June 18th, 2012

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f(x), weekly album-digital charts 1st place all-kill with "electric shock"

Asia Today Reporter Moon Yeonbae = Group f(x) is currently in the midst of a surge in popularity as they swept every weekly music chart with their new mini album Electric Shock.

This album, which was released on the 13th, rose to the top of the weekly charts (June 11th-17th) on aggregate album sales sites including Hanteo Chart and Hottracks.

And as expected, title track "Electric Shock" dominated the 1st place position on the weekly chart of every nationwide music site such as MelOn, Genie, and Soribada, and with album sales being a matter of course and digital sales receiving a explosive reaction as expected, f(x)'s hot popularity is being confirmed.

The "Electric Shock" music video, which was released via Youtube on the 12th, has currently recorded 9,870,000 views and foreshadows surpassing the 10,000,000 mark.

Meanwhile f(x), who presented their comeback stages through various weekend music programs, is carrying out lively activities as they catch the eyes of music fans with new music and stages that highlight sophisticated performances.

Source: Asia Today
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Daniel Padilla Nods


The four lovely (not to mention precious perfect immaculate flawless gorgeous glorious goddess like~♥ ) ladies of SISTAR recently flew to Hawaii to film a music video for their impending comeback this month, and just returned to Korea with reports of success.

Considering how these jetsetters spent three days at the tropical vacation hotspot, we’re expecting a fresh dance pop MV that’s perfect for the summer.

At a fan meet that took place today, attendees noted the girls’ aesthetic changes (seen above), including Hyorin‘s full bangs and strawberry blonde curls as well as Soyou‘s tanned skin and wavy auburn locks.

The ladies will be releasing their special summer album later this month, so stay tuned for the release!

Source: akp
Bora in a swimsuit... hmmm....

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Lee Joon-ki looks forward to romance with Sin Min-ah

Actor Lee Joon-ki is looking forward to romance with Sin Min-ah.

Lee is returning with a drama for the first time in 2 years with "Arang and the Magistrate" which is about a virgin ghost Arang (Sin Min-ah) and a bad tempered magistrate named Eun-oh (Lee Joon-ki).

Eun-oh is an unfortunate magistrate who meets Arang and falls into a mysterious world while looking for his missing mother. Lee recently said, "I wish the romance between us is fun. The mellow should be stronger in this drama as it is a fantasy mellow historical. I am looking forward to see how it will turn out".

"Arang and the Magistrate" is Lee Joon-ki's first drama for the first time since his National Service. He chose this because of the various things he could express according to the genre being an historical. He said, "I chose it with the thinking that I won't avoid it as much as I'm worried about it and I want to be bold".

This drama is created by producer Kim Sang-ho-I and writer Jeong Yoon-jeong. The cast includes Lee Joon-ki, Sin Min-ah, Yeon Woo-jin, Kwon O-joong and more.

Cr ; E-daily
Source : Hancinema


Tiger JK expresses his desire to work with Wonder Girls’ Yubin + selects BB’s Taeyang for his wife

Hip-hop legend Tiger JK selected Wonder Girls‘ Yubin as the musician he’d like to work with.

During the June 18th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘vol. TEN‘, Tiger JK selected Wonder Girls’ sexy rapper, Yubin, and explained, “If I work with Yubin, I believe we could make a ground-breaking and sensational work together.”

In addition, he recommended Big Bang‘s Taeyang as a suitable collaboration partner for his wife, Tasha (Yoon Mi Rae).

To this, MC Yoo Young Suk commented, “I think Tiger JK would be a good matchmaker. I also believe Tasha and Taeyang would make a great collaboration.

Meanwhile, this week’s episode of ‘vol. TEN‘ is a part two continuation of last week’s special hip hop edition.

Source : Allkpop, Star News via Nate
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Preview of BoA modeling for Adidas in Nylon Korea July

BoA recently did a photo shoot for the collection of the 2012 F/W line of Adidas, titled “Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony,” which will be presented in the July issue of fashion magazine Nylon.

At the photo shoot, she perfectly interpreted the streetwear of the 1990s in a modern way with her white skin and chic look on her face. The collection will be unveiled over three seasons along with an opening ceremony at one of the most popular multi-shops in New York. It was designed by Adidas Originals in collaboration with various different designers in celebration of the 2012 London Olympics.

A spokesperson for Adidas says, “BoA is a professional singer who has shown her various different charms through a lot of performances. But her ability to model is also almost as great as that of professional models. I was impressed by her serious, confident, and charismatic look at the photo shoot.

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source: tvreport, korea.com
yt: nylontvkorea

B1A4 invites you into their bedrooms in CeCi spread

B1A4's uninhibited yet peaceful bedroom shots have become public.

B1A4 recent did a magazine shoot with CeCi entitled, "While You Were Sleeping." The motif of the shoot was "What is it like in B1A4's bedrooms before they go to sleep?"

The boys were shot in sleeveless shirts, underwear and plain white tees, giving a realistic feel with clothes they would actually wear around the hose, while doing things like eating candy, etc., showing a free-spirited atmosphere.

With listless expressions ready for sleep, the boys looked into the camera giving cute boyish images. Readers can really feel a sense of boyishness through the shots.

In particular, for the first time B1A4 is showing upper body skin, blurring the lines between boy and man while displaying excellent charms. A dichotomy emerges between the image of a mischievous child and the tight abs on display giving a manly feeling.

CeCi's photography team said, "Showing a natural appearance while in front of the camera is one of the hardest things for a model to do. B1A4 brought an 'everyday' feeling with them on the set and they easily accomplished the task. They went back and forth between 'boy' and 'man' in this shoot, and their proportions would even give professional models a run of their money."

B1A4 are currently continuing to promote their song, "Baby Goodnight," vigorously on music shows.

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Source - Newsen (story) + b1a4-confessions (photos)
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EXO-K surpasses 100,000 units in sales

SM Entertainment‘s rookie group EXO-K has wrapped up their Korean ‘MAMA‘ promotions to outstanding achievements on the charts.

Since its release on April 9th, their debut mini-album ‘MAMA’ has sold a total of 100,612, a significant number considering that they’re a rookie group that has managed to cross the 100,000 mark in just two months.

This number added with EXO-M‘s ‘MAMA’, which amounts to a total of 51,643 units, brings the grand total to 152,255 units, making them the biggest selling rookie group of 2012 so far.

Their success should come to no surprise since they had 100 days of online promotions before their debut, along with CF deals for brands like ‘Calvin Klein‘ and ‘Ivy Club‘ shortly after their debut.

The members expressed, “Our debut promotion was a precious time where we were able to learn and feel many things. Thank you to all of our fans for their support. We will use this experience as a stepping stone to improving ourselves in the future. We ask for your continuing interest and support.”

Having concluded their promotions last week, EXO-K will be focusing on their international activities and productions for their next album.

Sources: Nate + AKP

IU made a surprise visit to Yoo In Na at her radio show

Singer IU made a surprise visit to actress Yoo In Na without telling her company.

In the middle of DJing her radio program KBS 2FM‘s ‘Yoo In Na’s Turn Up the Volume‘ on June 11th, DJ Yoo In Na suddenly yelled, “Oh my goodness!” in surprise.

The reason for her shock was that singer IU, who wasn’t even scheduled to be on the show, had suddenly entered the radio booth.

What is this, I’m so surprised,” Yoo In Na remarked, to which IU responded, “I took a cab. If my managers find out, I’m in big trouble,” revealing that she had snuck out without telling anyone.

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Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate + akp


SHINee's Choi Minho's narrow escape shocks fans

Longtime SHINee choreographer and a close friend of its members, Shim Jaewon recently tested fans' hearts when he posted this video of lead rapper Minho's brush with death a few hours ago. Taken from close quarters, the video makes for a chilling few seconds as we watch Minho race for his life. Some fans believe the accident took place while Minho was filming for popular variety show Running Man, others believe it happened when he was visiting fellow idol group Big Bang on set. Whatever the cause may be, fans around the world have expressed relief and gratitude that Minho escaped unharmed and are eagerly waiting to hear from him.

Source Shim Jaewon's Twitter and YouTube

BEAST's Hyunseung for Elle Girl Korea (scans + interview)


EG: Do you remember filming for your first <Elle Girl> photoshoot after BEAST's debut?
Ah, you came during that time too right? I was going to ask you anyways a while ago. I remember it, that day.

EG: It was the February 2010 edition. You guys were rookies back then, but now you guys are one of the top groups.
You had no idea that we were going to turn out like this right? (laughs)

EG: To be honest, I had no idea you guys will be at the top this quick. From then to now, what is the greatest change for you? Not something on the outside, but inside.
Before debut, I thought it was okay if we weren't popular. It's because I thought nothing else mattered as long as I was doing what I wanted to do and whatever that looked good. But as I went through different promotions, I realized why we need the love from many people. I learned that I could only do what I want to do with the love from the fans.

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2PM’s Taecyeon offers “Lullaby For Hottest” as free download

2PM‘s Taecyeon has gifted Hottest with a free track.
As many of you know already, Taecyeon is composing music as TY and it seems he’s also dabbling in producing. Just a few hours ago, Taecyeon wrote the following on 2PM’s official daum fan cafe:

[Taecyeon] This is he speaking.

Are you sleeping well lately?
Don’t tell me you’re having trouble sleeping worrying and at the same time waiting for 2PM’s comeback?
I was making one dreamy thing for those who were plagued by insomnia, but then I figured it would be better to just upload it on the cafe kkkkkk
Please don’t say the song’s weird or something lol And please don’t laugh~
So anyone who wants to listen to it, download it~
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SOURCE: AKP + FANCAFE + Egle @ 2pmalways

HEHEHE it's cute! :D but i still can't with the TY whisper lmao.
anyone who wants a dl~ 잘자~

4minute thanks their fans on 3rd anniversary with video message

Three years have passed since the girls of 4minute swept the K-Pop scene clad in Candy Funky. Since then they've transformed with each comeback but remained true to their spunky roots. With countless accomplishments and accolades and humbling defeats, the 4minute girls have had a roller coaster of three years that keep them on top of the K-Pop game while still remaining down to earth.

On the day of their anniversary (June 18th), the five young women left a fun and cute video message for their 30,000+ fancafe members thanking them for such a sweet time! It's been a while since we've seen the girls since concluding successful promotions for their best selling album to date, Volume Up, back in May and with talk of an August comeback floating about thanks to Cube's CEO, let's hope we see them more often!

Sources | pominitsubz | girlsday

f(x)’s Krystal once again under fire for her attitude


f(x)‘s Krystal is once again being put under fire for her attitude on television.

The ladies of f(x) appeared on Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ to promote their latest title track “Electric Shock” and to have a brief interview with the emcees.

During the intervew, MCs Hong Jong Hyun and Yi Sol Ji shared an amusing photo of Krystal with Super Junior leader Leeteuk, revealing a hilarious contrast between cute and scary. Commenting on how the girl had also played a conceited character on MBC’s ‘High Kick Through the Roof‘, Hong Jong Hyun said, ”I heard Krystal is two-faced.”

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B1A4’s Jinyoung made a fan cry?

B1A4’s leader Jinyoung will be one of the special guests in the upcoming episode of KBS2’s longest running reality-challenge show “Let’s Go Dream Team.” The episode’s recording was open to public last June 17th at Jangan University, so many fans came to enjoy and watched it live. The challenge for the said episode was archery and played by both male and female celebrities.

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Jinyoung remains a flawless and perfect human being. KBANAs need to learn to chill out.
Miso is OTP

All that is relevant in life, WONDEROT6

Yenny once wrote in her monthly diary that they celebrated Sunmi's birthday (May 2) together. The fans questioned her about it again at the Hottracks fansign (?) yesterday and she said she will upload it. Being the queen of fanservice, here is Wonder OT6 + new addition Keomong.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For best fangirling experience, do download the photo and enlarge to your desire.

Source: wgyenny @ twitter

Not going to do a megapost partly because I am tired and going to Korea tomorrow :'D because this reunion is glorious enough for one post. My lovely OTP who have been on dates ever since they got back in Korea, don't get too drunk bbs!
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B1A4's interview with CeCi


Your charms: I do both vocals and rap. It’s a little embarrassing to say this myself, but my pretty smile.
Before I sleep, I organize the happenings of the day while doing some slight reflections, and think of the next day’s schedules.
The scene in the dormitory before sleeping: (Interpreting artist Shin’s drawing) Jinyoung would fall asleep curled up like a baby. Sandeul would have thrown his blanket out of his bed and fallen asleep with his laptop on his stomach. Baro sleeps the most comfortably with his blanket pulled up to his chest.
Lullaby you wish to hear from your girlfriend? It’s enough to hear her sing “잘자요 우리아기” (Sleep Well, Our Baby), even if she has no techniques.

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source: beautifulday.kr, trans by skipfire @ flightb1a4, bethe1all4one