May 17th, 2012


Yet another BB post

Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" MV Final Version (Japanese)

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Taeyang wearing South Korea's national football team uniform for Nike
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G-Dragon’s take on the infamous ‘double-denim’ look receives attention
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Pixie Lott talks about her collaboration with GD&TOP
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CNBLUE’s Minhyuk explores his bad boy side for ‘Elle Girl’ photoshoot

CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk
transformed into a bad boy for the latest pictorial for ‘Elle Girl

During the recent fashion shoot themed “I’m not a little boy“, Minhyuk showed off his various charms as he posed for the flashing lights. The revealed photos shows Minhyuk abandoning his cute little brother image and his signature eye smile to put on a bad boy vibe with his serious and deep gaze.

Playing the role of Cha Se Kwang on KBS‘ drama,’You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly‘, Minhyuk shared about his experience as an actor. “More than anything, I want to fall deep into the character and show various images.” However, he revealed that his true passion was music, as he stated, “My ultimate goal is to continue doing music with the members.”

Fans can catch the full version of Minhyuk’s photoshoot in the June issue of ‘Elle Girl’.

Source : Allkpop
Star News via Naver

B.A.P’s Zelo complains about his ever-growing height?

‘s maknae, who is also the youngest male among all the idol groups, Zelo has complaints about his tall height.

Born in October of 1996, 15-year-old Zelo revealed in a recent interview with one of Japan’s biggest newspapers that he “would like to stop growing” when he was asked about a “personal hope.” Zelo’s profile says his height is 5’11.5″ (182 cm), but he’s been growing even more since his debut and is now 6 feet (183 cm) tall.

He shared, “The hospital told me my growth plates are still open.” Despite his complaint, he wrapped up the interview sarying, “Actually, I think I can be able to express more with a taller height so I’m excited.”

Currently, B.A.P is promoting their second single album, ‘Power‘. The group successfully finished fan signings, which began last weekend, in Seoul, Daegu, and Busan. On the coming 19th, they are planning to hold a fan sign event in Incheon.

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Huh Gak and Seo Inguk praise SISTAR'S Hyorin, Ailee

On the latest episode of MBC's "Golden Fishery - Radio Star", guests were asked to pick idol singers that could sing particularly well. Huh Gak and Seo Inguk, who both rose to fame in Korea through competition programs, chose female singers Ailee and SISTAR's Hyorin.

Huh Gak said that seeing Hyorin sing "was like seeing Beyonce". Seo Inguk also praised "Ailee, who has recently debuted". The two appeared in drama "Dream High 2" earlier this year, both portraying strong singers in the idol trio HershE.

Huh Gak and Seo Inguk have both recently released new material, with Huh releasing his mini album "LACRIMOSO" in the beginning of April and Seo releasing his "Perfect Fit" EP on April 12th.

Source: Star News, MightySISTAR & koreaboo
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Politician Sets Himself on Fire, Netizens Sickened by Liberals

Two days after having resorted to fists over a vote-rigging scandal, the Unified Progressive Party [UPP] is hitting the headlines again. A member of the party set himself on fire, in protest of the recent online vote that aggravated the existing divide between the factions.

How far will it go?…the UPP on the verge of collapse

The worst case scenario has become a reality. A member of the Unified Progressive Party set himself on fire in protest over the central committee’s decision by the online vote. The situation is spiraling out of control.
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Car crash caught on camera sparks South Korean government investigation

Korean officials are now investigating whether dashboard camera video that shows an elderly Korean couple speeding through crowded city streets and then plowing into another vehicle at 80 mph is evidence of sudden, uncontrolled acceleration by the vehicle.

Footage of the May 6 crash, in which 17 people were injured, was posted on an internet forum by the couple's son, who told Korean media he didn't think that the police or the auto manufacturer would believe that the crash was caused by sudden, unexplained acceleration.
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{4} Daehyun “Daehyun’s tears, his sincerity for his peers who had the same dream as he did”

[..] And Daehyun began receiving official music lessons, working hard with the thought that for the first time ever, someone was anticipating for him. There’s the saying that even compliments make dolphins dance and the more compliments Daehyun heard from those around him, his singing skills improved day by day.

“Our academy teacher poured everything of theirs for me, giving their all. It was my first time being anticipated by someone so to return that anticipation, I did my best.”

Soon enough, his efforts met its result as he successfully finished his first solo stage at the concert that his academy held.

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{1} Youngjae “Youngjae the ‘game maniac,’ his dream was to become a professional gamer”

[..] We have prepared the column “star story” in our publishing which not only tells a truthful side to stars, but their past that brought them to where they are today. This episode’s protagonist is B.A.P’s “brain” Youngjae, who has stepped forth into the music industry with his strong charisma.

After Daehyun’s interview was Youngjae, who had an enthusiastic introduction and greeting the interviewer with his round eyes. In maintaining his “brain” image of the group, he logically began unraveling his past.

I was born in a hospital in Bangbaedong of Seoul on January 24th, 1994. When my mother was pregnant with me, she had a precognitive dream of my birth where a chili pepper was dangling and the night sky was in view. Siblings? I have an older brother with the age gap of eight years and I think I grew up without much trouble.”

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 love <3

2NE1 Looks Fierce and Confident in Latest Adidas Spread

’s Park Bom showed off her perfect figure and long legs for Adidas Originals. Park Bom, along with other 2NE1 members, displayed their individual style during the latest photoshoot for the“2012 Spring/Summer Women’s & Summer Collection.” The new collection features two styles: the “Big Trefoil Package” and the “Summer Graphic Tee Collection.”

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Source: Soompi
Big Bang &lt;3
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10Asia Interviews Big Bang - Part 4/5: Daesung

What would it be like to live as Big Bang? They have achieved an incredible amount of success, live by dividing the 24 hours of the day to use it efficiently and they always have people's eyes on them. Big Bang is like a huge vessel in the mainstream K-pop but the destination they have to sail to is a vast sea that could swallow them at any moment. Even if they have a strong basis in the field, you never know when this typhoon will hit them. During their interview with 10Asia, the boys have talked about their happiness and their inner sides, instead of their popularity and other people's eyes. When everyone told them that they're at the peak of their career, some members were walking on the rough path of life and some were trying to find solutions of their own to those problems. In the midst of that turmoil, Daesung stretched his fingers high towards the sky while singing "FANTASTIC BABY." It is impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking at that very moment. One thing is for sure, he was on stage and really pulled off the song's highlights. Without stopping, he went on calmly talking about what it has took him to go up on stage and sing out in front of a big crowd.

"My goal is to become a singer that delivers happiness to people.'"

Finishing up the promotion would probably mean more to you than other members. How would you put your feelings in words?
So many things happened last year and it's true that I had a tremendous burden for that reason. I also had a doubt about resuming my activities at this period. But compared to the amount of time and energy spent worrying, I've received so much love being in the team. When I look back now, all these events have provided us a chance to create a stronger bond and stand together. So I'd like to say that it has been the happiest time of my singing career during this album's promotion.

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Source: (originally from 10Asia, but for some reason article there doesn't have interview text at all currently)

Links to other parts of the interview series: 1, 2, 3 & 5

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‘Horny Bus Couple’ Shamed for Public Display of Affection

The snuggly couple in the above photo were seen on a bus in Busan this week and have caused a bit of online controversy for their allegedly excessive public displays of affection. A disgruntled fellow passenger took a photo of them and uploaded it to the internet in an attempt to publicly shame them.

Public displays of affection beyond holding hands is a bit of a taboo in Korean culture.
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One more time if you didn't see it and wonder why this is an article: Public displays of affection beyond holding hands is a bit of a taboo in Korean culture
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

MYNAME becomes first Korean artists to sign with Yoshimoto Kogyo

Japan entertainment conglomerate company, Yoshimoto Kogyo, has chosen to sign a contract with Korean male group, MYNAME.

For the first time in its 100-years history, Yoshimoto Kogyo has selected promote a Korean artist. Despite that MYNAME has not made their debut in Japan officially, they are getting exceptional treatment.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is the largest entertainment company with over 1,000 performers under its wing, in addition to having the longest history as a company among Japanese entertainment companies.

They are also not only in the entertainment business, but have their hands in television, theater production, distribution, performance, and amusement park business, and are also responsible for the International Film Festival in Okinawa.

It was also reported that MYNAME visited the Yoshimoto Kogyo headquarters last month, in which the employees there gave them a warm welcome. The chairman of the Yoshimoto Kogyo personally welcomed them, encouraging and cheering them at the recording studio.

MYNAME is the first Korean artist in 100 years that Yoshimoto Kogyo will be promoting in Japan. The group is set to make their comeback in South Korea first before heading to Japan for promotions. Currently, a coordination between both sides are being planned.

According to an agency official from H2 Media, current plans are for MYNAME to make their Japanese debut in July.

MYNAME's Japanese website was already revealed in February, where it was announced that they would hold a special "White-day Premium Fan Event" in Japan in March.

Meanwhile, MYNAME will release their 1st single in June and will have their 1st video teaser released on May 21st.


OMG Congrats bbs! I hope this means they'll be relevant enough for a tag on omona!

Dalmatian’s vocals stand out in acapella version of “E.R”

Boy group Dalmatian recently returned with their fierce new track “E.R.” for the first time in over a year, and fans seem to agree that the new album was well worth the wait.

Not only have the members undergone a dramatic physical transformation, the members prove that they’ve got the slick moves to match their impressive musical abilities.

Their vocal talent is all the more obvious in the acapella version of “E.R.” that was recently uploaded on the internet. The background music was removed and you can only hear their vocals.

The flawless harmonization amongst the members really stands out, and some argue that this may be better than the original.

Give it a listen below!

credits # allkpop | 0oPeopleDidntKnowo0 @ youtube
this sounds beautiful. everyone should give it a listen. the harmonization is just plain perfect.
also, I just can't get enough of yongwon's and simon's parts... 

Fellow musicians show their support for Dalmatian’s new mini-album

With the release of Dalmatian‘s new mini-album ‘State Of Emergency‘, seniors in the music industry have stepped forward with messages and retweets of support for the group’s comeback.

Kim Chang Ryul, HaHa, F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo, MBLAQ, and many more have logged into Twitter to help promote Dalmatian’s new title song “E.R“.

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Upon seeing their tweets, members of Dalmatian responded, “We’re gaining much strength from our sunbae’s supportive messages! We’ll work harder to show you all the best of Dalmatian.”

credits # allkpop | Joy News 24 via Naver

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S. Korea unveils world's fourth fastest train

South Korea on Thursday unveiled a fully working prototype of its new high-speed train which can operate at up to 430 kilometres (267 miles) per hour.

The new train is the world's fourth fastest after similar trains developed by France, Japan and China, the transportation ministry said. A French bullet train can reach up to 575 kph on test runs.

South Korea introduced high-speed trains based on French technology in 2004. Six years later it unveiled its first home-made bullet train capable of reaching up to 350 kph.

The new prototype is made up of two power cars and four passenger coaches with multiple motor units, the ministry said.

Compared to the previous model the new train is quieter and lighter, and is capable of carrying 16 per cent more seats, it added. After test runs, the new bullet trains will go into service in 2016 or 2017.

Source: asiaone
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S. Korean "goose fathers" so lonely they keep flies

Unlike his colleagues at a Korean city office, Choi Chang-young dreads the end of each workday, when he is forced to return to his empty, echoing house.

"I feel a deep sense of loneliness since neither my wife nor my kids are waiting for me," the 45-year-old administrator said of his home in the city of Cheongju, 120 km (75 miles) south of the capital Seoul. "There is only total darkness."

Choi is one of a growing legion of Korean fathers who send their families overseas when the children hit their teens, hoping to help them both escape the pressure-cooker South Korean educational system and learn English - which will help them get better higher education, and better jobs.

The wives go along with the children, leaving the fathers - known as "goose fathers" in local slang - behind to work and finance the whole venture.
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Source: cnbc
This is really sad :/ Hope he can reunite with his family soon again