September 9th, 2012


Sunny Hill’s Kota shares an adorable photo taken with her grandmother

Sunny Hill‘s Kota has introduced her grandmother to her fans via Twitter.

On September 9th, the singer wrote, “Ah! My grandmother and I have the same hair color. Kekeke. ♥ Grandma, please live a long life ♥,” and attached the photo above in which Kota is seen posing adorably next to her grandmother.

Fans commented, “You look just like your grandmother“, “No wonder you’re so pretty“, and “Stay healthy, Kota’s grandmother!

Source: Kota’s Twitter + allkpop

that tiny little pink crown on her grandma's head is killing me. Kota's twitter is full of cute pics too, go check it out~
(and because I was poking around twitter, Janghyun looks good in uniform)
tzuyu heart shaker

Mass SNSD Selca, Other Pictures, Quick News Update! [Image Heavy]

We're Girls' Generation!!
Everyone, have you all checked out the MV for "ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU"?
This is a picture from filming~☆

"Huh? Sooyoung is hiding behind me!?" (laughs) by Yoona
We really want to sing this song to everyone soon~ (*^_^*)

source: Japan mobile fansite [pic: @taccoyaki], soshified

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F.T. Island reveal their ‘treasures’ through their jacket photos

F.T. Island‘s jacket photos for their upcoming 4th full-length album is receiving much attention as it shows the ‘treasures’ of each member.

The band will be releasing their title track, “I Wish“, as well as the full music video on various music sites on the 10th. Just like the title of their upcoming album, ‘Five Treasure Box‘, the group included several personal items they treasure the most in the jacket photos.

Their agency, FNC Entertainment, revealed, “For the jacket photo shoot, leader / guitarist Jonghun brought his personal exercising weights like dumbbells and barbells. Vocalist Hongki brought his three dogs including the dog house and toys, showing his great love for his pets. Bassist Jaejin brought magazines, chips, and comic books, whereas drummer Minhwan came with his TV and teddy bear. Lastly, guitarist Seunghyun brought his instrument and headset to the photo shoot.”

F.T. Island is scheduled to release their new album on the 10th and will be making their first comeback stage on the September 13th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘.

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Sources: allkpop, Star Today via Nate, and amorala@Tumblr
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Hwayoung Shows off her fierce rapping skills Like a BOSS!

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Former T-ara member Hwayoung has updated fans with a rap clip.

Hwayoung tweeted on the 6th, “Though I’m still lacking in a lot of things, I’m practicing writing lyrics. I’m working hard to meet my fans’ expectations and to not get weeded out, so please wait a bit for me to return with a new, matured image. Today’s T-ara’s comeback performance, please give them lots of support.”

She then linked fans to a 51-second sound clip of her rapping. The track is composed by Lishbeats and the lyrics were written by Hwayoung herself.

In related news, T-ara is coming back with “Sexy Love“, the title track of their 7th mini-album ‘Mirage‘.

Listen to what Hwayoung is working on below!


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The title track of the fifth Japanese single will be the Japanese remake of the Korean hit single, “Oh!”. The double A-side single will also feature “All My Love Is For You” and will be released on September 26th. The ringtone and music video for the Japanese version of ”Oh!” featuring updated visuals is scheduled for release on September 14th.

Following the brief promotion period of “PAPARAZZI”, Girls’ Generation is now headed back to Japan to promote “Oh!”. On September 24th, the girls will perform on Fuji TV’s “HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champ”. This performance marks the girls’ sixth appearance on the program, with their latest having been the July 9th performance of “PAPARAZZI”. The girls are also scheduled to make their first appearance on Nihon TV’s “Music Lovers”. The program will be recorded on September 25th, but the air date is still undetermined.

Also to be released on September 26th is the Complete Video Collection, which features most of Girls’ Generation’s Korean and Japanese music videos, as well as re-edited performances from the first Japanese tour. The limited edition of video collection also includes behind-the-scenes music video footage and an interview in which the girls review their own music videos.

Recently, Girls’ Generation released a schedule for their second Japanese tour. The tour will bring the girls to six different cities and consists of a total of fourteen concerts. It is set to begin on February 9, 2013 at the Kobe World Kinen Hall in Kobe, Japan and will conclude on April 10, 2013 at the Nihon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan.

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wtf is this news. oniisan oniisan i'll be down down down down!