September 22nd, 2012


Joo Won Says He and Uee Almost Became a Real Couple!!!!

KBS drama “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won says that he and “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interest Uee could have been a couple in real life following their roles in 2011-2012 KBS drama “Ojakgyo Brothers.” 

On September 21, “Bridal Mask” star Joo Won sat down for an interview with newspaper “Ilgan Sports” and talked about various subjects such as hallyu stars avoiding “Bridal Mask” for fear of backlash in Japan, performing his own action scenes, feelings for co-stars, and who he would choose in ideal type world cup.   Joo Won was also asked about what it was like to act with Uee.  

On “Ojakgyo Brothers” love interest Uee, Joo Won: “As I saw myself falling deeper into my character’s feelings [for Uee], I saw that in real life also, I developed a curiousity about Uee.  At that time, in that situation, if just one of the two of us had made up our minds and made a dash towards the other, we could have been a real-life couple.  [laughs]”  

Source: Soompi


Super Junior-M to resume Sinophone activities


Super Junior-M is said to be preparing for a comeback and will soon resume activities in China. SM Entertainment confirmed the news today that they are currently in the planning stages of Super Junior-M's next release, whose details will be released soon.

It was also explained that due to their popularity in the country, they have received a number of invitations to participate in various events and concerts, but has made no confirmation.

Super Junior-M made their debut in China with the release of their first mini-album "Super Girl" back in 2009 and was soon followed by "Perfection" in February 2011.

Are you looking forward for their comeback?

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This post is dedicated to Omona's niumber one SJ-M/Zhoumi stan sobaek ! Looking forward like everyone else does. :)

T.O.P suffers an injury while filming for movie ‘Alumnus’


According to information released to us by YG Entertainment, Big Bang‘s T.O.P has unfortunately suffered an injury on the back of his hand during the filming of his movie ‘Alumnus‘.

On September 21st, T.O.P was filming a combat scene that took place near a piece of glass. During the filming, he unfortunately hurt his hand on a glass fragment and is reported to have been admitted to the hospital for surgery on the same day. He is currently resting at the hospital.
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120922 Music Core

Full Show

[Click for order & start times of performances]
0:32:24 OFFROAD - Bebop
0:36:05 She'z - UU
0:38:53 Goddess - Farewell Party
0:41:33 E7 - U
0:44:17 RaNia - Style
0:47:55 ChAOS - Kiss Kiss
0:50:50 SPICA - I'll Be There
0:53:57 Runble Fish - Don't Be Like That
0:56:35 VIXX - Rock Ur Body
0:59:31 Baek Ah Young - Sad Song
1:02:53 100% - We, 100% + Bad Boy
1:07:17 Mighty Mouth feat. Lyn - At Times Like This
1:10:37 BtoB - WOW
1:14:00 Fiestar feat. MIJI - Vista
1:17:43 ZE:A - Phoenix
1:20:59 Orange Caramel - Lipstick
1:24:55 Secret - Poison
1:28:20 FT Island - I Wish
1:32:01 T-ARA - Sexy Love
1:36:16 Kara - Pandora

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sources: MBCkpop, kmusiclive2, TanVuMusicCore, muabuonxpkites
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Superstar K3's Son Yerim expresses her undying love for INFINITE’s Sungyeol

Superstar K3‘s Son Yerim recently expressed her undying love for INFINITE‘s Sungyeol.

On the 20th, the 11-year-old took to her me2day and wrote, “Seriously, my one wish in life is to meet INFINITE’s Sungyeol oppa… I want to meet you oppa!!! He even appeared in my dreams last night… Ohh my Sungyeol-god.” And later made another post saying, “I truly think I’m lovesick @_@ Sungyeol oppa!!! I want to meet youㅠㅠ I want to go to a(n) [INFINITE] concertㅠㅠ“, expressing her fandom as would any young teenage girl helplessly in love with their idol star.

The fangirling posts did not end there. On the following day on the 21st, the child star once again posted, “Till the day I can meet Sungyeol oppa!!! Aja aja fighting!!

Netizens responded to her charming posts saying, “Cute. I guess Yerim is going through puberty too“, “Make Yerim’s wish come true, abracadabra!“, “He appeared in her dreams haha“, “At that age I used to dream of Sechs Kies“, “Hurry hurry and become a singer. Then you can see him all the time“, and “I’m an INFINITE fan too. Our hearts clicked Yerim!

Meanwhile, Son Yerim received much loved while competing in the 3rd season of audition program ‘Superstar K’. In particular, her cover of Jo Yong Pil‘s ‘I Hope It Would Be That Way Now‘, moved not only the judges but the whole nation with her mature, emotional vocals.

source: akp + yerim's me2day + newsen

LOL this is hilariously cute. I wouldn't be surprised if her wish of meeting him comes true.


JYP denies rumors of Wonder Girls Sun’s marriage

JYP Entertainment has denied rumors that Sun of the Wonder Girls is getting married.

A representative from the agency stated, “The marriage rumors are not true. At the moment, there are absolutely no plans of marriage. [The Wonder Girls] are putting all their effort into their Asia tour.”

Sun previously made her relationship public on SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘ late last year. She also mentioned on ‘Beatles Code 2‘ that she would be willing to move to Haiti for her Korean-American boyfriend, who is currently doing missionary work in the country, if the two marry.

However, it looks like fans won’t have to worry about her moving to an island anytime soon.

sources: akp + nate

Battle of the Biases: Round Three: Day One!!! Excite.

The winners are...
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Round Three: Day One
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Just a quick reminder of how this game works.

There are 200 idols total. 100 Male, and 100 Female. Each gender is separated into RANDOM groups of 5. The schedule is like so...

SATURDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 5:00PM: Round #: Day 01
Vote until 5PM EST Sunday (At least 24 Hours)
SUNDAY(Anywhere from 5:01 PM - 9:59PM): Round #: Day 02
Vote until 10PM EST Monday (At least 24 Hours)
TUESDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 9:59PM): Round #: Day 03
Vote until 10PM Wednesday (At least 24 Hours)
THURSDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 12:00PM): Round #: Day 04
Vote until 12PM EST Friday (At least 24 Hours)

REPEAT FOR 20 ROUNDS + Semi Finals and then Finals.

Remember, you are ELIMINATING people with your votes. Vote for the one you like the least, to try and get them booted from the game.
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Infinite’s Hoya’s recommended movies that make him shake his body and heart

First loves are difficult to be fulfilled. You get excited just by seeing that person, you don’t know how to act, and even though you end up sighing because of this emotion, the fever of the passing infatuation remains. In tvN’s [Reply 1997], it was Junhee (Hoya) who showed the expression of a first love the best. He quietly stared at his secret crush Yoonjae (Seo In Gook), who had his head on his desk, and his faint expression when his confession got mistaken as a joke showed everyone what it is like to like someone.
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trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; naver ; take out with full credits

Key secretly recording Jonghyun paying for his present

[Key] I'm publicly revealing the video that I revealed to the SHINee World yesterday at the company. Video title:  "Mature hyungnim Jonghyun hyung buying a birthday present and the dongsaeng who is happy to death."

T/N: Jonghyun bought pants for Key as his present. He originally thought the pants were 260,000 won but they turned out to be 360,000 won when he was paying. Jonghyun kept grumbling at the counter and Key recorded this moment. (From Key's birthday party on 09/19/12.)

Source: aanniiiiz @ Youtube Translated by: Kimchi Hana @

Source: SHINee's me2day

this is so cute! and I know Key posted this clip two days ago but I thought it was appropriate considering it's his birthday today!