June 8th, 2012

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Gong Yoo and Suzy Team Up for "Big"

Adorable still cuts of Gong Yoo and miss A member Suzy have been released building up the anticipation for Suzy's appearance in KBS drama 'Big.'

At the end of the 2nd episode of KBS drama 'Big' a preview revealed Suzy, who will finally make her appearance starting from the 3rd episode.

Gong Yoo has been providing amazing comedic performances in the drama so far. Starting in the 3rd episode, when Suzy appears, the drama 'Big' is expected to brighten up even more. An adorable photo of Suzy and Gong Yoo has surfaced and is building up the anticipation for their performance together.

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Love this drama so far! Anyone else watching? Gong Yoo is magnificent. His bbuing bbuing and general nakedness is much appreciated. I'm sure the ratings will go up episode 3! Want more of:

please and thank-you.

Sources: KpopStarz, Soompi, and Hancinema
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Actor Kwon Sang Woo attends fan's funeral

kwon Sang-woo has showed his fans another soft side to his cool, collected, and chiseled exterior.

Kwon recently made a condolence call as soon as he landed in Korea from the 65th Cannes Film Festival to honor the death of a long-time fan of his.

In fact, earlier this year in April, when the now late fan was still alive fighting stomach cancer in the hospital, Kwon had paid a visit.
He was informed of the fan's illness through a fan letter sent on her behalf by a friend, telling the actor about the dying girl's wish to meet him.

Months later, with the passing of that very fan, Kwon attended her wake. Even his management reps responded to questions that they had no idea Kwon had even attended the fan's wake alone. The reps cited Kwon's upset feelings upon the news being that this was indeed a fan that knew him and supported him for a long time.

Cr : kbs
Source : Hancinema
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Kang Ji-hwan and Seong Yoo-ri kiss on the runway

Actor Kang Ji-hwan and Seong Yoo-ri kissed on the runway,

Kang Ji-hwan and Seong Yoo-ri kissed on the runway in the movie "Runway Cop" and mesmerized the audiences.

The two started off on the wrong foot but became close as the time went on and kissed under the fancy lightings of a fashion runway as designer Yeong-jae and model Detective Cha.

It appears this kiss was unusual for them as romantic as it was.

Seong Yoo-ri said, "Runway Cop" is a comedy but we wanted to make a kiss scene that was memorable.

Kang Ji-hwan said, "We did our best in the last scene and the director yelled 'cut' pretty soon".

Meanwhile, "Runway Cop" was released on the 30th.

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Cr : Star Mk
Source : Hancinema

boyfriend ii

Boyfriend releases album jacket photo for ‘Love Style’

Having kicked off their Korean comeback preparations yesterday with the release of a floral teaser image, Boyfriend is back with an album jacket photo!

Boyfriend unveiled a new picture from their album jacket, ‘Love Style‘. Said to have been inspired by the ‘downtown hipster’ fashion of New York, Boyfriend showed a contrasting image to their floral look with a unique look full of individuality.

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officalbf + nate

'Running Man' will have a mystery zombie race

The ‘Running Man‘ members are taking a school trip on this week’s episode, which will feature a mystery race.

The members will transform into Running High School students and race for the mission theme, “Strange School Trip“. All of the running man members will wear school uniforms and rank each other for various categories, including “dance king” and “smart looks”.

After going around Incheon, the members arrive at their quarters in Muui Island. During the campfire, they reminiscence about their high school memories and share, “Today really feels like a school trip.” However, as soon as the race starts, their attitudes change, and they become nervous, commenting, “This is the first time going through a scary race like today’s.”

During the race, the members discover the shocking secret that one of them is actually a zombie. They are unable to trust each other as they can’t distinguish who is human and who is a zombie.

The ‘Strange School Trip’ episode will be airing on June 10th at 6:10 pm KST.

Source+Picture: Star News via Nate + akp

edited it b/c it was formatted weirdly.


Juniel named as the next IU?

Rookie artist Juniel, who recently debuted with her first mini-album ‘My First June‘, has been nicknamed as the “next IU“.

After her debut showcase on June 7, Juniel commented, “IU is a senior artist who everyone loves and knows as the nation’s younger sister so when they called me the ‘Second IU’, I was very happy.” She then added, “But I think it’s an overstatement for a rookie like me. I hope to show my own color as Juniel.”

The rookie singer also said, “I was told that my strength is that my voice is able to change with each song,” showing confidence in her own charm. She further revealed her role model to be the popular singer- songwriter, Lily Allen.

Juniel has previously garnered attention for her collaboration with the flower boy, Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE.

She's very cute and humble, I just want to hug her
Source : Allkpop, Osen

Korean "Hana Kimi" has found its Nanba senpai + Go Soyoung rumored casting

Actor Seo Jun Young of the hit drama ‘Only You‘ has been cast for SM Entertainment‘s upcoming SBS drama, ‘To the Beautiful You‘. In addition actress Go So Young, wife of actor Jang Dong Gun, is also said to be in the talks for taking on a role in the drama as well.

Currently boasting a cast list of SHINee‘s Minho, f(x)‘s Sulliand ZE:A‘s Kwanghee, Seo Jun Young will be playing the role of ‘Ha Seung Ri’, the head leader of the dorm shared by ‘Goo Jae Hee’ (Sulli) and ‘Kang Tae Jun’ (Minho).

INFINITE‘s L was also confirmed earlier on, but newer reports suggest that he is still reviewing the offer for he’ll have to juggle his overseas schedule during the filming.

‘To the Beautiful You’ will begin airing August 9th.

Source: AKP + Sports Chosun

Not bad with their Nanba! And I see you SME, making this high-profile by wanting to cast Go Soyoung.

Flawless Nanba senpai thanks you all for your time!

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Jeju: For the Grown and Sexy

New Jeju Sex Park Worries Authorities

A private park with an erotic theme that opened recently on Jeju has found itself at the center of a brewing controversy as authorities move to decide just how permissive Korean society has become and whether the facility violates obscenity laws.

"We are currently investigating whether the erotic sculptures at the park and videos it shows constitute a breach of the obscenity laws," said a police officer from the island province's Seobu Police Station.

The 3,000 sq. m Secret Theme Park, which is just a five-minute drive from downtown Jeju, opened on May 21 and features a nude art gallery, a similarly themed bonsai garden, a sex culture exhibition hall, an outdoor sculpture garden, an animal farm and performance stages. Minors are forbidden from entering.

A walking path takes visitors past large sculptures of genitals, and animals such as bears and monkeys during the act of sex. The gallery has large nude paintings by Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artists.

"Pending the review from the censors, we have stopped playing our 3D videos for adults," said a park spokesman, adding that "our nude performance is not obscene but art."

"There shouldn't be any problem as long as we operate within the legal boundaries as an amusement park for adults," he said.

Check out the source for some nekkid "The Last Supper" .

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Wanna One Energetic

N-Train set to make a comeback on June 14th

After a year of silence and pushed back comebacks, N-Train will finally be making its return with a new release next week.

Through the group's official Facebook account they were revealed to be planning a comeback on June 14th with the release of their second single.

In contrary to their debut in May 2011 with a ballad track, "One Last Cry", N-Train will now release an upbeat electronic pop song. Though more information on its release hasn't been revealed, fans expect it to be a song called "Do It", which the group has been performing on fan events earlier this year.

This new single will be the group's first release since their debut early last year.

Will you be anticipating the group's comeback?

Source: Koreaboo and eternelboys

CROSS GENE talks about coming together as a multi-national group

On June 7th, Korean-Chinese-Japanese idol group CROSS GENE held their debut showcase at the AX-Hall in front of hundreds of reporters from all over Asia.

Japanese member and leader Takuya began, “I’m the only Japanese member in the group, but I’m not at all lonely because I’m with the members. The hardest part is communication since I have to lead the team as their leader. We usually work out problems by having group conversations.”

Korean member Sangmin added, “It was really awkward when we first began dorming together, but we’re all so used to it now that I’ve forgotten that some of the members are from other countries. Since we’re a multi-national group, we have our own CROSS GENE language. Chicken stir fry is expressed as spicy meat while stir-fried pork is referred to as red meat.”

Chinese member J.G. made the reporters burst out in laughter by mimicking Sangmin’s Gyeongsangdo ‘satoori’ (dialect).

Takuya expressed, “We’re going to work really hard starting with our showcase today. We’re starting in Korea but we do have Japanese promotions planned in the future. We hope to meet you in a variety of ways other than just music so we ask that you give us your support.”

The boys kicked off their showcase with their title track, “La-Di Da-Di“, before going on to perform other tracks off of their album like “Sky High“, “For This Love“, and “My Lady“, exhibiting perfect choreography synchronization and vocal talent with each performance.

Source - AllKpop.com via OSEN

stanning Takuya (above) rn, he's so tall omg.. and lol Minho is so busted
bbjung sweet recipe

Lee Hyun Woo to play second lead actor in "To the Beautiful You" + rest of cast

OK, I was a bit worried when I heard more idols were cast (who will act?), and then brightened up and got excited more when the final casting news came out with quite impressive actors lined up as supporting characters.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Minho as Kang Taejoon, a high jump gold medalist, who is discouraged after being injured

Sulli as Goo Jaehee who disguises herself as a male and transfers to Taejoon’s school to help him recover for a comeback

And people wondered who would play the second male lead and hoped an actor, not an idol, would be cast. Yesterday, Lee Hyunwoo came to my mind, and I thought to myself if he could be cast, it would be perfect. Yes, he was cast!!! Now I can believe SM is serious about making this drama not only to sell it to overseas idol fans, but also to lure muggles. Lee Hyunwoo is a rising star who is making a successful transition from a child star to an attractive and good adult actor. He was in the Master of Study and the Equator Man.

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[Source: DC SHINee Gallery, Bestiz, Naver]
article & commentary by jujugal

omg so excited for lee hyun woo he is such a qt
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tzuyu heart shaker

10 Corso Como Launch Party + Pics with People

On June 7th, the members of Girls’ Generation attended a launch event for their latest endorsement of the “GiRL de Provence” perfume from 10 Corso Como. Though Yuri unfortunately could not attend, the other eight members present were dressed in beautiful dresses that showed off their gorgeous looks.
First seen in Girls’ Generation – TTS’s music video for “Twinkle”, the “GiRL de Provence” perfume has since been the center of a large advertisement campaign from 10 Corso Como, which heavily featured the brand’s Twitter account and a Facebook page dedicated to the perfume. Starting on May 29th, 10 Corso Como released a photo each day on its Twitter and Facebook, counting down the days to last night’s launch event. You can check out all the photos on the “GiRL de Provence” Facebook page.
The “GiRL de Provence” perfume will be sold for one month only, from June 8th to July 8th, exclusively at 10 Corso Como stores. The perfume can be purchased at the 10 Corso Como store in Milan, Italy, in two stores in South Korea, and on 10 Corso Como’s online shop.

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Source: , soshified, Official Girls' Generation website, Soshified, Jaypjw, SoulmeLee, shin831220 1 2
put your red dress on, put your lipstick on

miss A and their gorgeous selves for ‘marie claire’

The ladies of miss A recently posed for the June issue of fashion magazine, marie claire.

Sporting some of today’s hottest fashion brands including Calvin Klein, Johnny Hates Jazz, Roberto Cavalli, Forever 21, Moschino, and more, the girls shed their youthful image and transformed into classy and elegant party-goers.

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i fucking loved this photoshoot, all the girls look so stunning, god bless marie claire, but lol since when miss a has a youthful image?
» allkpop » marie claire

Actor Ji Hyun Woo to enlist on July 3rd...

Actor Ji Hyun Woo (27), who recently confessed his feelings for Yoo In Na the other day at the fan meeting for ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man‘, will be enlisting in the military this July.

On June 8th, a representative of his agency, Paramount Music, informed eDaily Star In, “Ji Hyun Woo will be enlisting on July 3rd.
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Source & Image: allkpop + eDaily via Nate

*cries* he's leaving so soon...
Miso is OTP

A huge ~WonDeoGeolSeu~ Update

Behind the scenes (photoshoot)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi everyone, I am Wonder Girls' Sunye! ^^
Together with Keomong, we send you our greetings~
After 6 months we are back again!
Is everyone doing well during this period?
So let's go behind the scenes of Wonder Girls' 'Wonder Party' jacket photoshoot?
Everyone together, like this yo like this!!!

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Source: SUNlights worldwide @ FB, Wonderfuls Cafe @ FB 1, 2, en.korea.com, Mabel Tan @ youtube, wg_lim@twitter, weibo, tumblr (gif)

A long, tedious post made possible by this gurl

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HaHa confesses his love for Park Ji Sung

Singer/Entertainer HaHa confessed his love for soccer player Park Ji Sung.

On the night of June 7th, HaHa humored the fans by tweeting, “Jisung. Our Jisung. Hyung misses you a lot. Ha….I lo..lo..lov..lo…love you!!! I like you more than most girls!” with the above picture.

The revealed picture shows HaHa and Park Ji Sung side by side, smiling for the camera. The two guys got to know each other when Park Ji Sung recently guest starred in SBS‘ ‘Running Man‘.

After seeing the tweet, netizens responded, “I laughed so hard. HaHa’s love seems too easy“, “The two must have gotten really close“, “The two should date“, and “I want Park Ji Sung to become a fixed member on ‘Running Man’.”

Source + Picture: allkpop + HaHa's Twitter + Haha's Spic.Kr

I also want Park Ji Sung as a fixed member on Running Man!