November 10th, 2012

121110 Music Core

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00:20:21 Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen
00:23:55 SMASH - I'll Keep It
00:26:36 Crazyno - Musiche
00:29:28 A-Prince - Hello
00:32:21 Fiestar - We Don't Stop
00:35:51 She'z feat. MIJI - UU
00:38:51 BIGSTAR - Think About You
00:41:43 NS Yoon-G feat. Simon (Dalmatian) - If You Love Me
00:44:51 AOA - Get Out (Band Ver.)
00:48:28 100% - Bad Boy (Orchestra Remix)
00:51:40 Byul - You Are So Bad
00:54:54 Roh Jihoon - Punishment
00:58:32 Noel - Things I Couldn't Say
01:01:52 Jewelry - Look At Me
01:05:01 Boyfriend - Intro + Janus
01:09:27 B.A.P - Stop It
01:13:04 Hyuna - Ice Cream
01:16:23 miss A - I Don't Need A Man

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Noel Time for Love Album

Noel's been around since 2002, and Time For Love is their fifth album I believe. So maybe time for a tag please Mods? This album has 13 new songs, including a solo song for each of the four members. The entire album is gorgeous; I haven't loved an album so completely since 2AM's Saint O'Clock. My must listen songs are Like Today, all four solos and Second Chance.

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YT: BubbleFeetPandaCH1

B1A4 claim their first win on ‘Immortal Song 2′

B1A4 claimed their first win after three straight defeats on the November 10th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ’Immortal Song 2‘.

For the Ha Choon Hwa special, B1A4 covered her hit song “Arirang Mokdong“. The members went for a rock and hip hop interpretation of the song, moving closer to the audience to get the crowd pumped up. Baro in particular approached Ha Choon Hwa to give her his towel.

After their performance, Ha Choon Hwa commented, “I’ve listened to your song ‘Baby Good Night‘, and I think you have a very unique music style. You sang it in your own style.”

B1A4 received 322 points and overtook Lee Ki Chan for 1st place.

GunheeKim @ YT + AKP

Cross Gene releases Japanese debut mini-album teaser + short version MV of “For This Love”


Rookie group Cross Gene officially debuted in Japan on August 12th with the Japanese Edition of their Korean mini-album. Now the group is set to release their first original Japanese song as well as the Japanese versions of tracks from their debut mini-album.

The album, titled ‘TIMELESS-FUTURE‘, is set for release on November 21st. The mini-album will contain 7 tracks including instrumentals and original Japanese song “New Days”. It will come in two editions. The mini-album track list is provided below.

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(edited for grammar) Nice to see that Takuya will get more parts in their Japanese songs^^