October 9th, 2012


Ailee releases teaser image for ‘Invitation’ comeback

Rising as one of the hottest rookie acts this year after making her debut with “Heaven” and performing on ‘Immortal Song 2‘, Ailee is making a comeback on October 16th with her first mini album!

On October 9th, Ailee revealed a teaser image showing off her new transformation and unveiling the title of her upcoming mini album!

YMC Entertainment commented, “Ailee’s first mini album will go on sale on October 16th… Through this album, you’ll be able to witness the maturing of Ailee’s appearance as well as her musical style.”

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F.T. Island wins lawsuit against Baviphat

Back in February, F.T. Island and FNC Music filed a lawsuit against the cosmetic company Baviphat for using the image of F.T. Island beyond the scope of the agreed contract. On the 9th, the Seoul District Court ruled partially in favor of F.T. Island, citing that Baviphat must pay the band 40,000,000 KRW (approximately $36,000 USD) for damages.

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Upcoming Chinese-Korean idol group TimeZ reveal individual video teasers

Mao Ruo Yi


CJ E&M and Chinese agency Super Jet Entertainment have combined forces to produce a new idol group named TimeZ.

The group is made up of 6 members consisting of 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members. The group is planning on making their debut on October 18th and has set out on introducing their members with individual video teasers.

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put your red dress on, put your lipstick on


miss A comeback release schedule:

oct. 10th @ 10:00am kst - teaser image 2 cut (min, fei) + part of lyrics 
oct. 11th @ 10:00am kst - teaser image 2 cut (suzy, jia) + part of lyrics 
oct. 12th @ 10:00am kst - teaser video and title song lyrics lines released 
oct. 15th @ 12:00pm kst - album release and webtoon + album introductory material + music video release

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i can't wait! and you guys should go to the source for bigger, and to see tiny min and fei move! mods i edited with the comeback release schedule and source!