September 21st, 2012

Running Man

Gil and Gary to leave Infinity Challenge and Running man

After ‘Super 7′ concert cancellation, Gil to leave ‘Infinity Challenge’

Earlier today, ‘Infinity Challenge‘ announced that they will be canceling their ‘Super 7‘ Concert. Not too long after that, Leessang‘s Gil left a long message on his Twitter apologizing for his mistakes and revealing his intentions to leave ‘Infinity Challenge’.

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Source: AKP x, x and Gary and Gil's twitters
Kitty kitty

G-Dragon Collaborating With YouTube Star Jung Sung-ha on "Inkigayo"


K-pop sensation G-Dragon is teaming up with a professional teenager guitarist on Sunday's "Inkigayo."

G-Dragon, who has been coloring the music scene with "CRAYON," is collaborating with finger-style guitarist Jung Sung-ha for "That XX" on SBS' music program "Inkigayo" on September 23, YG Entertainment said in a press release Friday.

The 16-year-old guitarist is known as an acoustic guitar virtuoso that shot to fame after receiving massive popularity online through his cover videos of all genres on YouTube. Jung's official YouTube channel has nearly 540 million views and over 915,000 subscribers.
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!Omona Affiliates: ToFebruary Joins The Family

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Hello Omona, welcome to the FREE FOR ALL/FRIENDING MEME!

I know for a fact that we let a bunch of people into the community this week-- why not take this opportunity to fill out this friending meme? We haven't done this in a year, let's all get cozy and get to know one another :)


Why Psy and not JYP?

by Jason Lim

I just watched Psy perform live in New York City’s Rockefeller Center on NBC’s Today Show, a venue usually reserved for the most popular of international singers.

I mean, you can’t get much more mainstream than that in the U.S. Wait. And the song just hit No. 1 in iTunes in 17 countries across the world. Wait again. Psy was just parodied in Saturday Night Live, reaching the pantheon of international stardom. This is getting ridiculous. Next, they will be inviting him to the White House and Buckingham Palace.

The problem is, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why. I admit that the song is catchy, silly, and fun. Then again, there are a lot of catchy, silly, and fun songs out there.

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Source: The Korea Times

Whoah sir on that last paragraph! And also if you claim you cannot find any symbolism on the Gangnam Style video, then you did not look hard enough.

"Gangnam Style" Fever Reaches North Korea, For Real!

North Korea and South Korea have been divided since World War II. But even these opposing nations — which are technically still at war, since they never signed a formal peace treaty — can unite over one thing: Their love of “Gangnam Style.”

Well, sort of. CNN writes that a North Korean government website now features a video that pokes fun at South Korean presidential candidate Park Geun-hye. The clip begins with an image of Park’s face Photoshopped onto the body of a figure doing rapper Psy’s signature horse-riding dance. The picture is followed by a mocking photo montage set to a jaunty big band tune. It’s unembeddable, but you can watch the goods here.

We don’t know who posted the video, or when it found its way online. But either way, it’s kind of cool to see Psy’s neighbors to the north finding inspiration in his goofy smash hit. Who knew that invisible pony had galloped all the way across the 38th Parallel?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Get Ready for B1A4 Over Flowers

Through the stalker Macau fans, it's been revealed that B1A4 were in Macau this week to film a parody of Boys Over Flowers. Badeul shippers take note: Sandeul was playing Jandi and Baro Junpyo. Jinyoung played Jihoo, and Channie and CNU the lesser important F4 members.

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Sources at weibo: may66may jenny1035 lynn wulierin

Why they are doing this, and what it may be for.... we have no idea. But I can't wait to see it. This is going to be hilarious, I know it already. Fan reports also mention a Jindeul kiss, with lots of NGs, so they had to do a lot of takes. Lmao.

Portuguese comedian releases parody of "Gangnam Style"

source: 5meianoite

He's a portuguese comedian!! I can't believe portuguese people are actually into gangman style and it makes me totally happy because Portugal isn't known for being nice to asians -_-'' His version is basically saying how bad he feels about the portuguese governament and instead of Gangman style he says "Gamar com style" which means "steal with style!"

enjoy!!!! xD

made in asia!

magnificent incredible sophisticated sexy Angels (aka miss A) to make a comeback this October!

This October miss A is going to come back with special album and they have been gone from girls to mature women.

In their photos, miss A showed each of their attractiveness in antique style black-and-white pictures. In their interview, Fei said “Now I can cook meat, kimchi stew for members. I am used to Korean culture now.”

Then ‘First Love’s icon’ Suzy said “My experiences like fitting model, 태권도(taekwando) and part time jobs which I did when I was young helped me a lot to do many activities.”

» missanewsss » nate
Not much info about the actual comeback, but this shows that my stan senses were right! Omg I can't wait for it. Soon Suzy will be legal in Korea, so here is to hope for a sexy concept.