May 14th, 2012

KBS’s ‘Immortal Song 2′ sees increase in viewer ratings


Viewer ratings for KBS's ‘Immortal Song 2‘, increased through its latest episode this week.

On May 13th, according to AGB Nielsen, the May 12th broadcast recorded 12.2%.  This is a 3.6% increase from the May 6th broadcast, which recorded 8.6%.

On the 13th episode, J.Y. Park made an appearance as a guest judge.  The theme for this week’s audition was J.Y. Park’s self-composed songs.  Contestants picked out J.Y. Park’s songs and Huh Gak performed “Love has Left Again” while singer, ALi did an outstanding rendition of “I have a Girl“.  Both contestants did extremely well and received loud applause from the audience (duh).

Other contestants on this episode of ‘Immortal Song 2′ included Ooh La La SessionTeen Top, Davichi’s Lee Haeri, 4men‘s Shing Yong Jae, Huh Gak, ALi,SonyaBrown Eyed Soul‘s Sung HoonNo BrainAileeLyn, and Hong Kyung Min.

On the other hand, SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ and MBC‘s ‘Infinite Challenge‘ recorded 7.5% and 4.1%, respectively.  Both shows are in the same time slot with ‘Immortal Song 2′.

Source + Photos: AKP + xportsnews via Naver 

Bekah snaps a photo with Amber & Key at art gallery showing


Even though Bekah has graduated from After School, it looks like she’s been reminiscing about old times as of late.

Yesterday, she posted an Instagram photo on her Twitter, tweeting, “I miss you guys!” The photo features Bekah with f(x)‘s Amber and SHINee‘s Key. As she explains later, the photo was taken at a personal friend’s art gallery showing in Seoul.

Source: AKP + Bekah's Twitter

Obviously Key and Amber are dating.

2PM’s Nickhun recently fesses up his Miss Right, but who is she? (Hint: Not Victoria)

2PM’s Nichkhun recently fessed up his Miss Right.

Section TV Entertainment News stopped by the set for a cosmetic brand commercial that Nichkhun and Nam Bo Ra was working on together. The episode aired on MBC on May 13.

After the shooting, the two stars had an interview with the MBC show. When asked about his Miss Right, the Thai prince of 2PM wanted to reply, “I like Soe Ae.”

The interviewer, however, didn’t get what Nichkhun said because of his unclear pronunciation—the 2PM member usually speaks good Korean though. The embattled interviewer by the strange name he had unheard of just shot back, “Soeae..? Is she a Korean?” Hence, Nam Bo Ra cleared up, saying, “He seemed to have meant ‘Soo Ae,’” and everybody laughed hard.The 2PM knockout explained about his Miss Right. “I love her natural look.”

Nam Bo Ra chose 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon as her Mr. Right. She explained about her Mr. Right. “I love his manly side.”

Source: + TV Report

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung makes her fans drool


Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung recently shared her self-portraits featuring ice-cream.

In the afternoon of May 13, Kim tweeted the photos with the caption, “So yummy that makes me lose my self-constraint.”

In the photos, Kim stares the camera. holing a spoonful of ice-cream. In the second photo, the singer strikes a pose as if she was trying to give the spoonful ice cream and make her fans drool.

Netizens responded: “Feed me with a mouthful of ice-cream.” “She looks fabulous.” “Refreshing.”

The Rainbow beauty is currently appearing in MBC’s Sunday Night-God of Victory.

Source: + Starnews

Japanese Fortune Teller Sees U-KISS as the Next Biggest Hallyu Stars

5-Year Old U-KISS " A Japanese fortune teller foresees them as the next best hallyu stars… we're happy."

U-KISS has returned as "Sexy U-KISS." It's been 8 months since their comeback and they're back to show their "sexy and charismatic" concept. They've showed great success with the concept in Japan, and they're back, full of confidence to show in Korea.

What is the fantasy concept?

Following their sexy concept, they bring the song "DORADORA," which comprises of body waves that reveal the sexy side of men. With this concept as a background, they mix individual member concepts in to create a wonderful combination. Soohyun is Wild & Mild, Kiseop is Fantasy, Eli is Romantic, AJ is Sexy Funky, Hoon is Sweetie, Kevin is Metrosexual, and Dongho is Joyful. How do their individual concepts come together to form a fantasy? "It's almost an emotional feeling. When we take photos or fall deep into the music on stage, we show our charismatic manly image" stated Kiseop.

Japanese fortune teller sees U-KISS as the greatest hallyu star.

Not long ago, a Japanese fortune teller believed to see idol group U-KISS become Japan's best hallyu star. U-KISS stated "It felt really nice" (Hoon), "I felt the need to work harder" (Kevin) and shared happy emotions.

Before their national comeback, U-KISS toured 6 regions in Japan, with 11 concerts. They greeted over 30,000 Japanese fans. Happy with their experience, Kevin said "It was fun to have our first nationwide tour. We had 11 concerts in 6 regions and met many fans along the way. We were surprised to receive as much love as we did. We released our first debut single in December, and within 4 months, we were able to have our nationwide tour. This was such an honour! Our skill improved as we toured. Our singing, dancing, and overall stage performance skills all improved. I think we've become closer to the stage."

AJ also mentioned "It was tough because we had to sing 17 songs in one concert and that required a lot of effort, physically. We also needed to worry about our fans and what they would like. U-KISS is a 5-year old group but I think we're now starting to become closer with the stage. "

5-Year Old U-KISS, Greed for Number 1

We carefully asked U-KISS regarding their lack of a Korean tour and the differences in their successes in Japan and Korea. To this, Hoon stated "If we did well in our country, Korea, than wouldn't other foreign fans and Japanese fans love us more? With that idea, we want to show our best in Korea."

If last year was girl group heaven, than this year is boy group year. Regarding the number of boy groups debuting, Dongho commented "we don't like picking out a rival group."

"There are a lot of new idols that are good on stage. Singing, dancing, and also acting. We agree that some idols are more skilled than we are in some areas. Rather than us being sunbaes, we like to see everyone on the same path of dreaming towards becoming a star. Because we believe that we can succeed if we try our hardest, we usually tend to not get jealous or rivaled against other groups." (Dongho)

Working hard may be a necessary characteristic however, they have greed as well. "Of course we want to win number 1. Online and off, we want to win number 1, and we also want people to recognise and enjoy our performances. We wish people would recognise our returns and new songs and go to listen and enjoy them." (Soohyun).

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DSP plans to take legal action against porn magazine that published Princess Goo's picture

A Japanese magazine recently took a close-up of the inside of Goo Hara’s skirt and used it as their cover picture. As a result, DSP Media is looking into what legal options it may take against the magazine.

On May 14, Goo’s agency, DSP Media, said, "The magazine is a popular Japanese adult magazine and they took a picture of the inside of Goo’s skirt. They report on celebrities and maliciously release edited and suggestive pictures of them."

"We are currently checking how the magazine reports did on our entertainers and we are also considering taking legal action against the magazine, with Japanese DSP Media and Universal Music."

The picture was taken when Goo attended the ’2011 Best Dressed Awards,’ which was held in November in Japan.


Sones didn't swarm this poll, wats u talkin' bout

Hangul Smart Domain Organization
, an organization that provides URL addresses in hangul, recently launched an online poll, taking place from May 3rd to May 11th.  The site listed ten girl groups including: Girls’ Generation, Kara, Wonder Girls, 4minute, Secret, T-ara, Sistar, Miss A, 2NE1, and After School.  The poll has finally been closed and the results for the most popular girl goup, picked by netizens are finally here.

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Source: AKP & Naver

Anti-Hallyu Movements in Japan

Korea and Japan share a long history of a love-hate relationship. They are closely linked to each other, both historically and culturally, but there’s also a deep-rooted animosity that dates back centuries.

This strange sentiment goes across many sectors. The Korean pop culture industry has been no exception, and as popular as K-Pop is in Japan, we are slowly starting to see a surge in anti-Hallyu movements as well.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the recent anti-Hallyu movements in Japan represent the vast majority of Japanese people. But some of these extreme Japanese right-wing, anti-Hallyu groups (albeit small in size and influence) have sparked quite a stir among K-Pop fans for their distorted views and nonsensical accusations.

In this article, we will review some of the most ridiculous anti-Hallyu movements in Japan. Again, these movements do not represent the views of the Japanese as a whole, but it’s worth noting their difference in perspective from the casual K-Pop fans. Perhaps, the only way to solve this problem is to grow a better understanding of each other and accept/respect different cultures – as the old saying goes, “Don’t hate, just appreciate!”

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This post is to discuss about the Anti-Hallyu movements in Japan, don't make this into something otherwise. Do not make this into a competition to figure out which country is "more racist" than the other. And please be mature and considerate (especially you "trolls", you know who you are).

Source: Soompi
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Japanese magazine publishes Goo Hara's upskirt photo

(or without mosaic)

Kara member, Goo Hara‘s panty shot on a particular Japanese Magazine has become a big controversy online. Apparently, this Japanese magazine publisher intentionally enlarged the exposed area, drawing more attention to it.

On May 13th, the cover of the magazine surfaced on an online community board. The image featured Goo Hara sitting on a stool in a dress. The controversial matter, however, is the fact that the area between her legs were enlarged by the publisher, to draw more attention to it.

Netizens became furious at the immature act and commented, “What was the purpose for doing this?“, “What was the point of enlarging the area?‘, and “This is very immature“.

Kara is currently scheduled to hold a concert on the 16th at Yoyogi Stadium and Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

source: akp + naver
/altered the title more mild. I might have overreacted, but it's my girl hara and I am raged!

hey, we all know it's her thigh right?
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Girlpower all over the music charts

All music charts have been taken by storm with girl groups and solo singers taking top places.

On the afternoon of May 13th on the current music charts, seven songs out of top ten were dominated by female singers. Within the top ten, the only male singers were Mighty Mouth, Park Jin Young (JYP), and Ulala Session.

Solo singer IU relased a new song "Days End" on the 11th and has been in first place on the music charts with her new song. Without any broadcasting promotions, "Days End" along with her self-composed single, "Peach" has been holding the top positions since their release.

On the Melon music chart, Girls' Generation's sub-unit Taetiseo is in second place with "Twinkle" along with SISTAR's "Alone" in third place, Baek Jiyoung's new hit single "Voice" in fourth, and IU's "Peach" ranking in sixth place. Particularly, SISTAR's "Alone" has been noted to be in the top ranks despite one month of promotions have passed.

On the Mnet music chart, Baek Jiyoung is in third place with "Voice," fourth place is Taetiseo's "Twinkle", and SISTAR's "Alone" is in fifth place. In second place was Ulala Session's new song "Beautiful Night." Like other music charts, the male artists among the top ten were Ulala Session, Park Jin Young (JYP), and Mighty Mouth. Bugs music chart is no different than the other charts, with the exception of the three male artists, all of the places are occupied by female singers.

There are expectation for the charts to change by next week as popular male artists such as Leessang and Infinite will make their comeback by releasing new songs.

Source: osen, melon & koreaboo
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epik high's mithra jin discharged from the army

Hip-hop group Epik High member Mithra Jin has finished up his military duties and will be returning to society.

On the morning of May 14th, Mithra Jin completed his 21 months of active service at the Seoul Yongsan-gu Ministry of National Defense, Defense Agency for Public Information Services division, and was discharged. Mithra Jin enlisted in the army back in 2010, and while serving at the Defense Agency for Public Information Services, he would also perform in an effort to boost the soldiers’ morale.

Previously, during the March holidays, Mithra Jin showed his close friendship with fellow Epik High member Tablo when he turned up and stood by Tablo’s side while Tablo had been experiencing the loss of his father.

In the meantime, Mithra Jin and Epik High’s DJ Tukutz, who was discharged from the army in August of last year, currently have no agency. In the second half of last year, Tablo sealed a contract with YG Entertainment. However, when Tablo signed the contract with YG in his own name, there was no mention of Epik High’s breakup. As a result, people are beginning to guess when Mithra Jin, Tablo and DJ Tukutz will have new activities as Epik High.

Having debuted in 2003, Epik High left behind a slew of hit songs like ‘Day of Peace,’ ‘Fly,’ and ‘Fan‘ and received much love from their fans. I’m sure these fans would be beyond thrilled to see the trio back together again.

Source: star news & kpopseven
Tae Yang is kinda HOT
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10Asia Interviews Big Bang - Part 1/5: Taeyang

"See you in two years," Taeyang said after he wrapped up his interview with 10Asia. The magazine has been interviewing the artist in two-year basis: in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012. What this coincidental meeting with Taeyang left was a recorded process of his growth as a grown up and changes he had in his life. The idol who first made his public appearance through a reality program in 2006, which revealed all his debuting process to the viewers, became a rising star in black music in the country with his first solo album released in 2008. In 2010, he showed off his talent that gave him the title of a composer, producer and performer in his first full-track album "Solar." Finally in 2012, Big Bang began sweeping local and international music charts with "ALIVE," even gaining the 'Worldwide act' award at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, they are waiting to kick off 'the' world tour. During the past six years, the 18-year-old boy has grown to become a 24-year-old man and his group, Big Bang is only a few steps away from meeting a new world. Having experienced the success and the worst scenarios as artists in the past few years, Taeyang is now standing at the half point of his 20s. The group's popularity has reached its peak and they're ready to make a new start. Even if it is possible that Big Bang could become bigger stars than they are now, restoring the same vibe and beauty they have right at this moment of their lives would be impossible. 10Asia will be recording that moment of each member for the next five days. First to come is, of course, Taeyang. We hope to meet him again in 2 years.

"I realized that I just wanted to be free."

You guys wrapped up promoting yourselves in Korea. It seemed like everything you guys would do in one year was all done within just three months. How does it feel?
It was busy but personally, it felt good to think that this was a new start. If we were doing our music activities like this in the past, it would have been hard. But this time, the results were pretty successful and rolling out an album during one of our most difficult times rather helped us. And we were pretty confident about the latest release too.

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Source: Yoon Hee-Seong @ 10Asia

Links to other parts of the interview series: 2, 3, 4 & 5


Sandeul Triple casting with Jo Kanghyun and Sung Dooseob for musical "Brothers Were Brave"

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Idol group B1A4's main vocal Sandeul will be taking on his first musical challenge in the 2012 production of "Brothers Were Brave".

B1A4 debuted in 2011, and won various awards last year, including Seoul Music Awards' rookie award. Sandeul is receiving attention for being the outstanding main vocal.

Sandeul, alongside Jo Kanghyun and Sung Dooseob, will be taking on the role of Jubong; the younger brother who is smart but has very high self-esteem. The role of older brother Sookbong; who is gentle and nice but has no backbone will be played by Kim Jaebeom and Kim Dohyun.

Musical "Brothers Were Brave" held their first production in March 2008 in PMC University, and was nominated for a total of 6 awards; namely Best Picture Award, Best Script Award, Best Lyrics/Composition Awards, Best Choreography Award, Best Musical Director Award and Best Supporting Actress Award. They won 2 awards in the end with Best Script Award and Best Lyrics/Composition Awards, becoming a critically acclaimed musical.

[Omitted information about directors]

Musical "Brothers Were Brave" will be opening on 26 June 2012, running till 1 October 2012 in Seoul COEX Artium Art Hall. Ticketing will open on 22 May 2012 at 2PM.

Translation Credits: skipfire @
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