May 12th, 2012

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Ulala Session Im Yun Taek Says His Stage 4 Cancer Can’t Get Better or Worse

Officially making his debut with Ulala Session, Im Yun Taek said that there is no getting better or worse for his stage four stomach cancer. There’s only watching for its progression, while taking medication and receiving chemotherapy.

On May 9 at Seoul’s CGV M Cube Theater in Chungdahm, Ulala Session had a press conference for its debut album Ulala Session. Ulala Session will have two stages of release, where on May 10, it released the dance title song Oh Beautiful Night as well as three songs, and on May 17, it’ll release the ballad title song All Gone After Use plus four songs.

When asked about his current health, Im Yun Taek questioned reporters, “Let me ask you. Do you want an honest answer?

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Source: Yahoo! Philippines

Sending him all the love and strength to keep on doing what he loves. <3

All entertainment agencies to be inspected

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced Wednesday that it will seek legislation to prevent the sexual abuse an exploitation of trainees at entertainment agencies. The move comes after the chief executive officer of the Open World Entertainment was arrested last month for having sexually assaulted 11 girls who were training as singers or actresses at the agency.

“There is no system that protects trainees or star-wannabes from owners and staff members of agencies who force them to have sex.” said Kim Gap-su, director general in charge of the Cultural Content Industry Office at the ministry. “Of course, hallyu, or the Korean wave, contributed to boosting national brand power but abusive practices targeting young star-wannabes in the pop-culture industry have to be rooted out immediately.

The ministry will inspect all entertainment agencies to check whether they are involved in unfair practices against trainees in collaboration with Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association and the Korea Entertainment Management Association. The two private organizations will also form task forces to cooperate with the government. The task forces will collect basic information on music video makers and training management agencies, such as what kinds of businesses they are doing, and how many trainees and entertainers they have.

Source: Koreatimes

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ZE:A's star of the year, Siwan, selected as the main MC of ’2012 Dream Concert’ + comeback info!

ZE:A‘s Siwan is climbing the ladder to top popularity faster than ever thanks to his drama roles. To top off his recent achievements, he’s now been named the main MC of the ‘2012 Dream Concert‘!

On May 11th, Star Empire alerted through their official website that Siwan will be standing as the main MC for the popular concert. Fans can expect a special stage by ZE:A in addition to seeing a new side of Siwan as an MC.

ZE:A will also be dropping a hint on their comeback at the scene of the concert, so fans should make sure not to miss out!

Star Empire stated, “Starting with ‘Dream Concert’, we will be revealing a comeback hint once a week.”


ze:a comeback!! \o/

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Two members of rookie group She’z to be MCs on new variety show

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New girl group She’z has been appointed as MCs of a variety show with Shin Dong Yup even before their official debut.

Two members of She’z, JinA and Taeyeon, are confirmed as MCs for Channel Q’s ‘Miracle on 7th Street.’ The format of the show is unique in that it features the stars with their fan clubs. Shin Dong Yup will work as the main MC and others including comedian Kim Young Chul and She’z will work as supporting MCs. As it is not common for rookies to become a fixed MC before their debut, the two members are attracting much attention.

The first broadcast will take place place in mid May, which is also when She’z will make their music program debut with their debut track, ‘My Way‘.

The members of She’z are JinA, Taeyeon, Saeyeon, and Jiyoung who have all majored in vocals at prestigious arts colleges, and they are the first group to debut from famous agency for MCs, Line Entertainment.

All four members of She’z boasts incredible vocals to the point that they could all be considered the main vocals of the group. In addition, they also each have their own styles and various experiences, so they will be able to showcase a variety of musical skills.

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Sources: allkpop and Sports Chosun via Nate
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South Korean Single Mothers Fight Discrimination

South Korea honors Friday women who are raising children on their own. Advocates say single, unwed mothers face discrimination and are often pressured to give up their children for adoption. Formerly adopted Koreans are now some of the strongest supporters for these single moms.

Advocacy for single mothers

The second annual Single Mother’s Day ceremony was held at the National Assembly Complex in Seoul. Supporters of unmarried mothers not only want to press the government for more assistance, but also end discrimination against women who give birth out of wedlock.
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Source: voanews
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The ‘Nonexistent’ Ivy Video Starts to Spread

It looks as if videos have come to torture Ivy some more.

On May 11, a video called ‘The Ivy Video’ has been spreading rapidly via mobile.
The two minutes and thirty second video titled, ‘The nonexistent Ivy video found,’ has been circulating on Kakaotalk.

The video was uploaded on the Korean TV Move site and has been spreading like lightning on Kakaotalk. Especially because Ivy appeared on May 1’st SBS’ Strong Heart and tearfully explained that there was no video, this newly found ‘Ivy Video,’ moving at full speed, must be becoming another burden for her.

About the rumors of the video, Ivy had previously said, “When my past scandals were still relevant, there was a lot of being said about a video and people started paying close attention to that. There was some intention to ruin my reputation, and people started spreading rumors that this video in fact did exist.” She also added, “I even checked some of the videos floating on the internet myself. The videos were of a foreigner who looked like me or even the undressing of the cracker called Ivy.”

Currently, Ivy is performing as a singer with her new song, Broken Heart.

Source: mnet global

T-ara 1st Japan Album Covers


01. Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese ver.)
02. Yyaya (Japanese ver.)
03. ウェイロニ(Japanese ver.)
04. Keep Out
05. Apple is A (Japanese ver.)
06. T.T.L ~ Time to Love ~(Japanese ver.)
07. Roly-Poly (Japanese ver.)
08. LOVE ME ! ~ あなたのせいで狂いそう (Japanese ver.)
09. コジンマル~嘘~(Japanese ver.)
10. Breaking Heart ~ 私がとても痛くて(Japanese ver.)
11. Cry Cry (Japanese ver.)
12. Lovey-Dovey (Japanese ver.)

Diamond Edition

- CD
- DVD with T-ara's premium live in Osaka 2011 Special Edition concert
- 100 page photobook
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[Korean] Shinhwa - Comeback

Shinhwa Broadcast's Viewer Ratings Continue Increasing

According to AGB Nielson Media Research, a company which logs the viewer ratings for TV shows, jTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘ has finally captured over 1% of the viewer ratings in South Korea.

‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ is a variety program created by the idol group Shinhwa themselves. There was a lot of anticipation for the shows release, however, the first episode which aired on March 17th, managed to only gather a disappointing viewer rating of 0.336%.

Since then, ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ garnered an average viewer rating of 0.3%-0.8%, but after two months on air, the show has finally exceeded a 1% rating on May 12th.

This week’s episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ amassed a viewer rating of 1.371%, which is a 0.572% increase from the May 5th episode of 0.799%. The hope is that this will mark a continuous upward trend in viewer ratings for the future.

The most recent airing of ’Shinhwa Broadcast’ on May 12th, featured the episode ‘Shin Family Game Center’, a remake of KBS‘s former variety show ‘Family Game Center‘, and starred MCs Park Ji Yoon and Huh Cham, with guest-stars Park Hae Mi, Kang Soo Ji, Kim Wan Sun, Kim Na Young, Kim Jung Min, and Girl’s Day‘s Minah.

Source: Osen via Naver
Translation: allkpop

What allkpop failed to mention (of course) is that on cable networks a 1% rating is considered "solid" and anything over 1% is really great. For comparison, the cable drama "Vampire Prosecutor was called a "huge hit" and they averaged about 2-3% ratings per episode.

According to Korean fans, jTBC already ordered 30 episodes of "Shinhwa Broadcast" but said they would extend the show even longer if the ratings were good. So the possibility of endless Shinhwa insanity is looking pretty good~

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eunhae's new ss4 song

this was presented in ss4 tokyo dome. no title, yet (anyone knows?). but i won't be surprised if they named it oh my gosh! or something as inane as that. and it reminds me of that khj song (lucky?).

here's the title: thanks to mad_nux for the heads up. :o)

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