June 27th, 2012



Whilst revealing the shocking transformations of the 2NE1 members, the title song and the comeback date has been determined. On the 27th, 2NE1‘s entertainment company, YG, uploaded a photo of Sandara Park on their official blog, YG Life, with the title 20120705. With this, they have revealed that the comeback date for the group is July 5th.
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"Professional" Dancers Vote for the Top 4 Dancers Among Idols

On June 26, MBC MUSIC’s “Show Champion” revealed the best four dancers among idols. For the past month, producers of the show asked a team of professional dancers to vote for the best dancer among idols. Based on the polls, Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, Gahee, and 4minute’s HyunA topped the list.

Those who participated in the survey based their votes on the idols’ basic dance foundation, technical ability, as well as expressive artistry. DBSK’s Yunho, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, 2NE1’s Gong Minzy, and miss A’s Min were also strong candidates for the title.

The episode included performances by f(x), After School, Dal Shabet, JJ Project, and more.

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Minzy should have been in the Top 4 imo
Who do you think should have been in the Top Omona?
[Harry Potter] Draco HBP2

f(x) Confirmed to Debut in Japan

SMTOWN recently released a link to f(x)'s Official Japanese Teaser Site through their Facebook:

f(x) JAPAN official TEASER SITEがオープン致しました。今後のアップデート、お楽しみに!

f(x) JAPAN official TEASER SITE has been launched!
Please look forward to the upcoming updates!


Source: SMTown FB via nuabofx, your number 1 source for f(x) news on lj!

The site doesn't have much save for a group profile and a link to their Facebook. But I guess this is an official announcement of sorts. Should've had them debut in China tbh.

Happy Birthday to Omona's Princess-*

First of all, here's the obligatory birthday song. Do enjoy some screamy fangirls and HD goodness of her awkward reaction.

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P.S. let the queen of anti fanservice troll you a little with a drawing at yesterday's fansigning.

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Please approve this ;_; it is part news and she is our mascot!! we need appreciation posts from time to time. Anyway, omona, what is your favourite thing about Ahnbb? :)

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