May 24th, 2012

Seo In Guk reveals an interesting physical insecurity


Singer Seo In Guk shared an insecurity he had about a certain part of his body.

On a recent episode of MBC Golden Fishery‘s ‘Radio Star‘, the singer explained, My nipples sit a bit low. He then added, “I have a more Western type physique when I work out, but working out doesn’t change the placement of my nipples.”

Shortly after, Goo Ja Myung admitted that his nipples are placed unusually off to the sides, causing his peers and the emcees to laugh out loud.

Although this may seem odd, other entertainers have also admitted that their nipples seem misplaced. For example, Yoo Jae Suk, one of Korea’s best MCs, also explained that his chest is also placed lower than others.


Source & Photo: AKP + XSportsnews via Naver 

We need proof!


Gold diggers blackmail men through online chat

A group of men and women have been arrested and five others booked for blackmailing intoxicated drivers. The ring caused car accidents after the women got men they lured in an online chat room to drink at a pub and to drive home drunk, according to police. Gangseo Police Station in Seoul reported Tuesday that they made tens of millions of won. Police said that a 27-year-old man, identified as Park, lured men with cars by opening an online chat room, “one-night stand in a love hotel.”

When they contact Park online, he asked them to come to a pub in Gangseo District, saying that he had some ladies to play with. The ladies, who were in collusion with Park, got the men to drink and drive. While they were driving, another accomplice Seo, 25, hit the vehicle to the back on purpose and demanded money for repairing his damaged vehicle.

The ring blackmailed 11 victims for a total of 26.8 million won since January, according to the police. One victim with the family name of Kim paid 8.8 million won. Among the women were, a high school student and a North Korean defector the girlfriends of Park and Kim, according to police.

The victims paid money to the gang as they were scared of losing their driver’s licenses and paying a huge fine for drunk driving,” a police officer said. “Citizens should be cautious when they chat online because the chat room is used as a tool for various crimes these days.”

Source: Koreatimes

Details on Juniel’s debut mini-album ‘My First June’ revealed

Juniel’s album ‘My First June‘ will release on June 7 KST. The singer previously released the music video for “Stupid“, which features CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa, on May 22 KST. Yonghwa is reported to have also co-composed and produced the track himself.

Juniel has co-composed 3 out of the 5 tracks on ‘My First June’. She’s received attention as a singer-songwriter ever since she won first on the Japanese version of ‘American Idol‘, ‘Niji Iro Supernova’, in 2010, and has already released a mini-album called ‘Ready Go‘ and a single album ‘Forever‘ in Japan as well.

Watch out for the release of ‘My First June’ on June 7, which is also when the singer will have her first showcase, and check out the track list for the mini-album below.

01. Illa Illa
02. Ready Go!
03. Everlasting Sunset
04. Mask
05. Stupid (With CNBLUE’s Yonghwa)

Source : Allkpop

This is an Anniversary Toast

Back on May 25th, 2008, SHINee made their official debut on SBS‘s “Inkigayo” with their track“Replay“. To help celebrate their 4th anniversary, SHINee left a video message to their fans.

In the video, Jonghyun states that it’s already been 4 years and how time flies by fast. Taemin mentions how he was only 16 years old when they first debuted and he’s now already 20. They stated that they will continue to work hard and will greet their fans once again next year on May 25, 2013 for their 5th anniversary.

From humble beginnings to top Kpop stars, they’ve come a long way. For Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin along with Shawols, Happy 4th Anniversary.

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Source: AKP
Video @ SMTOWN on YouTube

Happy 4th SHINee <3

Kim Hyun Joong is a Smooth MoFo

‘Smiling Prince’ Kim Hyun Joong recently moved the hearts of the public as he once again displayed his infinite love for fans.
On May 24th, a clip was uploaded on an online community board with the title, ‘Kim Hyun Joong receiving a fan letter without his guards knowing, very touching‘.
In the clip, the Hallyu star was surrounded by his guards and knew that they would not let his fans get close to him. But upon noticing a fan who had something to give him, the singer secretly stuck his hand out behind him to receive a letter from the fan without letting his guards catch on.

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Source: AKP
Photos: SportsChosun Via Nate
Wanna One Energetic

JJ Project Recieves Support From JYP Nation

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Rookie group JJ Project made a big first impression earlier today with their debut performance of ‘Bounce‘ on Mnet’s M! Countdown.

In support of the group, their fellow JYP Entertainment members displayed their support on Twitter.

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Sources: allkpop and Twitter: Taecyeon, Junho, NichKhun, Yeeun, Fei, Jia, Suzy, and Seulong

Kwon also retweeted their MV and song on Melon and Junsu left them a message as well. I love the support they're getting. :D
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South Korea to chemically castrate rapist

South Korea is set to carry out the chemical castration of a serial rapist later this week, implementing recent legislation for the first time.

The drug treatment is intended to suppress sexual impulses and does not require the convict's consent.

The sex offender, identified only by his surname of Park, has been convicted of four counts of rape or attempted rape on young girls since the 1980s, according to the Ministry of Justice.

"Sex offenders over the age of 19, who have sexually offended against children under the age of 16 and are diagnosed with pedophilia, can be subject to such treatment," a Justice Ministry official said Wednesday, declining to be identified as is customary in South Korea.

A law authorizing this treatment for sex offenders came into effect last year. It followed a public outcry after a number of cases were reported of rapists reoffending following their release.

"There was growing demand for strengthened measures against pedophiles who are likely to repeat their actions," the official said.

Park will be required to undergo the treatment every three months, wear an electronic anklet and remain under scrutiny for three years.

Offenders could be subject to the treatment for as long as 15 years, according to the law.

Source: cnn
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How to Avoid Criticizing North Korea

Journalists who encounter South Korea’s left-wing politicians, the ones who can’t bring themselves to say a critical word about North Korea, have grown accustomed to the way they duck and weave around questions about the North’s dictatorship and human rights abuses – things these politicians did criticize about South Korea in the past.

But it’s rare to see the artful dodge on national TV.
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Source: wall street journal
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South Korean smokers finally start to feel the heat

After decades of indifference, big businesses and the government are turning up the heat on smokers in South Korea, a nation with one of the developed world's highest male smoking rates.

Some firms are pressing workers to kick the habit or miss out on promotion and the health ministry will toughen warnings on cigarette packs.

Seoul council plans eventually to make one fifth of the city's total area smoke-free. Even the military is getting in on the act: army draftees undergoing basic training will get advice from a clinic on ways to quit.
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Source: AFP


{4} Youngjae “I felt that I’d be able to achieve something with Bang Yongguk”


[..] In raising his dream to become a singer in JYP, Youngjae left the company due to personal reasons after a year.

“I joined as a JYP trainee in my end of my first year in high school and spent a year since then just training. However, due to personal reasons, I left JYP and I think the mindset of wanting to do music became stronger. In putting behind me everyone’s disappointment, I made this decision.”

With having time to relax his body and heart for a while, a person he knew introduced him to his current company, TS Entertainment.

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credits # heraldm {source} | heodang {transl}
I think all six members of B.A.P had a bigger desire tobeing recognized for the occupation of being
a singer rather than gaining popularity for being a singer, so that’s why our friendship is even greater” 


{3} Youngjae  “Joining JYP and placing first in the auditions…I felt dazed”

[..] Youngjae officially fell in the charms of music after he entered high school and in getting closer to his peers who attended the same academy he did, they would exchange their knowledge of music with one another.

“When I was a first year in high school, my teacher was very understanding of me in placing me with the hyungs of our academy and I spent a lot of time with the hyungs singing. I think it was a time where I was so into music that I didn’t even go home – I had a lot of fun playing and learning music at the same time (laughs).

It wasn’t just Korean music that Youngjae was into, but he came across American music as well in broadening his music spectrum.

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credits # heraldm {source} | heodang {transl}
well, dahh.. we already knew he is amazing, perfect, flaw less etc.
Any ideas in which boy band he could have debuted?

Leeteuk Interrupting Fanny And Taeyeon Was a "Misunderstanding"

, member of popular idol group Super Junior, has been criticized by netizens for an incident that happened toward the end of the K-Pop concert in the United States.  Concert staff helps to shed some light on the misunderstanding.

At the end of the “MBC Korean Music Wave in Google” concert all the performers were asked to comeback out on stage to sing, “Arirang.”  When the song had ended, Leeteuk made the closing statement for the ceremony, “Those of us who speak different languages and have different appearances were able to unite as one tonight through music.”  Netizens were quick to acuse the Super Junior leader of stealing the attention away from the show’s emcees. The few unruly netizens felt it should have been the responsibility of Girls’ Genertaion’s Taeyeon and Tiffany to close out the show.

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Source: Soompi
omg Leeteuk doesn't let anyone else talk!!!1 This is brand new informationnnnnnn

Uee 2

So Ji Sub: “No Matter What People Say, I Will Release Another Hip Hop Album”

Little do people know, So Ji Sub had a career in hip hop. He announced that he already has two albums out, which grabbed everyone’s attention in SBSOne Night of TV Entertainment.”

During a cheerful interview with Lee Yeon Hee, So Ji Sub revealed that he had always been fond of hip hop. “I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off if I thought it was my line of work. It was possible because I liked doing it.”

He also shared that he “wanted to continue hip hop at all costs. No matter what anyone says.”

During the “Ghost” press conference, the “51K” sweatshirt he wore during his hip hop phase had been put up for charity auction.

Source: soompi

Flawless MV!