July 8th, 2012

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So, There's an Active Volcano in NK and It's Gonna Erupt...Maybe

Japanese scientists claim there is a 99 percent chance that Mt. Baekdu on the border between North Korea and China will erupt in the next 20 years due to the impact of the massive earthquake in Japan in March last year
. But experts here said the timing of an eruption is hard to predict, though Mt. Baekdu remains an active volcano.

Japanese media on Sunday reported Hiromitsu Taniguchi, a volcano expert at Tohoku University, has concluded there is a 68 percent chance of Mt. Baekdu erupting by 2019 and a 99 percent chance of an eruption by 2032.

Taniguchi based his inference on the historical relationship in timing between earthquakes in Japan and eruptions of Mt. Baekdu. Historical documents from Korea and China show that Mt. Baekdu erupted at least six times between the 14th and 20th centuries, Taniguchi said, and every time it followed an earthquake in Japan.

Mt. Baekdu erupted in 1373, 1597, 1702, 1898, 1903 and 1925.

"A Chinese nuclear power plant being constructed 100 km northwest of Mt. Baekdu is highly likely to be impacted by an eruption," Taniguchi said. "If an eruption occurs, it will affect not only North Korea and China, but Japan, Russia and other surrounding countries as well."

Korean experts are skeptical of Taniguchi's forecast. They say it is true that there is magma activity underneath the mountain but no scientific reason to predict a 99 percent chance of eruption.

"It strains interpretation of the data to predict the timing of an eruption based on historical statistics of Japanese earthquakes and volcanic activity on Mt. Baekdu," said Cho Bong-kon at Chonbuk National University. And Yoon Sung-hyo at Pusan National University, the first Korean expert to warn of the threat of an eruption in 2010, "It is scientifically risky to predict the timing of an eruption, so we must take the forecast with a pinch of salt."

Source: Chosun Ilbo

don't these people watch movies? always, always listen to the crazy scientist who predicts armageddon. or get Pierce Brosnan...

tzuyu heart shaker

TTS Elle Korea BTS; LG Cinema CFs; Yuri UFOs + Mamonde CFs; Hyoyeon DWTS Interview; Taeyeon Message

Pictures previously posted here

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Source: Sports Khan, Sports Seoul, soshified
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Korea vs. South Africa!

[Hancinema's Korea Diary] Korea vs. South Africa!

Hebergeur d'image

It's been four years since I've been back in my home country of South Africa. Now, after being home for a week, I thought it would be a good time, while thoughts of Korean life was still fresh, to put these two countries head-to-head in a number of different areas to see who trumps who! Before I came back home I anticipated some of the changes I would have to tackle as I re-immersed myself back into South African culture. This is what most foreigners will have to face when they eventually leave Korea and settling in back home. So here it is, Korea Vs. South Africa going at it for 8 rounds for the crown!

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- C.J Wheeler (chriscjw@gmail.com)

Source : Hancinema

[Korean] Animation *hearts* (Minwoo)

Shinhwa thanks Eric for being a good leader and CEO

With their 10th album comeback coming to an end, Shinhwa members expressed their gratitude to their leader and Shinhwa Company CEO Eric.

At the press conference held on 6 July in Beijing, the members said, “It seems right to say a big thank you to Eric. We want to leave next year’s comeback in his good hands too. He fills the role of Shinhwa’s leader the best.”

As the producer for this album, Minwoo had the most number of clashes with Eric. “This round of activities gave me the opportunity to talk a lot to Eric. We didn’t have any serious arguments but there were some clashes of opinion when it came to the music style, direction and issues related to stage performances. At that time Eric told me ‘I fully understand your frustrations but looking at the overall picture I have to take a neutral stand and I don’t have a choice but to speak coldly’”

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Source: mydaily
Translation: absolutshinhwa

Long Legged Ladies

The latest segment of MBC TV Entertainment revealed the measurements of various long-legged idols and actresses in today’s Korean entertainment world, with none other than actress Kang Sora coming out on top with legs spanning 105~107 cm.

As expected in an industry that focuses on one’s appearance and beauty, female idols often show off their long legs in outfits that will flatter these assets, such as dresses with slits and shorts.

The segment noted that idol groups often have a signature member with an iconic face and glamorous body, and dubbed the Top 3 to be the Wonder Girls‘ fashionista Sohee, 2NE1‘s power vocal Park Bom, and After School‘s bagel girl UEE.

Even when wearing flat shoes in lieu of heels, these ladies can still draw eyes to their long and shapely legs. For example, the Wonder Girls’ “Like This” promotions have been strikingly casual, yet Sohee’s legs are still as glamorous in sneakers. Park Bom’s latest promotional photo for 2NE1′s tour shows off her legs in a long dress with a daring slit on the side, giving a peek at her doll-like legs. UEE’s figure has also become well-known, even as part of a group whose members are all quite beautifully long-legged.

Source: AKP, Star News
hank hill
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Kwanghee and Hyoyeon were good friends in the past?

It’s been revealed that Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and ZE:A‘s Kwanghee were good friends in the past.

Kwanghee guested on the July 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, and he and Hyoyeon revealed details about their past friendship.

Hyoyeon stated, “Before [his debut], Kwanghee and I hung out a couple of times and had meals together. But after Kwanghee debuted with ZE:A, he acted like he didn’t know me.”

Kwanghee explained, “I saw Hyoyeon in the waiting room [backstage], but Girls’ Generation looked [intimidating]. That’s why it was hard for me to approach her. I can chat with her now, but back then, [Girls' Generation] was too busy.”

He then added, “I was so disappointed that I went around insulting her,” causing laughter.


look at her eyes...she wants him.

[Korean] Animation *hearts* (Minwoo)

Shinhwa Talks About Their Plans For Upcoming Solo Activities

Shinhwa has shared their plans for individual activities at a press conference held on 6 July, ahead of their concert in Beijing.The concert also marked a successful conclusion to Shinhwa’s comeback activities after 4 years and their Asia tour.

The group members will now embark on individual activities while concurrently continuing with their team activities, which can be considered the first ever to occur. They will further strengthen Shinhwa’s name with their solo projects, including solo albums and acting projects. How will they be meeting the public in future?

Group leader Eric said, “First of all, nothing has been confirmed (for next year) but in terms of the period and the duration, it will be similar to this year. Before that, the members will be releasing solo albums or embarking on our individual projects. The individual activities can be of help to Shinhwa as well.”

Kim Dongwan added, “Our target is to release one (group) album a year. We want to release an album and have promotional activities every year.

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Source: tvdaily
Translation: absolutshinhwa

TL;DR Version
Eric: ??? (Probably Acting)
Minwoo: Solo Single & Concert Tour
Dongwan: Acting (Movie/Drama)
Hyesung: Solo Album & Concert Tour
Junjin: Acting (in China)
Andy: Debuting Another Boyband & MC-ing

And of course, Shinhwa Broadcast shall continue on!!!
Forever Wonder [WG]

Wonder World Tour in Seoul 2012 PHOTO POST!!

Follow-up to this concert's video post.

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Sources: As tagged, enewsworld and:
Soompi: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Twitter: wgyubin | 0430yes | ppjwy | Yoonmirae | Khunnie0624 | stalkapple
Tumblr: junkaystreet | wonderfulwondergirls | wgworld 1 (& wonderr23), 2, 3
Instagram: therealminnn|nayoung4u
Wordpress: sydneytoseoul
Miso is OTP

Wonder World Tour in Seoul 777

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1 Like This
2 Nu Shoes
3 Sweet Dreams
4 The DJ is Mine
5 Talk
6 Girls Girls
7 Talk
8 Eebabo/This Fool (Acapella) 
9 Be My Baby (Ballad Version)
10 Hello To Myself – Yeeun Solo
11 Me, In
12 2 Different Tears (Rock Version)
13 So Hot (Rock Version) – Yubin Solo
14 Talk 
15 A Sorry Heart
16 I Tried (OP Note: The poster thought it was Friend, but I listened and changed)
17 Wishing On A Star
18 Dugo Dugo
19 Girlfriend
20 Touch (Miss A) - Sunye Solo
21 Act Cool ft SanE – Lim Solo
22 R.E.A.L
23 Be My Baby
24 Dance Interval + Be My Baby (Techno Version)
25 DJ Khoo
26 G.N.O
27 Stop!
28 Bad Boy (OP Note: Sohee's Solo is a dance and is during this performance)
29 Dance Interval (Shuffling) + I Wanna
30 Tell Me (Rock Version)
31 Nobody
Wishing on a Star - Surprise by Wonderfuls
Akon Interview + Like Money Practice Clip
Concert Making of Video
BTS video compilation from 2007-Present

OP Note: I have watched all the fancams below and others circulating around. These are the best so far and where possible, I will indicate quality (in terms of picture & shooting) with a * (I recommend you watch those) & whether it is a full fancam in brackets. In some of the channels under the sources, you might find other versions/videos that I did not include because there was already a HQ vers released by another poster. Usually the other videos for the same song are alternate angles/different seatings/different member focuses.
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Source: jcsmark @ soompi (via stalkapple@twitter / further edited by me), PikeYenny4 @ youtube, IAMPORI @ yt, 2, 3, tkadnjf @ yt, sususususuize @ yt 1, 2, heartmiso @ yt, choiuu93 @ youtube, IAMPORI @ yt 3, PikeYenny4 @ yt 2, 890812min @ yt, IAMPORI @ yt 4, PikeYenny4 @ yt 3, nyoonx3 @ vimeo, IAMPORI @ yt 5, dearjune627 @ yt, heartmiso @ yt 2, 890812min @ yt 2, PikeYenny4 @ yt 4, dearjune627 @ yt 2, 890812min @ yt 3, heartmiso @ yt 3, nyoonx3 @ youtube, heartmiso @ yt 4 , IAMPORI @ yt 6, 7
PikeYenny4 @ yt 5, SGenieful @ yt, 890812min @ yt 3, heartmiso @ yt 5, 120707wonderful @ yt, Pikeyenny4@ yt 6 (all videos tipped off by WF cafe @ FB)

EDIT: For more fancams, do visit this comment where I posted more links - HD sohee focuses, Dugo Dugo, Like This, Sweet Dreams etc

2NE1′s Minzy & Yang Hyun Suk make a compromise regarding sexy dances

′s Minzy revealed that she made a compromise with her agency’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk after he asked her to cut down on the sexy dances.

In an interview held on July 6th at the YG Entertainment building, the interviewer asked, “We heard that Yang Hyun Suk gave you a special command to refrain from doing sexy dances?“ To this Minzy replied, “That is why he has give me space to express my freedom in my solo parts.”
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Source: Allkpop, TV Report via Naver