October 17th, 2012

ot!6: forever

15& on tbs eFM Mainstreet3 + cover songs from Radio FM

English radio talk show:

121010 Radio FM 15& singing Put it in a love song:

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121016 Radio FM 15& singing If i ain't got you

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their english is soooooo good. and Jimin was the one who wanted to debut as duo with Yerin, so y'all can stop questioning why JYPE put them together ^0^
the gang

Teaser photos for Himchan and Youngjae

With their comeback coming up next week on the 23rd, B.A.P has unveiled individual teaser images for members Himchan and Youngjae!

TS Entertainment has revealed that the concept of the images is ‘hipster’, stating, “We hope that they will lead a new culture that the public wants this time as well with the ‘hipster’ concept.” The word ‘hipster’ traces back to America in the 1940s, and is a word used to describe people who do not follow the general public trend and make their own styles.

After the single, titled ‘Don’t Do It‘, is released on the 23rd, the members will be holding their first fanclub inauguration ceremony, ’1st Baby Day’ on the 27th. The ceremony will include not only performances of the group’s hit songs, but various fun events to interact with fans.

source: akp

Epik High
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YGE's announcement: Epik High is gonna go positive and retro?

10/23 , Release of Epik High’s 7th Album [99]

Hi, this is YG Entertainment.
This announcement provides you information on the release of Epik High’s 7th album [99].

Epik High, who have received so much love from fans by beloved songs such as 'FLY', 'FAN', 'LOVE LOVE LOVE', 'ONE', '우산', and '1분 1초’, are returning in 3 years with completely new styles.

As celebrating 9th year anniversary since debut, Epik High, who madly love number '9', have included 9 songs with various styles (plus one short tune) in the upcoming album.  Therefore Epik High’s 7th album has been entitled '99' and the title also embraces the meaning of the music of 99% people, not upper 1%.

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Source: YG-Family @ Facebook

ETA: In additon to YG e-shop, the album is currently available for pre-order also at YesAsia, Kpoptown, and DVDheaven.

Netizen-created chart of idol rappers gains attention

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A netizen-created chart ranking some of the popular idol rappers was recently posted on an online community board and is attracting much attention with some individuals agreeing with the chart while others disagreed.

The chart was posted with the title “Rapper Idol Ranking” and various rappers from various idol groups were arranged based on their skills.

The highest ranking idol rapper is Block B‘s Zico, who is receiving positive feedback along with the group for their comeback song “NILLILI MAMBO”. He is followed by Big Bang‘s G-Dragon who made a solo comeback with his album “One of a Kind”, proving to be a dominant force on music charts. Coming in right underneath the second tier are B.A.P‘s Bang Yong Guk, Block B’s Kyung, and Big Bang’s T.O.P.

The third tier with the red words is the limit line according to the netizen who created the list. Making the cut off is B2ST‘s Junhyung, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo, 2NE1‘s CL, 4minute‘s Hyuna, Block B’s P.O, and B1A4‘s Baro.

The fourth tier includes SECRET’s Zinger, INFINITE’s Dongwoo, JJ Project’s JB, TVXQ’s Yunho, SISTAR’s Bora, B.A.P’s Zelo, 2NE1’s Minzy, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, MBLAQ’s Mir, f(x)’s Amber, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Shindong, SHINee’s Minho, miss A’s Jia, and Hwayoung (former T-ara member).

Those who lie just above the fifth tier and towards the bottom of the fourth tier include Rainbow’s Woori, Viki (former Dal Shabet member), Wonder Girls’ Lim, KARA’s Nicole, Jihae (former Girl’s Day member).

Coming in below them are 2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung.

source: akp

I think overall this is about right, though I think there are definitely some people I would move around. Like, I think Hyuna is a pretty good rapper, but not better than Zinger.. And etc. ad infinitum... I thought it was kind of hilarious that Taecyeon and Chansung were at the very bottom though XD

Seo In Young releases “Let’s Dance”


After wrapping up her “Anymore” promotions, Seo In Young has returned with her newest single, “Let’s Dance“.

“Let’s Dance“ is said to be a dance track combining elements of electronic disco as well as post disco, further showing the musical style changes the soloist has been going through.

source: akp

mv teaser is here. and yet again akp, there were no "promotions" for Anymore, so what are you talking about?
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Movie post (trailers, synopsis, posters, stills)


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Sources :
Hancinema's Photo Gallery
Hancinema's movie page

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Sources : 
Hancinema's photo gallery
Hancinema's movie page 

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Sources : 
Hancinema's photo gallery
Hancinema's movie page

The videos are on autoplay so please use wisely the LJ cut new option on Omona's main page and there won't have any pbms I think.
I wanted to add the dramatic movie "Don't Cry Mommy" but I can't so please check it out here : http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Don__t_Cry_Mommy.php the main actress' perf looks really interesting and there is Dong Ho from U Kiss. Idk if that was posted alr.
To conclude... Bow to queen Yeh Ji Won.