Dragged to Death on Seoul Highway


The above photo has been circulating on the Korean internet under the name “Devil Equus”. On April 22, a Hyundai Equus was seen driving along a motorway in Seoul with a dog behind the car dragged on a leash. This caused an immediate uproar amongst netizaens, including prominent foxy celebrity Lee Hyori who took to twitter to condem the incident. Lee Hyori is a passionate animal rights activist. She is vegetarian and even stopped wearing all animal fur and leather products. However, as the driver had been cleared as innocent by the police, he was reported to be threatening to take legal action against Lee Hyori for “defamation of character”.
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Woman Crushes High School Girl Between Two Cars, Does Nothing

On a rainy day a middle aged woman was driving onto the field of a high school campus. While not paying attention, she accidentally hit a high school girl who was walking by. The female driver accidentally hits the girl, panics and starts screaming, then proceeds to accelerate instead of hitting the break. With the high school girl still pinned to the front of her car she slams into another vehicle about 10 meters in front of her. Still screaming, she leaves the girl pinned there, possibly hitting the gas a few more times. It isn’t until the driver in the vehicle in front of her comes around to inspect what she had done to his car, does he see the pinned girl, get back in his car and presumably un-pin her. The video stops as the driver of the vehicle in front realizes what has happened and jumps back into his car.
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you think

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon finds a partner on ‘Dancing with the Stars 2′

As previously reported, Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon made her first appearance on MBC‘s ‘Dancing with the Stars- Season 2‘.

On the first episode that aired on April 27th, Hyoyeon met her dancing partner, Kim Hyung Suk (24). Her partner, Kim Hyung Suk expressed that he was pleased with being paired with her saying, “I like people who have nice smiles, and my partner has a really cute smile.”

Hyoyeon who has decided to speak informally with her partner said, “I like that my partner is the same age as I am. This way we can speak comfortably with one another.” Although an expert in dancing, this is Hyoyeon’s first attempt at Tango. “I saw a video, and they were dancing lying down,” she said. Hyoyeon feels a bit awkward with the excessive skin contact in the tango style of dance. “I’ve tried a lot of different dances, but I always danced alone. It’s a little awkward having someone put their hands on me.”
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Daniel Padilla Nods


YG Entertainment has been hinting at the debut of new YG girl group in the near future. Although this particular girl group will not be debuting until Summer 2012, they surely are drawing attention from the public already. 

Some are expecting this new girl group to have nine members, calling them "YG Girls Generation." However, YGE has not made any official announcement regarding the specifics of this upcoming idol group. According to a source, there are 10 individuals training to be a member of this upcoming group. As all of these trainees are superbly talented, only one or two individuals will be dropped out before the group finally debuts. Previously,YG himself (Yang Hyun Suk) has mentioned that the upcoming girl group will definitely have more than seven members in several interviews, adding credibility to the nine-membered "YG Girls Generation" theory. 

Currently, YGE confirmed that Yuna Kim from "Super Star K3" and Kim Eun Bi from "Super Star K2" will be members of the upcoming girl group. With other trainees still unrevealed, many fans and industry officials are assuming that the mysterious girl posted on YGE's blogJenny Kim, will also be a part of this group. 

An official at YGE commented, "We have not finalized anything about this new group. The number of its members and each individuals will be revealed once everything is finalized." 

Source: Soompi

Maybe they should just stick to eight. Or they can just debut with all those 10 girls but not nine or seven. We've had enough nine (and pseudo nine lol) and seven-member girl groups in the wild.

Also, obligatory GIF.

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Getting married in South Korea? Bring a lot of cash!

The Beatles may have sung "all you need is love," but in South Korea a couple wanting to get married also needs cash, a lot of it - nearly $200,000, or more than four times the average annual income.

The sky-high costs stem from a combination of cultural traditions that mandate expensive pre-wedding gifts between families, such as mink coats and diamond rings, along with a decades-old custom that the groom must fork over money to provide a home.

The average cost for a wedding in 2011 rose about 270 per cent from 1999, while the inflation during the same period rose 45.5 per cent. Total costs far outstripped the average annual household income at around 48.3 million Korean won ($42,400), according to government data.
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Wanna One Energetic

TOUCH To Come Back with New Members + Release New MV Teaser

TOUCH announced last week that they’ll be making a comeback with new members.

A MV teaser for “Let’s Walk Together” was released today on YYJ Entertainment‘s official Youtube channel.

Member Junyong has left the group due to mandatory military enlistment, and Younghoon departed because of family circumstances. Vocalist Chulmin and rapper Kanghyun will be joining TOUCH in their place.

The teaser for the track features Kim So Hyun, who played the role of young Yoon Bo Kyung in ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘.

Watch the music video teaser for “Let’s Walk Together”, and stay tuned to allkpop for the single’s official release on May 2nd KST.

Source: allkpop, Daum, and yyjenter@YouTube
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More N.Korean Workers to Earn Valuta for Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently issued an order to send as many workers as possible abroad to earn hard currency, never mind the risk of defections, according to a South Korean government source.

This is a relatively unconventional position given that the North Korean regime has tried to limit the number of workers abroad to prevent "contamination" by foreign influences.

The source said North Korea has dispatched over 30,000 workers to some 40 countries around the world and plans to send out another 10,000 this year. "The reason is that sanctions by the international community have dried up North Korea's sources of cash," the source added.

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source: The Chosun Ilbo
Tae Yang is kinda HOT
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Taeyang's solo album ready... minus the title track

Taeyang's excerpt from An An Magazine:

Aim to be an unprecedented artist who is recognized like ‘SOL=music’

“This album is an innovative work for Big Bang.
Reflecting that we had been mindful of the trends too much[previously], all of the members have [now] given their opinions, and each one’s individuality was brought to the fore.”

SOL, who leads Big Bang’s music with his smooth voice, is a talented singer collaborating with various artists.

“I’ve been preparing my solo album since last year, so I hope to release it this year. The songs and the concept image were already set. All I have to do is wait for meeting a title song.”

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Source: Always Taeyang
From Korean Translation by YBMania
English translation by Myokoon of alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com

I hope he meets that title song fairly soon as Big Bang will be probably touring the world at fall and GD is probably releasing his solo album around his birthday on August 18th, so that leaves basically only July and early August free after Big Bang finish their Japanese tour.
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Kim Soo-hyun's win is hotly debated

Actor of the moment Kim Soo-hyun was named Best Actor of the Year on Thursday at the Paeksang Arts Awards, which took place at Olympic Hall in Jamsil, eastern Seoul.

But Kim wasn't all smiles after his win, which recognized his performance in the hit drama "The Moon Embracing the Sun."

"I'm so grateful for the award, but on the other hand, it feels like I've just been given a hefty amount of homework," he said. "I'll keep trying to become a better actor in order to remain worthy of this award."

Kim has only been active in the industry for five years, and contestants who lost to him include some of the most esteemed actors in Korea. Park Si-hoo from "Princess's Man," Shin Ha-gyun from "Brain" and Cha Seung-won from "The Greatest Love" were among the nominees. The fact that these actors lost to the 24-year-old newbie was a topic of much debate among entertainment industry insiders. Kim has skyrocketed to fame since his appearance in the hit drama, with companies here and abroad vying for his endorsement.

source: JoongAng Daily
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Police Gain Legal Right to Forcibly Enter Homes of Domestic Abuse

Anchor: Under revised laws, the police will soon be able to forcibly enter a home to deal with reports of domestic violence in emergency situations. Our Kim Soyon has the details.

Report: By law, police are required to turn away from reports of domestic violence if they aren't allowed into someone's home. However, a revision to the Domestic Violence Prevention Act will soon change all that.

The Gender Equality and Family Ministry says from May second, the revision will go into effect and allow officers to forcibly enter a home and investigate if they believe it's an emergency.

If necessary, the police can take tentative steps to remove the perpetrator from the home and ban that person from coming within 100 meters of the victim.

The Family Ministry expects the revised law to strengthen police intervention and help protect victims in the early stages of domestic abuse.

A recent survey indicates that 63 percent of domestic violence victims consider the abuse a personal matter and do not seek outside help. The survey also says that half of the victims have suffered under abuse in the home for over a decade. Experts call for more active measures to be prepared to protect the victims.

Kim Soyon, KBS World Radio News.

source: KBS Global
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New Girl Group She'z Boasts Awesome Industry Connections

New girl group She'z is drawing attention with powerful showbiz entertainment industry connections even before their official debut. She'z consists of four members Lee Jin Ah, Lee Tae Yeon, Kim Se Yeon, and Kim Ji Young, who all majored in vocal performance at renowned performing arts institutions. They are to release their debut single "As I Please" in May.

She'z has become closely acquainted with numerous MCs and comedians through their agency Line Entertainment. Line Entertainment is the biggest MC agency in Korea and they do management and administrations of entertainers like Ji Suk Jin, Yoon Hyung Bin, Kim Young Chul, Moon Hee Jun and so on. She'z is Line Entertainment's first big project in album producing as the company has recently expanded their business spectrum.

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source: Soompi

...How many groups have already debuted this year?
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CSJH The Grace's Lina lands a KBS Drama Role

CSJH The Grace’s Lina in KBS1’The King’s Dream’ as Choi Soojung’s Woman

Lina (28), a member of the idol quartet, CSJH The Grace, will play the role of the King’s woman.

Scheduled for broadcast in August, Lina has been cast in KBS1 weekend drama, 'The King’s Dream'. She will play the wife of Kim Chun chu (Choi Soojung’s character). Though active as a singer and musical actress, this is her first time appearing in a TV drama. Drama official have said that, "Because of her activity in the musical stage, she has built a career in acting. Having a fresh face seen in drama would be an advantage.”

Playing Kim Moonhee, the unification of three nations is set on the foundation of the relationships between siblings and politics. Being the sister of a political ally, Kim Yooshin, Kim Chunchu strives towards political unification of the Three Kingdoms with troubles along the way.

Lina is an artist from SM Entertainment. In 2002, she debuted in the female duo, Isak N Jiyeon before becoming part of the quartet, CSJH The Grace in 2005. In the past year, she has starred in the musical productions, 'Fame', 'Temptation of Wolves' and 'Youth’s March'.

Credit/Source: Sports Seoul

Originally the title for the Drama was supposed to be Tae Myuweol/태종무열왕… but they changed it to “King’s Dream/대왕의 꿈” for copyright purposes, I guess.

Also, this is my personal translation so it might actually be very rough, though the basic gist is still there. Lina, during her birthday celebration with fans, answered questions about her activities revealing her involvement in the drama and talking about her going to acting and beauty classes to prepare for the role. Some reliable sources also say that filming will start in May… which is exciting because, being a stan of hers since Isak N Jiyeon, I cannot wait to see tweet pictures from the set! ^^

PS. MODS, this is my first time posting so I'm not entirely sure how to tag this except for the group tag.

PS. To those who are unfamiliar with Lina, she is not biracial. :) Born to Korean parents, she's just natural beautiful. <3