June 6th, 2012


MBC to resume airing ‘We Got Married’

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ will finally air a new episode.

A representative from MBC informed Newsen on June 5th, “Because the strike is still ongoing, the head PDs will now become invested in directing ‘We Got Married’. We will be keeping the original couples, Lee Jang Woo-Ham Eunjung, and Leeteuk-Kang Sora.”

If all goes according to the reorganized agenda, ‘We Got Married’ will return to it’s normal broadcasting schedule as of June 16th at 5:15PM KST. The date for the next ‘We Got Married’ filming has yet to be set, however, it shouldn’t be too long before it takes place.

It looks like fans will finally get to see their favorite on-screen couples again.

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25 Collaborations 50 Cent Should Consider

Earlier this week, 50 Cent dropped his new DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, The Lost Tape. Like he’s done on his mixtapes for years, Fif brought along some of his G-Unit cohorts for the party, as Kidd Kidd and Precious Paris—in addition to artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, Jeremih and Robbie Nova—make appearances. Throughout his career, Fif has surely collaborated with some heavyweights—from Dr. Dre to Mary J. Blige to Justin Timberlake. But he hasn't always been the quickest to put himself out there for collaborations with some of the game's biggest names. Here, XXL offers 25 collaborations that 50 hasn't done yet that he should consider. —XXL Staff

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Source: XXL + YG Ladies

I'm not dropping my dream 2NEMINAJ collab but I wonder how Fif and my gurls would sound like.
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Who is Kaeun That Will Join After School?

As news of Kahi’s graduation from After School has been revealed, much attention has been on who the new girl Kaeun is.

Kaeun, who was chosen as the new student of After School in April, is now 17 years old. After School’s agency Pledis Entertainment revealed, “Out of the artists in our agency, Kaeun has the most powerful dancing skills with very attractive singing skills as well.” With a baby face and a superior body, she has been known as After School’s ‘Bagel Girl.’

Also, she spent her middle school years in Japan, so she also is fluent in Japanese. K-Pop fans have mentioned that another reason Kaeun was added to aid in After School’s Japanese promotions.

After School is the only known idol group in Korea to have the graduation process. Kahi is the second member to graduate after Bekah, who graduated last July. The newly changed nine member group After School will be making a comeback through their new album on June 21.


after school's bagel girl they say. can we discuss how ridiculous is the fact that kahi apparently won't be part of their next comeback and won’t be able to properly say goodbye to the fandom and how scary is that they are saying their activities will be as a rebranded/new after school.

SKorea: More crimes involving foreign tourists?

This article about foreign tourists in Hongdae mentions a couple of anecdotes about a crime against a foreign tourist and then a few crimes committed by foreigners who weren’t even tourists.

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source  http://www.nocutnews.co.kr/Show.asp?IDX=2153925

VIXX slums it with Infinite

Rookie group VIXX‘s leader, N revealed his friendship with INFINITE‘s Woohyun.

On June 3rd, N tweeted, “Woohyun, no, now Woohyun sunbae! Congratulations on ‘Chaser‘ being number one!“, sharing the above picture.

N and Woohyun already met as co-actors before N’s debut. In Febuary, Woohyun and N both took the stage in the musical, ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata‘.

INFINITE won SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ mutizen award on June 3rd. They had achieved the triple crown by taking the number one spots on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ and KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘ as well.

Meanwhile, VIXX is promoting their debut song, “Super Hero“.

Source+Picture: N‘s Twitter & Allkpop

they are such sweethearts! i seriously love these boys and everything they do for everyone. always sweet and nice, first helping out Girls' Generation by promoting Twinkle for them, then doing PR for IU and now supporting the less fortunate like Infinite ): amazing

CL talks about Sandara's "100 takes of kisses" with Lee Minho

2NE1 leader CL expressed her honest thoughts on Sandara Park and Lee Min Ho‘s famous kiss scene from 2009.
CL and Lee Dong Wook who were filming an advertisement for CASS Beer sat down for an interview on the June 6th broadcast of SBS ‘One Night Of TV Entertainment‘.
Ahead of CL, fellow member Sandara Park (Dara) and actor Lee Min Ho had been selected as models to endorse the famous brand of beer.
Dara and Lee Min Ho reportedly had to film their kiss scene over 100 times, and CL had her doubts about whether or not that many takes were really necessary.
“I was on set to cheer her on,” CL said. She evoked laughter by adding, “I did not understand why they needed to film for that long. They seemed to go out of their way to drag it out.”
Lee Dong Wook was then asked about the level of skinship with CL in their own CF, and the actor looked disappointed as he said, “We didn’t even touch hands.”

Source: AKP 
Source Image: TVDaily via Nate
I guess this is "reveal behind the scene news of Sandara Park" day lol
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Shinhwa To Release A Special DVD For Their 14th Anniversary

Shinhwa is releasing their 14th anniversary special DVD! It will be released first in Japan in July. The DVD contains information about the concept of "The Return" Album, as well as Shinhwa's comeback history, members' untold stories, a special version of the "Venus" Music Video, behind the scenes of and the making of the music video "Venus," and a 32 page photobook. There are limited copies of the DVD which will come out in July 2012.

The preview of the DVD features scenes of Shinhwa in their dance rehearsals, depicting the members' closeness as they goof around during dance rehearsals. Other scenes include the many Shinhwa Chanjos as they gather around concert halls and fill them with Shinhwa's well-known orange ocean, and the making of and behind the scenes of Shinwha's Music Video "Venus" from "The Return" album.

Look at the video to get a glimpse of what the special DVD contains!

Sources: Koreaboo, Rubylovefaith@Shinhwa Nation, and KMSandra@YouTube
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Secret’s Sunhwa confesses she felt alienated during the group’s debut days

Secret's Sunhwa confessed that she felt alienated by her team members in the past on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the recent recording of ‘Strong Heart’, Sunhwa began shedding tears as she confessed, “During our early debut days, I misunderstood and thought that the members were alienating me, and lived in loneliness.”

Sunhwa explained that as she had to digest personal schedules all throughout the week, leading to the misunderstanding. She continued, “When the members made memories together that I didn’t know about while I was away, I started to feel alienated.”

“However, during practice, we resolved our misunderstanding by talking and I explained to them about the times I shed tears, and overcame the difficult period,” she explained.

You can catch Sunhwa’s tearful confession on this week’s broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’.

Source: SecretAgent3500, SecretFour, Nate
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FT Island celebrates their 5-year anniversary


FT Island who performed their very first music stage with “Love Sick” through Mnet‘s M! Countdown back on June 7th of 2007 are celebrating their 5th anniversary today.

To commemorate the milestone, lead vocalist Hongki recently wrote via his official Twitter page, “Today is our five-year anniversary… time sure does fly… I guess we are who we are today because of all the different things that have happened. Thank you, and we will continue to work and sing hard. All you Pri(madonna)’s, I love you!!! Let’s go until the day we die.”

Fans congratulated Hongki and the rest of the members by responding, “Congratulations!”, “Fighting!”, “Please continue to keep singing!”, and “You make my life so much better!”

source: hongki's twitter + allkpop
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SM, JYP, and YG to compete with girl group comebacks of June

Top girl groups 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and f(x) have each announced their respective June comebacks.

All three teams are the representative girl groups of the ‘Big 3′ agencies YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment. The three teams have claimed numerous #1 victories on various music programs with each new release, and their comebacks are expected to turn the K-Pop industry into a warzone.

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Source: JoyNews24 via Nate + AKP

f(x) is a top girl group? Anyways, can't wait for my Twennywan!!!

Leeteuk talks about the arguments between Super Junior members on Strong Heart

On the most recent episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” Secret‘s Sunhwa confessed in tears that she had felt left out by fellow members from time to time. Upon Sunhwa’s confession, Super Junior‘s Lee Teuk started talking about teamwork among idol groups. He said, “Sometimes, members of idol groups get into arguments and fights due to misunderstandings. We have gotten into fist fights. There’s been a time when we got into arguments during meals and just flipped the dinner table out of frustration and anger.”
Lee Teuk then started talking about the most recent fight the members of Super Junior had. He explained, “Recently, we got into an argument after winning the ‘Mutizen Song’ from SBS ‘Inkigayo.’ We had to go film KBS ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team‘ after ‘Inkigayo,’ so we were headed to the filming set. On our way there, we didn’t talk to each other and some of us even took a separate car to get there.”
Eun Hyuk added, “When we got there, we couldn’t work as a team. Everyone was eliminated in the beginning. I was the last person to run the obstacle course and when I won the first place, I thought about my Super Junior members and started tearing up. They were all I could think of.” Eun Kyuk admitted that this experience brought him and the rest of Super Junior closer together.
Lee Teuk concluded with a little tip for all the other idol groups to remain together and thrive for success together, “To be honest, I can be a little harsh on my members. But my belief is that, no one should keep their concerns and complaints to themselves in a team. Everyone has to be able to talk about their inner most feelings to keep a team together.”

Source: Soompi
Omona, which groups and which members do you think still  have strong tension?

Juniel releases debut album ‘My First June’ + “Illa Illa” MV

FNC Entertainment‘s first female solo singer Juniel has released her debut mini-album ‘My First June‘ as well as the MV for her title track, “Illa Illa”! The singer previously released the music video for “Stupid“ with CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa who also co-composed and produced the track himself.

Juniel has co-composed 3 out of the 5 tracks on ‘My First June’, and she has previously garnered attention as a singer-songwriter ever since she won first place on the Japanese version of ‘American Idol‘, ‘Niji Iro Supernova’, in 2010. The singer has already released a mini-album called ‘Ready Go‘ and single album ‘Forever‘ in Japan.

Check out the MV for “Illa Illa” below!

Source: Allkpop, OfficialJUNIEL

2NE1′s Dara doesn’t like the color pink?

‘s Dara made a joke about her love of the color pink.

She posted on me2day on June 5, “I don’t think I like the color pink very much. Pink hair, pink Nintendo 3DS, pink earphones,” along with the photo above. Apparently, the 2NE1 member likes to wear a lot of pink from time to time.

Fans commented, “You look pretty playing games,” “I think pink suits you well,” and “Goddess Dara looks good with any color.

Source : Allkpop, Dara’s me2day
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Kahi to begin solo activities in September


It has been recently revealed that After School‘s leader and member Kahi will be graduating from the group and will debut back into the music scene as a solo artist. Now, it seems we have a timeline of when her solo activities will begin.

Pledis Entertainment revealed, “Kahi will finish her group activities with After School by September and begin working on her solo activities. The new student, Ga Eun, will replace Kahi as the fifth new recruitment member.”

Kahi stated, ”I will show everyone a new side of myself by studying acting and adopting a beginner’s attitude while working on my solo album“.

source: allkpop + donga
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JYP Entertainment to launch ‘JYP Boy Group Vocal Auditions’ later this month

JYP Entertainment‘s search for the next best boy group continues.

The JYP empire who have found talented and able contestants through open auditions and SBS TV‘s ‘K-Pop Star‘ will be launching their ‘2012 JYP Boy Group Vocal Audition‘ on June 17th.

The department in charge of rookie development at JYP remarked, “All the talented and skilled young people who dream of becoming a vocalist for next generation’s boy group are encouraged to try out.”

The auditions will take place at the newly opened JYP Training Center, and JYP will continue to receive audition applications until June 15th.

Detail information can be found on the JYP Audition Facebook page, as well as JYP Audition’s Twitter page.

Sources: allkpop and TVReport via Nate

INFINITE’s L and ZE:A’s Kwanghee confirmed for ‘To the Beautiful You’

INFINITE‘s L and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee have been confirmed for the upcoming SBS drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘.

According to a source within the program, L and Kwanghee were recently confirmed for the cast and are working out the details.

‘To the Beautiful You’, which will air its first episode on August 9, will feature the story of a gold medalist athlete who falls into a slump after suffering an injury. In order to get back into the game, she disguises herself as a boy and transfers into a male only athletic school. L and Kwanghee will play the roles of two students attending the school and show off their acting skills as well as their athletic sides and dancing abilities.

With the previous confirmation of SHINee‘s Minho and f(x)‘s Sulli as leads for the drama, anticipation for the drama is running high.

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source akp Source + Image: SportsDonga