April 30th, 2012

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IU takes a selca with a glass of… beer?


IU surprised fans with a photo she took in Japan. Posting the picture to her official fan cafe, the singer commented, “Finished my Sapporo performance! It was definitely hot! I miss you everyone! I am going to Korea tomorrow.”

IU had recently traveled to Sapporo, Japan to hold a formal fan meeting event and mini-concert for her overseas promotions.

In the photo, IU holds up a chilled glass toward the camera with a playful expression. The amber color of the drink quickly caused a stir as fans wondered if the 19-year-old was openly drinking beer and showing off an ‘alcohol selca’. However, it was later revealed that the drink was just oolong tea.

Netizens remarked, “I feel like I was fooled by the oolong,” “I thought you were drinking beer,” “Cute IU,” and, “You have a self-luminous beauty even in Japan!”


Seo Ingook, Eun Jiwon, A-Pink’s Eunji and Infinite’s Hoya casted in sitcom

The singers Seo Ingook and Eun Jiwon, A-Pink’s Eunji and Infinite’s Hoya suddenly got casted in the sitcom Shin Wonho PD directs.

Following the broadcast staff, Seo Ingook and Eun Jiwon, Eunji, Hoya, Seong Dongil, got casted in the cable channel tvN’s sitcom ‘Reply 1997(Working title)’ directed by ‘The Qualities of a Man’s Shin Wonho PD.

tvN’s ‘Reply 1997 (Working title) is a sitcom drama depicting the entertainment world in the 90’s. The production crew and the members of the cast are getting known by finishing to read the script in a peaceful mood.

It’s garnering attention among the broadcast representatives as ‘Reply 1997’ is going to be ‘The Qualities of a Man”s Shin Wonho PD’s first work after transfering from KBS to CJ E&M last year. Shin Wonho PD has experienced directing KBS 2TV’s sitcom ‘Old Miss Diary’ with Kim Seokyoon PD, he came back prepared for this work on the foundation of the know-how he accumulated then.

This sitcom is catching the attention because of the star-studded casting it’s going to have as it’s happening in the 90’s entertainment industry.

Seo Ingook is getting good acting reviews from the KBS drama ‘Love Rain’ airing now on Monday and Tuesday, he got selected again as the main role and gets to challenge acting again. Infinite’s Hoya and A-Pink’s Eunji are joining the popular idol group’s members being ‘Acting-dols’, Eun Jiwon is expected to show real sitcom acting. With the movie’s supporting actor Seong Dongil, it makes a robust team. 

The tvN sitcom ‘Reply 1997 (Working title)’ is planned to air in June.

woohyun's awkward sexy turtle is going to be an acting-dol omg also pinkfinite!! yay for seo in guk and jiwon as well~

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source crjoynews ; take out with full credits

Jay Park shows his 4-set aegyo to cheer up Lee Si Young


Jay Park recently showed off his special, 4-set aegyo in front of actress, Lee Si Young on the latest episode of MBC‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘.

On the April 28th broadcast of the show, Jay Park and Lee Si Young worked a long day, as they sat in the recording room bringing out ideas to create the perfect song. However, Lee Si Young was having a hard time and mentioned, “I’ve been thinking all night, but the lyrics aren’t coming to my mind.” Due to the exhaustion, the actress couldn’t help but mess up her hair in frustration.

To cheer her up, Jay Park started practicing all sorts of funny facial expressions. After he perfected his expressions, he said, “Look here” and showed his special, 4-set aegyo. Upon seeing his adorable face, the actress instantly cheered up and gave a bright laugh.

The couple also had a fun time together, watching Jay Park’s recent movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘.

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Source + Photos: AKP + Osen + jpnetsubs2@YT

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Exid Changes Members

Shinsadong Tiger′s girl group, EXID, will undergo changes in its members.

On April 30, EXID’s agency, AB Entertainment revealed, “Original members Yoo Ji, Dami and Hye Ryung will leave the group and two members will be recruited.”

Regarding the reasons for the member change the agency said, “For Yoo Ji and Dami, the two decided to depart the group for academic reasons while Hye Ryung will be changing her career and start new activities there.”

The agency continued, “After we recruit the two members, we will begin album preparations in a new manner so please pay attention and be in anticipation of them."

EXID debuted in March with the single Holla and title song Whoz That Girl. After transforming from a six-member group to a five-member group, they plan to release a new album in June.

Source: global mnet
Lol they just debuted and two are already gone. Sinking Ship already
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Cannes likes Kim Kang Woo's fine ass & Lim Sang Soo's movies

Cannes Commissioner praises "The Taste of Money"

Hebergeur d'image />

"The Taste of Money" has been confirmed as a nominee for the 65th Cannes International Film Festival. Director Lim Sang-soo had been officially invited for the 57th Cannes Festival for "A Good Lawyer's Wife", the 63rd Cannes Festival for "The Housemaid - 2010" and now once again for the 67th Festival.

Interest in the movie "The Taste of Money" has increased even more because it turns out Cannes International Films Festival Commissioner Thierry Fremont has said many good things about it.

Having watched the movie, Thierry Frémont said, "The classic Mise-en-Scène of this movie has no doubt earned itself one of the best out of all the movie that have been chosen for the Cannes this year. Lim Sang-soo's work pursues tradition and this indeed is outstanding. I introduce Lim Sang-soo, a director we already know through "The Housemaid - 2010" and "A Good Lawyer's Wife" and you will soon see a very surprising style of filming very soon".

"The Taste of Money" is about the hidden stories of the upper classes in Korea who are addicted to money. Middle-aged actress and actor Yoon Yeo-jeong and Baek Yoon-sik with Kim Kang-woo andKim Hyo-jin make up the unique cast and this movie will be released in the 17th of May.

Sources & Credits : Daum & Hancinema

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It's about a Goddess & her new movie

Ko Hyeong Jeon on the poster of "Miss Conspirator"

Actress Ko Hyeon-jeong's movie "Miss Conspirator" which is due to be released in June has let out its poster and teasers.

Movie Company Dorothy revealed the teaser poster for "Miss Conspirator" on the 30th. In the poster,Ko Hyeon-jeong is holding a gun with her eye downwards, as if she was waiting for something to happen.

Next to the picture it's written, "Yoo Hae-jinSeong Dong-ilLee Moon-sikKo Chang-seokPark Shin-yang, you messed with the wrong person by Ko Hyeon-jeong". "Miss Conspirator" is about a woman with panic disorder getting involved in a drug case and has been an issue since the fact that Ko Hyeon-jeong was going to be the main cast of the movie was known.

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girls day announces second japan solo concert

Five-membered girl group Girl’s Day will be holding a solo concert in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Girl’s Day will be having three live performances at the Zepp Namba in Osaka on May 2nd and the Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo on May 6th as part of their ‘Girl’s Day Party in Zepp.’

This concert will be Girl’s Day’s second solo concert in Japan and was put together on an invitation from the Japanese production agency Kiss Entertainment after the group’s performance in Shibuya back in December of last year.

A representative from the agency stated,

“We came to invite Girl’s Day as the next generation hallyu stars who have been receiving attention in Japan for their singing abilities and cute performances. Each member has a distinct personality, while the group as a harmonious whole is highly charming.”

Included in their concert will be performances of their hit songs ‘Twinkle Twinkle‘ and ‘Hug Me Once‘ as well as showcases of the members’ individual skills, after which is also scheduled a high-five event to interact with their fans.

In the meantime, Girl’s Day’s promotional activities are in full swing after coming back with their title track ‘Oh! My God‘ after an eight month hiatus.

Source: OSEN & kpopseven
the gang

B1A4 and some others to hold a concert in Singapore

Having successfully concluded SECRET & B.A.P 1st Fan Meeting and Sistar & Boyfriend 1st Showcase in Singapore in the earlier months, Launch Group is back, with something new in store for all Kpop lovers. Titled as 'Boyz Nite Out', the event will bring in Jay Park, SHINee, B1A4, Teen Top & to play a night out on 15 June! 

Date: 15 June 2012, Friday
Time: 7PM 
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Artistes Line Up: Jay Park, SHINee, B1A4, Teen Top &

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source: scanationsg

I don't want to pay that much just to see B1A4 perform 3-4 songs...and maybe fawn over Onew and Changjo ;_; And couldn't they have come up with a better name/logo?

Wooyoung celebrates His birthday with cheeseburger cake

Today is 2PM member, Wooyoung‘s birthday!

On April 30, Wooyoung celebrated his birthday and uploaded a couple of photos onto his Twitter. ”Thank you Thank you Thank you ^^ to all those, who congratulated my birthday“, he tweeted.

It seems like yesterday, when 2PM made their debut in 2008 with their first track, “10 out of 10“. Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

@0430yes via akp

have a blessed day!

IU will release "Spring at the Age of Twenty" single on May 11th

LOEN Entertainment has confirmed that IU will release a single with three new songs on May 11th, six months since her last album, Last Fantasy. The title track for the single is Spring at the Age of Twenty, and IU will release a self-composed song ahead of the single's release on May 4th at midnight.

The Spring at the Age of Twenty single will be a special gift for IU's fans for supporting her since her debut, she will perform the title track for the first time at her solo concert in June. It has also been announced that a short movie will accompany the release of Spring at the Age of Twenty, which may be the video IU previously filmed in Italy. The movie will be different from the typical music video and will have a "documentary" feel.

LOEN Entertainment announced, "Instead of releasing a song with a conventional style for IU's new single this time, we attempted a new approach to convey emotions and story behind the music through a short movie. Please look forward to IU's unique new single."

Source: naverweheartiukoreaboo
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The King Of Comedy is back!

Kang Ji Hwan in "Runway Cop"

Synopsis : All he has is smell and a D-line body but is devoted in catching the bad guys. Detective Cha (Kang Ji-hwan) takes the cover of a model on a runway to solve a case.
Starring : Kang Ji Hwan, Seog Yoo-Ri, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Young Kwang, Shin Min Chul, Young Bong Gil.

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source video : rmfladmf1
ources : Soompi & Hancinema
tzuyu heart shaker

New Fany pic+msg; Jung sisters' pic

Did you watch the MV?
It was worth waiting for, right?!!keke
We're practicing a lot... so cheer us on~
have a good sleep =]
*Note: Tiffany uses the tagline from Girls' Generation's Ace Bed CFs -> Have a good 잠/jahm/sleep
Translated by ch0sshi
Edited by cedge
Source: Official Girls' Generation-TTS website

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Translated by minigiglo
Source: Krystal's me2day

Bunch of other news from this week here including BTS kiss scene for Love Rain, IGN Editor Promotes Girls’ Generation – TTS, Hyoyeon attends a press conference for “Dancing with the Stars Season 2″, and Soshi in a bunch of newspapers.
hyo has the trollest face in soshi

So one more EXO member fell into U-Know Yunho's trap


From: H.O.T - Shinhwa - TVXQ - Super Junior - SHINee

All the boy groups produced by SM Entertainment, not one has failed. More than a hundred trainees have been training under SM Entertainment, hoping to be polished and grind into a star. And within one year, all of the hot rookies could become SM Entertainment's new rising star.

SM Entertainment's new boy group EXO-K (consisting of Suho, D.O, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, and Baekhyun) has debuted with their first mini album <MAMA>. As rising stars, they've topped the charts on different sites already, beating out their seniors. With their other half (EXO-M) aimed for the Chinese market, it has also caught a lot of attention from the media. In total, EXO consist of 12 members, but is separated into two groups EXO-K, whom are responsible for the Korean music industries and market, while EXO-M aims to pursue in the Chinese music industry. The twin group, whom both debuted on the same date, same time, with the same songs, just with the lyrical language difference are now promoting in two countries. The name EXO derived from a planet called EXOPLANET which is a planet in the outer space, basically meaning that they're the mysterious new born rising legends from another planet.

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credits: isplus + reen @ CODE:EXO

translated by: xiushipao @ CODE:EXO

Wanna One Energetic

Teaser For Kibum's Drama "I Love Italy"

tvN‘s upcoming drama ‘I Love Italy‘ will air it’s first episode on May 28th and a teaser featuring Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum has been revealed.

‘I Love Italy’ is about a 14 year old boy, Geum Eun Dong, who suddenly transforms into the body of a 25 year old. The fantasy romance recounts the story of Geum Eun Dong falling in love with the charming heiress, Lee Tae Ri (Italy). Park Ye Jin and Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum will be the main leads of the drama. The screenwriter of ‘Style‘, Moon Ji Young, and director of ‘Shinsukki Blues‘, Kim Do Hyuk, will be in charge of producing the drama.

Sources: 129DandyFish@YouTube.com and allkpop
Seobot Winks

Female Stars' Abused Feet from Kill Heels Captured

Recently, on an online community forum appeared a series of pictures featuring female stars' abused feet from kill heels. These photos capture bare feet of female idol stars like IU, 4minute's Hyun Ah, SISTAR's Bora, Kara's Goo Ha Ra, and others.

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Source: Soompi news

Ouch! Have you noticed other kpop idols with ugly/abused feet? feel free to post pics!

JYJ’s Jun Su names his first solo album “Xia”

Following the series of mysterious photos and video teaser, JYJ’s Kim Junsu released the teaser poster for his first solo album through JYJ’s official Facebook page.

The poster shows Junsu wearing a mysterious black cloak, showing a dark image. Also according to the poster, the album title will be “Xia” and the title track is named “Tarantallegra.” The title track, which is written by Junsu himself, features a strong style and supposed to have meanings of magic spells that make people dance.

A representative stated, “We named this album ‘Xia’ because that’s the most popular name that identifies Junsu. It also means a type of album that combines all the talents of Junsu.”

“Xia” will start pre-sales on May 4 through various online and offline sites. Meanwhile, the second teaser video of Junsu’s first solo album will be released on May 2 and the jacket photo will be released on May 4.

source: dkpopnews | Star News

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AFTER SCHOOL performs upcoming Japanese singles "Dilly Dally" & "Lady Luck"

AFTER SCHOOL performed their upcoming fourth Japanese singles “Dilly Dally” and “Lady Luck” at their April 30th concert in Osaka.

The concert was streamed live via Ustream and at it’s peak, the stream had 30,000 viewers watching the stream.

The Osaka concert is the last in a series of Japanese concerts that have showcased After School’s first Japanese album, ‘PLAYGIRLZ‘. Previous concerts held in Tokyo and Nagoya have both been a total success, selling out both performances and leaving distraught fans at the gate.

The double-A side Japanese single, “Lady Luck/Dilly Dally” will be released on June 13th.

source: tokyohive + orangecaramelify + gif

JYP's Whisper is the Lucifer

Producer and singer Park Jin Young confessed the reason why he inserts the "JYP" whisper in his songs.

Park Jin Young made an appearance on SBS "Healing Camp," on April 30. He was asked, "Why do you insert a whisper "JYP," in your songs?" and he answered "It's a sort of a fan service."

Park Jin Young said, "When I first made a song for g.o.d, I inserted the whisper and fans’ reaction was really good. Also I wanted fans to know the songs that I made even though I'm not active." and "At some point, the public started to notice my songs even when they weren't my fans."

 Lastly he added, "I think the Songs that I inserted the whisper were more popular than those that I didn't."

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young revealed his home with a basketball court and expensive workout equipments for the first time on air.

Sourse: Soompi

Don't stop, Can't stop

tzuyu heart shaker

TaeTiSeo's video message in Genie app (about 'Twinkle')

"Hello I'm Seohyun from SNSD~ You've watched the first unit of SNSD - Taeyeon Tiffany and Seohyun's MV, right? I'm not sure what you guys think of it, but we've put in lots of effort filming the MV. In fact, if you mention 'SNSD MV', the first thing that comes to mind is 'group dance', but this time, we've presented to you a large variety of images and the MV focuses mainly on story-line. I hope that you've enjoyed the MV, and please give us a lot of support, twinkle~"

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source: , imwhywhy

my numerous amounts of snsd posts: like them or starting to get annoyed by them? ._.
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Rookie group Taken to return next month

It's been revealed through the group's official daum fancafe that boy group Taken will be making a return next month.

Along with the news on the fancafe, leader Seongwon was also spotted to have tweeted "Wow, this place is very nice!! Today, our first recording day!! So so happy!!", remarking the recording for their comeback release had officially started. A picture with the members was included in the tweet.

The group will be returning with an altered line-up, as three members were revealed to have left since their debut last year. Members Yoojun, Seungyul and Geonwoo left the group to focus on studying and other personal things that were not named. Taehyuk, who was reported to have left earlier on, returned to the group after a short time.

Seongwon was also noted to have tweeted that the group has received invitations from Paris and Russia for possible schedules. Taken's management was revealed to be in negotiation with the organizers.

Source: @sswonn, onlyonetaken, united-taken-ones & koreaboo

When being a fangirl irritates your boyfriend

Legendary idol group Shinhwa guest-featured on the May 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV's Hello to listen to the concerns of the contestants.

An anti-Shinhwa fan made an appearance on the episode to share his dilemma about his girlfriend who was an avid fan of Shinhwa.

He opened up by saying, "My girlfriend doesn't come out of her house ever since Shinhwa made their recent comeback."

"Other groups break up so easily, so why is it that Shinhwa keeps making comebacks?" he asked, causing the audience members to explode into laughs.

MC Lee Young Ja then suggested he shake the hands of the Shinhwa members and formally say hello. Agreeing to this, the guest shook everyone's hands with the exception of Minwoo.

Minwoo was his girlfriend's favorite member, and Minwoo was able to easily spot her in the audience. He went towards her, and her boyfriend demanded that the two separate.

"This is so irritating", he blurted, seeing his girlfriend sit side by side with Minwoo.

"My girlfriend gives me random pop quizzes on Shinhwa", he continued. "She gives me a kiss every time I get the answers right."

The guest was then handed photos of the Shinhwa members, and given permission to draw on their faces. "I'm sorry" he said, as he joyfully drew on Minwoo's face. When finished, he mercilessly crumbled Minwoo's face in half.

The segment begins around the 9:00 mark below above. (also 2nd part is here)

Source: article - nateallkpop, videos - SERA0216 (1 2)

Lee Hyori's boyfriend Lee Sang Soon to appear on "You And I"

The latest "beauty and the beast" couple, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will appear on the same program at the same time.

Lee Sang Soon will appear on Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung's You And I. The recording of this particular episode will take place on May 1 and Lee Sang Soon will stand on stage as the guitarist for singer/songwriter Yoon Young Bae's performance.

Sources from You And I spoke with Sports Seoul and stated, "Lee Sang Soon isn't appearing as a guest but as a guitarist. He had previous ties with Yoon Young Bae and participated in a guitar session during Yoon Young Bae's concert. At the moment, Lee Sang Soon has not made any comments about Lee Hyori but we don't know what will happen when they actually meet on set."

This will be the first time that the couple will be standing on the same stage since they publicly announced their relationship. Especially after Lee Hyori's guest appearance on Healing Camp on April 23, where she shared her feelings and the inside stories of her relationship, fans are anticipating this episode even more.

This episode of You And I will air on May 13.

Source: soompi (+ korean site(s) soompi didn't credit lol)

B.A.P's interview with OLLEH MUSIC

They have evolved, B.A.P

In their second album, it is more different than their first album where B.A.P showed an advancement in music and performance and even appearance. The music became more amazing and intense and their performance became a splendor at every moment that doesn’t fail to gain admiration. Moreover, their previous blonde hair, brings much praise from fans when each member’s personality is clearly shown when their hairstyle changed drastically.

But that’s not the only thing that has evolved. Leader Bang Yongguk’s charisma seem to have add a little weight, Himchan able to show the act of being possessed. Daehyun and Youngjae vocals deliver a strong feeling as of a warrior’s, dance prodigy Jongup serves to be more complicated, 15-year-old genius ‘smiling-boy’, seem to show that growth is never a limit. These are the six warriors, B.A.P, that sings for the transformation of the society.

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“How did the celebrities inside our televisions become a star?”

With the outlooks on the entertainment industry rising one step higher, we as the public aren’t just curious about their glamorous images, but their back stories before they became celebrities as well.

We have prepared the column “star story” in our publishing which not only tells a truthful side to stars, but their past that brought them to where they are today. This episode’s protagonist is Bang Yongguk who has stepped forth into the music industry with his strong charisma as the leader of the six-member group B.A.P.

Bang Yongguk greeted us brightly on a day in April filled with a spring atmosphere when we met him in his company. Because we’ve met him before during the days when he promoted in a duet with Secret’s Song Jieun with “Going Crazy,” we were able to interview him in a comfortable state.

We weren’t able to find the image of him shaking from nervousness before his first stage just a year ago as he exuded a confidence that was leader-like of him since he’s currently the leader of the idol group B.A.P.

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Instiz releases chart rankings for the final week of April

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it's also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an All-Kill.

Check out the chart rankings for the final week of April below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. SISTAR – Alone – 34,395 Points

2. Busker BuskerCherry Blossom Ending – 24,275 Points

3. J.Y. Park ft. Ga-InSomeone Else – 18,864 Points

4. IvyTorn Heart – 10,366 Points

5. 4minuteVolume Up – 9,612 Points

6. Maroon 5Payphone (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) – 5,215 Points

7. Electroboyz ft. Baek Ji YoungShould I Laugh Or Cry - 5,061 Points

8. Busker BuskerYeosu's Night Ocean - 4,994 Points

9. NoelFading Away – 4,717 Points

10. Busker BuskerFirst Love – 4,611 Points

Source: Instizallkpop