June 25th, 2012

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To top off this week’s daily doses of individual teasers from the ladies of SISTAR, it’s finally Bora‘s turn to reveal herself to fans!

The quartet’s special summer album ‘LOVING U‘s is anticipated to be released on June 28th. Simply dressed in a pink tank and white shorts, Bora continues the girly, youthful theme present in all of the photos.

With such an easygoing vibe going on, there’s no doubt that SISTAR’s album will be perfect for summer break. Stay tuned for the release!

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Kim Yoo Jung confirmed to play the little sister of Big Bang’s T.O.P. in ‘Alumni’

Child actress Kim Yoo Jung has been confirmed to play the role of T.O.P.‘s little sister in the upcoming movie, ‘Alumni‘.

T.O.P. will be playing the son of a North Korean spy, whose father dies due to false charges. In order to save his remaining younger sister, he accepts an offer from another spy agent, who will be played by Cho Sung Ha, to become a spy himself and kill other spy agents from the South.

As Kim Yoo Jung rose to fame as the nation’s little sister through her role in the MBC drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘, fans are looking forward to her role as a killer’s younger sister.

T.O.P. expressed, “I was pulled to the role of Myung Hoon as he has both the image of a cold hearted killer, but also the innocent heart of a regular high school boy. I’m already excited as to how to express such a character.”

The movie will begin filming in July.

Source: Allkpop, Sports Chosun via Naver

Agencies will take steps to protect teenage entertainers

Entertainment agencies will work out guidelines to protect the basic rights of teenage entertainers and those who aspire to become entertainers. Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Kum-lae met officials of five major entertainment agencies in Seoul Friday and discussed ways to protect teenage entertainers and those who wish to become entertainers. Among those present at the meeting held at the Korea Press Center were officials of JYP, Cube and Can Entertainment.
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INFINITE Q&A Season 2: Woohyun

Name: Nam Woohyun

Show what you think is your charm’s point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):

Sculpted face

We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. If not, it’d be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `


Which album’s concept did you think it suited you the most until now and why?


I lost a lot of weight back then so I expressed a sharpness and my starvation that fit the concept well.

Food you like/Food you don’t like:

A 2012 June update for your ideal type’s standards (In details):

A woman with sexy eyes

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fisherman fashion....

K-Pop 'boom' faltering in Japan, 70% of housewives dislike Hallyu

Recently, a shadow has been cast over K-Pop in Japan and it has become obvious to the public, but new groups keep popping up one after the other in Japan. These include A-JAX, who only debuted this year in Korea, MYNAME, who are attached to a Yoshimoto management & promotion, etc. as well as Wonder Girls, who are debuting in July and have been exaggerated as "the last major K-Pop star!," have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain (T/N: this is a Japanese saying that expresses similar things popping up in succession). But to this extent is K-Pop really that popular anymore in Japan? Is K-Pop still selling in Japan? We take a look at the Oricon charts to try to understand.

First of all, when one says "K-Pop girl groups," KARA and Shojojidai immediately come to mind. They have been a leading force in the Korean boom. Looking at the charts, the spark that caught KARA's careers on fire in Japan, the single "Mister," hit #5 as did "Jumping" and "Jet Coaster Love" snagged the top spot. Their next singles failed to hit #1, but they all ranked within the top 3. Their albums, "Girls Talk" and "Super Girl" both hit #2 and #1 respectively. "Super Girl" raked in 200 million yen (2.48 million USD).

Shojojidai have also seen major success with their singles, "Genie" (#4), "Gee" (#2), "MR. TAXI/Run Devil Run" (#2) and their albums, "GIRLS' GENERATION" and "The Boys" both hit #2. Though it hasn't hit #1, "GIRLS' GENERATION" went on to ship a million copies and make 290 million yen (3.6 million USD). The two acts have proven to be impossible to match and they have been incredibly popular. Therefore "the K-Pop boom cannot be a lie," might be said. However, a Korean entertainment journalist has something to point out.

"Certainly, KARA and Shojojidai's sales power is amazing. And Tohoshinki also sells. But that's it. Other groups cannot hit it big. For example, Brown Eyed Girls and their single 'SIGN' which ranked at #24 and their album 'Sound-G' hitting #54. 4Minute's highest charting single, 'WHY,' tried with all its might but only managed to get to #17. And Secret and After School, who debuted spectacularly, aren't able to crack the top 10 with their albums and singles. We simply cannot call this a boom. However, we in the magazine industry have to sell our magazines. So we insist with our exaggerations about how it's a huge boom."

And then there are the groups who have reached #1. For example T-ara, who debuted in Japan with "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and hit #1 weekly. However, their second single, "yayaya" only reached #7, not seeing the same support their debut received and their popularity has been on a downward curve. 2NE1's album, "NOLZA" also reached #1 in Japan, but only sold 48,000 copies. These certainly are underwhelming numbers for a so-called "boom."

"In terms of the charts, with proper organizations to get your CD sold, hitting #1 with your initial try is not hard for them. It seems that that strategy is the pride of K-Pop. The proof of that system of chart acquisition can be seen in the fact that these groups don't chart for very long, and in the end the overall sales are less than satisfactory."

A think tank related to Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank have addressed the subject at their general research institute with a study of the public entitled, "Consumption of Korean Wave." When one looks at the results of the research, the emptiness in the "K-Pop Boom" movement becomes evident. 70% of all homemakers who responded to the survey said that they, "Do not like the Korean Wave."

Netizens who saw the study said, "K-Pop has yet to permeate Japanese society, and in short, it's nothing more than a boom fabricated by the media. This has become abundantly clear."

The think tank reported, "The rearing of K-Pop's head has commenced with the push of Korean food and cosmetics, as well as other Korean products. Newspapers now publish information about Korean dramas in anticipation of a huge response, but it always ends up below expectations."

Certainly besides the particular cases of Shojojidai and KARA, it seems clear that there is little substance to the claims that K-Pop really is booming.

Source - Cyzo
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this is devastating for such established groups.. omg.. but just wait til B1A4 aka the male KARA hits Japan!

Wonder Girls' Japanese debut receiving doubts, criticism

Another girl group is passing themselves off as "the last big-shot" from K-Pop to debut in Japan. This time it's 5-member group, Wonder Girls with their album "Nobody for Everybody" (7/25) whose debut has been made public.

"Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 in Korea. Their single 'Tell Me' was a major hit, and they quickly rose to stardom. They debuted at the same time as Shojojidai, who are at the top of the domestic market in Korea, and KARA, who are popular in Japan, but since then their popularity has fallen. In 2009 they made full-blown advances into the American market, and they became the first Korean singer to chart on Billboard's Hot 100 with 'Nobody' (#76). They continued promotions there until last year when they came back after a two year absence to the Korean market and reached #1 with a new song there," said one Korean entertainment reporter.

Wonder Girls have been promoted in the Japanese media as, "The last important K-Pop artist [to come to Japan]" and "K-Pop's ultimate weapon," heralding their coming with great fanfare, and these claims must be true, right? "Truthfully, I don't think so," said one K-Pop entertainment writer.

"In short, they advanced into the American market, but they weren't able to sell. And when they came back to Korea, in the time that they were away from their homeland, their status had fallen and it was Shojojidai's big break. They definitely got a #1 single after a 2-year absence, but compared with Shojojidai, they didn't have much power on the charts. In the end, it seems they've already passed their peak in Korea, and are looking at Japanese promotions as a means of survival. However, doesn't it seem like it's too late for that?"

They were rejected by America, then rejected by their homeland, and so they've had to try their hand in Japan, even with the K-Pop boom losing steam. We wonder what will happen when these "former big-shots" come to Japan with K-Pop already in its final days in Japan.

Source - Cyzo
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im really interested to see how they sell in Japan, Wonder Party was so good n I was missin them a lot!

Jo Kwon plans to wear 19.5 cm high heels on his comeback stage

The singer recently shared his determination to complete his entire stage choreography in the staggering heels for his “Animal” stage. Through OSEN, he expressed, “I decided on the heels after thinking of ways to show off something sexy yet powerful for my choreography concept. When I danced to miss A, I wore heels and found that it wasn’t that bad. The heels were made for women and imported from the States, but I think they fit me well.”

The shoes don’t actually have support under the heel part to give the effect of the wearer floating, so Jo Kwon will have to pay particular attention to his balance. Fortunately, he’s been practicing in them to look as natural as possible.

He continued, “I’m planning to show something completely out there and unique, something that only Jo Kwon can pull off. I know that people are looking forward to, but also concerned with what I’ll come up with. I’m sure that people will be wary of what I do come out with, but I’m greedy in wanting to convert them all to my side once I do. I’m excited, but also confident.”

Source: AKP & OSEN via Naver
he has lost his mind. I'm a mess in even 1inch heels

SHINee: “We Would Like to Perform at the Tokyo Dome”

SHINee recently spoke with Sankei Sports after their concert on June 24 at the Yoyogi Gymnasium in Tokyo to mark the beginning of their arena tour, which attracted over 12000 attendees. SHINee opened with their hit song “Sherlock” and performed multiple other popular tracks from their previous albums.

SHINee members made known to their fans their determination to bring future activities to Japan. SHINee leader Onew joked, “If by next autumn we can establish an official Japanese fan club, we’d like to even perform a dinner show for our fans.” SHINee is currently celebrating a one year anniversary since their entrance into the Japanese music industry.

Member Key nicely summed up the group’s ambitions for Japan with the statement, “We’d like to perform at the Tokyo dome at least once in our lifetime.”

Starting July, SHINee will be embarking on a large-scale tour to make stops in all of the biggest cities in Asia. They recently wrapped up a tour back in 2010 to 2011 which included stops in New York, London, Paris, Sydney where they experienced a rise in popularity around the globe. This will be their first Asia tour since their last successful global tour.

Source: koreaboo
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New Boy Group "Attack" To Debut In July

Another male group is set to join the ranks of 2012 debuts as Attack is preparing for their debut next month.

The new group is under the same label as the already disbanded KINO, who debuted last year in Japan and were known as K-pop in Okubo, a group that performed in Tokyo's Korea town. Two of KINO's former members, Jonghun ('86) and Sunghwan ('85), were joined by ex-SOS members Jiyong ('86) and Changwoo ('85); and A (Jinsung).

Attack is set to hold their debut showcase in Korea called "SOS+Attack Seoul Big Show" from July 3rd to 5th. They'll be releasing their debut single "Plan B" shortly after. It consists of two songs, "Plan B" and "착각했었나봐", which were both categorized as dance songs.

It's not entirely sure whether the group will be focusing on Korean or Japanese performances the most, but it is to be expected they'll be debuting in Korea first.

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Sources: Koreaboo, KinoPop, and Ameblo
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New Boy Group "Excite" to debut on July 17th

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2012 is without a doubt a year focusing on boy group debuts and with revealing Excite, a five member group under Penta ENC, another one will be added to the list.

Within its five members, Excite has a familiar face. Taegu, one of the original members of boy group DNT, will be making a new debut. Taegu, or Tae.G as he will be known from now, was born in '90 and is the leader of the group. He is joined by members Seunguk (rap & vocals, '91), Sihyuk (sub vocals, '91), Minhoo (sub vocals, '93) and maknae BEAT (rap & dance, '95).

Excite is set to debut on July 17th with the release of their first single. The group's first single includes and intro, and the tracks "Try Again" and "우리그냥".

Sources: Koreaboo, DNTupdates, People Nate, @cupucakes, and pentaenc-excite

Top Row Left to Right: Beat and Seunguk
Bottom Row Left to Right: Tae.G, Minhoo, and Sihyuk.
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Kyuhyun and Siwon's Teasers!

Ever since the announcement of Super Junior's comeback in July, SM Entertainment has been revealing teasers leading up to the release of the album, "Sexy, Free & Single." The following teasers have been released so far:

June 21st - Eunhyuk
June 22nd - Donghae
June 23rd - Leeteuk and Ryeowook
June 24th - Yesung and Shindong
June 25th - Kangin and Sungmin

There is less than a week to go before Super Junior is expected to release their 6th album, "Sexy, Free & Single," on various music sites, scheduled to be July 1st. Meanwhile, the physical release of the album will occur on July 4th. The group is then expected to attend music shows to promote their title track during the same week. A representative from SM Entertainment has expressed that the new album will feature songs of the soulful house genre, with easy and addictive choruses.

Today, Super Junior unleashed the teasers featuring Kyuhyun and Siwon! Will you be purchasing the album when it comes out?

Sources: Koreaboo and Newsen
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

Hold your breath! New Zhang Liyin album this fall?!

Zhang Liyin posted on Weibo today that she may finally be releasing her album in September or October. (Currently over 1,100 reblogs!) Expected to be in Mandarin (given her past recording rumours).

Might release new album around September / October, sorry to keep you waiting ! Hope y'all can looking forward to it !

Source: JAESTAR_JL for translation, Liyin's Weibo for original post
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INFINITE and G.NA meet a child suffering from epilepsy

The members of INFINITE and G.NA recently met with a child, Eun Sub Yi, who is suffering from epilepsy.

The life story of Eun Sub Yi will be featured on the upcoming June 26th episode of SBS‘s ‘The Most Beautiful Journey in the World’. Because the boy’s mother was experiencing pre-eclampsia, a medical condition in which one has high blood-pressure during pregnancy, she underwent emergency surgery in order to give birth to him. Eun Sub Yi was consequently born with brain damage, and was placed in an incubator immediately for a month.

Presently, Eun Sub Yi is unable to completely communicate by himself. He frequently experiences spasms and stiffness in his muscles. Yet despite the pain and difficulties, it is said that Eun Sub Yi is always able to greet people with an angelic and innocent smile.

8 months ago, however, Eun Sub Yi’s mother was hospitalized for a cerebral hemorrhage. Ever since, the hospital’s nurses have been attending to the child while his mother recovers.

During his struggle with his difficult situation, Eun Sub Yi has requested ‘The Most Beautiful Journey in the World’ production crew to fulfill one wish. As he enjoys watching performances via music programs, he asked if he could take a short visit to one of them in order to see the singers in person.

And so, Eun Sub Yi was given the chance to visit the ‘Inkigayo’ broadcasting site in order to meet INFINITE and G.NA. The production crew was also able to provide Eun Sub Yi a portable wheelchair in order to make the trip easier for him.

Eun Sub Yi’s happy visit to ‘Inkigayo’ will air through SBS on June 26th.

Source: akp + bntnews
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Lee MinHo ('87) Celebrates His 25th Birthday

One June 22, popular City Hunter star, Lee Minho, was surprised on the set of new SBS drama Faith with a birthday cake celebrating his 25th birthday.

He had this to say about the surprise:

"Today has been pretty busy working on a drama shooting to realize my 26th birthday! It has passed so quickly, but all the good wishes and cheers made me very happy! :) Thank you again for your sweet messages! They mean a lot to me as you know well. Then have a fantastic day everyone and see you soon! :) bye!"

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Source: video + messages leeminho1987@yt

drinking some 바나나 우유 in your honor, bb.

[Celebrities] Tom: Yikes!

Barfing Everywhere: Jeremy Scott to Design 2NE1's Tour Outfits

2NE1 will become the first Korean girl group to hold a global tour, entitled ‘New Evolution‘, and to make the feat even more special, designer Jeremy Scott has stepped up to directly participate in the tour!

Jeremy Scott, the renowned designer who has been picked as one of the most important figures in the fashion world by ‘Face‘ magazine, will be designing the girls’ stage ensembles for their upcoming tour. Every detail will be taken into consideration as the girls’ dancers will also be sporting outfits created by the designer as well.

The girls announced this collaboration news along with a new concert photo, showcasing pieces from Jeremy Scott’s 2012 Fall and Winter collection.

Although many well known fashion designers have specially designed outfits for the tours of globally famous stars like Madonna and Lady Gaga, this will be the first time for a Korean girl group to sport specially created stage outfits by a widely respected designer.

In addition to Jeremy Scott, the girls have also sought the help from other globally recognized talents like Travis Payne (choreographer behind Michael Jackson‘s ‘This Is It‘ concert), Divinity Roxx (band leader during Beyonce‘s tour), and Michael Cotton (the stage designer for Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’ tour).

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