June 16th, 2012


miss A celebrates with the Wonder Girls for the first win of “Like This”, makes my dreams come true

Miss A‘s Min shared a photo of the Wonder Girls‘ celebratory party for their first place win on ‘Music Bank.

On June 15th, Min attached the above photo on her Twitter and wrote, “Congratulations on winning 1st place! Here’s a group photo“.

In the photo, Wonder Girls’ Yenny, Yubin, Sohee, Lim, and miss A’s Min and Jia pose for the camera while holding a congratulatory cake.

Followers who saw the photo commented, “Where is Sun?“, “It’s only been one week since their comeback and they already won 1st place. Congratulations!“, “They all look so happy“, and “The mighty girl groups, Miss A and Wonder Girls! I hope both of them continue to be successful!

Wonder Girls made their powerful comeback with the title song “Like This” on the June 15th broadcast of KBS‘ ‘Music Bank’, snagging this week’s ‘K-Chart’ award.

Congratulations again to the Wonder Girls!

sources - AKP & Min’s Twitter

My WonderA heart is BURSTING WITH JOY

don't leave my hyper heart alone {CL}

Infinite & MYNAME live on YHH's Sketchbook

Performances from today's Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook:

Infinite - The Chaser

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4 @ CapsuleHD22

I wish the band had really played live during Infinite's perfomance :/ It could've been epic...
Also, Infinite's Ranking King 4 with subs is out, just mentioning this here because the subbers don't want their links to be taken out.

Who is the man who captured BoA’s heart?

BoA seems to have caught the Son Hyun Joo craze.

On June 13th, BoA tweeted, “Ah, man. Why are there so many fun dramas these days? Kekeke. It looks like I’ll spend the whole night watching dramas.”

She later posted, “A new man who’s captured my heart has appeared! It’s… Son Hyun Joo sunbae-nim! Wow… [he's] really the best!”

Son Hyun Joo is currently starring in SBS‘ ‘The Chaser‘. He plays the main character Baek Hong Suk, who is a crime detective attempting to find the truth behind his daughter’s death. As BoA has deemed Son Hyun Joo as her latest obsession, it’s likely she’s an avid viewer of ‘The Chaser’ as well.

Fans commented, “Son Hyun Joo ahjusshi, who even got BoA to fall for him, is the best,” “I’ve also caught the Son Hyun Joo craze,” “Son Hyun Joo’s performance in ’The Chaser’ is the best,” and “It seems that even BoA is closely following ‘The Chaser’.”

Source: AKP & Boa’s Twitter 1, 2

Super Junior’s Kangin reveals his diet meals

Super Junior‘s Kangin revealed what he’s been eating lately.

On June 13th, Kangin shared the photo above on Twitter and tweeted, “My gaze is strong, right? Do you feel anything?”

The idol was last seen in amazing physical shape after his discharge from the military back in April. Now, only two months later, he looks even slimmer.

Kangin also shared a photo of his half-eaten lunch the same day with the message: “Ugh diet chicken salmon.”

Fans who noticed the singer’s sharper V-line gave words of encouragement, commenting, “I would be so miserable eating only chicken breast and salmon,” “Maybe I should follow Kangin’s meal plan too,” and “Wow, his chin line is sharp.”

Source & Photo: AKP & Kangin’s Twitter 1, 2

SHINee’s Key shows his support for f(x)’s ‘Electric Shock’

SHINee‘s Key took to me2day to display his support for the comeback of fellow labelmate f(x).

On June 14th, Key attached the above photo and wrote, “The horse head mask of f(x)’s volunteer, Kim Key. I grasped the album’s concept perfectly. Hahahahaha“.

In the released photo, Key is wearing a horse mask and holding f(x)’s new album ‘Electric Shock‘.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Key shines even when his face is covered“, “It’s great to see groups supporting each other“, and “I hope both SHINee and f(x) continue to be successful“.

Source & Image: AKP & Key's me2day 

f(x)’s Victoria is PREGNANT!? lol no

f(x)‘s Victoria shared a hilarious episode that she had with a portal site’s related search words.

The group made a comeback with their new mini-album ‘Electric Shock‘, and guested on June 14th’s broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘.

The topic of ridiculous related search words came up, and member Amber revealed, “I know Victoria unnie has ‘Victoria pregnant’ [as a related search term].”

Victoria explained, “I was flustered at the time too. I found out later that it was soccer player David Beckham‘s wife, Victoria Beckham, who was pregnant. However, since ‘Victoria pregnant’ kept appearing, people asked me ‘Are you pregnant?‘”

In related news, f(x) started promotions of “Electric Shock” and “Jet” on this week’s ‘M! Countdown‘.

Source + Picture: AKP & Star News via Naver

f(x)'s Krystal to throw opening pitch for Doosan Bears, massive stock sell-off

Following in her sister’s footsteps, f(x)’s Krystal will be throwing the first pitch in the baseball match between the Doosan Bears and Nexen Heroes on June 19th to cheer for the Doosan Bears.

Minutes after the announcement, Doosan shares, which had been trading at ₩125,000 (107 USD) dropped 90% in value as panicked investors coordinated a massive sell-off amid concerns that Krystal’s pitch would be worse or as bad as her sister’s. Despite Doosan’s best efforts, though, it doesn’t seem as if stock prices are going to recover anytime soon. ”It’s a terrible image for any company to have,” said Kim Kyung Jin, a Doosan insider who is not authorized to speak on the matter. ”In Korean tradition, if you have a bad opening pitch, everyone involved on that side will be cursed with bad fortune and seven years of bad sex. This is why investors are so panicked and trying to sell.”

Her agency released a statement to calm investors. “Even in the middle of Krystal’s busy schedule for f(x)’s new album promotion, she is practicing diligently to show off an awesome pitch.”

Currently, Doosan stock is trading at ₩500 (43 cents).

Meanwhile, on Twitter, widespread speculation on how far Krystal’s pitch will go has a led to the creation of a massive betting pool.

Source: TheYangpa

f(x)’s Victoria shows off her pretty abs

f(x)’s Victoria recently attracted attention by showing her abs during performance.

On June 14, f(x) gave a comeback performance with their new songs “Jet Star” and “Electric Shock” on M.net’s M Countdown.

During the performance, Victoria’s abs were slightly shown as she was dressed in a small shirt.

People responded: “Victoria must have exercised a lot,” “Victoria’s abs are pretty,” “I envy her.”

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Source: korea.com, nuabofx.

Victoria wins MVP on SBS ”100 Million Quiz Show ”

SM Entertainment proves its girls not only got a pretty face, they got everything it takes!

On the June 15th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘100 Million Quiz Show‘, f(x)'s Victoria claimed the MVP title after answering correctly the questions presented, and beating the other contestants (that included her fellow member Luna).

This is not the first time an SM idol wins the show. On the May 18th broadcast, Girls' Generation Seohyun also won the final prize, not only giving the right answers, but also accompanying her responses with thorough explanations.

f(x) is currently promoting the single for their 2nd mini-album "Electrick Shock".

Source: pics: [1] [2]. Text written by seungtoria

noona my MVP~
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Lina on her first lead role in a drama, "Please look after me."

Lina on her first lead role in a drama, "In my first historical drama where I have a lead role... even if there is a lot of mistakes, please look after me."

[Reporter Kim Yang Soo] Cheong Sang Ji Hee The Grace's Lina (Lee Jiyeon) is taking the challenge of acting on her first TV drama.

On the 14th in the afternoon at the Sinpyeongdo Silla Millenium Park vicinity located in Gyeongju in Gyeongbuk province, KBS1 TV's historical drama 'The Great King's Dream' (Script: Yoo Dong Yoon, Kim Sun Duk, Director: Shin Chang Sik, Kim Sang Hwi) held an on-site public press conference. At the event were the leading actors Choi Soo Jung, Park Jung Mi, Lina, Jang Dong Jik and others attended.

Lina will play the role of being Kim Chun Chu's wife, the Queen Consort MuMyeong (MunHee), who will assist the king is his political endeavors.

Lina said, “The role of Queen Consort MunMyeong is my first challenge as an actor.” and “I will give effort in trying to show a best self.”

The drama is Lina's first traditional drama challenge and her first drama in the historical genre. While she has been on stage as a musical actress, being on a television recording stage is a first. She said, “We haven't started filming yet. We will go into production in August." She also expressed her feelings regarding the drama genre saying that "as it is an authentic historical drama, there is an unique feel in the olden days' dressing and speech that has been quite difficult to express.”

She also said, “Through an audition last year, I was chosen for this role. The director watched my abilities well and surprisingly gave me a large role. In such a position where I will learn diligently amongst acting seniors, I will do my best. Even if there is a lot of mistakes, please look after me.”

The drama 'The Great King's Dream' is based on the story of the Unified Silla founder King Taejong Muyeol (Kim Chun Chu) life's story during the time of The Unification of the Three Great Kingdoms project. As an 80-episode drama, the first episode will be broadcasted on September 8th at 9:40 pm.

Source: Joy News / Shared and Translated by: ForeverShapley

80 EPISODES. That gives me (give or take), 60+ episodes of Lina on TV!!! I think I just died and went to heaven! BIAS I LOVE YOU!!!

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Disney Latin American show “Violetta” plagiarizes Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”?

The Disney Latin American show “Violetta” is receiving a lot of attention for one of it’s musical segments.

The main chords of a song performed by Jorge Blanco (León) through “Violetta” earlier in the month sounds eerily familiar to the chorus of Super Junior‘s 2009 hit single, “Sorry Sorry“. The segment in question was uploaded through Disney Latino América’s official YouTube channel and has already received over 250,000 views. Many people have left comments in Spanish stating how the song is copying “Sorry Sorry”.

You can check out both songs below and make your own judgement.

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Allkpop, lorecastillo1@youtube, sment@youtube

T-errific "Day by Day" Preview Pics!

T-ara will be making their comeback on July 3rd with their new song “Day by Day“.

The group has joined hands once again with their “Cry Cry” music video director, Cha Eun Taek, to produce a sci-fi drama music video for “Day by Day”, which will tell a story that takes place in the year 2330. The music video is reminiscent of the Korean version of the movie ‘Mad Max‘.

The still cuts of Hyomin and Dani revealed on the 15th show a sneak peek at the music video and its futuristic concept.

In the picture, Hyomin looks different from her past looks and showcases a more powerful image with her red hair. The new member, Dani, also shows a different charm than the innocent and cute girl shown on her profile.

T-ara will promote “Day by Day” joined by their 8th member Ahreum, while the 9th member Dani will first meet fans through the music video.

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The Secret to Gong Yoo's Acting Success.

The happy atmosphere at the set of KBS drama 'Big' has been revealed through the behind the scenes photos that have been released. Specifically, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung received a lot of attention for their attachment to their scripts. Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo, who are reviewing their lines together, seem to be close as though they are a real couple.

Gong Yoo is sitting comfortably and looking at Lee Min Jung's direction intensely. A representative of the drama 'Big' stated, 'You can see Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo practicing their lines anywhere on set' and continued to explain Lee Min Jung and Gong Yoo's love for their scripts.

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guys. they have such great chemistry. and rumors about them dating are already flying...and those wedding photos...i want to believe.

Sources: kpopstarz 1 & 2, yoomin4@yt