October 11th, 2012

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Singer and former audition program contestant accused of assaulting high school students


Audition program contestant and singer, who is being referred to as ‘A‘ (30), was recently booked without detention for assaulting a group of high school students.

On October 11th, the Chungnam Police received a report from a high school student B (17) who claimed that he and his friend had been assaulted outside of a convenience store at around 2 a.m. KST on September 18th. ‘A’ had allegedly punched him multiple times in the face.

Regarding the claim, ‘A’ explained that he had been in Chungju with four of his seniors who had all been walking on the streets after having drinks when they came across the students. A fight broke out between the two parties when their paths crossed. According to ‘A’, “The road was narrow and the students passed through us, bumping our shoulders. They kept going without apologizing so I assaulted them out of anger.”

‘A’ claimed that he had not been drinking at the time. Because the students weren’t seriously injured, they booked ‘A’ without detention.
‘A’ previously appeared on an audition program in 2010 and contracted with an agency last year before releasing a debut single.

Source: Allkpop, Star News via Nate
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Psy to start European promotions in November?


Psy could be actively promoting in Europe next month.

Psy is set to appear on ‘X Factor Australia‘ as a special guest on the 15th, and then he has plans to move onto Europe in November. He had previously said, “I promoted for 3 weeks in America, but there are lots of places for me to go. Scooter Braun wants to focus on America, but Universal Republic Records wants to go into Europe and the Oceania region, so we are in talks on what the next course of action will be.”

YG Entertainment doesn’t have any concrete details on Psy’s European promotions, but there is a high possibility that he will promote in England and Germany. Psy’s “Gangnam Style“ video has already been nominated for the ‘2012 MTV EMA‘ that will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, and Psy has already ranked #1 on England’s charts.

He has also ranked #1 on iTunes chart in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium as well, so there’s a possibility that Psy will also promote in those European countries.

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[MOD POST] Introducing 5 Points Pictures!

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Hello it is I, TurdyFerg, bearing great tidings!

Back in May we received an email from The Right Stuf Inc. who has just established 5 Points Pictures, a new distributor of live-action films. Here's more about them:

5 Points Pictures is the live-action film distribution arm of Right Stuf, Inc., a firm with 25 years of experience in marketing Asian
entertainment to English-speaking audiences, via online retailer RightStuf.com and anime specialty label Nozomi Entertainment.
5 Points Pictures is dedicated to acquiring, introducing and distributing an eclectic array of live-action programming to North American audiences who demand both quality presentation and premier content.

Since then we have been ironing out the details and now we are happy to announce that we are now part of their press distribution list. What this means is that there will be more movie posts and more movie posts can mean..... more opportunities for giveaways! The details of that are coming soon :)

A few of us mods have received review copies of movies such as Finding Mr. Destiny, Tazza: The High Rollers, Moss, etc. Soon we will be posting monthly movie reviews and we would like to encourage you guys to participate the way we're most known for: sounding off on the comments section! We believe that by virtue of you all being active in the community by sharing ideas, thoughts, questions, even if there's disagreement it is one of the ways that we've gotten this far. Turns out we CAN help it that we're so popular. Our other request is that you refrain from sharing download links in the comments section out of respect to our new partners.

5 Points Pictures
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yay another blind items post~

Found another blind items series run by Sports Seoul this time. These are from June~September. I don't know how interested you guys are in anonymous actors so I left them out and picked out the idols.

1. Rumors have been spreading of a popular idol group member 'A' getting a vasectomy and has become quite the hot topic among insiders. According to some insiders, A is involved with a lot of women and got the surgery done to enjoy a healthier dating lifestyle. Although it's just a rumor, many think that it's quite possible because of how much A loves being with women. He's even recently been being threatened by one woman who claims to have given birth to his child.

2. Girl group member 'A', who's known for her angelic smile on TV, is actually known among insiders for using her strength to control other members in her group. On music and variety shows, she always shows a cute and bright personality and looks as if she gets along with her members well. Thus, she's often chosen as a girl group member with the cleanest image. According to a few insiders, however, A has a tendency to use her power as a weapon to her other members so she can play the role of 'queen'. Some insiders commented, "She looks like such a nice and innocent young girl so it's hard for me to believe that it's true. I can only hope that it's not true."
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sources: netizenbuzz + Sports Seoul 1 2 3 4
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Yoochun and Yoon Eun-hye in a new drama, together!!!

The drama is called I Miss You or Missing You.

photo from koreanvibe.com

Hancinema article on the new drama:
Yoon Eun-hye has been cast in the upcoming MBC drama "Missing You", opposite JYJ's Micky Yoochun.

In the program to replace the network's current drama "Arang and the Magistrate", Yoon will play the role of budding fashion designer Lee Soo-yeon, who is Micky's character's first love.

Yoon's agency said that the show marked her return to TV after more than 17 months away.
Meanwhile, Micky secured the lead as a man named Han Jung-woo, who reminisces about his first love.

Although her absence on TV has been felt, Yoon has been keeping busy with a lot on her plate.

In June, she took part in a mission trip to Madagascar where she engaged in a host of charity projects.

She has also been undertaking postgraduate studies at Chung-Ang University since March.

Meanwhile, AsianWiki already released some still images of the drama, no Eun-hye and Yoochun yet though.

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AsianWiki on FB

Can you tell I'm very excited? Basically THE Queen of Korean dramas is back, etc. And lbr, this is already my new favourite drama and it hasn't even started airing yet.
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Psy shows gratitude to his staff with expensive gifts


Amidst the whirlwind that has become the “Gangnam Style” craze, Psy recently showed his gratitude to his choreographer and manager by treating them to lavish gifts.

Psy thanked the mastermind behind the ‘horse dance’, Lee Joo Sun, by gifting him with a mid-sized car. The 3000cc sedan was gifted to his choreographer who is also the director of the ‘Mania‘ dance team in South Korea. The two have had a history since 2004, and the “Gangnam Style” craze wouldn’t have been possible without him.

He also surprised his manager of 12 years by offering to pay for all of his wedding expenses. Psy’s manager, Hwang Gyu Wan, has helped Psy through the ups and downs of his singing career since 2001. To thank his loyal manager, Psy offered to pay for his upcoming wedding this November. Psy is set to sing the congratulatory song as well.


Chinese-Korean idol group TimeZ reveals fifth member Tian Yi Chen


CJ E&M and Chinese agency Super Jet Entertainment have combined forces to produce a new idol group named TimeZ.

The group is made up of 6 members consisting of 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members. The group is planning on making their debut on October 18th and has set out on introducing their members with individual video teasers.

After revealing the first four members Mao Ruo Yi, Liu Guan Xi, Kim Seong Hwan, and Lee Hyeong Joo, they have unveiled their fifth member Tian Yi Chen!

source: allkpop

TVXQ and Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun grace the cover of ‘CeCi’ magazine

(click for full size)

TVXQ and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun recently posed together for ‘CeCi‘s upcoming November issue and a sneak peek at the cover of the magazine has been revealed.

The labelmates carried out the ‘Interview with the Vampire‘ theme based off the American horror story with the TVXQ members portraying cold and charismatic vampires who have laid their eyes on the young and innocent human Seohyun.

‘CeCi’s November issue featuring a 26-page spread of TVXQ and Seohyun will be released on the 15th and will be available in South Korea, China, and Thailand.

source: allkpop

this picture was also released. holy s- @26 pages though. that's crazy!

Ailee unveils video teaser for “I’ll Show You” starring MBLAQ’s G.O.


Rookie soloist Ailee, who recently announced her ‘Invitation‘ comeback, has revealed a video teaser featuring MBLAQ‘s G.O.!

The teaser is for her mini-album’s title track, “I’ll Show You“. Hidden behind violet curtains, the two definitely give the air of lovers as G.O. pulls Ailee in for a romantic hug, hyping up anticipation for its full release!

source: allkpop

mods, can you just ignore that picture post please >.< I didn't know this would be coming out so soon
Rugrats- Angelica Smile

f(Victoria, Krystal, Amber): SPAO Shots/Episodes and Magazine Scans

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