October 3rd, 2012


SECRET’s Hyosung asks portal sites to edit her weight


SECRET‘s Hyosung requested portal sites to fix her weight on the October 2nd episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

She started by revealing, “I dieted for the new song, so I lost 3 kg (approximately 7 pounds). Before I lost weight, I was 50kg (110 pounds). But my company wrote that my weight was 45kg (99 pounds) on my profile, so a lot of people were talking about that.” She confessed that she knew she didn’t look like she weighed 45kg. She said, “I decided to reveal my weight, and said that my weight was 50kg. Immediately afterwards, the portal sites fixed it to 50kg. But now, I’ve dieted and became 47kg (104 pounds), so I hope the portal sites will fix it again.”

She also confessed that many of her fans had left her after she dieted, and stated that she was worried she had to regain the weight to get her fans back.

source: akp

Psy poses for his first solo photo spread in ‘High Cut’ magazine


Psy recently posed for his first ever solo magazine photo spread for ‘High Cut‘ magazine.

Psy pulled off the ‘intelligent gentleman’ concept by confidently modeling his chic and trendy suit fashion. During the photo shoot, Psy revealed his excitement for his first solo pictorial and shared, “How was I supposed to know that a day like this would come. To think that my body has become the body of a fashion model. This is the first photo in my life where my legs appear long. I will personally find and greet the photographers.”

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AOA launch film-inspired ad campaign prior to their comeback


AOA launched a unique ad campaign alongside their October 11 comeback and distributed poster-like brochures throughout CGV cinemas nationwide.

According to a representative of CGV, there is a common denominator, films, between the nation’s biggest theater chain and the girl group, since AOA’s new album “Wanna Be” was created from the inspiration of films and actors. The new brochures, advertising AOA’s second single album "Wanna Be," are ready to be seen by the moviegoers, starting from the Korea’s thanksgiving holidays.
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MOGEF to consider revoking ban on Psy’s “Right Now” & other songs...

MOGEF to consider revoking ban on Psy’s “Right Now” & other songs banned prior to implementation of new standards


Psy‘s past track “Right Now” was previously determined unfit for minors by the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family (MOGEF), but with new standards in place, MOGEF has announced that they will be reconsidering the ban.
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Source: Allkpop, E-Daily via Naver

Wonder Girls share their 6-year story

Who said that in 10 years, even rivers and mountains change? Having debuted 6 years ago, their features still remains unchanged. Last year they even blossomed amongst the flowers of the music industry. How were they able to keep this radiance?

Hence, we prepared. From the beginning until now. 2,000 days since debut. We will trace Wonder Girls’ history!

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Wonderr23 @ tumblr, ohmysohee

Battle of the Biases: Round Four: Day One

The winners are...
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Round Four: Day One
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Just a quick reminder of how this game works.

There are 200 idols total. 100 Male, and 100 Female. Each gender is separated into RANDOM groups of 5. The schedule is like so...

SATURDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 5:00PM: Round #: Day 01
Vote until 5PM EST Sunday (At least 24 Hours)
SUNDAY(Anywhere from 5:01 PM - 9:59PM): Round #: Day 02
Vote until 10PM EST Monday (At least 24 Hours)
TUESDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 9:59PM): Round #: Day 03
Vote until 10PM Wednesday (At least 24 Hours)
THURSDAY(Anywhere from 12:01 AM - 12:00PM): Round #: Day 04
Vote until 12PM EST Friday (At least 24 Hours)

REPEAT FOR 20 ROUNDS + Semi Finals and then Finals.

Remember, you are ELIMINATING people with your votes. Vote for the one you like the least, to try and get them booted from the game.

Phantom thanks their fans for a successful debut

Rookie trio Phantom recently concluded their round of promotions for their debut song “Burning“. The song served as the title track of the group’s debut studio album ‘Phantom City‘, which was released in August.

The members stated, “Thank you for your support of our debut albumWe promise to meet your expectations and return with better music and performances.

Phantom’s debut was anticipated from the start for being produced by Kim Do Hoon and Brand New Music‘s KiggensSanchez, and Hanhae. Phantom’s on-stage charisma has also already won over many fans.

Meanwhile, the group’s agency, Brand New Music, has confirmed that Phantom is preparing for their next album right after they finish their promotions of “Burning”.

source: akp

Phantom oppas are so cute ㅠ_ㅠ And I can't wait for their next album!


Duble Sidekick and Kim Tae Woo release “When I Look at Myself” MV


Duble Sidekick, one of the hottest producer teams of 2012, have released a project under their own name!

Duble Sidekick is comprised of rapper Park Jang Geun and One Way‘s Chance. Together, they’ve created some of the biggest chart-topping hits this year, and now they’ve teamed up with singer Kim Tae Woo for a ballad release of their own.

Titled “When I Look at Myself“, the single uses an R&B base with acoustic rhythms and a gut-wrenching emotional tone that will elicit tears from any listener. The song aims to bring out a softer side to Kim Tae Woo’s usually husky and powerful voice to express the pains of a man going through heartache.

Representatives of Duble Sidekick explained earlier, “We have several more collaborations with top artists to be released after Kim Tae Woo. It will be one of the biggest line-ups out of all of the project albums in Korean music history. Although we can’t release them all at this very moment, we hope you’ll continue to look forward to them.”

source: allkpop

Ga In releases video teaser for title track “Bloom”


Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In, has finally revealed the video teaser for her title track “Bloom” off her upcoming album ‘Talk About S‘.

The singer has already introduced the other tracks included on the album with various video teasers, and has saved the one for her title track until just before the release coming up tomorrow on October 5th!

Loen Entertainment previously commented, “Ga In is waiting to meet everyone with an album that has a shocking and dramatic concept beyond your imagination,” raising the anticipation even more.

source: allkpop

15& releases Teaser #2


After launching a teaser site and revealing a few sets of photos, JYP Entertainment has released their second teaser video for their upcoming duo group 15& (‘Fifteen And’)!

Made of up ‘K-Pop Star‘s Park Ji Min and JYP trainee Baek Ye Rin and this video teaser showcases their wonderful vocals.

The group is getting ready for their official debut on October 5th, in the mean time check out the teaser above!

source: allkpop

idek how to fix the grammer of that middle sentence so I'm not going to bother

INFINITE’s L’s ‘What Is Mom’ castmates reveal they first confused him with Park Myung Soo

On the October 3rd episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘, INFINITE‘s L and the leading cast of MBC’s new sitcom ‘What Is Mom‘ guest starred on the show.

The cast members hilariously revealed that they had at first confused L with the comedian Park Myung Soo.

As L had only been known by his stage name, the actors had automatically assumed Kim Myung Soo (L’s real name) to refer to the comedian Park Myung Soo, and was in for a surprise when they realized there was quite a difference between Kim Myung Soo and Park Myung Soo.

Actor Ryu Seung Soo shared, “To be honest, at first I thought that I would be filming alongside Park Myung Soo, and was pretty satisfied with the casting [as it is a sitcom].” Kim Seo Hyung added, “My stylist also thought that Park Myung Soo was acting [for this production]“, bringing laughter on set.

In other news, ‘What Is Mom’ will premiere on October 8th!

source: allkpop

Danny from L.A EP 1-3 ft. 2NE1,PSY & others

Episode 1 ft. 2NE1 & Jeremy Scott

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Episode 2 ft. PSY 

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Episode 3 ft. YTF (Ryan Higa,Victor Kim & Andrew Garcia)

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Promo ft. 2NE1 & GDYB
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Next Guests~
Ep 4:  Masta Wu from YG Family
Ep 5: Dumbfoundead

Source: MNETAmerica 

He looks sooooooo good! ughhh<333333333333

Uncle Pervy’s K-Pop Playlist

by John Seabrook

It was five o'clock on a Sunday in May, two hours before showtime, but already thousands of K-pop fans had flooded the concrete playa outside the Honda Center, a large arena in Anaheim, California. Tonight's performers were among the biggest pop groups in South Korea—SHINee, f(x), Super Junior, EXO, TVXQ!, and Girls' Generation. In the United States, Korean pop music exists almost exclusively on YouTube, in videos like "Gangnam Style," by Park Jae-sang, the rapper known as PSY, which recently went viral. The Honda Center show was a rare chance for K-pop fans to see the "idols," as the performers are called, in the flesh.

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The New Yorker, post's title taken from The New Yorker tumblr

(the article doesn't really tell us anything we don't already know, and is very SM-centric, but it's still a good read. one of the more thoughtful and less patronizing pieces about kpop/hallyu to come from a Western publication imo.)