September 10th, 2012

SBS Five Fingers writers accused of plagiarism, ratings continue to plummet

SBS Drama ‘Five Fingers’ have been embroiled in another controversy after allegations of its plagiarism has been made over the Internet.

On 10th, a blogger has posted on his blog a post with a title of ‘Five Fingers and the Five Reasons Why it Seems So Familiar’.

The blogger has claimed that ‘Five Fingers’ have a number of similarities with the novel ‘Rhapsody of Murder’, and has cited five reasons why it seems so in the post.

The first reason was the similarities with the character of Yeong-rang of the drama, and Yeong-ae of the novel.

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The author of the novel is contemplating legal action. Check out the ratings on a steady decline with each new episode here! So much for SBS kicking Eunjung out to save their drama...

AOA concludes promotions for “Elvis” + reflects on their performances

FNC Entertainment‘s new girl group, AOA, has concluded their promotions for “Elvis“.

The girls recently sat down with reporters and reflected on their performances and shared thoughts on their debut album ‘Angel’s Story‘.

AOA began by stating, “After our debut, we’ve been actively promoting for five weeks, but we have a lot of regrets. Time went by too fast and we feel as if we weren’t able to fully show everyone our one and only charms. We just started seeing the camera on stage now, but we’re already concluding our promotions.”

Member Hyejeong commented, “For our next album, we plan on maintaining our two concepts which is band and girl group. We will practice more on our live and playing the instruments in order to show everyone our best-quality performance.”

Chanmi added, “To describe our debut title track ‘Elvis’ in one word, it would simply be AOA. The song has lyrics that go, ‘I have fallen for you’, ‘Crazy’, and ‘Electrifying’. I hope the public will view AOA with those feelings and descriptions.”

Source: Allkpop, Herald News via Nate
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T-ara Experiences a ‘Black Ocean’ at Jeju Concert, plus Trolling

Standing in front of fans live for the first time since the T-ara controversy, T-ara experienced the longest performance ever with no excitement from the audience.

On September 8, T-ara stood on stage at the 2012 World Conservation Congress K-Pop Nature+ Concert, where the members were unfortunately met with cold responses from fans.

As soon as the group took the stage, it’s said that some members of the audience turned off their glow sticks and refrained from cheering, creating the ‘black ocean.’ Fan accounts say that a group of fans started chanting, “Ryu Hwa Young,” referring to the T-ara member who was kicked out of the group earlier in August.

T-ara performed Sexy Love on Mnet’s M! Countdown and MBC’s Music Core a week before, but this was the first time performing its newest song live.

After the performance, the news of the ‘black ocean’ started seeping into online communities, where fans had a divide of opinions. Some said that the T-ara members made their comeback too soon, while others said the media was over exaggerating the event.

Check out a fancam of the performance below and decide for yourself!

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While there was a bit of applause at the end of their performance, I cannot deny the sheer deadness of the crowd in comparison to the way a usual crowd would behave, as well as the heckling before they appeared. However, I cannot stop laughing at both that 'statement,' and the banner. They even included the broken umbrella!

Sources: eNewsWorld (1, 2), tomtomtom52525252 via YoutubeIlbe, NetizenBuzz

[Music] Spice Girls: Sporty SYBT

Hallyu Tsunami: The Unstoppable (and Terrifying) Rise of K-Pop Fandom

Fifty Shades of Yunho
Hallyu Tsunami: The Unstoppable (and Terrifying) Rise of K-Pop Fandom
By Sam Lansky

Several months ago, I was in Los Angeles covering a Korean pop show for a major magazine. They ended up killing the story, considering K-pop “too niche” for their readers; somehow, this felt both totally accurate and maddeningly myopic. K-pop remains a largely underground movement in the States, mostly the ken of geeky music journalists, Asian Americans, and gays weary of Lady Gaga’s art-pop pretensions but thirsty for a similar spectacle. And yet, K-pop seems perpetually on the verge of breaking into the mainstream in a meaningful way: The Wonder Girls toured with the Jonas Brothers; Girls' Generation performed on Letterman a few months ago; and 2NE1 were signed by execrable hip-pop monster’s management company after he promised to make them a global sensation. Most recently, Psy's video for "Gangnam Style" made him a viral phenomenon overnight; his appearance at the VMAs last Thursday night gave K-pop its broadest exposure yet, albeit still more as a novelty act than for its musical merits.

The festival I attended, SM Town 2012, featured several of the biggest acts signed to the monolithic Korean record label SM Entertainment. SM’s top-performing girl group, Girls' Generation, is my favorite, but that day the fans were showing up for the boy bands: Super Junior, SHINee, and EXO. The mood at the concert was crazed. These acts, who sell out arenas across Asia and are ubiquitous on variety shows and in magazines overseas, tour in the United States infrequently. The druggy anticipation of their performance hung as thick over the crowd as a fever.

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lol clearly this is a tl;dr.

Summary: An American writer is assigned to cover SM Town 2012, finds Yunho attractive and starts tweeting about him, bringing on the wrath of crazed fans. The rest of the article is him discussing the whole saesang culture in comparison to American stan culture.

The craze is not over yet

PSY Breaks US iTunes Chart’s Top 20

PSY‘s popularity seems to know no bounds overseas as he adds another achievement to the already impressive list. He ranked on ”US iTunes’ Top 20″ with the infectious number “Gangnam Style.”
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PSY Featured on People Magazine, Rolling Stone and Mashable
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Fat Cat to make a comeback in November or early next year

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Fat Cat is attracting much attention through a single for ‘Laws of the Jungle‘, as fans are awaiting her comeback.

On the September 9th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Laws of the Jungle in Madagascar‘, Fat Cat’s “Southern Cross” was played as background music when the stars were laying in the desert and looking at the sky. Viewers became interested in Fat Cat’s comeback after the song was aired.

Last March, Fat Cat was promoting her third single, “Like a Dream‘”, but unfortunately had to halt her activities due to health conditions as her hands, feet, and face were swelling.

One representative explained to allkpop, “With the goal of making a comeback this November or early next year, we participated in the background music for ‘Laws of the Jungle’. For the past six months, Fat Cat focused on her health and treatment and is now fully recovered and in her normal condition.“


‘Reply 1997′ was originally going to be ‘Reply 1994′?

It was revealed that popular drama’ Reply 1997‘ was originally meant to be ‘Reply 1994‘.

According to the staff, when the drama was in its beginning stages of production, it was actually set in the year 1994. Producer Shin Won Ho revealed, “When I was planning the drama with writer Lee Woo Jung, we had chosen for the drama to be set in the year 1994, a year when the both of us were still students.” However, as preparations for the drama continued, the year was changed to 1997.

It is being said that Eun Ji Won played a big role in this three year shift of the setting. The singer was the first to be cast for ‘Reply 1997′ and plays a big role in the behind story of the drama. With his addition to the cast, the idea that setting the drama during the time period in which Eun Ji Won was actively promoting as a member of ‘Sechskies‘ would be interesting was suggested, and in the end the idea made for the final setting of the drama.

Taking place in 1997 when the IMF (International Monetary Fund) crisis hit South Korea, the drama draws out the vivid lives of a group of teenagers in their prime stage of growth.

In response to questions about a season 2 of the drama, producer Shin Won Ho expressed, “If we find a good subject matter and storyline, it is a possibility. However I have no desire to produce a poorly made sequel that only serves to degrade the first series.”

Netizens responded to the news of the ‘Reply’ drama that could have been stating, “Hm.. I don’t think the drama would have been as popular if it had taken place in 1994”, “1997 was the renaissance of idol culture”, and “I think it would’ve been better in 1994…. Please recreate 1994 in season 2~~.

Meanwhile, episode 15 of the drama will air this week as scheduled however, because the final episodes will be longer than the usual 40 or so minutes, the last episode will air the following week.

Source + Image: Newsen via Daum, MyDaily, Herald Economy via Daum & allkpop

We have to wait a full week for the final episode? D: Nooooooooooooooooooo!