July 15th, 2012

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New K-Pop Groups Likely Victims Of Impending Market Correction Due To Oversaturation

With the K-pop business thriving and companies inevitably looking to capitalize on its popularity, new groups are being churned out at greater and greater rates. As a result, I’ve noticed that the initial reactions to every announcement of a new group, even those from major companies, are met with increasing amounts of skepticism and disdain, probably because there seems to literally be a couple groups debuting every week.

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Source: by IATFB at Asian Junkie

Fashionista Yoo Jae Suk shows off his new "designer" shoes at Jung Jun Ha's housewarming party

With MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ being off the air for over half a year now, the cast members recently decided to get together for a heartwarming party.

On July 12th, HaHa shared two photos from the party and tweeted, “Jung Jun Ha hyung loves Yoo Jae Suk hyung so much that he presented him with the latest design in shoes! Air Jordans have no chance against Air Nex!

The photos shows Yoo Jae Suk stylishly posing in his new pair of ‘designer shoes’, which were actually just an empty box of Kleenex (nex) tissue.

Fans burst into laughter upon seeing the photo commenting, “I want those shoes!“, “This is hilarious“, “It’s good seeing the ‘Infinity Challenge’ members together again!“, and more.

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Source: OSEN via Nate + akp
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Justin Bieber takes fashion advice from your faves

Justin Bieber was recently spotted wearing a brand that K-pop stars wear, so there were only two logical reactions to that:

1) Flip out on Justin Bieber for trying to infiltrate/leech off of K-pop.

2) Claim Justin Bieber was influenced by K-pop.

Superstar Justin Bieber is receiving attention for being seen sporting accessories that were made popular by K-pop idols from Korean luxury brand, MCM.

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Source: article by IATFB at Asian Junkie, pictures from the original Korean source at Nate

Gyuri responds to haters on Twitter using Buddha

Just hours before, the idol tweeted a few posts in response to the negative messages that she received on the social media site.

“I can’t understand what goes on in the heads of people who throw a mention at me, and put words that they know I would dislike just for fun. They say it’s just a joke, but they never think twice about what it feels like on the receiving end, are their thoughts that immature[?] What kind of response is it that they want to see from me?

Religion is not unrelated to today’s story – this happened when the Buddha was alive. One day, a gangster man went to the Buddha and cursed at him. But [the Buddha] seemed to not mind.

Instead he continued, ‘Whenever a customer comes in, the server would give the customer food… if the customer doesn’t accept it, who does it belong to?’ The man replied, ‘Of course, it’s mine again.’

Then the Buddha spoke softly, ‘In the same way, you hurl insults at me, but I don’t receive them. They still remain with you.’ The man knelt down and prayed to the Buddha.”

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Source: akp,her Twiiter

Taecyeon has the most connections with girl group members according to his fellow members

2PM‘s rapper Taecyeon has been selected by his fellow members as the one who has the most connections with girl group members.

The group sat down for an interview for the July 14th edition of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date‘, which took place in Yeosu.

During the interview, the group was asked to point to the member who has the most connections with girl group members. To this, all members simultaneously pointed at Taecyeon, drawing much laughter.

Taken aback, Taecyeon disagreed and exclaimed, “It’s not true!” However, Junsu quickly explained to the host, “When it comes to Girls’ Generation, he’s pretty much close with all nine members. People may mistake him for being related to them.”

Source: akp, XSports News via Nate
YG creep

The Original Baddest Female Seoul City Ever Had L-E-X-Y To Make A Comeback After Four Years!

Singer LEXY will be ending four-year-long hiatus and returning to the K-Pop scene. LEXY, who hasn’t been active since her self-titled album “LEXY” in 2008, will be making a comeback after four years and eight months this August.

In 2008, LEXY was supposed to work under the guidance of singer Shinnosuke of popular Japanese hip hop group SOUL’d OUT to enter the Japanese market, but complications arose causing the plans to fall through. Afterwards, LEXY tried to resume activities in Korea, but she was unable to find an agency who she could agree with, resulting in an elongated hiatus. During that time, she experienced despair and lived a seclusive life. However, she found peace in her heart through hiking and rekindled her desire to return to the stage.

LEXY has been working on recording new songs since late last year, and earlier this year, she found her new home in Red Line Entertainment, the same agency as actor Chun Jung Myung. After settling down in the new agency, she started focusing on recording. LEXY also updated her mini-homepage this past February, letting her fans know of her whereabouts, as well as thanking them for their unending love and support.

For those of you who don’t know of Lexy, check out her hit song “Ae Song,” featuring Psy.

Source: Soompi + YG Ent YT

Her "Aesongi" and "Let Me Dance (feat Teddy)" pretty much made me fell in love with K-Pop seven years ago oh lordt I am so old.  Aesongi is glorious as fck and everybody should listen to it.