September 6th, 2012


IT'S A WONDER DAY: FULL Iheartradio CONCERT, Live chat, interview

 Definitely a wonder day. Here's the rest of the Iheartradio concert, the 3 unreleased songs (Ouch, Stay Together, Wake Up) can be found on the previous post. Tracklist is as follows:

1. The DJ is Mine
2. Nu Shoes
3. Like This
4. Be My Baby (English Version)
5. Girls, Girls
6. Ouch
7. Stay Together
8. Wake Up
9. Tell Me (Korean Version)
10. So Hot (Korean Version)
11. Nobody (English Version)
12. 2 Different Tears (English Version)
13. Like Money

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What really touched my heart was that a lot of WFs stayed up all that for this <3 US Debut Daebak!!
If you think still think they are flops, omona's princess is not amused.

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K-Pop Popularity in Japan Declining (again)

On September 5, Japanese newspaper Asahi reported that the popularity of K-pop in Japan is declining this year. Their analysis pointed out that Japanese fans are not sick of monotonously identical styles of K-pop artists and various political controversies between Korea and Japan have affected general attitude towards anything Korea-related.

Asahi’s report said that while 15 K-pop artist made their Japanese debut in 2011, only 8 new teams debuted in Japan this year. Data from the Oricon charts show that the average debut album sales of a K-pop artist also declined from 37,000 in 2011 to 18,000 in 2012. The report also pointed out, “In June, an event featuring K-pop artists like Kara and Supernova in Hyogo was cancelled due to slow ticket sales.”

Moreover in the survey Asahi conducted from August 15 until August 30, 18% of 3164 participants between the ages of 30-60 answered, “Public interest in K-pop has withered away.” When asked, “Do you think the ‘K-pop boom’ is likely to continue?” 47% answered, “It will end soon,” and another 25% of the participants answered, “it already ended.”

Many recording labels and distributing companies seem to agree that K-pop popularity has reached its end. One anonymous representative commented, “Because they do not attract new fans anymore, we are having a hard time selling CDs. We are worried about the rookie K-pop group we are working with. I hope they make it to the next year.”

Director Kim Young Duk of the Japanese office of Korea Creative Contents Agency commented, “I think K-Pop in Japan has reached it’s peak and is now settling. Since there is a big market for live performances and a lot of die-hard K-pop fans, I do not think the fame and popularity of K-pop will diminish drastically anytime soon.”

Source: Soompi
lol I think they meant "now sick".
Maybe if companies didn't half ass everything from the begining, the wave would have went on a little longer.
Wanna One Energetic

New Girl Group "Nep" Releases MV For Debut Song "DoRaDoRa"

A new girl group is out on the scene with their debut single, “DoRaDoRa“! Nep is their name and stands for New Passion, signifying the passion these girls hope to show as they unfold a new future.

“DoRaDoRa” is the work of composer duo Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, who have also helped come up with hits like SECRET‘s "Madonna", "Shy Boy", and "Starlight Moonlight".

Sources: allkpop and AsianDreamVODYouTube

Gaon Monthly Overall Physical Rankings August 2012

All new entries and re-entries in bold; first column refers to sales in a month while the second is for sales of this year.

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For two consecutive months Super Junior! Yes! I've noticed that there are many Infinite releases on the chart this month... Uh oh, BoA's album fell down... how such a flawless album fell this much? Just wondering why Psy's album won't sell as much as its lead track Gangnam Style... Surprised to see the SM Best Album charting... And hell yes to Sorry Sorry and OJBH still going strong and charting! :) Congratulations to all in the chart this month! Until next month, Omona! :)
Shirotan ♥

PSY Joins The Wanted on Stage at VMA Pre-Party

The U.K boy band, The Wanted, introduced Korean pop star PSY, whose single and music video "Gangnam Style" is steadily climbing the music charts, onto the stage at the MTV and Taco Bell’s VMA pre-party show.

The band members of The Wanted even joined PSY at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood and performed his “Gangnam Style” signature dance, which consists of pelvic thrusting, air horse riding moves.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has received nearly 100 million views and was an international viral sensation over the summer.

After reaching No.1 on World Digital Songs, he recently signed with The Wanted and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun’s label, Schoolboy Records. Hopefully this pairing will lead to an even more successful foray into the U.S for the pop star as his single continues its climb up the Billboard charts.

This, genuinely, makes me so happy for him. I can only imagine how excited he is about all of this.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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They Got Some Badass Cops in SK

Kim Hyun-chul (34), the Busan police officer who gained the nickname "Die Hard cop" for hanging on to the roof of a drug dealer's car as it escaped, has been featured on CNN. The U.S. cable news broadcaster featured Kim in a segment on CNN News Stream on Tuesday, including footage of his daring arrest and interview.

At around 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 26, Kim stopped a car in the southern port city after it made an illegal U-turn. As the car started to speed away, Kim jumped on the car's hood and clung on for 25 minutes as the vehicle careened through the streets of the city for 15 km.

He jumped off the car when the driver abandoned it and ran away at an intersection. Kim chased him for about 200 m before finally arresting the perpetrator, who turned out to be on a wanted list for drug-related crimes.

Kim's daring arrest was captured on a camera mounted on a taxi cab and ended up on YouTube on Aug. 27 under the English title "Korean police Spiderman arrested drug offender."

The video received 700,000 views as of Tuesday. Kim used to be a member of the police SWAT team and holds a black belt in taekwondo and other martial arts. He was promoted to the rank of sergeant on Aug. 31.

Sources: cnn & chosun ilbo

damn. what a badass.