May 18th, 2012

Tiger JK reveals wife Yoon Mirae will soon be making her US debut


Tiger JK revealed that his wife Yoon Mirae (Tasha) would be breaking into the American market soon.

On the May 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, Tiger JK proudly remarked, “Mirae will be debuting in the U.S. soon, and I think it will be daebak.”

She received a love call from Far*East Movement who hit #1 on the Billboard charts and she will be advancing into the American market soon,” he explained, surprising the MCs.

I asked if I could join them, but Mirae said she would prefer to do it alone,” he added.

He continued, “America only wanted Mirae,” causing everyone to explode into laughter.

Source & Image: AKP + StarNews via Nate

Son Dam Bi shows off her sexy figure for Descente

Singer and actress Son Dam Bi has released some pictures of her appealing with sexy charm.

On May 17, she tweeted some pictures with the comment “Shooting new pictorials for Descente~ On the shooting set. I’m tanned~”

In the posting, Son was spotted in the middle of a photo session wearing shorts and a tank top and holding a ball. She is showing off her tanned, toned figure and beautifully built six packs.

Netizens who saw the posting commented: “She has an excellent figure.” “She has beautiful face and figure. Go Son Dam Bi.” “Wow, amazing abs.”

Source: + Starnews + Son Dambi's Twitter

Alive Tour in Nagoya (Photo and set list)

Set List:

1. Alive Intro
2. Tonight
3. Hands Up
4. Fantastic Baby
5. How Gee
6. Stupid Liar

Talk Part (Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri)

7. Ppeokigayo
8. High High
9. Strong Baby
10. What Can I Do
11. Gara Gara Go
12. Number 1
13. Cafe

Talk Part

14. Bad Boy
15. Blue
16. Ego
17. Love Song
18. Feeling
19. Look Only At Me
20. Wedding Dress
21. Wings
22. Haru Haru

Talk Part

23. Lie
24. Last Farewell
25. Let Me Hear Your Voice (Encore)
26. Heaven (Encore)

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Source: BBupdate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Juniel releases first teaser featuring CNBLUE’s Yonghwa

We reported previously that CNBLUE‘s talented Yonghwa was producing a song for an up and coming singer, Juniel.

Juniel was previously crowned the winner on Niji Iro Supernova, the Japanese version of Korean audition program ‘Super Star K‘. Thanks to her musical talents and song-writing abilities, she has even promoted for some time in Japan. She has now set her sights on Korea, and is gearing up for her upcoming debut with her first mini album and a pre-release of ‘Stupid’ on May 22nd.

To support his fellow artist, it seems Yonghwa has stepped in not only as a producer but as an actor in her upcoming music video as well! Check out the teaser below while we wait for her exciting debut!

UNF his arm

Source: Allkpop
the gang

B1A4 for Japan's Anan magazine


These extremely cute 5 boys that you will definitely be crazy over: The strongest idols have landed in Japan!

In addition to their pop like cute appearance and performances, they’ve got a tough side to them where they do their own composition. This 5 member group that has been getting a lot of attention, the closeness that they have with one another because they live together is fascinating. The outstanding teamwork that is fostered through the talk sessions they have together every week!

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source: translatians by tables @ aviateb1a4 1, 2, scans by beautifuldaykr

taeyeon's diet secret? instant ramen + no sleep.


Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon, who is currently promoting as a member of sub-unit TaeTiSeo, revealed the secret to maintaining her ideal figure.

During a recent recording for SBS E! TV ‘TV Cult Two Show – Talking With The Stars‘, Taeyeon left her fans dumbfounded when she remarked that her secret to remaining trim was to eat instant ramen late at night.

She then explained, “But I don’t sleep after I eat,” revealing the important detail behind her secret. Taeyeon also denied rumors about Girls’ Generation eating 900 calories a day saying, “How can we possibly live off 900 calories a day?”

Netizens did not seem to be satisfied with her trick to staying slim as they responded, “Even so, how can she stay so slim when she eats instant ramen,” “She must have another trick up her sleeve,” and “I need to sleep less.”

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10Asia Interviews Big Bang - Part 5/5: G-Dragon

A tremendous explosion started the expansion of the universe and the explosion is known as the Big Bang. Stepping into their seventh year of debut, Big Bang has now created a distinguishable territory in the K-pop scene. The group has differentiated its music from any other K-pop and pop idols' by quickly reacting to the global music trend without losing their unique color. To announce their songs -- which bloomed in the middle of all the hardships they've been going through -- to the world, the boys performed three songs in just one show, each performing with a different concept. They also made the live show available online in high-definition. The boys' ensuing step that avoids being conventional and abiding by the rules were shocking from time to time, but the shock has always left something new after that 'explosion.' Interviewing the team's leader G-Dragon provided 10Asia a chance to discover what leads the team to create that shock and excitement in the global music landscape. The musician, who says that he devoted all his time to planning and preparing for coming albums while leaving everything up to his fans' expectations, does not get excited by immediate gains and success. For that reason, it is exciting enough to picture what he has in mind for the next Big Bang.

"'ALIVE' has provided us to enjoy the new Golden Age of Big Bang."

As a leader and producer in the team, you must have a special attachment to the latest release. How do you feel about wrapping up the album's local promotion?
It was short but deep. Before thinking about what others have to say about this album, I want to call this the new Golden Age of Big Bang.

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Source: Yoon Hee-Seong @ 10Asia

Links to other parts of the interview series: 1, 2, 3 & 4

it me


1. no pr0n
2. no fighting
3. be cool

let's talk about how awesome the avengers is omg best movie of 2012 t b h. if you could cast a korean/korean american idol or actor/actress to be in the avengers who would they be??????

강다니엘, daniel

Teen Top to Make Comeback in Late May

Teen Top will soon be joining the competition of the May comebacks. 

On May 18, T.O.P. Media revealed, “Teen Top will be officially making its comeback with a new album on May 30.” 

The Teen Top members have been hinting of its comeback, having tweeted on the May 17, “They say that these days, the cube is the trend! What is the secret to Teen Top’s comeback on May 30?” 

Attached to the tweet was a photoshopped picture of Niel holding a cube. 

On May 17, Changjo also wrote on the Teen Top me2day, “Good bye vacation~~ We are no longer vacation idols~ What will Teen Top look like in May??”

Known as the idol group that returns to the stage during winter or summer vacations, Teen Top and its surprise announcement have been gathering excitement from fans. 

Meanwhile, Teen Top has recently achieved a new feat of completely selling out in pre-order tickets for the Teen Top Zepp Tour 2012 to be held on June 19 and 20 in Japan. Regular ticket sales were planned to start on May 19. 

Source: Mnet, @TEEN_TOP

lol what is that photo even..

Junsu’s ‘Tarantallegra’ attains massive success in Japan

Junsu‘s (XIA) solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘ is receiving an explosive reaction in Japan.

On May 18th, CJES Entertainment revealed, “XIA’s first solo album has taken the #1 spot on Japan’s Itunes. What is even more surprising it that he surpassed Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to receive the #1 spot, proving XIA’s massive popularity in Japan.”

Pre-orders for ‘Tarantallegra’ grabbed first place at Tower Records Japan as soon as the release date of Junsu’s album was announced earlier this month, and the album completely sold out on the day of its release. Junsu’s solo album also snagged the #1 spot for sales in Japan’s Rakuten and Amazon site.

A music official from Japan stated, “After the explosive amount of pre-order sales, the album is now becoming a scarcity. This is even more surprising because Junsu has not had any activities in Japan lately.”

A representative of CJES Entertainment said, “Japan’s response towards XIA’s first album is really hot. The Japanese public has been looking forward to Junsu’s music and performances, I think it is because of Junsu’s solid fan base in Japan. Another reason why this album is gaining so much popularity is because it’s compelling in that it attempts to be exceptional and sensational at the same time. It’s just a well-made album derived from Junsu’s own skill.”

In related news, ‘Tarantallegra’ is also running short in stock on Korean online sites, and gaining many favorable reviews.

credits # allkpop | newsen via nate

hyo slays everyone else on DWTS, this time for real

Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk claimed their very first win on MBC TV‘s ‘Dancing With The Stars 2‘.

On the May 18th broadcast of ’Dancing With The Stars 2‘, the eleven teams put on lavish performances for their second live stage.

Wearing a vibrant red dress, Hyoyeon and her partner put on a powerful tango dance, closing it with a kiss pose at the end. Fellow group member Tiffany who was in the audience cheered her on with excited applause.

The Hyoyeon-Kim Hyung Suk team won the second-highest marks from the judges amongst the 11 teams, and they were able to seize first place thanks to the votes that came in via text.

“I wasn’t even expecting it, but I am so happy to have won first place,” Hyoyeon said, thanking her partner afterwards.

Judge Song Seung Hwan remarked, “I enjoyed your mysterious tango dance. Now that it’s been three weeks, I think your charm is truly starting to shine.” Kim Joo Won also added, “You guys look good performing a mature dance. It was great,” giving them a smile.

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JongHyun wrecking your fav OTP, deep throats cookie while doing it.

화가난듯한 종현 ‘날 물로봐?’선물 개봉 직후 잡아먹을 듯 공격적인 한컷 My Mangsang뉴스 김종현 기자 2012.5.17

@realjonghyun90Jonghyun who seems angry ‘What do you take me for?’ right after unwrapping the present attacking me as if he’s going to eat me
My Mangsang News Kim Jonghyun journalist 2012.5.17

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Source: Cnbluestorm

To anyone confused, Little Jonghyun played a prank on Tall Jong by telling him he'd give him a copy of Diablo 3. Instead he wrapped cookies in a poster of his and wrote Diablo 3 on it. Tall Jong was not amused.


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Translated interviews: // the translation can't be taken from the forum, so if anyone is interested you can check the interviews in the links below
◊  "Cute Dalmatian? We're tough guys now!" here @ dalmination
◊ 'The kids from the mountains of Haengjoo'; Dalmatian, "We've grown strong through the teachings of time" here @ dalmination

Prince Youngwon looks gorgeous, in the OMS pictorial especially.. what is that hipster shirt though. x)
Daniel and Simon... hnng

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YG Entertainment put in a request to cast 5 contestants from ‘K-Pop Star’

While viewers everywhere are growing ever-more curious as to what next steps the finalists from ‘K-Pop Star‘ will be taking, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk cautiously and honestly revealed his personal stance.

On May 17th, Yang Hyun Suk was asked about finalists Lee Ha Yi and Lee Seung Hun‘s possible recruitment to YG Entertainment. “I cannot give you any answers right now,” he answered, displaying his prudent nature. But in the past, YG has displayed a habit of very firmly and clearly denying the rumors that were in fact untrue, and his ambiguous answer suggests that there is a high possibility of Lee Ha Yi and Lee Seung Hun joining his company.

Yang Hyun Suk also carefully added, “I received a lot of calls after an exclusive article was issued with StarNews yesterday (16th). It is true that I spoke with the ‘K-Pop Star’ representatives at SBS to put in a casting request of the 5 contestants.”

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Korean source: MoneyToday StarNews via Nate
Source: Allkpop

I have a feeling he put in request for Lee Michelle, Lee Ha Yi, Lee Seung Hun, Kim Woo Sung, and Kim Na Yoon. What are your guesses, omona?
But perhaps I've said too much [Raptor]

Rolling Stone's 10 K-pop Groups Most Likely to Break into America

YouTube's most-watched Korean pop music video, Girls' Generation's "Gee," has earned 74,000,000 American views alone, even though most mainstream U.S. music fans have never heard of it. The song and video – a calculated, colorful, choreographed affair that sees the nine-member girl group smiling and winking for the camera in flirty outfits as they change formations and soloists without a hitch – epitomize how Korean pop music (K-Pop for short) has been able to break language barriers and captivate a passionate U.S. audience. More recently, acts have begun turning the interest into profitable American tour stops and announcing plans to officially release music stateside. And as if to officially christen the genre's U.S. crossover potential as an internet phenomenon, Google will host a multi-act K-Pop concert at their California headquarters on May 21st, which will be livestreamed on their YouTube Presents channel.

In the past, popular Korean acts (like BoA and Se7en) made unsuccessful American debuts likely due to the fact that they were molded by American record labels to be presented in a way they saw best to break into the notoriously difficult market.

Yet K-pop has garnered a strong following without the help of any major American backing. K-Pop is a mixture of trendy Western music and high-energy Japanese pop (J-Pop), which preys on listeners' heads with repeated hooks, sometimes in English. It embraces genre fusion with both singing and rap, and emphasizes performance and strong visuals.

Never very racy, K-pop could easily slide into America's Top 40 market if correctly targeted at children and teenagers. The following are the 10 acts most likely to successfully crossover to America – as long as they're allowed to keep the same sounds and concepts that made them popular in Asia. By Jeff Benjamin

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Source: Rolling Stone
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SHINee's Japanese sales for single "Sherlock" reaches second place on Oricon daily

SHINee's single "Sherlock" reached second place on Japan's representative music ranking site, Oricon on May 17th. They achieved the status on the singles daily chart after just one day, their single having gone on sale on the 16th of May.

This particularly significant for SHINee as they managed to overtake popular local group AAA, who was pushed to number three with their single "Still Love You". AAA had released their single on the same day as SHINee.

SHINee's Japanese version was a follow-up from their Korean version, which had been released on March 19th. Back then SHINee had met up with reporters from OSEN, where they stated, "After a month of activies in Korea, we will be promoting earnestly in Japan. We will work as hard in Japan as in Korea."

Previously "Sherlock" had come in first on Taiwan's music chart G-MUSIC (April 20th to 26th)and FIVE MUSIC (April 20th to 26th), amongst others.

Meanwhile SHINee has completed a Japanese arena tour, and will be holding twenty performances in seven Japanese cities till July 1st.

Source: osen, koreaboo, oricon 5/15, oricon 5/16 & oricon 5/17

Can anyone virtify if Koreaboo tranlated this right?. If not osen did a bad job because Shinee was second they day they released their single 5/15 and not 5/17 like osen says. So basicly AAA overtoke them and not otherwise. And so far the sold about 40,000 copies if people want to know