May 1st, 2012

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DSP BOYZ (A-Jax) to debut in Japan and Korea

A-JAX, DSP Media‘s first new boy group in a long while, has revealed their plans for a simultaneous debut in Korea and Japan.

On May 1st, DSP Media revealed, "A-JAX will be the first Korean idol group to debut within Korea and Japan simultaneously, and will follow in the footsteps of sunbae group, SS501."

After debuting in May in Korea, the group will be partnering up with Universal Music to target the Japanese market in August.

DSP Media added, "A-JAX has signed under the equivalent conditions that other Korean male idol groups, who have already established their popularity, have been given, making it an unprecedented event. Thus, they are receiving much attention from Japanese music industry insiders."

The reason for revealing their plans for their Japanese venture on May 1st, was to signify that A-JAX aims to become a group loved in Korea, Japan, as well as other parts of Asia, just like their seniors, SS501.

In related news, A-JAX kicked off their promotional activities with their reality show, ‘Making the Star – DSP Boyz’ on April 24th, and is aiming to make their official debut at the end of May.


idt dsp quite understands what simultaneously means……

MTVK ~ Spotlight Artist: B.A.P

TS Entertainment’s first male idol group made their explosive debut with “Warrior” back in January. Less than four months later, B.A.P is back with their second single album, Power.

Sticking to their gritty, urban concept of global domination, “Power” plays up the aggression and throws in some heavy rock elements. While the group dials up the aggression onstage, they’re actually quite the charming bunch of kids offstage. We sat down with B.A.P at TS Headquarters to talk about their latest release and to get to know the characters behind 2012’s power rookie idol group. We’ve got leader Bang Yong Guk and Jong Up with their infectious smiles, Himchan and Daehyun’s smooth talking, and the adorable charms of Youngjae and maknae rapper-prodigy Zelo.

Stay tuned for the full interview, only on MTV K!

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Son Dam Bi shows off her nice figure at a commercial shoot


An unphotoshopped picture of the voluptuous body of Son Dam Bi, who’s currently active as a singer and an actress, was recently released.

On April 30, Pledis Entertainment, Son’s agency, reported that Son was recently selected as a new model for Ocean World and shot a commercial.

In the picture taken during the shoot, Son’s showing off her nice figure in a tank top and short pants. Her healthy and sexy body is the envy of every girl.

The picture is unphotoshopped, but she’s still perfectly proportioned.

People responded: “It’s a gift from the God!” “I envy her well-proportioned body,” “Her figure is also that of the goddess’s,” “Her picture doesn’t need to be photoshopped. It’s awesome!”

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Source: & Starnews & Son Dambi's twitter

Official pic

hyunseong iii

Boyfriend's Hyunseong gets a solo

The soon-to-be revealed ‘Only You’ love song that represents the love of Lee Yoonji and Jo Jeongseok, will have someone who can uphold and represent the emotions of their love to sing it.

This song is just as anxious as Eun Shikyung’s character. Needless to say, the lyrics expresses the honesty in one’s affections. Although it may be sang clearly as though one is speaking, the conviction in the vocals is impressive.

Boyfriend’s lead vocal Hyunseong will be taking the spotlight with ‘Only You’ as he succeeds the line of boy groups who take on OST songs.

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Park Jinyoung's house revealed on television

Park Jinyoung introduced the routine he goes through everyday without fail upon waking on the April 30th episode of SBS's "Healing Camp."

He revealed that he exercises for two hours every day, shocking hosts Lee Gyeonggyu, Kim Jaedong, and Han Hyejin when he showed them his living room, which was filled with exercise equipment.

Park Jinyoung said, "I exercise for two hours every day. I have a structured manual that rotates every three days. I've exercised continuously for seventeen years."
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Source: newsen & koreaboo

GD&TOP top the pop charts with their duet song with Pixie Lott

Dancing On My Own,” a new song of the popular British singer Pixie Lott, topped the pop charts on April 30 immediately after it was released. Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P were featured in the song. The song received wide attention in Korea even before it was released. It ranked first on real-time charts on Naver Music, Bugs, Soribada, and Olleh Music.

G-Dragon and T.O.P played distinctive roles in the song as a rapper and a vocalist. Pixie Lott asked G-Dragon and T.O.P to work together after she heard their music on YouTube. Pixie Lott is coming to Korea in May to promote her new album. She’s going to stay in Korea for three days to celebrate the release of the de luxe version of her album in Asia.

Born in 1991, Pixie Lott is a singer-songwriter and an actress. Her debut single album Mama Do, released in June 2009, ranked first on the single charts, and she was selected as the most promising new artist in 2010 by the U.S. Billboard magazine. In 2010, she received three awards at Brit Awards.

Source: BBUpdate
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Live Dog Tied to Back of Car Again, Netizens Demand Law Change

Following the “Devil Equus” incident covered by koreaBANG last week that saw a live dog tied to the back of a car, a similar case of alleged animal abuse is gaining public attention, this time under the nickname “Devil Beast” after, on Monday the 30th April, a car was witnessed in Busan driving around with a dog tied by its leash to the back of the car.

Last week’s incident caused quite a stir on the Korean internet, leading to outcry from pop star Lee Hyori and even prompting a demonstration by the “Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth” group on Saturday the 28th on Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul. Despite this, the incident was since found to be an unintentional and unfortunate accident and the police have cleared the offending driver of all charges.
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Source: hotadvil, yonm89 & koreabang
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B'z and Kim Hyun Joong Collaborates

Kim Hyun Joong. Moreover, the rock duo have personally composed a song for Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Hyun Joong's upcoming single titled "HEAT" is a joint composition by B'z members Tak Matsumoto and Koshi Inaba. This will the first time that Matsumoto and Inaba will composed a song for a foreign artist.

During Kim Hyun Joong's solo debut last year in Japan, he have announced that he is a big fan of B'z, and he also claimed that he has all their CDs. Kim Hyun Joong expressed his excitement and that he felt very honored that B'z composed a song for him.

"HEAT" Tracklist

1.) HEAT
2.) Let's Party

The single will be released on July 4th.

Source: jpopasia
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Touch Releases "Let's Walk Together" MV

The boys of TOUCH recently revealed plans on their comeback by teasing fans with a teaser clip.

Now, the full music video for their digital single titled “Let’s Walk Together” has just been released. The song has already garnered some attention for its catchy beat.

Member Junyong left the group due to mandatory military enlistment, and Younghoon departed because of family circumstances. In their place, vocalist Chulmin and rapper Kanghyun have joined TOUCH.

The group first began promotions back in 2010 where they performed with some of the most popular Chinese stars, and later made their debut the same year. It is also notable that the members graduated from the same high school alongside renown superstars Rain and Se7en.

Check out the adorable video!

Sources: allkpop and AsianDreamAudio@YouTube
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2AM member dabbles in musical

Boy band 2AM's Lee Chang-min has become the latest K-pop star to make the transition to musicals. The 26-year-old is set to appear in "La Cage aux Folles" in which he will play Jean-Michel, the son of a gay couple.

"This scene is new to me, and I am definitely more comfortable being with my band members," Lee said at a press conference on Monday. "Nevertheless, I want to give it all that I've got as I embark on a new part of my career."

This will be the first time Lee has acted professionally, and he said his dance moves are a bit rusty.

"Because I've never acted before, deciding to take part in the musical was a big deal for me. I'm not a good dancer, so I anticipate getting much help and advice from my fellow cast members," Lee said.

Based on the 1973 French play by Jean Poiret, the musical focuses on a gay couple, Georges and Albin, and the comic plot unfolds when Georges' son Jean-Michel brings home his fiancee and her ultraconservative parents. It will open in Korea on July 7.

source: JoongAng Daily
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Lee Joon reveals he turned Yonghwa into a Seoul guy

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon recently revealed that it was him who turned CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa into a Seoul guy.

During the recording for the upcoming episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Lee Joon revealed, “During my trainee days, Yonghwa entered as a trainee hoobae. At the time, Younghwa’s Busan accent was very noticeable, and he also had a strong interest in the lifestyle of people living in Seoul.”

“To teach him the Seoul lifestyle, we would spend our time taking classes with neighborhood ahjummas at the gym in the morning and spray perfume samples on each other at makeup stores in the afternoon.”

“Although Yonghwa is currently more handsome than I am, I was more popular with girls at the time. However, Yonghwa debuted first through CNBLUE, and they hit the jackpot.”

Watch MBLAQ’s Lee Joon talk about the days before his debut on the upcoming episode of ‘Strong Heart’ set to air on May 1st!

sourceL akp + tv report via nate

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Hello Venus’ Yoonjo suffers an injury before the music video filming

Rookie girl group Hello Venus has found themselves in an unfortunate predicament.

On May 2nd, an agency representative revealed, “Member Yoonjo suffered an injury while practicing two days before the music video filming. As it is an injury to a ligament in her leg, she will need at least three to four weeks of rest.”

With Yoonjo’s sudden injury, the other members will have to take to the stage without her for the time being.

Additionally, as she was injured before the music video filming, Yoonjo will only be appearing in scenes without the choreography.

“Although it’s not a serious injury, in order to show you a perfect image on stage, we have made such decisions,” her agency stated. “For the time being, the five members (without Yoonjo) will stand on stage, while on radio shows and interviews, all six members will participate.”

source: nate + akp

im so sad TT now whos gonna save us from yooyoung's basic face???

U-KISS’ dating ban has officially been lifted


The members of U-KISS are now free to date, as their dating ban has officially been lifted.

The idol group was recently interviewed by MCs Shindong and Kim Shin Young ahead of their live MBC Music ‘Show Champion‘ performance on May 1st.

The hosts congratulated the members on being able to date freely, and the boys excitedly remarked ”Finally!”, clapping their hands with joy.

When Shindong asked them to formally introduce their girlfriends, U-KISS member Soohyun safely answered, “I don’t have a girlfriend” and then later admitted, “My girlfriends are all of the ‘KISS ME’ members!”

U-KISS also shared that they will be the first Korean artists to perform in Colombia alongside Shakira and Ricky Martin for “2012 EVENTO 40” in May.

Also performing on this episode of ‘Show Champion’ were artists such as Ivy, B.A.P, Supernova, and more.

The segment begins around the 19:09 mark below:

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Barack Obama & Tyra Banks - Real Love


Hello Venus: The 1st Mini Album ‘Venus’

Release Date:
9th May 2012

Say hello to Pledis Entertainment’s new girl group Hello Venus! Pledis Entertainment, the home of After School and Son Dambi, is definitely on a roll this year. Soon after the debut of boy band NU’EST, the six-member girl group Hello Venus now debuts with their first mini-album. Hello Venus is formed by Pledis’ own Yooara, Yoonjo, and Lime and Alice, Yooyoung, and Nara from acting agency Fantagio Entertainment. Their debut mini features four tracks including the electronic intro Hello, the ballad “Excitement”, and the bright and cheerful dance title song Venus (composed/produced by Cho Young Soo & Kim Taehyun, lyrics by Kim Lee Na).

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Source: YesAsia, hello-venus, Daum


Jessica Alba Reveals Her Admiration of Korean Films

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba revealed her admiration of Korean cinema. The global celebrity appeared in an episode of tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside”, and showed her regard for Korean films and for director Park Chan Wook.

Park Chan Wook is the director of the Cannes Grand Prix winner “Old Boy.” She said of the film, “The characters were strong and complicated, but they came to me like music. I might faint if I meet Park Chan Wook in person. If he ever comes to ‘People Inside,’ please call me.”

Jessica Alba further said, “I would like to make an action movie in Korea someday.”
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That's a really pretty inspired Hanbok dress she is wearing.