October 6th, 2012

Hyoyeon; I'm genie for your wish

The worst Gangnam Style article I have seen (Jersey, you have failed me)

"If you're over the age of 50, never listen to Radio 1 and don't spend half an hour each day on Youtube, you probably haven't heard of Gangnam Style."

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Source: Me (scanned Jersey Evening Post)

Okay, so (old) Jersey only just heard about Gangnam Style last week and has been playing it on the radio like crazy, so we're late to the party. I know people are starting to think of it as old (which Jersey already thinks!) but when I saw the article in today's paper I got such a kick out of it and thought Omona would too. It's partly awfully researched and partly okay...but mostly just hilarious. And the "how to dance Gangnam Style" is a nice touch even if they don't know what "Oppa" means.
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Skarf’s Tasha chosen as ‘Vega R3′ endorsement model


Girl group Skarf’s leader Tasha has been chosen as Vega R3‘s new endorsement model.

Tasha, the Singaporean member of the group, will be promoting Pantec’s new VEGA phone line. The commercial features the leader moonwalking in rhythm to the DJ’s music with a phone, still charging, to her ear. The VEGA R3′s biggest asset is reported to be its super fast charging speed.

During filming, Tasha impressed the staff and other dancers with her moonwalk skills. They didn’t spare any compliments about the idol, commenting on her professionalism and her dedication.

A representative of Skarf stated, “I believe that Skarf’s effort to learn dancesport, popping, and many different genres of dance has come in handy. Also, I believe that their efforts and dedication have brought about this great opportunity.”

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Misc. Miss A and 2pm post

Ibuzzkorea recently had a contest over this summer where contestants would meet the members of Miss A and 2pm while exploring the culture of South Korea.  The contestants were divided into three teams: Fun, Style, and Gourmet.  Each team spent a week exploring South Korea completing various challenges with 2pm and Miss A joining them on the last day.
Fun: Miss A's Min and 2pm's Junsu and Wooyoung
Style: Miss A's Fei and Jia and 2pm's Taecyon
Gourmet: Miss A's Suzy and 2pm's Junho and Chansung

All the episodes have been uploaded onto Youtube. I'm only posting the last episodes of each tour.

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Sources:/>Suzy's Twitter
Jia's Instagram
ibuzzkorea on youtube
Kkap Queen Min's Instagram


GP Basic’s Janey and Trinity perform on ‘The Last Audition of My Life’

Janey's Cut


GP Basic‘s Janey and Trinity appeared on KBS 2TV‘s ‘The Last Audition of My Life‘, surprising viewers.

On the show, Janey rapped for the song “Apartment” alongside the other members of the audition group Newtopia, while Trinity sang “One-sided Love” with 5 Siblings.

Janey confessed, “While I was promoting, the reactions were polarized. People that liked it would say, ‘She’s young, but she’s good,’ but others would say, ‘Shouldn’t you be studying at that age?’ People didn’t care about my music. When they found out I was in 6th grade, they would said, ‘Oh, the children are here,’ and only look at me as a child.”

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source: allkpop
박신헤x박세영 - CeCi photoshoot

MYNAME to release second Japanese single, "What's Up" in November

After having debuted in the country with a Japanese version of their Korean debut track "Message" last July, five member boy group MYNAME is set to release their second Japanese single in November.

MYNAME's members also announced the release of their new single through a small video which was posted on their official Japanese website as well as on their official Japanese YouTube channel.

More information about the single such as the different versions it will be available in, and the specific contents of each version, haven't been revealed yet.

Titled "What's Up", MYNAME's second single is set for a November 21st release.

Will you be anticipating their newest single?


121006 Music Core

Full Show

Setlist and video timestamps:

[ Click to read ]

00:13:45 24K - Palliwow
00:17:34 She'z - UU
00:20:32 MR.MR - Who's That Girl
00:23:17 Skarf - My Love
00:26:27 OFFROAD - Bebop
00:29:34 ChAOS - Kiss Kiss
00:32:12 BOB4 feat. MIJI - LoveaHolic
00:35:27 Navi - Don't Go
00:38:24 BIGSTAR - Think About You
00:41:17 Fiestar - Vista
00:44:10 Mighty Mouth feat. Juri (Jevice) - At Times Like This
00:47:39 RaNia - Style
00:51:01 Lee Seok Hoon (SG Wannabe)- Because I Like You
00:54:25 100% - Bad Boy
00:57:55 Orange Caramel - Lipstick
01:01:16 Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) - Bloom
01:05:13 FT Island - I Wish
01:08:58 Secret - Poison
01:12:57 TVXQ - I Don't Know + Catch Me

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sources: MBCkpop, muabuonxpkites, TanVuMusicCore, lokyan64, NaviOfficialFancafe

JYP Sends a Belated Congrats to PSY on His Success


On October 5, JYP wrote on his twitter congratulation PSY on his worldwide success, “Jae Sang, I just heard about your news today after spending my time away from Korea without a cell phone or internet connection. What in the world is going on! I did an interview cheering you on and wishing you to succeed with ‘Gangnam Style‘ two weeks ago, just before I left Korea. And now that song is ranked at the second place on the billboards chart! How could you accomplish something other people have prepared for years in just a month? Congratulations! Your life is full of drama! I’ll give you a call as soon as I get a cell phone again.

Psy responded to JYP also on twitter, “Hyung! When are we going to see each other? Hurry up and get a cell phone. And call me brother!” Netizens commented on Psy and JYP’s friendship, “I never thought the two of them were good friends,” and “JYP must be a little bit jealous of Psy and his success.”

Meanwhile, Psy accomplished the first place on both the US and UK iTunes charts. Currently, he is ranked at the second place on the Billboards chart.

Yoona Mr Mr

SNSD @ Nico Nico Douga & Music Japan

Music Japan Performance. This pre-recorded performance was originally scheduled to air on September 30th, but had been delayed until tonight due to a typhoon.

Why did you cut your hair again Sunny? T_T Don't see anything different about Yoona's hair - so wonder why she had been hiding it?

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Source: Music Japan Performance | AMZTT12 @ YouTube | Soshified | Nico Nico Douga Appearance | Ace Bed CF #1 | Ace Bed CF #2 | Airport Candids

omona's favorite u-kiss member calls out haterzzzz

U-KISS‘ Eli posted a special message for “haters” on Twitter.

It appears that the idol has come across some unpleasant words by supposed fans. He tweeted earlier:

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He later added the photo above as a “present” to the “non-haters”. Eli’s followers on Twitter commented, “Actually….us ‘fans’ can say whatever we want to because we can. That’s how life is man. Gotta deal with it”, “Those are not real fans”, and “I agree. I love you Eli”.

sources: akp + eli's twitter

TVXQ reveals they thought about adding a new member after the team’s breakup in 2010

TVXQ revealed that there was an attempt to add a new member after the team broke up back in 2010.

On October 6th, Yunho and Changmin guest starred on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Story Show Do Dream‘ where they talked about the struggles they experienced working as a duo.

In 2010, TVXQ went from a five member group to a duo after Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu‘s withdrawal. In regards to this, the MC asked, “Wasn’t there an attempt to add a new member during that time?” and the two answered, “It would be a lie if we say there wasn’t.”

Yunho revealed, “There was an SMTOWN stage that the two of us performed on. That was actually an experimental stage.”

Changmin continued, “That’s why we were even more nervous and shaky. After that, Lee Soo Man, who likes to try new things, told us, ‘I think it will be alright if you continue as a duo’.”

Yunho also shared, “That day, other people also told us it was going to be alright with just the two of us.”

source: allkpop

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source: TVXQ Official Website

I'm kind of curious who they would have added...I have a couple dream options of who I would want to add, but each one would get so many antis no matter what D:
Also, how dare you Chanyeol, for slumping down. I wanted to know if you were taller or shorter than Changmin :( Everyone looks cute though~

Wonderboyz, unusual even before debut by being “frivolous-dols”

Rookie group Wonderboyz takes an unusual turn.

First of all, even if Wonderboyz is not debuting in a while yet, not only has the videos of their reality-show “SBS MTV It’s Wonderboyz” reached over 18 000 views, but they’ve gotten international fan-sites and become the top search of search-engines. 

This is most likely because they display a different charm to the public than most idols by having a more free-spirited atmosphere and concept.

During their currently airing reality program they were not afraid of showing off a wet and sweaty appearance during their “Zip line VS Running”, and all the members show a distinctive charm that has captivated their audience.

The time when idols were wrapped in mystery is over, but among a flood of stiff and formal idols, Wonderboyz’s gives off a more friendly feel.

Wonderboyz shows another charming side through having a great song, displaying a maturity rarely shown by rookies. They showed off their own colors when they performed their song “Clap Music” live on the press-conference to their reality show.

For now, Wonderboyz is heading towards their debut in mid-october by last-minute practice to best show the public their special charm.

Source: Star News, fywonderboyz@tumblr

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