October 23rd, 2012

The Grasshopper talks Celebrity life

On the most recent episode of “Infinite Challenge,” Yoo Jae Suk revealed his hidden side through their 300th episode “Rest Special.” Yoo Jae Suk has been praised as the “National MC” and is known for his work ethic and personality. However, the side of Yoo Jae Suk shown in the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” revealed that his title and popularity needed compromises and sacrifices.

At home, Yoo Jae Suk is always sorry for his young son for not being able to go to crowded places like amusement parks because of his celebrity status. At work, he quit smoking for his professional life and is always considering the possibility of retiring and opening up new paths for his colleagues. 

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Source: Soompi

The fact that he's so popular and remains blemish free in such a harsh environment is a testament to his character tbh. 


Jae Hee releases official statement regarding the "secret" marriage and son


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Congratulations on being sassy, sexy, intelligent, eternally youthful, a wonderful actor, and now a dilf! People can try and call this a "scandal" all they want, but I'm just like "Congratulations oppa! I wish you and your family everlasting happiness, and look forward to more episodes of the blockbuster drama May Queen!"

e!ok, 이민혁 03.다람쥐ㅋ, 이민혁 01.아잉아잉~, 이민혁 04.오에오에~, minhyuk

Cube loves some Indonesia

Cube Entertainment artists to target Indonesian market with the help of Rainbow Bridge Agency

Cube Entertainment artists like 4minuteB2STG.NA, BTOB, and more have signed a contract with Rainbow Bridge Agency, who will act as the official Indonesian agent for Cube artists.

On October 17th, Rainbow Bridge president Kim Jin Woo and Cube Entertainment representative Park Choong Min have joined together to begin activities in Indonesia for all of the artists under Cube Entertainment.

Rainbow Bridge stated, “Through the contract, We will be preparing for the management related activities for Cube Entertainment artists including broadcast activities, concerts, CFs, and various events in Indonesia. We will be marketing B2ST, 4minute, G.NA, and BTOB in Indonesia and help spread Hallyu.

With the new collaboration underway, 4minute will perform in “Volume Up Party” on October 31st with ‘S4‘, the winner from season 1 of Indonesia’s audition program, ‘Galaxy Superstar‘.

Source: allkpop

S4 to collaborate with 4Minute’s Hyuna and G.NA

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You can watch their teaser here, if anyone cares lol but I see no Hyuna so I don't embed it here. It's so kpoppy lol idk tbh.

Korean National Duckbutt finally comes to Europe

Kim Junsu is wrapping up his trip around the world.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed on October 23 JYJ’s Kim Junsu would conclude his world tour with a final concert on November 30 in the city of Oberhausen, in Germany.

Kim Junsu’s final concert will take place at Oberhausen’s Turbinenhalle, which has featured bands such as Korn, Stone Sour and other acts in the past.

The agency added that Kim Junsu’s performance in Oberhausen will be a first for an Asian artist and is already attracting buzz in Germany.

Kim Junsu previously achieved first place with Tarantallegra in Germany’s Asian Music Chart this past summer and reflecting the large fan base he had there.

The JYJ member has already successfully finished solo concerts in Asia, North and South America.

credit : Enewsworld

tzuyu heart shaker

Seohyun's Interview for November Issue of ‘CeCi’ Magazine

Seohyun and her labelmates Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ! are featured together in the November issue of “CeCi” magazine. Along with a breathtaking photoshoot, Seohyun took part in her own interview to discuss Girls’ Generation’s comeback, daily life, and her maturation.

CeCi: I heard you’ll be making a comeback in Korea soon.

Seohyun: After going to Indonesia next week for ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III’ in Jakarta, we are planning on going between Japanese ‘Oh!’ promotions and preparing for a Korean album. This album is really different from our usual ones. It’s like challenging a person’s limits. I’m looking forward to what the fans will think, and because it’s still a secret amongst us (Translator’s note: Seohyun is referring to the members of Girls’ Generation.), I just feel nervous.

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Sources: “CeCi” Magazine, DC Galleryusnthem
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 ia with what seohyun says about jessica lol


Seo In Guk for Vogue Girl

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Seo In Guk recently participated in a photoshoot as well as an interview with ‘Vogue Girl‘.

In the interview, he revealed that his favorite thing to be told by others is that he is sexy, bringing about laughs with his honest confession. He said, “I’ve never thought that I was good looking. The thing I love hearing the most is that I’m sexy.” On his kiss scenes, he said, “At first, I was so awkward at kiss scenes that I’d avoid the actress’s face. But now I’m so used to it I just pull back like nothing happened when I hear ‘Cut!’. I keep hearing, ‘You’re getting too good at kiss scenes,’” as he smiled shyly.

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Jessica and Yunho named the ’2012 Barbie & Ken’


The ‘2012 Barbie the Dream Closet‘ held its first event on October 18th.

The ‘Barbie the Dream Closet‘ campaign is run by Mattel, and have opened shows in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Asia. The campaign has run in Korea since 2010, and puts forward Barbie as something ‘more than a doll’ that gives dream to children, acting as a style icon and culture muse to women.

The event also awards a pair of celebrities with a ‘Barbie & Ken Award‘, where a female and male celebrity are selected, and a Barbie and Ken doll is created to specifically match their outfit. In 2010, Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Bum were chosen, and in 2011, UEE and Song Joong Ki were named Barbie and Ken.

This year, Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and TVXQ‘s Yunho were given the honor, receiving the dolls that looked just like them.

Source: Allkpop

A Pink’s Eunji confirmed for new drama ‘Wind Blows in Winter’

Previously, it was reported that A Pink‘s Eunji was considering taking on a role in a new drama, ‘Wind Blows in Winter‘. It seems the idol-turned-actress has recently made her final decision for she has been confirmed for the upcoming show.

The role that she will be playing is Hee Sun, the sister of Jo In Sung‘s first love Hee Ju. Hee Sun tries to hate Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) for leaving her sister, but is unable to.

On accepting the role, Eunji commented, “It is an honor to be able to work with Korea’s greatest writer, director, and sunbaenims. With viewers showing me so much love with ‘Reply 1997′, I will do my best to not disappoint them this time either. Please watch over me with great interest and love.”

Eunji’s character is said to be an important one in the drama and she’ll be working alongside not only Jo In Sung but Kim Bum as well throughout the drama.

‘Wind Blows in Winter’ is a story about a womanizing gambler, who lives a life without meaning after being abandoned by his parents as well as his first love. In order to repay the enormous amount of debt, he goes to live with an heiress to a large fortune, and ends up falling in love with her.

source: akp

This drama sounds confusing...

CNBLUE’s 1st Arena Tour in Japan attracts over 100,000 fans

CNBLUE held a successful concert in front of 100,000 fans at the Saitama Super Arena in Japan for their ‘CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012-COME ON‘ tour.

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Source: AKP

However judging from the comments on the article, AKP made an error and that apparently Saitama was CN Blue's last stop on their tour and have already finished it.


Nominees for the 2012 MAMA Announced pt 2

Best Band Performance
10CM - Fine Thank You and You
CN Blue - Hey You
FT ISLAND - Severely
Nell - The Day Before
Busker Busker - Cherry Blossom Ending

Best Dance Performance - Solo 
JYP - You′re the One 
BoA - Only One
Seo In Young - Let′s Dance
PSY - Gangnam Style
HyunA - Ice Cream
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Source: enewsworld1 & 2 

So omona, who are you going to be voting for? Is there anyone you think should be nominated and isn't? Or someone you think who shouldn't be nominated?


Sandara Park Spotted in Manila, May Appear in Big Bang Concert

Looks like BIGBANG has a surprise visit from a YG sister!

2NE1's Dara was spotted at the lobby of EDSA Shangri-La, where the boys of BIGBANG are staying. She is said to have arrived in Manila at around 11:00 AM and went straight to the hotel.

The Philippines' "Krung-Krung" has been exchanging tweets with BIGBANG members Taeyang and G-Dragon, recommending them to eat spaghetti at a certain local fast food chain (I'm pretty sure it's Jollibee!- Empress Maruja). Taeyang even wanted Dara to be their official tour guide while they're here in the country.

The latest from Dara's Twitter account (@krungy21) shows her goofing around at a certain mall in Greenhills, San Juan City, with the caption: "Sandara rules!!!"

Sandara is said to be a special guest for the BIGBANG Alive Tour in Manila. No word yet on her itinerary and the length of her stay in the Philippines but do stay tuned for updates on MYXph.com!

Source: MYX, image from @krungy21, edited by me

In other BIGBANG in Manila news, concert promoter Ovation Productions has announced that the use of cameras during their concert at the SM Mall Of Asia Arena was disallowed by YG Entertainment.